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Surviving in These Times

From: "Geoff Turnham" To: Subject: Surviving in These Times Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 23:55:52 +0000 Baba "(Ei) shubha arun'odaye ele, a'lo jhara'le..." (P.S. 3359) Purport: Baba, at the time of this very beautiful new dawn You came close to me. You showered me in the effulgence of Your presence and vibration. You removed all the darkness from my mind. The darkness was like a towering mountain of deep, dark, blackness of the nil moon night. And that huge pile of darkness You removed, so that only Your divine presence was remaining in my mind-- and You were smiling in a very soft and sweet way. Baba, today in this glorious new dawn You graced me by coming close...
Namaskar, Nowadays in the general society, people's overall condition is like that of "busy-bodies"-- purposelessly moving here and there attracted by this or that mundane fancy. When the world has now fallen into economic turmoil, and the general society has no easy escape from financial and psychic malaise, we should pay heed to the following and stick to the ideals of our Marga.
Along those lines then, in dharmacakra the topic was raised that what is the way to follow aparigraha. How to best implement or follow this teaching in one's practical life. And what follows are many of the points from this very discussion. Then step by step margiis gave all sorts of responses. One of the chief, proper ways to follow aparigraha is by not taking loans. Because taking loans is not good. When in fact curtailing should be done of the mundane desires & redirecting them toward the spiritual and social fields. Means people should try to reduce or channelise their mundane desires. Because things in the mundane sphere are limited and if you try to fulfill the unlimited human thirst via mundane things then it cannot be fulfilled. Rather it will create havoc-- extreme materialism. The material things of this creation or mundane world are limited but the psychic and spiritual fields are abundant, infinite. So people should run in this direction and compete to get maximum things in the spiritual field. And margiis are doing like this so their standard is far higher than the general public. But on the whole, in the mundane society, this is really such a sad situation because after a lot of material achievements, hardly have human beings achieved anything which can be treated as worthwhile. When their inside is like a burning desert, no peace. Of course the margiis condition is far, far better. But in the regular society the situation looks grim. Means, people are externally running for peace but peace is not outside; it is inside. And on this point Baba has given various guidelines in our scriptures. Some of these things will be very useful to write here which was discussed in previous dharmacakra at the jagrti. One brother raised the point that in this material world, money has a dominating role. When the motivation is not spirituality, then people like to satisfy their desire with mundane things. As we know, human beings have infinite desires. So to satisfy all the desires, ignorant people run toward acquiring material objects. Behind their mind they think that these material objects will give bliss and satisfaction. Just see this common situation. When regular citizens did not have a bicycle, then they were getting around by foot. And they were thinking that having a bicycle will be very blissful. And they got one bicycle. But then within no time, their desire switched over to wanting a motorbike. And for that again they were struggling. And even after getting that, still they are not satisfied. So it is endless. Now they are thinking to take out a loan and purchase a car, or an airplane. So the path of materialism is a deadly spiral of degeneration; never can one move ahead along the path of dharma by adopting a materialistic way of life.
"Anando brahmeti vyajanat"
Baba says, "There can be no progress in the realm of physicality as well as in the realm of intellectuality...To run after progress in the realm of physicality and intellectuality is utter foolishness--a wastage of time as there is no progress in these fields." (SS-10) So by gaining something material, one cannot get satisfaction. Rather, desire increases more and more. It is just like putting petroleum on the fire. That's why people always contemplating to take loan. As Ananda Margiis we should not fall into such a trap. Rather our outlook should be aimed towards spirituality. Not at all materialistic. Those who have a materialistic bent of mind, they don't see their pocket. Just by seeing the things, they like to purchase and have it. And to fulfill that they take loans. And then the material which is worth 10 dollars, they pay 20 dollars in due course because paying after some time means interest as well. So the price multiplies. And if anyone is taking a loan for purchasing a car, then every month they have to pay extra money as interest. And invariably this invites more and more psychic tension to pay that bill. But these were not the only points raised. Also this was discussed. Now the common public is so much affected by advertisements. Even the small children when they watch television, by looking towards the advertisements they demand different materials from their parents. Baba says, "A'bhoga..." The sense is that people are affected by their external surroundings and by that way one desires those very things which they are surrounded by. If surrounded by crude people then crude desires will come in the mind. That is why satsaunga is such an important thing. Then we think that these mundane things are not so important. But those who are not watching TV, they don't demand anything. So there are two reasons behind the demand. (A) Psychic hunger and (B) That which is really very essential for the existence. These days most of the cases are related with psychic hunger. Means, those who do not have higher values, they look towards the external things and whatever they see, they like to acquire those things from the external world. And they don't think deeply that they need or don't need. Or they can live without that, or not. Without thinking deeply, they take loan and purchase those things. And in the end it invites more and more trouble, pain, and misery. But when the motivation is higher, then people do not fall trapped in this serpentine noose. For this, Baba has given a beautiful story in Neo-humanism, "Inner Asset". Baba says, that we have to make adjustment between the inner and outer world. Those who are engaged or give too much attention to the external world, lose the goal. So we should be careful by maintaining balance. Baba is further telling that true sadhakas should remain satisfied in limited worldly things. In the course of acquiring materials, we should not lose our peace and tranquillity. Unfortunately in the present society, this is a great tragedy these days. The common people what labor and trouble they take for acquiring money, even a fraction of that they don't like to expend for their spiritual development. This development can be only possible when we will satisfy our mind in minimum physical needs. This Baba's following teaching is giving light on this.
