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Current Events: Not Something New

Date: 09 May 2008 23:49:01 -0000 From: "Ramashankar Suman" To: Subject: Current Events: Not Something New Baba "A'ma'r pran'a'm na'o tumi prabhu, toma'y a'mi bha'laba'si..." (2692) Purport: Baba, O' Prabhu, please grace me by accepting my pranam & surrender at Your lotus feet. Baba, I love You. Your divine flute goes on calling me continuously-- in my sleep, in my dreams, and in my awakened state. Baba, by Your grace I long for and search You in each and every activity. Keeping Your name in my heart I go on fighting against all difficulties & dangers of my life. Baba, in this entire universe only You are most adorable for me. Baba, by Your grace, my body, mind, and heart have become one with You. My whole existence is saturated in You. Baba, with a smiling face You always shower Your grace on me. Whatever are my needs, You go on fulfilling them. Baba, You have removed all the cimmerian darkness from my mind. By Your causeless grace You are doing everything for me. Baba, I love You, please accept my sastaunga pranam...
Namaskar, The cyclone tragedy in Myanmar (Burma) has been totally devastating-- and it threatens to only get worse and worse. All because the communistic Junta militant regime is keeping the rest of the world out. So many relief agencies are banging on the doors of Myanmar in hopes of providing support to the nearly crippled population of Burma. But the Junta leaders are keeping those relief teams from doing their work. We all know the numbers: Already 25,000 have died; 40,000 are missing; and, estimates have been given that in total more than 100,000 may perish from this calamity. Primarily because the communist-minded Junta regime is not allowing any outside help-- and they themselves are horribly incapable of giving relief to the suffering masses. All of which is quite reminiscent of the typical communist outlook: 'My cadres may or may not do any good works, but certainly we will not allow anyone else to come forward to do something noble. Let no one else get any credit or positive review.' So the tragedy in Myanmar is not a one-time occurrence, but rather a repeated theme in the history of the communist dictatorships. Communist-minded leaders and rulers always discourage and sabotage relief efforts to the needy. It is part and parcel of their dirty mentality and faulty outlook. They feel that so long as the people are poor and suffering, then they will become communist party members, otherwise not.
And in AM, we all have our first-hand experience of this. So many of our AM service projects were ransacked by communists in Bengal. Our schools, our children's homes, our mass feeding programs, our buildings, nearly every single service project we attempted was sabotaged in some way, shape, or form by the ruling communist regime in West Bengal. Those communists only wanted their own cadres to "serve the people"-- when in reality they hardly did any such work. And their view was, 'Certainly, no one else should be given access to do service projects'. That is the communist mind-set. So they basically banned our Marga from doing service. This was the case all those years when Baba was heading our Marga from Kolkata. It was only after struggling hard, and by Baba's grace, that could we get court orders to allow our Marga to carry out service projects in the communist state of West Bengal. And even then, we were met with opposition by the communists. So today's tragic situation in Myanmar is, unfortunately, not an isolated incident. It is not something new, but a repeated offense by communists.
The communists only give lip-service to helping the poor and the needy. Because their true aim is to keep people in the depraved state. Baba says, "In communism, the leaders want to control the people through brute force, but in PROUT we will inspire people through selfless service. Communists do not support selfless service, and believe that if people are given service, then they will become satisfied and not revolt against the system [i.e. not become communist party members]." (PNS-17) Hence, it is part of the communist view to permanently keep people in a poverty-stricken state, and at the same time not allow outside agencies to bring relief. So what Myanmar's controlling regime is doing is not a first-time ordeal, but rather a trade-mark of communism.
In a nutshell, our goal is to serve humanity, yet communists purposely obstruct this very process. This we have seen in the Soviet iron curtain, the former East Germany, Cuba, North Korea, West Bengal, & Myanmar (Burma), among other places. So we should not have any pity or sympathy for those dark communist leaders. Unfortunately in his book, one of our Dada's only attacked capitalism and took a soft, sympathetic view towards socialist and communist regimes. The irony is that in his book, "After Capitalism...", this Dada reports how the communists purposely want to keep the people poor and impoverished: "After his speech at the first Forum, Algerian revolutionary leader Ben Bella, when asked whether revolution was possible in the modern world, said, "It is impossible to not be a revolutionary in a world where so many people are dying of starvation. ... As long as people are starving, there will always be revolutionaries." (Maheshvarananda, 'After Capitalism') Yet, Dadaji glorifies this tainted communist perspective as being something great-- akin to Ananda Marga. Hence, he eulogizes and protects their leaders on countless pages of his book. When in fact, none in AM should get lulled into any communist-minded views. Rather we are to continue to remind and warn the world about the ills and crimes of communism. And we need not look any further than the despicable situation going on now in Myanmar as proof of how the communist method is against the welfare of the people. They say they are for helping the people, but neither will they serve the masses nor allow others to do so. Only those militant, communist leaders are interested in their own power and keeping the people oppressed, suppressed, and repressed. This dirty mind-set repeats itself again and again wherever communism rears its ugly head. So no margii should be swayed by the communist or socialist platforms. Such platforms may condemn capitalism-- so some naive souls may get enticed-- but underneath such regimes spell disaster for the people.
For all these reasons and more, Baba totally condemns the ways of communism. Baba says, "The theory of communism propounded by Karl Marx is an example of pramatta. Communism has been an unmitigated disaster for human beings. It is full of defects, and bad from beginning to end. It has caused the degeneration of human society." (PNS-16, p.57) And verily, the tragedy in Myanmar is an example how once again the communists are revealing their true colour.
By Baba's divine grace, the ideals of Prout are fast spreading. Margiis and non-margiis alike are leaning towards Proutistic ways. It will not be long before Prout becomes more and more the chosen solution that people want-- and our Marga will be right there to lead the way in serving the humanity. Baba says, "We are waiting for the rising sun with crimson rays. Even now the crimson rays are a bit visible. These crimson rays are the rays of PROUT." (PNS-17) Namaskar, Ramashankar
Here are some typical news reports from international agencies about how the communist militant regime is undermining relief efforts in their disaster-struck land. * "The refusal of the country's iron-fisted rulers to allow doctors and disaster-relief experts to enter in large numbers contributed to the growing concern that starvation and epidemic diseases could end up killing people on the same scale as the storm itself." (Times news services) *"As many as 100,000 people may have died as a result of the cyclone, and as many may perish from disease if more aid is not delivered quickly, said a spokesman for the UN's disaster response unit. At least two thirds of the 1.5 million people who need help haven't received it." (AP wire) * And countless more tragic reports can be found. So we must remember that our Marga is to lead the way against not only capitalism, but socialism and communism also. Baba says, "Capitalism makes people slaves, communism makes them worse than slaves." (PNS-17) Only Prout will usher in a totally new era, that will truly serve the interests and welfare of the people.
*************************************** Real Prapatti / Surrender
Lord says, "Without Cosmic desire, nothing can exist, nothing can move, not even a blade of grass. So in accordance with the spirit of prapatti, that the body is a machine, we can say that He has been kind enough to provide the body and mind, to be utilized for work only. Hence I follow the spirit of prapatti in using them...So a boy or a girl who does work is surely following the path of prapatti." (NKS '97, p.40)

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