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Gradually All Will be in Jail

Date: Thu 11 Dec 2008 23:41:07 -0000 (GMT) From: Pradiip Bauer Subject: Gradually All Will be in Jail To: Baba Introduction to PS #2327: In the following song Baba is lovingly guiding one disciple who is confused and totally immersed in materialism. "Cora'ba'lir pa'r'e keno gar'e ya'o ghar..." - P.S. 2327 Purport: Why are you building castles in quicksand. Have you never examined the matter carefully. That structure is shaking profusely because of the soft foundation. Since ages you have been wasting your time in constructing that castle on quicksand. You have invested huge energy along with blood, sweat & your own hard labour to build it. All the while you were indulging in your own dreamland-- foolishly thinking that this "thing" will give you permanent satiation. You were never ready to admit that this is temporary and ephemeral... Note: In the above song quicksand means materialism and castle means building one's life.
Namaskar, Security checkpoints, I.D. requests, curfews in cities, bodyguards, metal detectors in schools, police barricades... Terrorist attacks, pirate ships, car bombs, explosions in the market, hotels under siege, open gunfire at crowds... Luxury mansions, corporate profits, exploitation of resources, 1st World vs 3rd World, starving villagers, disease-plagued communities, 1 dollar-a-day sweat-house factories... So long as this grossly materialistic vaeshyan era is in vogue, the more our global family will be held in check, until finally literally everyone will be living in jail, not even able to go out to buy food or get a drink of water without being frisked, questioned, ID checked, and watched.
There are finite, limited resources on this earth. And capitalists are gobbling them all up. Whether it be oil, bananas, land, diamonds, coal, timber, or whatever, capitalist enterprises are fast identifying and swallowing up every perceivable resource-- whether that resource exists in their own backyard or not. We are fast reaching that point where 99% of the world's resources are owned by 0.1% of the world's people. With each and every passing day, we move closer and closer to strangling the common citizens for the last bit of wealth on this planet. This is what is happening in this abhorrently materialistic era where humanity's infinite longing is sidetracked into the pitfalls of limited worldly wealth. Baba says, "Human beings have unquenchable, infinite physical longings and out of these physical longings capitalism came into existence." ('Talks on Prout') Baba says, "Capitalism must be forced to abandon its ferocious hunger by taking strong measures." (POD #2) So when a few are gobbling up all the resources and wealth to satisfy their misguided longing for material gain... ...In that case, there is bound to be a backlash. There is bound to be a reaction. That is why those top capitalists are ever more fearful about such a retaliation and increase security in every conceivable corner of social life. The United States employs hundreds of thousands in their intelligence operations. Because they know well that when the US has taken all the world's resources then other people are not going to be happy about it and will retaliate, sooner or later. We have now reached that point in human history.
Today's global climate can be likened to one camping trip where a small group of people embark on an outing to a small place where there are limited resources. Then if one or two persons were to quickly hoard all the resources on that island or hilltop, and the rest of the people had little or no means to live, then naturally those common campers would strike back at those who had snatched up all the resources. This is human nature. Even people who would not normally fight or seek revenge will rise up if a few are stealing all the wealth and forcing the rest to live as paupers.
So while terrorism cannot be espoused in any way, shape, or form, it would also be foolish to deny the fact that today's global terrorism was born more out of capitalist exploitation than by Muslim extremism. No doubt the Muslim religion is dogmatic and misguided in its ways, but the current terrorist attacks did not suddenly appear out of thin air. They are a response to a certain set of conditions: Capitalists stealing all the world's wealth and then legalising that process. Thus whether they be pirates from Somalia, car bombers from Pakistan, or hijackers from Egypt, all such terrorist attacks are a secondary problem. The main cause is extreme capitalism where all the wealth has been sucked up by a few. And then to retain that wealth, millions and billions are spent on security, surveillance, and the like. In which case, everyday citizens are forced to both (a) live in the danger of a terrorist attack at any moment, as well as (b) be looked upon as suspects by those greedy, fearful capitalists. Before the rise of extreme capitalism, political leaders would casually roam the streets without any fear or problem. But now even low-grade politicians move around with a small army of security guards. The ripple effect of that fear is that everyday citizens must show their ID card at every street corner.
When certain countries have snagged all the wealth-- and it is visible for all to see on the internet-- then innocent youth in far distant lands take a vow. They think, 'Why should I live surrounded by flies in these slums when those people from afar have stolen our resources and exploited our people for labor'. When such youths realise that despite their best efforts they will never be able to become part of the well-to-do, they reason that they have nothing to lose. In that way, they join street gangs, or get involved in guerrilla warfare, or sign-up in a terrorist training camp. They think this is the only way for me to get ahead, otherwise those capitalists will just suck me dry, just like they did to the rest of the people in my community or country. With this 'nothing-to-lose' attitude, youths take to the streets, and today we are seeing the results.
So long as capitalism is the leading system, then people's minds will be diverted to material gain and exploitation will be the theme of the day. A few will have everything and the rest will have next to nothing. That is the capitalist dream. To date, they have gotten success. And their success has given birth to terrorism and this age where our airports and streets are turning into maximum security prisons. This problem will only increase with the continued rise of capitalism. By Baba's grace we must usher in that era of spirituality and Prout and rid the world of the noose of capitalism. Baba says, "These capitalists are the unworthy sons and daughters of the Cosmic Father because they go against the principle of cosmic inheritance. They should be cured of their ailments. To fight capitalism is therefore within your goal." ('Talks on Prout') Baba says, "We have to divert physical longings to psychic and spiritual longings to avoid a fratricidal war, and thereby safeguard human rights." (PNS-15) Namaskar, Pradiip
*************************************** Uniqueness of Ta'raka Brahma
Baba says, "A Maha'kaola is one who makes others kaola by his infallible spiritual guidance. But Ta'raka Brahma is a different Entity, a unique Entity for He is the spiritual preceptor, social preceptor, Kaola, and Maha'kaola, all in one. He is also something more: He acts as a compass in every stratum of society." (NKS, '97 Edn, p.50)

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