"Ra'ja' hate ... yoga'te."
Baba says, "I do not long to become a monarch -- For this I have not the least desire. I have a hut of mud and bamboo: I only want enough to thatch its roof." (NH-LOI p.26) In this teaching Baba is telling that because our goal is Parama Purusa, so we should try to adjust with minimum worldly things. And there is no need to take loan. Rather, we should spare more and more time for psycho-spiritual development. Because those who take loan and remain in debt, they invite tension and under pressure of circumstances, they think more and more about money. That invites all types of tension. And ultimately it causes degeneration. So we as sadhakas, should divert our desire towards a higher goal, towards Parama Purusa. Then in natural way, mundane longing will be eliminated, and surely by moving in this devotional flow we will remains ensconced in His bliss. BABA says, "The universe has emerged as a blissful vibration from the Supreme Entity - Anandadhyeva khlavimanai bhutani jayante. Anandena jatani jiivanti. Anandam pryantabhi samvishanti. ["Out of bliss all beings were born, in bliss they are living and into bliss they will ultimately dissolve."] "This bliss, these blissful entities and the blissful Parama Purusa - all three are one; they are one in three. And all manifest and unmanifest entities are glittering with the effulgence of this blissful Parama Purusa. He is vibrating all entities, substantiating their existence. So he is ananda [bliss] and amitabha [infinitely radiant.]" (NSS) When the Yaksa asked the question to Yudisthira, that 'who is happy?'. Then the first reply Yudisthira told was 'the person who is not in debt is happy.' And that can only happen when following aparigraha. Namaskar, Gagan Note: In various discourses Baba says that people can only go into debt for items of production, but not for anything else. Not for items of luxury, convenience, etc. Note 1: Everyone's life is so busy; while guiding margiis then in the discourse 'Art and Literature' Baba mentions that these days true poetry and proper song have almost disappeared. Because the heart's soft layer has gotten burned by the fire of capitalism. Means people do not have the mind to understand song and poetry; all because the mind is so restless and uncomfortable. And because of that, the story aspect has disappeared from films also. Now films are basically storyless, plotless. Note 2: BABA says, "It is also true that the mind should certainly be directed towards the Supreme Consciousness -- because one's inner assets are directly nourished by the thought of the Supreme, by running towards Him with tremendous speed. Rationalistic outlook and study are required to facilitate this onward movement towards the Supreme." (NH-LOI, '87 p.26) Note 3: As sadhakas we should not compare themselves to others in only the physical sphere. Because our human personality is three-fold. And crude people do not have any other thing than physical comparison. But as a human being, we know this secret that there are other spheres as well. So we should gain strength in the psycho-spiritual realm. And we should not compare ourselves with others on the point of money, material gain, etc. Because that invites inferiority complex-- if in case you are comparing yourself with a rich person. To avoid this, one should think that my competition is not only in the physical sphere, but all around, in physical, psychic, and spiritual spheres. Then surely, inferiority complex cannot remain. Because in the spiritual sphere, surely sadhakas are more developed than common citizens -- those living in the general society.
******************************************** About Channelisation
Baba says, "If people have a healthy body and mind their glandular system will remain balanced and they can easily channelise their physical energy into psychic and spiritual activities. This process of channelisation is the only way to check the mental flow towards crude propensities." (AFPS-9, p.35)

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