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Various Points of Sadhana + News

Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 06:38:11 To: AM-GLOBAL From: V.J.K. Rajpurhit Subject: Various Points of Sadhana + News Baba Intro to PS: In this following song, the loving Parama Purus'a, Tara'ka Brahma, is communicating directly with the devotee. Specifically, in a personal way, the divine Entity, Tara'ka Brahma, is asking the sadhaka various questions. In contrast, in most Prabhat Samgiita songs, the devotee is singing or expressing his own thoughts to Parama Purusa. But this entire song is different: It is expressed in the voice of Parama Purusa; He Himself is narrating the scene. "Kende kende tava kavarii-bandha khuliya' giya'che ka'r tare..." P.S. 1104 Purport: For whom have been crying such that your hair braids have become loose and undone, and now your hair is just falling in an unkempt manner. Who is responsible for causing you so much pain. Even then you are trying hard to conceal your grief-stricken & broken heart; but by seeing your pain-filled eyes anyone can understand how sorrowful you are. Indeed, you are so upset that you cannot maintain the proper melody or tune of the song which you are singing. Why like this-- whose longing has caused all these problems & distress in your life. Now look, the whole day has passed and it is reaching up towards evening time. The brightness of the day is gone and now evening is falling. The sun is going to set; that time has come. At this time in this lonely place are You sitting here by yourself in this isolated forest. Tell me, whose memory is churning your heart; why are you so heart-broken. The whole day you have been sitting here alone involved in contemplation and now evening has come and still you are remaining here. Who is the cause behind all this, how has this happened-- please tell me. Always remember that the balaka bird flies off to far distant places, but again and again it returns and comes back to its own nest. Similarly, if your Beloved has gone far away, then He too will return again and come back. So please do not cry. O' devotee, whose love has shaken your whole existence. Rest assured that He will come...
NEWS: At the bottom of this letter is some news about how certain Dadas are spending all their time in Didis Camp. See below to find out who they are and what they are doing. Namaskar, Here is a healthy reminder for one and all-- because in this materialistic era we need to keep strong in all regards. We all know that there are several important ingredients for success in spiritual life and that the human existence itself short. Baba says, "Human beings often attach less importance to the spiritual aspect of nitya karma and more importance to the physical aspect. This is detrimental because one should not forget that human life is short. From the moment of birth one slowly and steadily advances towards death with every passing second. This short period of time from birth to death is human life. Human beings have come from the world of invisibility and at the end of this short span of time will return to the world of invisibility. Those people can be called intelligent who utilize every moment of their short life engaged in spiritual practice." (APH-4) Thus we all have to maximize our time fully in this great endeavour. Here following is one highly significant guideline given by Baba which we all discussed recently at dharmacakra. Baba says, "The worship of Brahma should be done scrupulously, or else you will later regret and bemoan the futility of your life with the last drop of your tears at your last hour. You should make your life worthwhile through your sadhana. How much can your worldly friends and relations do for you? After your death your relatives may perhaps ask, 'How much money has he left behind?'. Your friends may go to the crematorium and indulge in flattering reminiscences about you. Your husband or wife may cry out for you for about ten or twelve days and then regain their normal composure. Your lot will be only a profound sigh-- a record of the futility and frustration of your life. So do not waste your time lest you later have to repent." (SS-3) After reviewing the above passage and emphasizing the importance of sadhana, then our local family Acarya gave some further tips for better sadhana.
He told us that if the mind is not concentrated, then we can use a mala and do our mantra japa; because with the physical reminder of touching the mala then step by step the mind will concentrate on the mantra in which case immediate spiritual energy will come, by Baba's grace. And then by feeling this resurgence of sentient energy we can engage in our various lessons of sadhana. So the mala is a veritable tool for helping to focus the mind.
Acarayaji also warned that, 'Many times people are sitting doing sadhana like they way people eat food in Indian villages. Their spine is bending like a bow. This is very bad. You must sit in proper posture.' Acarayaji explained that, 'Bhojanasana (eating posture) is not the proper asana for sadhana.' Especially we learned that when the spine is bent, then the spinal chord--which is just like pipe--is choked. And in that case, kundalini cannot go up because of blockage of the susumna pipe. Baba says, "the one who has followed the straight path of the sus'umna' canal upwards becomes one with Parama Purus'a." (NKS) Baba says, "Proceed along the path of susumna not through the zig-zag path of ida and pingala." (5 Oct '79) Thus when the kundalini has no scope to go up, then sadhana is completely ruined. And further he warned, that if anybody is doing sadhana with a bent spine, it is just waste of time. It is immaterial that sadhana is vidya tantra or avidya tantra. Something can only be achieved when full concentration is there. And for proper concentration an erect spine during meditation is very important. And here in one of the teachings Baba is giving importance of that.
Here below Baba is describing how in His youth He was watching one of His childhood friends perform meditation. Baba says, "He was totally absorbed, like a tree, immersed in meditation. He didn't blink at all or move even a finger or toe so I kept quiet for some time and remained standing there, not disturbing him." (SC-2, p. 159) So by Baba's expression anyone can easily understand that it is important not to move one's body when doing sadhana and that only in that way can one progress on the spiritual path.
