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Mystery Unfolds About Acoustic Roots

Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 22:54:24 -0000
From: "Laksman Deva"
Subject: Mystery Unfolds About Acoustic Roots


"Maner kon'e rayecho gopane, brhater ceye tumi brhat..."  (PS 617)


  Baba, You are infinite; You are vaster than vast. Even then, with Your divine play, You are secretly hiding Yourself in the corner of my mind. Baba, You are not only saturated with love, You are the embodiment of love. And in Your divine love, You have saturated this entire universe. Your liila is incomparable. 

 Baba, You have removed all the staticity and drowsiness. O' Transcendental Entity, O' Parama Purusa You have come within the scope of non-transcendentality. You have graced me and come in my dhyana. You have taken Your seat on my mental lotus - Your glory is unfathomable. Baba, You are bliss personified; You are mine. Baba, You have graced me & You have appeared in my mind very intimately - in an extremely personal way...



Baba says, "What is a biija mantra (acoustic root)? Every action and every existence are characterised by certain particular sounds. While you sit in one place, you exist, and because of your existence various waves get buffeted and altered. Light waves, for example, are either reflected or refracted, after which they go back into the air. The existential acoustic root is a prerequisite for all the functions of existence. Through existence, through action, you are always engaged in some type of work."   

"Every action has a sound of its own which may or may not be audible to the human ear. Suppose someone is walking on tiptoe: the sound produced is so soft that it is inaudible; but some sound is produced nevertheless. Some people make a lot of noise when they walk. Some people smile silently, whereas other people laugh loudly. In Sam'skrta, smiling silently is called 'smita', and laughing loudly is called 'ha'sya'. Though it seems that smiling is a silent action, it does produce a sound. While smiling, one's mouth and lips move slightly, causing a little stir in the air which creates a very faint sound."   

"Ether is the subtlest factor in this quinquelemental world. It, too, having existence, produces a certain sound. Mental thoughts create a vibration in your mind (a sound) which in turn vibrates the nerve cells and nerve fibres."

"That minute sound of every action is called 'acoustic root' in English and 'biija mantra' in Sam'skrta." (Jan 11, '79)

Baba's above guideline is most unique and relevant for each and every sadhaka. We should strive to realise the very essence of what Baba is saying. For that, sincerity in sadhana is a must.


Really God's Favorite

Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 22:51:12 -0400
From: dharma@eco-net...
Subject:  Really God's Favorite


"Ogo prabhu tava la'gi ga'ntha' ma'la' shuka'ye ja'y..." (P.S. 1935)


Baba, Oh my Prabhu, the garland which I prepared for You is gradually becoming dry and wilted. Day by day, my longing for You is increasing. All that waiting, such a long time, has gone in vain. Neither did You come; nor did You accept my garland. O my Dearmost, I love You so much, please grace me by coming.

These days even the red sun is unpleasant for me - it was very blissful for me in earlier times. But now it's brilliance is no longer shining to my liking. Passing the time in Your longing, my heart is restless. Everything is unpleasant for me these days. Even the gentle sweet breeze is no longer comfortable. Due to my mind's restless state, whatever mental darkness was there, became more deep and dense. Indeed in my mind, the blackness which was there got more increased. Day
and night is passing this way, in Your longing.

 Baba, there is no problem if I cannot get hold of You. And also there is no problem if You don't look towards me with Your sweet, loving smile. One thing You can do though--thinking that I am very low, You please grace me. And by Your ahetuki krpa, come close to me.  Baba, in Your absence, my everything lost the charm and became dry. Time is passing like this. Please grace me and give me Your darshan...



Baba says, "There are many philosophies which tend to crudify the human mind, and make people violent and inconsiderate. They make people believe that they are God's favourite children, whereas the rest of humanity are
cursed. Although these views have philosophical sanction, they do not have the sanction of the a'tman (soul)...Intellectually such people are certainly slaves, and in the material world also they are slaves." (Prout Nutshell - 18, p.15)

This psychic disease is present in fundamentalist Jews, fundamentalist Christians, and fundamentalist Muslims etc. All these religions preach this doctrine and are guilty of this point; but especially the fundamentalist Jews & Muslims. They feel very negatively towards those who do not belong to their religion and subscribe to their dogmatic beliefs. Muslims brand others as Quafir (demons) and Jews label non-Jews in their own derogatory language. Thus according to Baba's the status of those fundamentalist Jews & Muslims are like slaves - intellectually and physically. For more about this read Baba's discourse, 'The Continuous Effort to Promote Universal Well-Being-- Part 1'.

Sloppy Book: Misinformation of Tantra Piit'ha

Subject: Sloppy Book: Misinformation of Tantra Piit'ha
Date: Tue 29 May 2012 22:29:36 +0500 (IST)
From: Raghuviira Deva



Note: This below letter is in response to the way the term tantra piit'ha is explained in one book about Baba and Ananda Marga. It should also be kept in mind that the proper spelling is tantra piit'ha; although in the book it is misspelled as pitha. The reason I am not disclosing the name of the book or the name of the author now is so those few with a bias can also understand the subject clearly with a clean and balanced mind.  

