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Who is Dada & Didi

Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 23:46:21 To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Who is Dada & Didi From: "Ishvara" Baba "Toma'ke ka'che peyechi e ba'r..." (P.S. 1076) Purport: Baba, by Your divine grace, this time I have gotten close to You-- this time I gotten You as my close intimate One. O' Baba, no matter how busy You are, and no matter how engrossed You are in the work of carrying out Your divine program, even then I will never leave Your side. I am going to remain with You all the time, each and every moment. Baba, in this grand creation of Yours, who is remaining without work; everyone has work. No one is without work. Work makes the world go round. Indeed each and everyone has their duties to attend to. So on the excuse of work, I will not accept that as reason for Your not coming close. Baba, I understand Your liila and how You execute Your loving play of hide and seek. Baba, You work secretly out of the fear of being caught. Baba, this time I have gotten You in a deeply personal and special way. And I will go on holding You. Baba, it is Your grace...
Note: This entire letter concerns the current status of certain overseas so-called family acaryas and tattvikas who are suffering from the psychic disease of superiority complex. Those of us living in overseas sectors see that this problem is mounting. Namaskar, Throughout the ages one or another class or caste has tried to establish their greatness and superiority by making others feel lower or lowly in order to exploit them. And still today this is continuing. That is why Baba openly condemns this crooked policy: In order to make everyone alert and to build up one neo-humanistic society. Even then this contagious disease of superiority complex has spread throughout our vast margii family, and many suffering from this syndrome are our overseas so-called family acaryas. First of all, although unworthy of getting a family acaryaship in the true sense of the term, such overseas opportunists got their fake title by bootlicking groupist factional heads. And now they are bragging about their status wherever they go. We can see this happening all around. Had they been true acaryas they would not have fallen into this predicament nor suffered from this complex. It is just like when beggars get a couple rupees they parade around and want to show off that they are rich; whereas extremely rich persons do not prance about and brag about their wealth. And of course the ultimate example is that Parama Purusa never brags about His greatness rather He remains invisible and lets other crazy persons brag about themselves. So these so-called family acaryas in our overseas sectors fall into this latter category and are following this crude tactic: To lift oneself upwards by trying to impose an inferiority complex upon others in order to exploit them. They want to show that they are great and others are lowly. In reality, this is the root cause of nearly every social disparity. And this fact Baba has revealed in numerous discourses. And it is a shame that it has entered our "family-acarya" ranks.
Of course, everyone in AM is well aware that Baba has descended onto this earth to smash all the barriers and complexes and form one human society-- where everyone is deserving of equal love and respect. Baba says, "All the beings of this universe are the kith and kin of one another...All are equally respectable and entitled to equal love and affection..." (A. Va'nii #58) So in our universal human family no one is high and no one is low-- all are brother and sister under Baba's divine shelter. In any family irrespective of their merits or qualities everyone is family member. And they never brag about their greatness inside the house. In her professional life a mother may be the Governor-General of the state province and the children may be just little infant. But the mother never brags and exploits her children on the point of her high post or great position in the society. Rather she loves the whole family and all are equal. Similarly in AM irrespective of one's social status, all relations are that of brother and sister. Retreats and seminars are the coming together of our vast AM family. And these retreats/seminars should not turn into military base operations or police barracks where the atmosphere is dominated by commanders, juniors, and seniors and any and all semblance of family feeling is totally absent-- gone. Nor should our AM family become like one obscene royal palace where there are a few who are decorated members of the royal family and everyone else is a lowly servant. In that imbalanced situation all live together but the relation is that of master and slave-- king and pawn. These types of outdated and exploitative mentalities should not be encouraged in our AM.
Oddly enough, however, right now there is one segment of the population within AMPS that is trying to get the upper hand on some of the others. That is, certain overseas so-called family acaryas are pushing hard and jockeying for position in order to place themselves permanently above the common margii public. Because they know that on the basis of their character and behavior they are not qualified that is why they are more concerned to get prestige. It is just like crude dogmatic Hindu priests who eat meat and drink liquor: Their dealing is awful. But on the point of caste supremacy they shamelessly extend their feet to the public and inspire others to revere them by touching their feet to get their blessing. Because those priests know that they are worthless and that nobody respects them. That is why they create the situation of garnering respect through external pressure. Similar is the case of these so called family acaryas. First they know that they are not fit and that is why they are terribly concerned and worried about getting recognised and having their reputation. So they decorate themselves in foolish ways in order to show off their new-found status. But you might not have heard that at public gatherings Ac Candranathji wears some fancy tag on his chest that boldly says "Dada Acarya Candranath". Rather by his conduct and simplicity all are aware that he is a family acarya. But in overseas sectors these fake family acaryas are putting tags and name badges on their chest at every AM gathering and labeling themselves as "Dada So and So" or "Didi such and such" etc. Because they want to show off themselves and present themselves as being a notch above. This is the unsightly phenomenon taking place these days: One can see it at retreats, on the email, and just in regular affairs. Everywhere this is apparent.
