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Police Can't Solve

From: "Shantatma Deva"
Subject: Police Can't Solve
Date: Fri 06 Apr 2012 21:49:02 +0530




Baba says, "You can help someone to become good by making him understand, but no one becomes good through the application of force. You may persuade, you may bring them onto the path of righteousness by helping them to understand. This you can certainly do. If the sinner is engaged in sinful acts or keeps moving ahead on a sinful path, you can prevent that person from doing so by the application of force. But you cannot rectify him in this way." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-10, p.190)

These days around the world a one-sided approach is taken by governments regarding law and order. The administration makes rules and gives the duty to police and military personnel to enforce them.

However, as per Baba's above teaching, this is not an effective way to create a proper society.

Because when only fear tactics are employed and when members of the general public are not properly convinced, persuaded, or educated about what should and should not be done, then people can neither be rectified nor become good citizens.

In resorting only to the fear of the police and jail, crime is increasing. People do not commit crimes when they think the police are present; but they do resort to criminal activity when think they cannot be caught.

So the fear of being put in jail is not the proper solution; that will not keep people from doing bad deeds.

First the inner desire needs to be cultivated about true duty of a true human being and a member of society. That is what is meant by persuasion. Thereafter, when persuasion and education has been done, governments can apply fear tactics and force to create law and order.

By this two-fold approach of persuasion and force, there will be order in society.

Same is the case with Ananda Marga also. We should know the logic and reasoning
behind why AM rules are beneficial, then the inner desire will naturally develop to follow those rules. Otherwise, just out of a fear of God, authority or police, a true society cannot be established; people will not follow the rules.

Before '90, many dadas did not have the conviction or desire to follow the righteous path. Out of fear they were obeying, and when that fear moved away (according to them), they became fearless and their true color showed in the form of groupism and all kinds of heinous acts.

Whereas those who were inspired in the core of their heart to follow AM teachings, such workers and margiis progress on the path of spirituality, and do not get degenerated.


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