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PP Dada: A Retrospective

To: Subject: PP Dada: A Retrospective Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 28:38:57 +0500 (IST) From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth BABA "Andha'r ghare ghumiye chilum, shun'i niko a'lor d'a'k..." - P.S. 2325 Purport: Baba, I did not listen to Your divine call because I was sleeping in my dark house. That time my mind was stagnant, dogmatic, and crude. All my energy was tied-up and stuck; my whole existence was deeply engrossed in the cycle of earning name and fame, self-glory and appreciation. That is why I could not pay heed to Your call. The colourful panorama of Your divine play was going on, but I did not open my eyes and look towards that. Instead with my crude state of mind I was thinking that this darkness is very comfortable. And in result I did not love You. Like that, my 'old' life got wasted in this way. Then, Baba, by Your exquisite grace, You came with the flow of effulgence and You transformed my entire existence. You vibrated my whole being according to Your liking. And You enabled me to realize my wrongdoings of the past & You brought me onto the proper path. Baba, by Your grace You have colored my mind with spiritual intoxication and lifted me onto Your lap. Baba, You are grace personified...
Also read this letter about PP Dada on the AM-GLOBAL blog: Namaskar, I have read the recent postings regarding our Purodha Pramukha, Dada Shraddhanandji. And regarding the different problems which have come in our organization, in connection with his office. So I have been thinking about all these things, and talking to different senior margis, dadas, and didis. Over the course of these talks and also from my own experience, some things are there. So some of the various points which have come, I will share with you here.
Over the years, people have seen that earlier, in the years before '90, Dada Shraddhanandji was better. He used to do the basic practices. Painca janya, and so on. But once 1990 came and he was made Purodha Pramukha, all those things came to an end. PP's health was not the issue because even in 1993 PP Dada traveled to Suva sector. So if one can travel to Australia one is surely able enough to sit in dharmacakra etc, which PP Dada did not do. Rather ther problem is something different-- deeper.
Dada Sarvatmanand made PP Dada like that, by training him to feel that "I am supreme". And Dada Shraddhanandji seemed to moreover be enjoying this new status, so the match was suiting in a certain way. But the outcome was, that due to his self-sensed greatness, PP Dada misunderstood that he needn't do spiritual practices any longer. And the combination of these led to a huge ego on his part. And this tremendous inflated ego, was the cause of PP's degeneration. It is deeply unfortunate, but all of this was ultimately due to a lack of devotion on PP Dada's part. Lack of devotion, he did not like to follow Baba's teachings.
Other margis have written in the past, about some of the various ways in which PP Dada did not follow Baba's teachings. Like not attending dharmacakra, not singing and dancing kiirtana, not sitting alongside margis during guru puja but sitting higher up on special chair. And many other basic, margi rules of daily spiritual life. PP Dada's failure to do these above is true; and it is quite serious. I myself have witnessed many times, those things. So many DMS programs as well as innumerable other functions of AMPS I have attended over all the years since 1990. And always PP Dada was doing like this. e.g. not attending DC, not dancing kiirtan, etc. And also, flaunting himself in this way or that. It was very sad to see, as his conduct was not at all befitting of a spiritual person. Certainly not someone assigned as the head of AMPS. When Margis were chanting 'Parama Pita Baba Ki Jai!', I even saw him walking down the welcome aisle not saying anything, with his hands held in 'Namaskar'. As though margis were chanting for him. But here I would like to mention some few specific events, which reveal further how due to lack of devotion since long, many foolish things PP Dada did.
I remember in 1993, PP Dada went to Australia for a DMS. I did not attend that particular DMS, as it was abroad and I had many family duties to attend to here in my local village, in India. But after PP Dada returned from his tour, he wrote about it at length. And that writing of his was printed in our AMPS journal, Prajina Bharati. Here I have before me our AM magazine "Prajina Bharati", PP's own article called "The DMS in Australia" printed in Feb/Mar 1993 issue, Volume 14, #7. PP Dada Ac. Shraddhananda Avt. is author of the article, which starts at the beginning of the Magazine on Page 2. You should know that Prajina Bharati is the exclusive magazine of the Tattvika, Acarya, and Purodha boards. Only our respected Acaryas are permitted to contribute articles as the standard is maintained quite high.