In Ananda Marga, we all know that a tantra piit'ha is a place where great rishis and sadhakas sat for sadhana and achieved liberation, by the grace of Parama Purusa, Baba.

We also know that everything in AM is based on logic, reasoning, and rationality; we do not subscribe to those age-old religious dogmas of the past.

Naturally then, our definition of a tantra piit'ha is based on Baba’s clear-cut guideline. In Ananda Marga, tantra piit'has are those places where great sadhakas and sages sat for sadhana and attained realisation. Our viewpoint steers totally clear from the prevailing Hindu or religious dogma.


Unfortunately, in one person’s book about Baba, in the Notes section on page 381, the writer puts forth a dogmatic explanation of a tantra piit'ha.

The writer makes the claim that a tantra piit'ha is a place that has:
(a) 5 types of different trees (bel, silk cotton, banyan, neem and Indian Gooseberry); and,
(b) 5 types of skulls buried beneath each of these trees (tiger skull, male cat skull, monkey skull, king cobra skull, and human skull).

Unfortunately, in making such claims, this writer has fallen right into the pool of religious dogma while putting forth AM teachings. Yes, this is how avidya tantrikas - followers of black magic - make tantra piit'has; but, no, in Ananda Marga, as vidya tantrikas, this is not our way. We do not subscribe to such rituals and dogmas.


Here it should be understood that this entire matter could have been ignored if:
1. The writer had mentioned that this way of making a tantra piit'ha was a religious dogma, or done only by avidya tantrikas;
2. the writer was a non-margii, or not writing a book about Ananda Marga.

It was important to raise this matter because the writer is putting forth this faulty notion of a tantra piit'ha in the name of Baba and in the name of Ananda Marga. Readers picking up this book think they are getting authentic information based on Baba's teachings, but nothing could be further from the truth. The writer is actually describing the exact opposite: An avidya tantra (I.e. black magic) tantra piit'ha.


By reading these above stipulations about the 5 trees and the 5 skulls, any rational Ananda Margii will easily recognise that the writer unfortunately swayed from the path and drifted into the arena of negative religious dogma.

Why? Because according to Baba, a tantra piit'ha is a place where high sadhakas attained liberation. Yet here the writer is defining a tantra piit'ha in a very ritualistic manner as if one can make a tantra piit'ha by planting trees and burying skulls.

So from start to finish the whole explanation is wrong in this book. Certainly, the author wanted to do a better job; but unfortunately he lacked the requisite understanding and skills. How else to account for the way it turned out.

Here following is a more detailed look at the faults.


The aforementioned dogmatic propositions by the writer invite all kinds of problems, misunderstandings, and confusions:

Firstly, his explanation gives the impression that if anyone wants to create a tantra piit'ha then all that is needed is to plant 5 trees and bury 5 skulls. As if that is “how to” make a tantra piit'ha. So this is totally dogmatic. That is not how to create an Ananda Marga tantra piit'ha. Dogmatic religious fanatics, or avdiya tantrikas, might define a tantra piit'ha in this way, but in Ananda Marga we know that a tantra piit'ha is first and foremost based on high sadhana, not dogmatic rituals.

Secondly, if any business person reads this 'how to' instruction, they will start killing animals, burying those skulls, and planting those trees in order to make tantra piit'has. Then they will try to sell it at an exorbitant price. Over time they will try to make big money from this. Such tantra piit'has will become commercial, i.e. big-ticket items. It will become yet another capitalist venture. While those entrepreneurs count their profits from selling dogma, innocent people will be misled into thinking that by having a tantra piit'has they will get moksa. So instead of filling their heart with devotion and pointing their mind toward God, the common people will be competing for the most expensive style of dogmatic tantra piit'has.

Thirdly, in his book, the writer describes a tantra piit'ha as being one particular model, i.e. 5 trees and 5 skulls etc. But according to AM, a tantra piit'ha is any place where one or more sadhaka(s) sat for sadhana and attained realisation. So a tantra piit'ha could be your own sadhana room, or one's own jagrti. Because at the time of leaving the body, every Ananda Margii is going to get mukti or pure moksa, i.e. realise Parama Purusa and merge in Him.

Finally, this book is written in such a way as if every person should make their own tantra piit'ha by planting these types of trees and burying these types of skulls. The writer encourages the reader, as if by this way people will get a quick-fix solution for attaining moksa / mukti.


Here everyone should understand that the entire publication contains countless errors on so many levels: In the preface; in part one, part two, part three; in the epilogue; in the glossary; and in the notes. The book is filled with factual mistakes and philosophical errors.

One should not read this book with the hope of learning AM philosophy or gaining a greater understanding of Ananda Marga. Rather the opposite will occur.

If one were to trust the explanation of a tantra piit'ha from this text, then it opens up the doorway to dogmatic tiirthas and other ritualistic worship. It does not lead the reader along the path of pure spirituality and Ananda Marga ideology. Rather one will get a very skewed and faulty understanding of Baba’s teachings.

And those unfamiliar with Baba & His divine teachings will think He is a proponent of religious dogma. That is another off-shoot of this book.


