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What Senior Acarya Diary Says

From: "Ramlal Sharma" To: Subject: What Senior Acarya Diary Says Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 23:34:17 Baba "Andha'r nisha'y tumi dhruvata'ra' tava gun'e bhara' basudha'... " (2811) Purport: Baba, You are the Polestar in the deep, pitch-dark night of amavasya. Baba, this world is completely saturated with Your divine attributions and glory. In Your holy name, the nectar is filled. Baba, by Your grace You remain with everyone-- all the time-- forever in their heart. Baba, You inspire and give momentum for forward movement. You provide the various means to fight against all sorts of obstacles which come on the path. Those who ideate upon You & lose themselves in Your bliss, they know things which cannot be easily known. To them You unveil the hidden secrets of this vast universe and You fill their hearts with love. Baba, ideating on You brings complete satiation-- permanently satisfying devotees' infinite hunger and spiritual longing. Baba, You are the warm sun of the cold winter mornings; and You are the beauty of the spring evenings. Baba, You are a colorful festival of all world's beautiful things. Everything resides in You. Baba with Your divine liila, You make everyone sing, dance, and cry. You fill everyone's heart with bliss. Baba, You are my everything...
Note: These two below letters are related with this important and critical topic. The second letter is highly meaningful as without propper margii support and sustenance, it is basically impossible for wts to follow the codes of ajagarii and madhukarii vrttis. Thus one will have to gauge this issue with a very balanced outlook. Otherwise it is too easy to blame either Wt's or family margiis. Namaskar, "Baba's special teachings about ajagarii and madhukarii from Senior Acarya Diary encapsulate the whole entire spirit of being a real sannyasi in our Marga-- and for years and years this was prevalent in our WT cadre, but unfortunately in the present era, since 1990, this essence is waning drastically." Such were the words of one of our senior avadhutas at a recent AM function. Thereafter Dadaji went on to tell us all about Baba's special teaching of ajagarii and madhukarii vrttis from Senior Acarya Diary. Of course Dada did not read from the Diary itself, so what is discussed below is based on what I heard from Dadaji. And the basic message was that the spirit of renunciation is waning in our Marga. Of course, we are not to think that our entire wt cadre is suffering from this epidemic, because there are countless dedicated workers in AM. Nonetheless, it is an unholy trend that has spread around. That much we can all certainly recognise. So let us again investigate the ideals and practice of madhukarii and ajagarii vrttis as not only will these qualities bring balance into our Marga but Baba furthermore guides us that these are the key ingredients of real avadhuta life.
The overall idea here is that renunciation, dedication, and sacrifice are the cornerstones of our AM way of life. Our saffron flag stands for these ideals-- as should our sannyasi order. That is Baba's design & teaching of madhukarii and ajagarii vrttis from Senior Acarya Diary. As a quick review, madhukar is that black bee which encircles the flowers and only takes that food which it needs at that very moment-- nothing more. That madhukar does not gather and hoard bucketfuls of pollen to eat later. And a step up from that is the ajagar, or python, which does not even move to get its food; it merely eats what comes across its path. So not only does it not gather extra, but that ajagar does not even spend time hunting for food. That is why in the aparigraha section of the Senior Acarya Diary, Baba specifically states that the madhukar and ajagar represent the ONLY two ways for our WTs to exist in this world. That is, our Dadas and Didis are to adjust with the minimum necessities of life-- and not get caught up in the chase after materialistic pursuits like money etc-- but instead use their precious time & energy serving and helping others in all the realms and for their personal spiritual elevation. That is the spirit of madhukarii and ajagarii vrttis. And according to Baba's direction in Senior Acarya Diary, that is the only honourable way to live as a WT.
But tragically a few of our Wts these days lost this point and are running after crude allurements. They idealistically entered into our Wt cadre but at some point got caught up in the mundane chase for material things like money, land, property, computers, and various other gems and jewels such as post etc. And in that spiritual vacuum, all kinds of negative habits, tendencies, and diseases grow such that the whole spirit of renunciation totally dissipates. In which case those Dadas cannot inspire anyone. So instead, new people come and go from our AM like water and our numbers fail to increase. True pracar work cannot be done because the minds of some of a few of our wts are elsewhere-- drifting towards worldly attractions.
