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Worthless & Sinful Jobs

Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 08:01:42 -0400 To: From: Pradiip Subject: Worthless & Sinful Jobs Baba "Nutan jiivan labhiya'chi mora' nutan us'a'r kiran'e..." (PS 5015) Purport: Baba, by Your divine grace we all got new life-- in this new light wave of the dawn. The new dawn has come and vibrated our body, mind, and soul. Baba You have graciously shown us the path: The path of bliss, Ananda Marga. By Your grace, we have left all those outdated, rotten, old dogmas. Except Ista, except You, there is no charm in the life. Your love and grace is resonating in our entire existence. Baba, we all belong to the same gotra, one family. This whole world lies within this same gotra. With the love of our heart we will awaken the entire world by Your grace. Baba, You have blessed us with new life in this new dawn. This is nothing but Your causeless grace...
Namaskar, Our means of livelihood should be samyak ajiiva - right occupation. That is Baba's teaching. Engaging in jobs that go against this code (samjak ajiiva) hinder our own spiritual growth by encumbering us with negative samskaras; plus such jobs have a grossly detrimental effect on the society. Unfortunately, in this early 21st century - when capitalism is at an all-time high - there are many occupations that come under this category of sinful earning. We should all be aware about these, keep arms distance from them, and alert others.
Here is Baba's pointed discourse about worthless jobs. You may have seen this list before. Baba says, "People’s means of livelihood should not depend on the quarrel of individuals, as in the case of lawyers. Lawyers usually set one person against another and in this way they serve their personal interests. Similarly no one should be a trader in religion, because in the name of religion, many people are exploited. Nor should one earn one’s livelihood by dealing with dead bodies because such people want more and more people to die, so that they may thereby increase their income. People should also not earn their livelihood by lending money and taking interest. Such persons want to lend more and more money to gain more and more interest, and they do not want the borrowers to refund the capital. The scriptures stipulate that people should not accept food from such people, because their occupations are despicable." (SS-11) In the above teaching, Baba distinctly names the following professions as "despicable": Lawyers, religious traders, undertakers, and money-lenders. As described above, both the intention and execution of such jobs is harmful. In one way or another, those involved in such occupations do not want that society should grow. Instead, they profit by having society remain downtrodden. Yet at present there are millions of people holding such jobs, many of whom may also be in the Marga. Hence just because a job is "acceptable" by society's standard does not mean it is accepted in our Marga. We should all take notice and be careful. Tragically, a small pocket of wholetimers are involved in money-lending, as well as some margiis who are involved in lawyering. And there are others involved in various other sinful earnings. We should help them escape from this unworthy line of work.
Here it should be clarified that our Marga is not against the banking industry like Islam is. Banks are needed. But the big business and underhanded ways of money-lending at high interest rates as occurs in Indian villagers and by corporate credit cards is a sinful way to make a living. Banks help people manage their finances and enable them to make purchases, whereas this latter group of professional money-lenders aim to keep people permanently in debt. We should all be aware about this distinction.
Here Baba identifies more jobs that should be avoided. They include things like selling intoxicants and thievery, i.e. selling adulterated goods and cheating people. Baba says, "So one must have a clean occupation, that is, one must not do anything antisocial, one must not encourage anything antisocial, anything that goes against collective interest. That is samyak a'jiiva in physical sphere. One may earn money by selling wine. One may earn money by stealing. These are not samyak a'jiiva. Your occupation should be neat and clean – not going against the interest of the society." (AV-30) In the above category, we can also include those involved in imposing pseudo-culture on society. Just as wine-sellers degrade and degenerate society, similar is the case of those who make erotic movies, i.e. most of Hollywood, exploit women in advertisements, make junk food / fast food, and so many other things that bring society down. Plus every those who do not produce anything at all but just make their living as a "middle-man" also go against the code of samyak ajiiva. Because they do not contribute anything to society, rather they only try to take a profit before passing something onto the next person. In a Proutistic society where goods are produced and sold locally, there will not be any middle-man.
At this point, one might think that only those above jobs are against the code of samyak ajiiva - but there are more. For instance, where there is an overpopulation of doctors such as in India, then those medical professionals often want that more people should be come sick so they can make more money. This is also a dirty profession. Then of course there is Wall Street and the whole financial scene of investors, speculators, and stock brokers etc. This whole entire financial world is a sinful way of earning and will be totally outlawed in a Proutistic society. Some may think, 'Well, nowadays everybody knows that Wall Street is bad', but at the same time we should note that it will take a huge push to get these Wall Streeters to change. For years and years all the top students in the US and even Europe became financial investors, and averted fields like science, engineering, and other worthy fields of study. In extreme capitalism those with money were honored and those jobs held the highest prestige. Hence, many students rushed headlong in that direction and those on Wall Street were worshiped as demi-gods.
Even with the recent economic downturn, Wall Street is not going to leave easily. Capitalism may fall at any moment, but it is sure those on Wall Street will be there to the very end. They will not give up the fight easily. On the street, common people may be saying that Wall Streeters are bad. But those same Wall Stret kingpins were loaned hundreds of billions of dollars by the Federal government last year. And there was NO STIPULATION on that loan, whereas when the US auto companies were given a Federal load there were many rules attached. When the next big fall comes on Wall Street, then who do you think will be there to save them? That's right the Fed and the other powers that be. All this goes to show that Wall Street's ties run deep - their pockets are deep. Those in the height of America's government are wedded to Wall Street. And this is also the case in so many other countries that have emulated the Wall Street model. Because right now, capitalism is rampant and these financial districts are down but not out. They are still manipulating and directing the flow of money in their land. So the Wall Street breed clearly falls outside the realm of samyak ajiiva (right livelihood) and such parasites will not be allowed to exist in the Proutistic society. They will be forced to change and use their talents in productive ways.
In capitalism, the number of worthless and sinful jobs is at an all-time high. Everyone is trying to make money at any extent. Morality is gone and money is king. There are so many jobs where people literally do not contribute anything to society, just they exist to make a profit. This includes Wall Street, middle-men, and so many other pieces of the capitalistic puzzle. Nowadays, something is produced somewhere and then that product goes through a long chain of middle-men before it reaches the buyer. Such middle-men are not doing anything except grabbing money. Such type of social parasites are a hindrance to society yet nowadays they are flourishing everywhere. That, combined with the fact that Wall Streeters still command huge power in the society remind us that capitalism is now mature - nearly overripe. Its end is soon. We should all be ready. The future of those involved in such financial schemas and negative occupations is not at all bright. They will undergo harsh samskaras in the future. So none should emulate or revere such persons. Rather we should work to expose them and bring in the new era of Prout. Such persons are bloodsuckers and survive off of cheating others.
By His grace, as Ananda Margiis we should follow Baba's code of samyak ajiiva and not get caught in the negative and sinful ways of capitalism. Baba says, "Your occupation should be neat and clean – not going against the interest of the society." (AV-30) Namaskar, Pradiip
***************************************** Capacity of A'tma
Baba says, "Till you have a human body go on doing great work. After death in absence of the brain the mind cannot function in which case one cannot do anything. But the unit consciousness (atma) can still work. It has the capacity to work in subtle form." (Delhi DMC 1984 Discourse)

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