We should all put forth the call that this book, "[Shrii Shrii] Anandamurti: The Jamalpur Years", be removed from the shelves immediately. It needs serious review and correction by dedicated sadhakas. Unfortunately, the author, Devashish (Donald Acosta), could not do the job properly due to his own limitations. It happens sometimes.

Raghuviira Deva


I wrote this letter because a friend of mine, Ramesh, asked me how to get the skulls of those animals to make a tantra piitha. He was telling me that sadhana is difficult and he wanted some shortcut method to reach up to moksa. In his backyard he wanted to make this type of tantra piit'ha. He said he can easily import those trees but did not know where to get the skulls. And he learned all about this from Devashish's book. Seeing the misunderstanding of my dear friend, I raise this matter for everyone's awareness.


In His discourses, Baba does in fact talk about the 5 aforementioned trees. But Baba does not say that they are for creating tantra piit'has. That is not at all the use of such trees. Only Baba tells how they help purify the air; they do NOT help in attaining mukti or moksa quickly.

Indeed, in the below cited discourse, Baba is giving an historical account of how the rishis of those olden days used to purify their local environment. Baba is not saying that all Ananda Margiis should follow this same approach. In this more modern era, margiis can use an electric air purifier; then there is no need to plant such trees. That said, if one lives in a tropical area, if they wish they can plant these trees to purify the air. But again, however beneficial they are, these trees are not tantra piit'has.

Baba says, "The air of the margosa tree destroys the harmful effects of bacteria. It can also fight against negative microvita. This is the reason why margosa is also recognized as one of the five sacred trees (paiṋcavati). In olden days, people liked to perform spiritual practices sitting in an environment free from the pernicious effects of disease and germs. That is why they would plant paiṋcavati – nimbá (margosa), bilva (wood apple), shalmali (silk cotton tree), bat (banyan indica) and ashvatha (Indian fig tree) – in and around the place of meditation or spiritual practice. Some people of course use ámlakii (wood sorrel) as a substitute plant. In paiṋcavati, mahánimba may be planted instead of ordinary margosa." (Microvita in a Nutshell, Some Examples of Microvita in Daily Life – Excerpt B)

Finally, avidya tantrikas (black magicians) took the idea of these 5 trees and then brought in their own point of using the skulls of 5 animals and by this way they made their fake tantra piit'has. So their approach is 100% dogma. Such trees have nothing to do with attaining spiritual realisation; they simply purify the air - just like any store-bought air purifier.

Some may think that by fighting against negative microvita then these tress will deliver one to the doorstep of moksa. But it is not like that. One also fights negative microvita by cleaning their toilet, and that does not bring salvation. So no one should think that such trees contain great spiritual power etc. That would just be a misunderstanding.

In conclusion, Baba guides us very clearly that these trees and these skulls have nothing to do with making tantra piit'has. Rather, a tantra piit'ha is a place where blessed sadhakas attained divine realisation. That is our one and only way of defining a tantra piit'ha in Ananda Marga.


Some may be under the impression that everything written in brother Devashish's book, "[Shrii Shrii] Anandamurti: The Jamalpur Years" is a bona fide and confirmed source of knowledge on AM ideology. By gaining a better understanding of how Devashish wrote the book, then it will become clear why most of the book strays far from the path of AM.

Firstly, the point about the tantra pitha is discussed on page 381, which is in the "Notes" section, i.e. pages 377-408. In the beginning of this section Devashish writes: "Unless otherwise indicated, the sources for the material in each chapter belong to the Ananda Marga Archives in Kolkata, India, with a branch office in Warren, Vermont."

As there is no specific reference regarding the points about the tantra pitha, then we are simply left with the very hazy and vague notion that somewhere in the Ananda Marga archive this has been discussed. But that is not at all the way to write a book and cite "knowledge".

It would be similar if someone wrote a book and stated that all the information in their book was taken from the US Library of Congress. No respectable or credible author or publisher would ever make such a claim. That type of book would be cleared from the shelf of every upstanding bookstore and library. The US Library of Congress contains 32 million cataloged books and other print materials in 470 languages and more than 61 million manuscripts etc. One cannot just make a generalized, blanket statement that the information in their book can be found in the Library of Congress. Rather they must cite the exact source: Title, author, page # etc.

Likewise, when writing a book about Baba and Ananda Marga, one cannot merely state the the information comes from the Ananda Marga archive. They must cite the source: name, book, tape #, date, place, year, discourse name, etc. None of this was given with respect to Devashish's lengthy and faulty explanation of a tantra piit'ha. Just we are to understand that this came from the archive. This is the faulty idea he is imposing on the reader. No credible writer ever does this type of sloppy job.

Here is more about how Devashish created his book.

