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Re: Main Reason of their Death

From: "Karma Rasa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Main Reason of their Death Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 14:13:07 +0000
Note: This is in follow-up to my earlier letter, Namaskar, As Ananda Margiis we know that the Goal of life must be Parama Purusa-- and no second or third entity. Due to the crude rise of capitalism & materialism, so many people on this earth are running after money, careers, property, name & fame etc. And now that there is a severe economic downturn / depression, such unfortunate persons are losing their mental balance and turning towards suicide. We should understand the deeper reason behind this. Baba's following teachings clearly depict why AM ideology is so adamantly against the pursuit of material wealth as the goal of life.
Here below Baba strictly warns us about what happens to those who accept money as the goal of life. Baba says, "When the currency was devalued, a wealthy jute merchant suddenly died because all the aspiration of his life were based on money. He could not face the prospect of having to part with his cherished object of desire." (APH-6) So just as the above jute merchant was shocked into death due to the devaluation of his money, now in 2009, each and every day people's wealth is drastically decreasing. Those who accepted that wealth as their pride and joy of life-- i.e. as their goal-- cannot bear the thought of living without it. That dread brings them to the brink of death or even suicide. Such is the tragic fate of those who take money as the goal of life.
In this below quote, Baba again warns us of the danger of allowing the mind to get wrapped up in the chase for fleeting or material things. Baba says, "In the material world human beings must carry out their duties without being bound by the binding fetters. The mind should not get helplessly attached to anything undesirable, otherwise it will have to undergo severe afflictions. The wise person carries out his duties in the world without getting attached to anything." (APH-6) The afflictions Baba refers to in the above quote may be depression, angst, and even suicide such as with the tragic events we are witnessing these days. This is all the horrifying result of chasing after material things and getting the mind locked up in that direction.
Finally in this below teaching, Baba warns us that our goal of life must not be anything that can slip away, i.e. not anything from this material world. Not cars, not motor boats, not a spouse, not a job. All those things can disappear at any moment. Baba says, "The pursuit of mundane experiences cannot be the aim of life; if it is, it will definitely vitiate the value of human changing reality can be accepted as the aim of life...because it falls within the scope of time, space and person. If human beings accept this [Supreme] Entity as their only object of ideation, they can escape the inevitable consequences of degradation." (PNS-16) Thus, only Parama Purusa can be the Aim or Goal of life. He is the only Entity Who can lead us on the path of welfare. To harbor any mundane goal is to invite one's destruction. Because at any moment that mundane goal can vanish from this earth, just like money is vanishing in these present times, in which case one will be totally goalless, desperate and even driven towards suicide. We should all bravely march ahead keeping only Baba as our Goal. That is the only recourse. To look towards anything else is to invite one's destruction. Namaskar, Karma Rasa

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