Respected PP Dada Shraddhanandji wrote his article describing 1993 DMS Australia in which he was of course the main speaker. PP Dada writes the entire article in 3rd person, referring to himself as "he". It is quite odd and puzzling. Until it dawns upon you, how this entire article is one incredible glorification of PP Dada himself. PP Dada wrote about the airport, what food he took, what he enjoyed etc etc. And how Australian margis with folded hands and garland were all waiting for respected PP Dada. And how when PP Dada reached Brisbane airport, then devotees, in respect of PP Dada raised the slogan Param Pita Baba Ki Jai--. Wherever PP visited he wrote and glorified his entire journey from natural call to time of sleep; how margis cried for him etc. The main point is that if someone else had written for PP, that would have been a different thing but the essay has been written by Dada Shraddhanandji himself. And is written about PP like this - "When PP Dada reached Brisbane Airport..." PP Dada Shraddhanandji's article is in Hindi. It is called "The DMS in Australia" and I have translated his opening para for you. Because, it is astonishing to see just how our PP Dada glorifies himself. Here it will be obvious for you, by seeing how he describes his own reception in Australia. PP Dada begins his article by describing the reception for his arrival in Brisbane airport; PP Dada wrote, "With proper paraphernalia, proper way, with Prabhat Samgheet, Kaoshiki, and Tandava the reception happened. Margiis were so much intoxicated in the tune of Baba Nam Kevalam. Common public was seeing this special type of reception with great enthusiasm." End of PP Dada's quote. The sense is that the whole atmosphere, whole vibration created, and all efforts made were due to the coming of PP. All these things, our PP Dada is personally writing about himself. Some senior margiis were saying that how simple our PP Dada is. How can it be possible that PP Dada (the then President of AMPS Global and Chairman of the Central Purodha Board -- the highest decision making committee of AMPS), was thinking that margis were worshipping him instead of Baba by doing tandava / kaoshiki. Each and every margi knows that in AM, everyone has to follow 16 points. With a view toward Ista only, and pointed devotion towards Baba.
Please remember Prajina Bharati is a very elevated journal of the Tattvika, Ac. & Purodhas Boards. Only high level discussion of deep spiritual topics is permitted. Here I have translated the next paragraph of Purodha Pramukha Dada Shraddhanandji's article which was published there. He is reporting about his trip to Australia in 1993. The article is supposed to be about DMS. PP Dada writes, "When we reached our ashram it was sunrise. From here I had to go to Ananda Pali Master unit. This was spread in 110 acres of land. We started by 3:30pm. There females have their own jagriti and they are running school. The government is appreciating the education system of AM. And it encourages us. We stayed there for a few minutes and after that we started for Ananda Pali. From Brisbane, around 2-3 hours, journey to Ananda Pali. Here roads are beautiful, strong, and wide. Here nobody can drive above 110 km/h. Our vehicles were running 80km/h." End of PP Dada's quote. Respected PP Dada goes on to describe in the same style the entire 20 days' journey. Prajina Bharati has three sections Bengali, Hindi and English. PP Dada's article consumed the entire Hindi section, more than ten pages. What was the use of the dignified pages of our valued AMPS publication, to give information about driving speed and the standard of roads. Like an aimless traveler's diary who does not have the capacity to put his mind in the higher realm of social service. If I may ask, what use of the dignified pages of our valued AMPS publication for such a purpose of self-indulgence? What dedication of our limited AM resources of such glorification of oneself? -Like one person of a remote village who never saw a proper road. It is surprising that when he will see the roads of Los Angeles in the USA where the speed is even greater and the roads are even wider the he will become mad with astonishment. Indeed PP Dada is so simple and he did not know any better. But this is not a positive reflection on him. Here I am translating PP Dada's own narration of what happened after his DMS speech in Australia, at the 1993 DMS. PP Dada wrote, "Those who participated in revolutionary marriages, to them Revered PP Dada gave blessing. And those who were involved in Social Service projects he gave awards. Everyone took on the responsibility to do good work. And people were inspired with their responsibilities. Amongst these were WT's and LFT's." End of PP Dada's quote. Our PP Dada wrote this about himself: "Those who participated in revolutionary marriages, to them Revered PP Dada gave blessing." Still today I am astonished. That Dada Shraddhanandji wrote such things about Dada Shraddhanandji himself. What to say about the social norms of Ananda Marga. PP Dada is totally, shamelessly self-righteous. Remember, DMS is meant to be an occasion for glorifying Baba. It is deeply unfortunate PP could not understand this basic idea that our holy organisation, our AMPS, is made for highlighting BABA. PP Dada's Australia DMS article goes on and on like this, but I will close that point here.