Devashish's entire book is based primarily on "recorded interviews". In the archive there are interviews or reminiscences of upwards of 10,000 margiis - most of which were recorded in Hindi and Bangla. So brother Devashish could not understand these interviews as he does not know Hindi and the Bengali was often in the local vernacular with lots of background noise. Because he himself did not have the ability to listen to the recordings, a third-party team hastily transcribed some or more of these interviews using short-hand and notations. In turn, they gave these notes and half-baked transcriptions to Devashish and from this faulty base he haphazardly wrote his book. None of his book is based on any original or authentic source or first-hand depiction thereof. Rather this information was handed down in a loose and sloppy fashion. That is why this book is filled with countless errors on each and every page. Literally, every page of the book is littered with some kind of dogma or mistake.

That explains why Devashish presents a half-drunken depiction of a tantra piit'ha in the notes section of his book. He blatantly confuses avidya tantra (black magic) with vidya tantra (dharma) and leads the reader far from the truth in his misrepresentation of Baba and AM ideals.

That is the tragedy and inherent flaw of this book. Really it needs to be set aside and redone properly.

Some emotional margiis may not like hearing all this but history will prove that his book is very sloppy. I am writing this so a new, enthusiastic writer should come forward and do a better job.


Here is yet another flaw from the same section of the book.

The writer, Devashish, makes the claim that that, "The Nath tradition is Tantric in origin." (p. 381)

Baba guides us however that the Nath cult is Buddhist in origin.

Baba says, "A new religious movement called the Na'tha Cult emerged during the transition from the Buddhist era to the Puranic era." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 11, "The Psychology Behind the Origin of Tantric Gods and Goddesses")

Clearly then the Nath tradition stems from Buddhism, not tantra. Another clear demonstration of this is the the Nath cult engages in ear piercing just as the Buddhists do. Later on, Baba tells us that the Nath cult blends into Shaevism.

But again the flaw stands that Devashish proclaimed that the Nath cult was originally from tantra, when in fact Baba has given the mandate that it stemmed from Buddhism.


"Toma'ke buddhibale bolo ke va' pa're, Buddhi toma'r krpa'y sabe labe..." (P.S. 1028)


Baba, no one can get You by the strength of their intellect. In the past, I wasted so much time depending on my little brain. I was foolishly thinking that with my intellect I will get everything. Though I tried hard, I failed desperately. At every step, I came to understand my ignorance and stupidity. That You cannot be found within the periphery of intellect.    

Baba, in the past I adopted the path of hypocrisy and tried to hide my weakness through my tall talks. In that way, I plowed the way for my degeneration.    

Baba, by Your grace, today samvit (spiritual awakening) has come. This much You graciously made me understand - that without Your causeless grace nothing can happen. And with Your causeless grace, even the impossible becomes possible.    

Baba, I am humbly surrendering my everything at Your lotus feet...

Refined Form of Hypocrisy

From: "Marc Pele"
Subject: Refined Form of Hypocrisy
Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 19:57:32 +0000



For Ananda Margiis, spiritual progress is the aim of life. That is the main thing: To reach the Goal - Parama Purusa.

In spirituality, simplicity is the key quality. In Ananda Vanii #54, Baba guides us to keep all our dealings in life straight like sastaunga pranam. There must not be an ounce of duplicity or hypocrisy.

Yet in today's materialistic era, hypocrisy has become an essential aspect of daily life.

Here are some examples of how hypocrisy works in day to day life in this present era. We should be aware and keep our distance from this dark element of materialism.  



Nowadays - in the last 5- 6 decades - when advertising etc has increased multi-fold and people in the west began
suffering more on the mental plane, it has become the custom "to smile for the camera" in order to show others that they are really happy, regardless of how they feel internally. This is all one superficial display - sheer hypocrisy. Yet this became the norm.

Not just in front of the camera, but in standard conversations this started happening as well. People feel the need to smile in order to show their happiness, when in fact they are really feeling empty inside. This is the sad state of affairs.



Here is another example to note.

Those doing business want to promote & masquerade themselves as the well-wishers of society. Toward that end they say they are "serving the community", when in fact their each and every action is aimed toward satisfying their private business interests - i.e. personal profit. So this is another form of unbridled hypocrisy these days.

Likewise, when you go to the 'customer service desk' of any large or small business, then the attendants there always put on a big smile and "promise" to help you. But their smile and their help is limited up to the extent that they feel it is profitable for their business - nothing more than that.


Straightaway, it can be said that hypocrites started this negative trend. It began when individuals, who want to present themselves as something that they are not, adopted this way of dealing. They were the first ones.

As we know, when any trend gets started then simple, innocent members of the general public get pulled in that same direction. The general people are not malicious or mal-intended; just they become habituated to that tradition or dogma.

So many dogmas get introduced in this way. One person started the matter and then it becomes common.

Regarding the dogma of smiling into the camera, we cannot say that all Europeans / westerners are like that, but most got carried into that flow. Even then, it is not limited up to the Americas and Europe or the USA. As western pseudo-culture spreads more and more, this dogma of smiling in front of the camera is also spreading to various parts of the globe. And not just this trend, but numerous others like it. So alertness and smartness is needed.


Baba Himself deals very strongly with those following the path of hypocrisy. Everyone surely remembers how during dharma samiiksa hypocrites were pointed out strongly and cured by Baba. In contrast, simple people who committed innocent errors were not dealt with in that way - rather, quite mildly in comparison to those hypocrites.