In a nutshell, when these persons who purchased their fake family acaryaships peep their face back in their home sector from "Training Center", then immediately they want to distinguish themselves as being a notch above the lay margiis. And one way they are imposing this social disparity is that they are infusing the notion that all should address them as 'Dada' or 'Didi'. Because up till now, in the overseas sectors, the term 'Dada' and 'Didi' is strictly related with WTs. In the 8 sectors outside India it is the common presumption that 'Dada' and 'Didi' is a special title of respect reserved for Wts. This is the general misunderstanding. So now-- to encash on that-- the new arrival of so-called family acaryas also wants in on the action. That is they are setting up the scene in their home sectors that they should also get the special title of 'Dada' or 'Didi'. That is half the equation. And the other half is that general margiis are below the line, in the eyes of the so-called family acaryas. By their distorted view, these so-called family acaryas silently insist that common margiis cannot be called Dada or Didi. That is the unspoken rule. And that is the inferiority complex being thrust in the face of the general margii public.
But the reality of the situation is that all in AM are Dada and Didi. Because Dada and Didi simply means elder brother or revered sister etc. It is a way to address each and every person. That is why when moving about in India, then everyone is Dada and Didi. Be they family margiis, family acaryas, single brothers, or wholetimers. Everyone is commonly referred to as Dada or Didi, whichever the case may be. This is the spirit of those terms and that is the dharma of AM-- where all are deserving of equal love and respect. But now in the overseas sectors these so-called new family acaryas are abducting and hijacking the term 'Dada' and 'Didi' and pinning it to their own chest-- simultaneously making sure that no "undeserving candidate" does the same. This is the imbalanced game and exploitative maneuver that is commonly seen at overseas retreats. But again this is nothing but the imposition of one dogma. Because in reality and in spirit all in AM are Dada and Didi and no one need pin this title on their chest. Rather in our neo-humanistic AM family where everyone is brother and sister then all have this sublimely written on their heart.
But the so-called overseas family acaryas are overtly trying to keep this fact hidden. Because they want to boost up their own rear end. And they want that they only should be called 'Dada' or 'Didi'-- and not any regular margii. It is just like someone whose grandfather was President of the country. Then they want to refer to that fact to get respect and show themselves as being better. Because based on their own merit or quality they are unfit. So they go around telling everyone that their grandfather was President of the country. Likewise now these so-called family acaryas are doing the same thing. Trying to bolster their position by appointing themselves as 'Dada' and 'Didi' and not letting anyone else have that respect. That is the dogmatic ploy which overseas family acaryas are concocting. So it is important that this dogma be rooted out as quickly as possible just like any dogma should be rooted out at the very beginning-- otherwise it will cause chaos and destruction over the long haul. Baba says, "There should not be the least sprinkling of dogmas, because this sort of philosophically-oriented dogma cumulatively increases the distortions in the psychic world. These dogmas enter the human mind like fine needles and come out like iron ploughs. If one tries to cast them out, then the whole psychic structure is demolished. If a tender banyan plant grows at one corner of a fine mansion, and if its growth is unchecked for long, then that small plant develops into a gigantic tree, and when one tries to tear it down, the entire mansion crumbles to the earth." (NSS, Disc 14)
To remedy the situation there are a few things which we can do: (1) In overseas sectors let family margiis also be called Dada or Didi. Over time let this become part of our natural expression where all are Dada or Didi just like all are brother and sister. That is one remedy. (2) We should always remember that our main goal is to form one human society-all must come together with this feeling regardless of their social status such as who is avadhuta or margii or family acarya etc. Inside our AM family no one should brag about their social position. If anyone tries to impose this crude notion they are superior then they are going against the fundamental feeling of A'nanda Ma'rga where all are part of the same universal family. (3) Others should write in with their thoughts as well.
By Baba's grace and with our heart-felt compassion we will bring the entire humanity into one neo-humanistic flow where all feel cared for, respected, and loved. Baba says, "Marching ahead is jiivan dharma (the characteristic wont of life). To march ahead, carrying all, viewing the world humanity as an integral entity, is the principal aspect of jiivan dharma. Resolve courageously to observe this jiivan dharma..." (A'nanda Va'nii, #43) Namaskar, Ishvara
Throughout this letter we use the term 'so-called family acaryas' because such overseas opportunists purchased their family acaryaships either outrightly with their wealth or by bootlicking group leaders. Tragically these overseas so-called family acaryas could not earn their acaryaships in the proper manner; because in their personal life they are not properly following AM teachings. So by their conduct they cannot teaching anything. That is why they are not up to the standard of acarya. Hence we refer to them as fake or so-called family acaryas.
As we all know Baba's family acarya system is an ideal component of AM life. One of the great specialities of family acaryas is that they live in a certain locale and can help the society grow and develop in their specific area. They know the local language, understand well the problems of the people, and are connected to that region. Thus family acaryas are be a dynamic force for strengthening and broadening our AM society. By this way we will see tremendous positive changes. So as quickly as possible-- in the true sense of the term-- we should build up the cadre of family acaryas.
****************************************** Three Afflictions
Baba says, "The jiiva experiences three types of suffering -- a'dhibhaotika, a'dhidaevika, and a'dhya'tmika. A'dhibhaotika suffering is mundane, that is, it derives from shortages of food, clothing, medicine, education, shelter, etc. If we change the structure of society this misery will be ended. So we must do this, we should do this. Regarding a'dhidaevika suffering -- if we prepare our minds through sa'dhana', all the mental cares and worries that result from a defective mental structure will come to an end. The feeling of separation [from Parama Purusa] is a'dhya'tmika suffering. This can be eliminated by spiritual sa'dhana', that is, by dhya'na, dha'ran'a', pra'n'a'ya'ma, pratya'ha'ra, etc. (DKG, p. 25)

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