So many other examples of PP Dada's vanity from over the years are also there. I will simply briefly enlist some below: - PP Dada's Shraddha Suman -- the silly rhymes in which he glorifies himself. Similar way to how he does above, only he paid someone to put the lines to music. Around 10,000 such songs are there. And he made our AMPS dedicate its precious funds for printing these songs of his in books. While Baba's Prabhat Samgiita are lying unprinted, in the dust. - In the AMPS Nairobi Sector magazine "Aljiri", PP Dada's multiple large photos came. Doing various activities. This is against acarya ethics and conduct guidelines, to focus unduly on oneself. - In Dada Prasidananda's (alias Dada Maheshvarananda alias Dada Maheshananda) book "Baba's Love for South America", PP Dada Shraddhanandji's large photo appears. This is unacceptable in AM WT guidelines. - In PP Dada's own autobiography, there is a full-page photograph of PP Dada's face on the first page of the book. It is one flagrant expression of vanity. - PP Dada is confused about Baba's Prabhat Samgiita, and gave fully wrong explanations in his own autobiography. - PP Dada has revealed his own confusion about communism and his personal support for that dangerous philosophy, in his autobiography. Altogether, respected PP Dada brought his own ruination.
About this problem of ego bringing degeneration, Baba makes serious comment in His discourse Shivokti 6. Baba says, "Shiva has cautioned people to remain scrupulously aloof from this dangerous disease of vanity by saying, Aham'ka'rah patanasya mu'lam ["Pride goeth before a fall"]." (NSS, Shivokti 6) So ego, or the disease of vanity, is what causes people to degenerate or fall down. Baba further explains in this very discourse, the reason why this is the case. He tells that those with huge egos, think they know everything. And this belief, stops them from learning anything. -Because they don't think anyone knows, or can be their teacher. So with this defect, they stop progressing. But this is not all. Baba continues, that not only do such egotistical people not progress. But something more happens. Baba tells that everything in this world must move. Movement is a must. So the mind of such persons must also move. And due to vanity they cannot learn, so they cannot progress. In such a state, the only direction for them to move is down. With that, their minds move on the path of degeneration. The path of crudity. Baba concludes on this point, the following about those who have vanity. Baba says, "So when one must move, but the path of progress is blocked, one is compelled to move along the path of degradation. Thus the arrogance born of this asmita' [mental defect] will lead people towards their downfall. This arrogance, which makes them want to display themselves, forgetting all other things, is termed aham'ka'ra [vanity]. (NSS, Shivokti 6) Such a thing, has happened to our PP Dada Shraddhanandji. I have full sympathy for him. I have written this letter only to remind, that no one should do such things. And the outcome is how the PP post itself got so degenerated. And in consequence, our AMPS organization fell into deep problem. With overt groupism and fighting. Despite all the problems, I have full faith that our future is bright. When Baba has given His grace and assurance, then we know all will move ahead in the proper way. In Ananda Vanii #26, Lord says, "...Hence I call upon you to adorn this crimson dawn deluged with glorious light. Victory is surely yours." Yours at His lotus feet, Ram
Baba says, "All glands need regular and proper exercise...systematic and rhythmic dances are those useful exercises...In the absence of the proper exercise of those glands, people lose many capacities at an early age--especially the capacities of deep thinking and of sustained recollection...Considering all this--considering the location of the glands, and the effect of chandas and mudra's-- Shiva invented a unique and perfect dance: tandava." (NSS, p. 23)

The New PP is...

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 16:44:05 -0000 To: From: Chatterjee_K Subject: The New PP is... Baba Namaskar, Latest report has just been released... ...the new Purodha Pramukha of AMPS is Ac Vishvadevananda Avt. Respectfully, Kalicharan

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