To ensure that hypocrisy did not take root or thrive in our Marga, from 1955-90, the first thing Baba did in any reporting session was to expose any and all hypocrisy. Those who did wrongs but were not hypocrites were often pardoned mentally, while those who were hypocrites were dealt with more fiercely. This was Baba's normal mode of doing. This set the tone that no one should resort to hypocrisy in any form as it erodes the entire human personality.


The tricky part is that hypocrisy spreads like wildfire. To invent it is one thing - but once invented then invariably others start doing it, consciously or unconsciously. That is why we should all be alert because these habits and trends can easily get latched onto one's personae. And that destroys the whole personality.

So although this "smile at the camera" epidemic is primarily a disease of our west, this hypocritical approach can and is leap-frogging all around this globe. So everyone should be aware as this is spreading all over. And this is but one of many aspects of pseudo-culture that is getting exported to all corners of this earth.


When people become introduced to new fads, right or wrong, quickly they become habituated. They like that new fad. This happens in each and every era. In particular, in this era, people have become habituated with hypocrisy. This has become the norm, unfortunately.

In contrast, a few hundred years ago in the US, it was different. In that era, the slavery was well accepted. People became habituated with slavery. This was a terrible crime against humanity, yet even good people accepted it as a normal part of everyday life.

Also in that era, only males could get top jobs and earn money and only males could vote. Even though that was unjust and wrong, the general society was comfortable with those standards.

Now people think quite differently.


In this present era, people think hypocrisy is a part of life. Hearing this assertion about hypocrisy, some may feel reacted and contend: "What is the need to raise this point - hypocrisy is OK."

The main concern is that if we embrace hypocrisy then our spiritual life will be hampered. Simplicity will disappear; yet that quality of simplicity is needed in order to lead a  proper spiritual life. In its place, hypocrisy will rear its head; but hypocrisy is poison. If hypocrisy makes its nest, our spiritual life will suffer. That is Baba's teaching.


Hypocrisy and true spirituality cannot co-habitat. Where there is one, the other cannot remain. Hypocrisy means being self-engrossed and only thinking about one's own little existence. This is the well-known fact: Hypocrisy itself entails presenting oneself in a false manner in order to get some "self-glory". In that case God is distant; because then one's own unit mind is only absorbed in one's own selfish thoughts - not Parama Purusa.


Here are more of Baba's teachings & warnings about hypocrisy.

Baba says, "Some people wear a mask of culture [of civility] in public, but in private pursue personal or class interests. This hypocrisy has no place in the human society." (A Few Problems Solved - 6, 'Spirit of Society')

Baba says, "Hypocrisy in the human mind is also increased as a result of the influence of negative microvita." (Microvita in a Nutshell)

Baba says, "Such people attempt to cover their harmful or defective sentiments under a veil of hypocrisy. This concealing mentality is one aspect of hypocrisy." (Neo-Humanism: Liberation of Intellect, 'Awakened Conscience')

So indulging in hypocrisy is not at all good - rather harmful and negative.


By Baba's grace, our Ananda Marga society will again get going on the right path - free from all defects and contradictions etc. We will not get caught in the widening net of hypocrisy - like senselessly smiling into the camera - that is spreading around the world.

Baba says, "...This Goal provides inspiration, supplies the means for forward movement and makes the little lamps infinitely will make the earth ever full of sweetness..." (Ananda Vanii #67)

Mahendra Deva


Now in this age of blatant capitalism, superficiality and kapat'ata' [hypocrisy] is a normal aspect of daily living. Indeed such
expression is rampant in society. Here following Baba Himself comments how the problem has become epidemic & an everyday affair in this crude modern era.

Baba says, "Apologizing with 'Oh, sorry!', after knowingly or unknowingly bumping into a person, without inquiring to what extent the person is hurt, is considered enough refinement, and this is the Law of so-called Good Manners. But this does not reflect a really sincere expression of heart." (Human Society-1, '87, p. 37)

The point being that with the onset of uncontrolled capitalism, it is commonplace for people to hypocritically say something that they do not really mean. And that gets accepted also. Unfortunately this is the way things have "developed".

Here the situation is not that the entire society is at fault. But step by step a few have sown the seeds of hypocrisy and goaded millions into adopting it. Gradually over time innocent, naive, and well-intentioned people have gotten caught in this web.

By looking around we can easily see that this "oh sorry" expression is not the only case; so many such common phrases exist such as: "excuse me", "pardon me", etc and even non-verbal trends like "smiling for the camera". All these are regularly used in materialistic society.


Baba says, "Generally we see that the human thinking capacity becomes somewhat dull in the wake of a major catastrophe. This accounts for the present psychic state of the human race which, as a result of two major wars which took place within a short period of time, is suffering from various miseries and tribulations. Humanity is at present unable to think, read or comprehend anything serious. Even artists and sáhityikas who are capable of thinking or discussing serious matters do not feel any urge to do so, thinking that if they do, they will not get any encouragement or patronage from the public." (Prout in a Nutshell - 10, Art and Literature)

These days most people cannot think deeply on any given subject. Due to a lack of critical thinking skills, when a fad comes into existence then mindlessly people start following that fad. That is what happened with hypocrisy and other superficial displays in day to day modern life, including smiling in the camera. If you talk with anyone about this they may become irritated and think this is fine. That shows their shallow way of thinking. Because in reality mindlessly smiling into the camera is not fine; no form of hypocrisy should be tolerated.