About this Baba further tell us: "If the [body] is restless, the mind [will] also be restless. That is why during spiritual practice, the body should be kept motionless. One must practice seated in a certain posture, because if the body becomes calm and motionless the mind also tends to become calm and concentrated." (AVM-17) Baba also guides us, "If someone is constantly thinking that they will have to sit down at a certain time, stand up at a certain time, catch hold of one's nose or ears at a certain time, the mind will automatically become restless." (AV-17) After giving these particular instructions about keeping the spine erect and sitting in proper posture, and using the mala, then according to Dada's guidance we sat in different places to practise. And what followed was completely Baba's grace. How time passed, I was completely unaware. After some time, I found that someone is gently pulling on my shawl and I heard him say that time is late, I should stop. And then I opened my eyes and realised I had been doing meditation since long.
After finishing my sadhana I told Acarayaji that 'All these sadhana tips are very helpful. And about this mala, it is useful all the time in all places?' He told that "Ananda Marg is universal. There is no limitation of time, place, and person. Parama Purusa is everywhere. Wherever you feel comfortable, you can use the mala or not. Only during Kapalika sadhana and pranayama must one adhere to certain restrictions regarding place and time. Otherwise for all other lessons, one has the ability to choose according to one's comfort."
The whole point being that if everything is proper then sadhana will give certain vibrations. That is, the incantative wave generates and that brings a very sentient spiritual feeling and one can feel various expressions in one's own body and mind. Baba says, "When the mental flow of a spiritual aspirant moves along the introversal phase of Macrocosmic meditation, one's animative force having the potentiality of divinity itself, rises above all tendencies-all samskaras-- and proceeds towards Eternal bliss. In this state the mind is vibrated with the Cosmic feeling. The unexpressed divine qualities of the higher glands find expression and the resonance of the mind vibrates the nervous system. This gives rise to pious expressions in the physical body. In the case of those people whose occult feelings are not physically expressed due to causes associated with nerves, the mental vibrations cause certain radical changes, in the various glands within the body. These occult feelings are basically of eight types--they are Stambha (astounding), Kampa (trembling), Sveda (sweating), Svaraveda (hoarseness of voice), Ashru (tears), Romainca (horripilation), Vaevarna (change of colour) and Pralaya (fainting fit). There are other associated feelings of these major feelings. For examples--Nrtya (dancing), Giit (singing), Vilunthana (rolling), Kroshana (weeping), Humkara (roaring), Lalasrava (salivating), Jrmbhana (yawning), Lokapeksa tyaga (indifference), Attahasya (bursting into laughter), Ghurna (whirling), Hikka (hiccoughing), Tanumotana (relaxation of the physical body) and Diirghashvasa (making long breath)." (GHC, p. 38-9) Namaskar, Vidyasagar Note: I also asked Acarayaji whether this Mala I can put on my neck or not? Then affectionately he told that 'No, that is not good because dogmatic people are making mala for just show. So better not to put on your neck. This mala is already related with dogma. Because dogmatic people keep mala in this way but they don't use. But ultimately it is up to you to decide. Where or when you prefer, you keep on your neck. But there is no rule on this, and personally I prefer not to wear it around the neck.' Then I told Acaryaji that 'I have seen that some Avadhuta Dadas when they are going to meet some ritualistic non-Margiis, to convince them our Dadas put the mala on their neck with decoration. To show that they are also religious'. He told that 'Without using mala on your neck you can do pracar. Better those Dadas should use this mala for japa, not just for putting on their neck for show only. That would have been far better.'
It is well known that Citsvarupa'nanda and Madhuvrata'nanda are always involved in and busy with the Didi's department. They have no time for dadas. They try to handle didis dept. Dadas comment that Citsvarupananda is CWWS of WWD and Madhuvratananda is SWWS of Didi dept. B/c of the interference of these dadas, good didis feel uneasy. Indeed it is well known that Citsvarupa'nanda's character is not good. He is a “Majnu” brand worker. For those who are not aware, in 1976 there was a blockbuster movie in Hindi calle Laila Majnu. And in the movie the lead male was totally infatuated and glued to the female star, Laila. Majnu's emotional and sensual attachment was so strong. Thus nowadays when any male gets infatuated with females people label that male as "Majnu". That is the proverb these days in Hindi. Because of Citsvarupananda's poor dealing and deep attachment for females, he is just branded as Majnu by the mass of Dadas. This is their inside joke. It is unfortunate that such has become the fate and reputation of Citsvarupananda. Let us all hope and pray that he can turn his life around and become a respectable cadre of Ananda Marga. That will be the best outcome. We should all help maximally in this regard.
****************************************** Blow on Human Intellect
Baba says, "They [groupist leaders] concoct various so-called scriptures, they formulate all kinds of logic. They maintain to the human race that all the races in this world are not equal. Thus instead of considering the interest of the entire human society, they give preference to the interest of a particular community. This loud propaganda in favour of a particular community, this parading of irrational logic, this sort of fallacious argument, all combine to stifle the spontaneous growth of human intellect. This sort of mentality is called dogma." (AFPS-4, p.61) Note: Some groupist leaders in our Marga are moving in this same narrow style.

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