So only through this pathway of renunciation-- madhukra and ajagar-- can our AM sannyasi order really be something great: An order that represents dedication. And this is not my idea but rather this is Guru's teaching. Because in AV-26 Hindi edition chapter 11 titled "Dhvaj...", Baba has given one special formula related with this very topic. And the whole idea of this teaching is that only through dedication and renunciation in the individual sphere can society prosper. For example, if anyone collects a whole bunch of money in his own bank account, that is meaningless for the welfare of others-- this will not bring any relief to the common people. So those with money should not indulge in extravagant luxuries that are beyond the means of ordinary citizens. Until each and every person in the society can afford such amenities, then good people should not use such luxuries. But when those items become accessible and affordable to all, then in good faith it is alright for people to have those items. Thus conscientious people use their wealth to raise the living standard of all. If one truly adopts such ideals of renunciation then they can bring smiles and happiness to countless people. So the spirit of sacrifice in one's own personal life is truly something great and honourable. That is Baba's guideline from Ananda Vacanamrtam. And in His own personal life Baba was exemplary in this very approach. For years and years He traveled by railway, bus, or by foot since that was the common standard. And not only that, but what wealth He earned through His railway job He distributed to the various wholetimers etc. So in all the ways Baba's personal way of living stands the embodiment of renunciation. Therefore we should understand and follow Guru's teaching and adopt the path of renunciation in our individual lives, especially our wts. So none should think that ajagarii and madhkarii vrittis are some type of punishment to those wearing saffron. Rather adhering to this ideal code of aparigraha is something quite noble-- it allows one to fulfill their mission and command respect in the real sense of the term. Only this whole concept may sound strange to our ears right now because only a very few are fulfilling this role of renunciation. But this is the way it should be. Baba says, "The dedicated monks and nuns of Ananda Marga have accepted their life of further the cause of human welfare; and through their service, they seek to lead human beings along the path of righteousness to the abode of Supreme Bliss." (AFPS-3)
Unfortunately now in our Marga, things are spinning in an entirely different way. The pristine ways of renunciation are out, and the greedy ways of money-grubbing are in. In brief, the capitalistic mentality has seeped into our sannyasi order as some of our wts have just taken to collecting wads of money, shiny automobiles, big buildings, or big posts etc. Yet all this goes 100% against Baba's guideline of ajagarii and madhukarii vrttis from Senior Acarya Diary. Nonetheless that is what is happening. So instead of getting respect on points of sadhuhood, restraint, sadhana, helping others, and sacrifice, the culture of our Wts has shifted over to a materialistic or capitalist way of living where so-called respect is given according to one's monetary status etc. And what we are seeing is that wealthy Dadas are using their money to garner a lot of respect from some margiis-- what to say about non-margiis. So on the point of money, those Wt's get clout even with some family people. But this is way off the mark. Rather the real point is conduct; that is our is main measuring rod for determining one's calibre. But at present money and post are what gets respect. This is the tragic and unfortunate state of affairs these days in AMPS. And sadly, all those very many Wts who are properly leading a life of renunciation by adhering to the codes of madhukar and ajagar, such workers just get squeezed out and sneered at by their fellow sannyasis. Because at present things in AMPS are entirely upside-down. Those groupist Wt's with big pockets command & demand all the respect and get the reins of AM whereas those service-minded wholetimers are looked upon as a liability and pushed aside. And this is not just a theory only-- this is what is practically happening. If one wears a fancy watch and can generate revenue then they get a fancy post and lots of prestige and if one firmly adheres to 16 Points and their vow of renunciation then they are looked upon as being outdated and "out of it".