So some people, who are habituated to smiling superficially, may get overwhelmed by hearing that we should not follow this type of hypocrisy. About this we should be clear. I do not say if anyone is attending a jovial function and they are smiling and someone takes a picture then that is bad. That is not the point. Smiling in and of itself is not the problem. Rather senselessly smiling into the camera is not good as that is a superficial display and undermines one's real happiness.

This brings up a related matter: In certain geographical areas, people hug and kiss when they see each other. That is fine if they have true affection for one another - such as how a mother kisses her baby; but doing this hypocritically - just for show - is repulsive.

Due to a lack of critical thinking, the general population gets latched on to these types of dogmas. We should be careful.


Here Baba explains how weakness & imbalance in the ana'hata cakra is the cause of hypocrisy.

Baba says, "The ana'hata cakra, situated in the centre of the chest, which controls twelve propensities: [including] kapat'ata' [hypocrisy]." (Yoga Psychology)


Baba says, "Do not forgive [a hypocrite] till his / her nature is reformed." (Caryacarya-2, Society, Pt #6)


"Bha'loba'si toma'y a'mi, keno ta' ja'ni na'..."    P.S. 2329


Baba, O' Supreme One, I love You; but, I do not know why I love You. You go on pulling my heart - but what is the mystery behind this, how and why You are attracting me, that I cannot say. Baba, all I know is that You are the divine effulgence of my dark heart. By Your grace, I will never allow that effulgence to get extinguished. Baba, I will always keep Your love in my heart. By Your grace, I will always hold Your divine image in my mind.

Baba, O' Divine Entity, all the love I have in the deep core of my heart, and all the hopes and longings I have in my mind, all these desires and aspirations of mine are revolving around You. By Your grace, they get expressed through Your songs, dance, melody, and rhythms. Baba, You are the focal point of my life; You are my everything.

Baba, by Your divine grace, I feel that You are guiding each and every aspect of my existence. There is not even a single ounce of confusion in my mind. Everything is totally clear. Where am I, where will I go, and from where have I come: All these types of useless questions never creep into my mind. Baba, by Your grace, I do not even want to know these things. Just I am fully depending upon You: You know everything and that everything is in Your control. For me that is enough. Baba, You are my shelter, You are my anchor, and You are the Supreme Controller of this vast universe.

Baba, You are always ever gracious on me. I love You with all my heart; my whole existence is Yours... 

Read & Laugh

Respected Readers,

Namaskar. The following Ananda Marga Questionnaire comes to us by way of Shrii Amrit Laloo - a longtime and dedicated Ananda Margii.
AM-GLOBAL Moderators

ANANDA MARGA QUESTIONAIRE - Read on! If you find the questionnaire funny, laugh out loud. If not, laugh anyway.
Several possible options are given to the questions below. Choose the option/s that you think are the correct one/s.

Who is the boss ? At present there are 2 PPs.  Which of the two PPs, Calcutta or Ranchi PP, was elected  / selected in accordance with the Caryacarya guidelines given by Baba ?
a) Ranchi PP
b) Calcutta PP
c) Who’s the boss ?

How many AM factions have come into being after 1990?
a)      two
b)      three
c)       too many to count

As per Neo-Humanism, which  is now the new super race ?
a) Bengalii
b) Hindii
c) German
d) Neo-humanism- what is this ?

 It is a well known fact that Ac. Rudrananda Avt. is power mad and Ac. Sarvatmananda Avt. has influenced the Bengalization of AM. After their demise (mahaprayan), which of the two will have have a longer lasting negative effect on AM ?
a) Rudrananda
b) Sarvatmananda
c) both

 All the existing factions have posted SS's to all the sectors to influence the activities, capture projects and also to create divisions  among the margiis.  At this moment which Sector has the most number of SS's?
a) New York Sector –US$$$$$
b) Nairobi sector (too poor)
c) Berlin Sector
d) Delhi sector

 After 1990, which narrow sentiment has surfaced within the ranks of AM with serious consequences?
a) language sentiment ( Bengalii group and Hindii Group) very funny
b) geo- sentiment ( Bangla samaj –most important samaj in the world)
c) socio-sentiment
d) all of the above

 The slogan "one human society" does not apply to groupist members of AMPS because
a) Present groupist AM members do not constitute a society
b) Present groupist members are not Ananda Margiis as they don’t follow 16 points
c) The present leadership in AM do not belong the human society
d) The leadership are not human- they are demigods
e) none of the above

 In India for which of the guru's "Mahaprayan " is celebrated annually?
a) Lord Krishna
b) Lord Shiva
c) Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii- Ananda Marga
d) Guru Nanak- Sikhism
e) Shrila Prabhupadha -ISCON
f ) Ramakrishna Paramhansa- Rama-Krishna Mission

