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Booming Business of Nirmoha'nanda

Subject: Booming Business of Nirmoha'nanda
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 22:10:36 -0800 (PST)



At the time many things were going wrong in my life. I felt unsure about my life and how things would unfold in the future.

When Dada Nirmoha'nandji came to town with his malas & charms - rudraksha beads (rosary beads), sphatik (white stone), and other items - then I became quite interested. After all Dadaji was telling that these malas prevent all kinds of mundane problems - everything from memory loss to money issues, and so many other diseases and worldly problems.

Dada further told that Baba Himself spoke about the power of such charms and that the malas (beads) he was selling were specially blessed.

I thought how could this be. To get confirmation I spoke with some other senior margiis and wts . Following is what I learned about AM's stand on curing oneself and resolving worldly problems with such rituals and malas, stones etc


First and foremost, Baba does not give an ounce of value to things like fate, astrology and palmistry. In AM we do not give credence to such approaches. As sadhakas of the Marga, we are to surrender to Him and Him alone. Baba does not want us to be intrigued, nor enticed, nor entrapped by any type of fortune-telling technique promising this or that about our fate.

Baba says, "Simply surrendering to fate would be sheer foolishness." (AMIWL-11)

Thus no one should think that any type of mala, astrological reading, fortune-telling or palmistry can improve or affect their plight. Such things have no value for sadhakas.

Furthermore Baba guides us in a very rational and logical manner that whatever samsakra we create right or wrong one has to face those consequences. no worldly process can changer or alter this to escape from samskaras  / sinful deeds etc.

Baba says, "So-called astrologers say that because you were born when the moon and such-and-such star or planet were within the jurisdiction of such-and-such zodiac [sign,] you took birth in this way. No. Because you committed this type of action, you were born within such-and-such structure or such-and-such zodiac [sign]. It is because of [your] actions that you were born on the earth and should suffer like this; not because of the [influences of] the stars. Do you follow? These actions brought you within the structural limits of such-and-such zodiac [sign] and such-and-such planets. So the stars do not [control] you." (SS-24)

In His above guideline, Baba firmly directs us that we are not to think that we are puppets of fate. Rather, our own actions govern our present and future condition, not the position of the stars.

For this reason, Baba tells us not to put any stock in the "dates and stars" or any other type of fortune-telling technique.

Baba says, "You shall not take into account the dates and stars while setting out on a journey. You may, as necessary, set out for your destination after ascribing Brahma-hood to your journey through guru mantra. If you are to consult the dates and stars at every step, you are to carry an almanac with you all the time – something which is truly contrary to nature." (Caryacarya, part 1)

As Ananda Margiis we are only to surrender unto Him; we are to pay no mind to any type of astrological chart or fortune-telling. Baba alone is our Pole-Star.

Baba says, "He is your nearest and dearest one. You may depend on Him completely, and your dependence on Him is called sharańágati. This sharańágati is the only reply to all spiritual questions." (SS-11, Who Is the Liberating Entity of Human Society)

So there is no scope in our Marga for falling prey to fate. No one  should subscribe to such things and certainly no Wt of the Marga should become a living, breathing advocate of the fortune-telling crafts like astrology and "mala-dealing".


Unfortunately some Dadas like Nirmoha'nandji are moving around selling "special malas" that "cure your ills" and "improve your fate". That is what they are saying.

For instance they proclaim that rudraksha beads (rosary) will save you from memory loss and prevent the onset of heinous diseases and syndromes like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia, heart disease, high blood pressure, and "you name it". It does it all. Likewise, sphatik (white stone) will alleviate the vast array of skin diseases and other ailments. 

This is the sort of "pitch" that Nirmoha'nanda and a few others are employing. And many get lulled in and purchase these "holy" charms and beads. But we should all think carefully and consider these following points.

After all, India is a fertile land for these types of deceptive activities. There are so many cheats moving around doing this same type of business. And the common people get roped in and believe these dogmatic rituals also.

Nor should anyone think though that this is a problem related only with India. This is a pervasive dogma across every country, state and town. So many suffer from these superstitions, dogmas, and fortune-telling dealings.

And our Ananda Marga was created to dissolve and root out these rituals but unfortunately some are turning our Marga into a breeding ground of these very dogmas.


1. Their "sales pitch" is no different from what dogmatic Indian sadhus tell to dupe gullible Hindus  seeking redemption etc. That is to say, a few of our very own Dadas put forth the same dogmatic message as given by those hashish-smoking sadhus who try to squeeze money from naive believers.

2. Baba Himself says that no one should indulge in such types of negative professions which turn a profit by harming the public. For instance, one should not earn a living by selling alcohol or drugs, cheating others, lending money, and various other dealings which Baba has outlined like religious trading. Yet that is what a few of our Dadas are doing. They have become religious traders by selling dogmatic malas (religious merchandise) under guise that such malas will protect people from harm and cure their mundane maladies.

3. Such Dadas are committing a double-wrong. Firstly, they are preaching Hindu dogma in the form of fortune-telling and fate. Secondly, they are associating those tricks with Ananda Marga. Thus, good people will get the wrong impression about AM. Rational-minded people will think we are no different from the ritualistic religions.

4. On multiple occasions, Baba Himself personally warned Dada Nirmoha'nanda not to indulge in palmistry and other such dogmatic, fortune-telling enterprises. But time and again Dadaji returned to his poor and faulty habit. He is enamoured by it - it seems. Otherwise why would Dadaji blatantly disobey Guru's directive and plunge himself into such activities.