But this big-boss, corporate approach where money is king is not the way things are supposed to be in our AM sannyasi order. Baba has designed it completely differently-- based on the ideals of the madhukar and ajagar. Where renunciation, not individual ownership, is everything. For example, in the true AM system, if a wt has been working in a particular location for a few years. Then when a transfer order is given that very WT will automatically hand over all monies, equipment, funds, and property to the incoming worker. And the Wt who got transferred is to leave that area only with his dress and laungota in hand-- & nothing else, except possibly a bus ticket to his new posting. Here the point is that the only thing a wt truly "owns" in this world is their vow of renunciation. Beyond that they have nothing. And that is Baba's divine system of madhukar and ajagar from Senior Acarya Diary. And that is what makes a sannyasi truly great-- then they can really serve others and do great things in this world.
But, in today's AM sannyasi culture things are totally askew: Selfishness is the rule of the day. Now when a posting order comes, half the time the Wt who got transferred departs with all the money from the bank account, or that Dada might sell the property and keep the profit, or he might send a hefty cash donation to Centre in order to remain at his post. Or so many things might happen according to the defective ways of a greedy capitalistic mind-set where money is king. Because due to a lack of sadhana and straying from the path of renunciation, our WT system has become dirtied in this way-- where money not renunciation is everything. And this has become such the common plight that margiis around the globe have become accustomed to it. So for the most part no one says anything and Baba's teachings of ajagar and madhukar vrttis just drift away.
Some may think that since this problem of money-hoarding within our WT cadre began after 1990 then it is the fault of the new wts. But we cannot blame our younger wts. Rather with pure intention they entered into a system that quickly became ideologically bankrupt due to the greed of the ruling Wts. Things go from the top down. And when those top factional wts travel around by private jet, chauffeur driven automobiles, keep houses & luxury suites on 5 different continents, and stuff millions into their personal bank accounts, then idealistic young workers have hardly a chance of maintaining their vow of renunciation. Rather they get swept up into that greedy WT culture-- or face the consequences of getting pushed aside and receiving one punishment posting after another.
However to truly became a force in this world dedication is needed. Please excuse me for saying so, but despite all their dogmas those militant Muslim groups "succeed and thrive" on this earth because of their dedication. No doubt their aims are awry, but they serve and help each other and eat together as one family and that is enough for them to gain their success and spread their faulty dogmas from one land to the next. Perhaps it may sound odd to hear, but this very faculty is missing in our Marga. That is why despite having the great teachings of dharma in our books, due to this blatant lack of renunciation and dedication to help and serve others, our Marga is just sputtering and floundering along, aimlessly. In which case we can hardly spread the sermon of dharma anywhere. So the spirit of madhukar and ajagar are deeply needed in our Marga. Prior to 1990 they were present. All the wts did everything and everything for the welfare of AM and nothing for their own self. Now the opposite is happening. Because some are doing anything and everything for their own self and nothing for the welfare of our Marga. But we all know the saying: One bad apple spoils the bunch. So even if a few Dadas are acting selfishly, hoarding money, indulging in luxuries, and going against the point of renunciation, then that taints our entire WT cadre. So this is a shame. Because, in truth, there is no dearth of dedicated workers and margiis in AM. There are so many good person. But those dedicated workers just get pushed aside in one corner by those ruling groupist teamsters. By this entire manner, spirit of renunciation and the sacrifice represented by our saffron flag and saffron coloured sannyasis dress gets severely compromised.