 Who is the greatest pseudo-intellectual in AM ?
a)      Ac. Bhaskarananda Avdt.
b)      Ac. Kritiishivananda Avdt. (new entry)
          c)    c. Abhidevananda Avdt.
          d)  Ac Narada from Suva Sector
e)      All of the above

The “Mahaprayan” festival  is held every year in Tiljala because
a)      Tiljala is an important Tiirtha – liberation is a sure gaurantee- no need for sadhana
         b)   Baba has  given “Mahaprayan” as an official function in CaryaCarya
         c)   The big-wigs want to re- affirm annually that Parama Purusa is dead
d)      We can do whatever we please because Baba is not watching us -Mahaprayan confirms this to be the case.

 Which function is most prestigious ?
a)                  Ananda Purnima (Baba’s advent on earth)
b)                 DMS
c)                  “Mahaprayan”

 Who is the major decision maker in AM affairs?
a)              “AMPS –Calcutta”
b)              “AMPS –Ranchi”
c)               The Legal Court

Which Ananda Vanii should be taken as the authentic Vanii?
a)              Calcutta Vanii
b)              Ranchi Vanii
c)               Baba’s original vaniis
d)     anyone can create a vanii-just extract one from Baba’s books-it’s official

Ananda Marga has a solution to curb unemployment in the world. By the division of AMPS, they created more vacancies: Like two PPs instead of one, and more than 18 sectorial secretaries instead of nine.
a)              this is ground-breaking- in accordance with PROUT
b)              it has been done before by other organisations
c)               More divisions of AMPS would create more vacancies
d)              a ridiculous situation

 Which DMS has the larger attendance ? The competition is on. Power is the name of the game.
a)                  Ranchi DMS
b)                 Calcutta DMS
c)                  Joke (sooo funny)

 In which sector are the board members being sued for the sum of US$ 400,000?
a)                  Nairobi sector ( too poor)
b)                 Berlin Sector
c)                  New York Sector USD $$$$$$$$$

Are some or our power-drunk, so-called leaders behaving like
a)                  capitalists
b)                 communists
c)                  definitely not Proutists
d)                 All of the above

The last rites for Ac. Nigimananda Avdt. was given high profile coverage.  Avadhutas should be given a state funeral because
a)                  they are renunciates
b)                 they have surrendered their all to Baba
c)                  they do not subscribe to pomp
d)                 they don’t seek glory
e)                  they will be recognised by the greater civil society after their demise

 Memorials must not be constructed for Baba because
a)                  it is a waste of resources
b)                 Baba did not approve of memorials
c)                  Baba is not “dead”
d)      Memorials are done for human beings, not for God
e)                 All of the above

 Which is the most important tiirtha (place of pilgrimage) for Ananda Margiis? Visit the tiirtha at least once in your life-time –no need for meditation
a)                 Jamalpur
b)                 Ranchi
c)                  Cremation place (Tiljala) liberation is a sure guarantee
d)                 All of the above
e)                 Baba did not approve of any tiirtha

 Which of the following best describes the Ranchi Adm ?
a)                  self-righteous
b)                 hard-headed
c)                  Conceited
d)                 arrogant
e)                 open-minded but anti-Bengalii

 What is the driving force behind the Calcutta Adm ?
a)                  superiority complex- Bengaliis are spiritually elevated and organisationally advanced
b)                 Bengali sentiment
c)                  Baba chose them to lead
d)                 Bihariis (housekeepers of Bengaliis) and other language groups are inferior
e)                 Groupism – all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.

If you think this questionaire is funny laugh out loud. If you think it has substance ponder deeply. Enjoy.
If you have more jokes please share with us.

Marry or Not Marry

Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 22:34:55 -0600
From: "Punya'tman Deva"
Subject: Marry or Not Marry


"A'lo jhariye madhu ks'ariye a'ndha'r sa'riye tumi esecho..."   (P.S. 1233)


Baba, You have come and by Your divine advent You are showering effulgence, exuding nectar, and wiping away all darkness. Baba, You have come - making the flowers blossom & graciously spreading happiness and bliss to one and all. Baba, by Your august arrival, everyone's hopes and longings have been fulfilled.

Baba, O my Lord, living beings were awakened by the deep yearning and melancholic longing in their heart. In the anticipation & hope of Your arrival, they awakened and began watching for Your arrival - constantly looking towards Your path. Baba, the painful longing of devotees resonated in Your heart and You could no longer remain distant. Baba, You
have come and You are graciously pouring the basket of love - satisfying everyone's heart. The sleeping humanity has gotten new life by Your grace.

Baba, that river which dried up and evaporated, and that song which was lost in the oblivion, the current of that very river and the tune of those songs You have graciously brought along with You. [1]

Baba due to Your august advent You have inundated each and every heart with the nectar of devotion. This is Your causeless grace...


[1] The inner idea is that when Parama Purusa comes and saturates the heart with deep devotion, then all those feelings of love, which had dried up, start to blossom. In the above song, the river signifies the flow of devotion and the song and melody refers to that subtler expression of devotional feeling.