5. Our Dadas should not resort to Hindu dogmas in order to solve their own personal, financial worries. Nirmoha'nanda often purchases these malas from an Indonesian supplier at a very low price and then Dada "blesses" or "charges" these malas and sells them at a high price to naive villagers and worshipers. Not only that at DMS, he sells such malas to margiis at exorbitant prices. All so that he can turn a hefty profit.

6. When anyone puts faith on malas, fortune-telling or palmistry, then Parama Purusa becomes secondary. That brings spiritual degeneration. People think that these malas are the main powerful force in this universe, not Parama Purusa. This mentality breeds anti-spiritual feeling as it goes directly contrary to prapatti vada, surrender theory or relying exclusively on Parama Purusa.

7. It is our duty to come forward and save Nirmoha'nandji and any other such Dada like the one recently posted in Kathmandu from destroying themselves. We should not sit idle as they systematically degrade themselves by continuing to cheat the public and margiis by selling such malas and preaching the dogma of fate.

8. In a story recently posted on this network, Baba tells us that no Ananda Margii should  resort to or put trust into palmistry and fortune telling. The link to that letter is referenced in note 2.

All these points stand as sufficient reason for why no one in AM should give any weight to fortune-telling, as well as why we must not allow our Dadas to become religious traders by dealing rudraksha beads (rosary beads), sphatik (white stone), nor various other types of stones and malas. Nor should any Dada of the Marga make horoscopes, astrological readings, palmistry predictions etc. But some like Nirmoha'nanda are involved in this way, In place of doing dharma pracar, for his business dealings Dadaji makes janma kundalii (horoscopes at the time of birth) and charges for palm readings.


In His discourse titled, "Subhashya Shiigram" (MGD 18 June 1979, Kolkata, published in Ananda Vacanamrtam, part 13), Baba critically warns us about fortune-telling and related dealings.

Baba outrightly states that following the stars and the almanac is totally dogmatic - one should not plan their life in this way. Indeed those paying heed to the the almanac are foolish. One is not to be guided by such prophesies etc. Just take Guru mantra and start the work. There is no need to consult any of the fortune-telling gimmicks. That is Baba's stated guideline from that discourse.


By Baba's grace with a clear and pointed mind we should all abide by His tenets and never get caught up in any fortune-telling episodes. We should rely on Him alone and convince all margiis to do the same. Then they will not become victims of any type of religious trader. Finally, may we all work to cure Nirmoha'nanda & others of this gross problem.

Baba says, "Fate. There are many people who are fatalists. They are worshippers of fate. A fatalist means a worshipper of fate – a worshipper of fortune or fate. They are worse than nature-worshippers. What is fate? There is nothing such as fate in this universe. So far as the philosophy is concerned there cannot be anything called fate. What is fate? Everyone has to undergo the reaction of his or her past actions, the reaction of the original action. Suppose your finger comes in contact with fire; you will feel pain, you will have to suffer but, at that moment one will say that because your finger came in contact with fire, that’s why you are suffering. But when the reaction takes place after a long gap, and when the original action is not known or has been forgotten, or when the original action took place in another past life, and you do not know what was the original action – in that case you say, it is fate, it is fate. But actually there is no fate. What you call fate is actually the reaction of our past actions. In saḿskrta, it is called saḿskára, in Latin “reactive momenta”. So the third thing is, fate cannot be the object of ideation – fate is simply the reaction of the original action. So when there is no original action, there cannot be any reaction. The reaction is a creation of your own action. When the reaction is a creation of your own action, you are the creator of the action. So, how can the reaction be your object of ideation? No, a person must not be a fatalist, a fate-worshipper, a person must be bold and bravely face all troubles, all consequences. No one should be a fatalist. So fate cannot be the object of meditation. Fight against fate." (SS-12, Microcosm and Its Object of Ideation)



Not long back there was an article written in the Bhakta Samaj magazine (of which Dada Santoshananda is the senior editor) that stated that Baba was powerful and dynamic because He was born under a certain configuration of stars. The point being that certain stars were controlling His fate etc. This is the dogmatic approach that was published in the Bhakta Samaj magazine. We should all be keen to ensure no further "mess-ups" occur. Otherwise people will think our Marga is just like those dogmatic religions. So we should be perfectly aware about this so we can remedy the situation and prevent further mistakes in the future.


Here is the link to the recently posted Baba story on palmistry. This gives further proof that no one in AM should give any value to palmistry and other fortune-telling activities.
"A'lo tumi tule dharo saba'ri sa'mane..." (2135)


Baba, You grace everyone. With Your love, You show the path of  effulgence to all. By virtue of one's little intellect and superficial  knowledge, You cannot be realized. When I feel that I have understood You, then and there I realize that I am in the dark. Because of this ignorance, I feel that I am all alone. But when I surrender everything  to You, then only I feel that You are residing in my mind.

Baba, when I call You in my days of suffering, when I am burning with the fire of mental tension, dilemma and confusion, and various types of physical, psychic, and spiritual afflictions, when with a crying heart I desperately call You, then I feel that You are secretly residing in my mind-- in the core of my heart.

Baba, nobody can know You or realise You by using their crude worldly attributions. By Your grace You shower all with the light of sadhana, and by that way I am able to come close to You. It is Your grace, it is Your grace...

Importance of Padma'sana

Parama Purus'a BABA says, "Padma'sana [lotus posture] is just like a lotus in full bloom. Just as the roots and stem of the lotus remain under the water and only the leaves and flowers float about it-- and although it is born in the mind it sustains its love for the stars-- in the same way people sitting in this lotus posture and remaining in the world, can keep their minds above their mundane environment. That is why on the path of
sa'dhana' this posture has tremendous importance." (NSS, '85, p. 241)                   ********************************************

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