Only by recapturing the ideals of ajagar and madhukar can we once again become that great resurgent body that led to the tremendous growth of AM. With those ideals absent from certain sannyasis, our problems will continue. So let us once again rally around the spirit of our saffron flag and embrace Baba's guidelines from senior acarya diary and build an AM that reflects the cornerstones of sacrifice and renunciation. Baba says, "Everyone should render service to the world in accordance with their capacity and work for the welfare of the living beings to the best of their ability...You are travellers of an impregnable path. You have to march ahead proudly with the flag of Marga upright. You have no time to stagger or to look behind." (SS-1) Namaskar, Ramlal
These following WT conduct rules given by Baba go hand-in-hand with His divine teachings about madhukar and ajagar from the aparigraha section of Senior Acarya Diary. So in various avenues, Baba is preaching this special gospel of renunciation, but tragically within our AM sannyasi culture these things are just being neglected and overlooked by some. Best is if everyone judges for themselves if these below points are prevalent in our AM sannyasi order or not. Baba says, "One should attract other by one's sacrificing nature." ('37 Workers Rules', point #20) Baba says, "One should leave all sorts of luxuries." ('37 Workers Rules', point #6) Baba says, "One should adjust with the minimum requirements of life." ('37 Workers Rules', point #17) Thus when the ruling wts and their lackeys are just hoarding wealth, living 'high on the hog', and looking down on "lesser" wts and the common people, then how is our WT order going to become that shining example that will inspire confidence, service, and sacrifice to one and all.
Here Baba guides us about the pathway of true renunciation. Baba says, "When the human mind becomes strong enough not to be affected by any colour, it is called vaera'gya [renunciation]." (10 November 1978, Calcutta) Unfortunately, when some of our wts chase after glistening red sports cars, green money, and all the crude allurements that exist in this mundane world, then how can we say they truly imbibe the spirit renunciation. Certainly we cannot. Because according to Baba, renunciation means developing a high mind through sadhana where one feels that they have come on this earth with a mission to sacrifice for the service and welfare of others. Armed with this true spirit of renunciation our WT cadre will really become a great and benevolent force in this world.
> > The term 'ajagar' refers to that very large snake known as the python. And > the sense is that a python never moves anywhere to procure its food. It > stays put in one single place, always. And it only eats what comes across > its path. It does not spend its entire life traveling all about in search > of food. > So in the realm of sannyasihood, our AM monks are to adopt a similar > approach while living on this earth. They are not to indulge in an ongoing > quest for more and more wealth and money etc. Rather our AM sannyasis are > to adjust with whatever they get for their existential needs and dedicate > themselves to infusing energy within others and serve all through our AM > social service projects etc. They should not waste their energy and time > thinking about their own self and self alone etc. According to Baba, this > is the real dharma of an AM sannyasi. > So we should all accept His teachings with a cool mind and think twice when > we see our wts frivolously running headlong after money. Because, by that > way, they have lost their dharma-- according to Baba's teaching in Senior > Acarya Diary about madhukarii vrtti and ajagarii vrtii.
> > Those AM workers sincerely following madhukarii vrtti and ajagarii vrtti > neither chase after money, nor property, nor clothing, nor computers, nor > stereo systems-- nothing, only Parama Purusa. So a true wt will take proper > ideation and just have the bare minimum that is needed to survive & execute > their work of serving others. Side by side, one is not to harbour the > desire of getting more. > According to Baba, this is not only the ideal way, but the only way for a > true AM sannyasi to live. Anyone going against this system is a fake > sannyasi. That is Baba's pointed stance & strict warning. > So that means our wts are not to stockpile funds in their bank accounts, > nor are they to keep unaccounted money (i.e. black money), nor are they to > wear fancy Rolex watches, or keep anything that is above and beyond what is > needed for their basic subsistence. > Here we should not forget this is Baba's teaching from Senior Acarya Diary > and this is not some dogmatic belief from pre-historic Hinduism nor the > fantasy of some crooked jinani, nor some impractical expectation by some > day-dreamer which is too lofty to be attained. > Rather the highly practical and ideal teachings of madhukarii vrtti and > ajagarii vrtti come from our Guru, the Taraka Brahma Lord Shrii Shrii > Ananamurtiji who has graciously given this in Senior Acarya Diary. > And indeed those wts adhering to this dharmic code of ajagarii vrtti are > truly great. They are the real seers, sadvipras, and well-wishers of > humanity. Their minds are crystal-clear and pointed towards Baba's > teachings, and not drifting towards worldly allurements etc. Note: These two below letters are related with this important and critical topic.

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