Baba says, "In the opinion of Ananda Marga every individual has complete freedom in matters of marriage... Those who are constantly engaged in the fulfillment of an ideal, or those who have to spend the greater part of their day in...some mental occupation should not marry, because they will not find it possible to fulfill their family commitments properly. The marriage of such people is harmful to the society in many cases." (Guide to Human Conduct, '91 Edn, p.19)

In our Marga there is a dogma that either one should become a wt or get married. Yet in the practical sense everyone knows that just wearing the saffron dress does not mean dedication. There are many wts who are exclusively "dedicated" for their own stomach - or for power, post, and their groupist agenda.

Only those workers dedicated for the propagation of Ananda Marga ideology are true wts.

In contrast, on other side, there are many margiis who are completely focused on ideology and dedicated to our holy AM adarsha. That is why after getting married they are unable to properly look after their marital and family responsibilities. In result their children end up not liking or even blaming Ananda Marga.

About such cases, Baba has given the clear mandate that it would have been best if such ideologically-minded margiis would have remained single, and not married. 

Punya'tman Deva

Divine Social Duty

Date: 26 May 2012 22:02:48 -0000
From: "Subhash Dholakia"
Subject: Divine Social Duty


"Pra'n'e ceyechi toma're, tumi ki deve na' dhara'..." (P.S. 4694)


  Baba, I long for You in my heart - please come in my heart. Won't You grace me and allow Yourself to be held; will You not allow me to hold You. The same flow which I feel my heart is also resonating through the delicate strings of my viina.

  Baba, so many days and nights, so many prahar [1], and so many dates have gone in waste. Baba, so many months, spans of time, years, and ages have passed. Even after learning so many rules and regulations, and so many do's and don'ts from the scriptures-- in spite of that I lost the path.  

Baba, today, by Your grace I understand this eternal truth: That You can only be bound by love and devotion. All the fixed rules and established systems of the tunes and melodies will go in vain. By that way I will not get You. I can only get You by yearning and longing. Only with devotion can I get You.

  Baba, I long for You in my heart. In my each and every action I want You to be present. I want to feel You all the time. Baba, please grace me so that You are always along with me. Baba, please be gracious...


[1] Prahar= Each day is broken up into eight segments or eight periods. And these periods are known as 'prahar'. In that way, each prahar is three hours length in duration. Here Baba explains more about prahar and various other segments of time.

Baba says, "The verbal root 'mas' means 'to measure'. By adding 'ghain' to 'mas' we get ma'sa whose etymological meaning is 'a measurement of time' or 'a period of time'. Thus ma'sa in this sense means 'era', 'lunar year', 'lunar month', 'lunar day', 'solar year', 'solar month', 'fortnight', 'week', 'solar day' or ahora'tra (from sunrise to sunrise), prahara (three hours), hour, minute, second, fraction-of-second and so forth -- all of these." (SC-2, disc:13)



Baba says, "You shall, therefore, preach only satya. Explain to them whatever you have done with reasons thereof. Also, make it clear to them what you want to do and why you want to do. The result of this highly useful (helpful) preaching is that the inferiority complex disappears from the mind of the common men. They are encouraged when they see that a common man like themselves is inspired with such a high ideal. The second result of this is as follows. The common result of this is as follows. The common people are not generally aware of your usefully high ideas. In every work, big or small, they cling to selfishness. So, learning everything pure and high through your easy and simple language they will cooperate with you, with a mind free from wrong notions. The third outcome of this is that they will be shorn off the wrong notions that may have crept into them by the propaganda made by the selfish persons with vested interests."

"Win over their heart by propagating satya but without abusing anyone. When, they will feel the ideal of satya and come to know of your untiring karma sádhaná, naturally, they will abandon their wrong notions about you; they will even start respecting you."

"Even in private life when a person behaves with you badly or uses harsh words, don’t behave with him in the same manner. You shall explain to him his duties gently. In case, anyone has a wrong impression, you shall show him the right path without scolding (abusing) him. Make it clear to him if possible with practical demonstration how harmful may be the effect of such habits. But always keep this in mind that in such cases your behaviour must be like that of a friend, and never like that of an instructor. Your only object will be to get your advice accepted by him. The idea that he is fool and you are wise is not desirable in any party." (Ta'ttvika Diipika': Dvitiiya Parva)


1) Those suffering from a superiority complex are unable to properly guide or teach others. For them, doing AM pracar is basically impossible.

2) In the Supreme Command, Baba has allotted us the special duty "to bring all to the path of bliss" - to bring all to the divine path of AM. So this is a very sacred task which our Guru has given. Indeed pracara  is the greatest social duty of human life.

3) Plus, we know that when Parama Purusa takes advent on this dusty earth then He does not waste His time in becoming a millionaire or a billionaire; rather, He dedicates His each and every moment for the all-round development & emancipation of human beings.

4) The conclusion is that the most virtuous aspect of human life is serving others. And the best service - the most lasting service - is doing dharma pracar. For this reason we should sincerely follow Baba's above guideline.      


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