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If Sa'dhana' is Not Good

From: Amriteshwar Verma Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2008 23:31:08 To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: If Sa'dhana' is Not Good Baba "A'ma'y niye toma'r e kii khela' dine ra'te ogo prati pale..." (P.S. 459) Purport: Baba, the divine liila' which You are playing day and night along with me-- that is unforgettable. I am ensconced in that very divine flow. Even if I try to forget it I cannot. Again and again I come back in Your close proximity to offer You a garland, under one pretext or another. Baba You are so gracious. Just as my shadow is always with me and constantly remains by my side, in similar fashion Your divine vibration is saturated in each and every pore of my existence. By Your grace l feel Your eternal touch all the time. Baba You have saturated & fully drenched my heart with Your divine nectar. You have done everything. Baba, whichever direction I look I always long and search for You. Why have You made me like this, I do not know. My mind is not in my control; it always yearns for Your close proximity. Baba, in this divine play of Yours, You have bound me in the bond of love. What type of divine liila are You playing and involving me in. It is beyond my imagination and expression. Baba, only I can think that it is Your divine grace...
Namaskar, This letter both clarifies and reviews the important role acaryas have in conveying the practice of sadhana, as well as how necessary it is that each sadhaka feel confident that their meditation has been properly taught. If anyone's sadhana is not good, they should consult another acarya and pay heed to Baba's below guidelines.
As we know, our sadhana system is what makes the path of AM so unique and allows one to reach the Goal, by His grace. So one must ensure that what they are practicing in sadhana is proper. If, on the rare occasion, anyone has come exclusively to get a high post or be honored for their worldly works etc, under the spell of avidya maya, they may feel that sadhana is not so important. In that case it is our duty to help them realise that sadhana is important for everybody. Of course, most in AM have been blessed and come for performing brahmavidya, as taught by Lord Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rtiji. Here again, gaining proper knowledge of intuitional science is key. On the path of sadhana, surely His divine grace is needed, yet Baba also emphasizes that the technique and process of meditation must also be imparted properly. A practitioner must have proper knowledge. Otherwise, one's quest will fall short, or, even worse, one may even leave AM entirely when they fail to get any experiences or realisation in sadhana. Thus the special role our acaryas play is integral to success in sadhana. They are not middle-men between between God and the follower, rather they are important helpers with limited scope to convey the teachings. Every margii should be aware about this.
As many may be aware, one's personal ista mantra is based upon and assigned according to one's inherent samskaras. That criteria, along with Guru's grace, is what gives a mantra its incantative power. The question might arise, 'When an acarya teaches sadhana, are they seeing our samskaras?'. A few naive people may think that acaryas select the appropriate mantra after intuitively seeing a sadhaka's samskaras and reactive momenta. But that is just not so. Baba has specifically stated that getting the power to see others' samskaras comes only after very high sadhana and many samadhis, and even then this occult power should not be employed as that will invite instant degeneration. Thus when many of our Dadas are more involved in worldly dealings and business than spiritual practice, then there is no question of their having the requisite intuition to see others' samskaras. Furthermore, even if they had that power, it should not be exercised as Baba condemns the use of occult powers. For these above reasons, and simply because it was His wish, Baba has Himself given a very simple and straightforward process for selecting a mantra for a particular sadhaka. And that He has provided to every AM acarya. What the exact process is for selecting a mantra should never be discussed or written publicly. Because in tantra secrecy is a must. Yet in AM when everyone respects this code of secrecy then it is fine for margiis to at least be aware about the overall notion that acaryas are following a set of written guidelines. Indeed, in that case, when there is respect for secrecy, saying in broad, general terms that there is a system is not bad, rather it is helpful. Then everyone knows that our acaryas are not doing magic, voodoo or using special powers etc. That also prevents us from falling into the prevailing religious dogma, that priests are middle-men between the common man and the Lord. This faulty concept is enough to ruin anyone's spiritual approach. So none should think that our acaryas are middle-men or use some special power when teaching sadhana. Rather they are following written instructions. In sum, our acaryas select a mantra based on a particular system, or set of rules, given by Baba. And they are to be respected in their limited role of serving as a medium for Guru. So our acaryas play a helpful, supportive role; and we all understand that AM acaryas are not the ones teaching us, nor are they Guru. Finally, let us recall who is acarya? Those with good conduct, not those merely wearing the dress.
It is also well known, that on various occasions our acaryas have selected the wrong mantra for a particular sadhaka. That is, the acarya failed to properly follow Baba's stated rules and regulations. In various reporting sessions, Baba has pointed out and blamed various Dadas for imparting sadhana incorrectly. That was a big deal in so many reporting sessions with Baba. And often times, Baba immediately sent the acarya back out into the field to correct the problem and give the correct mantra. Similarly, in PC, on many occasions, Baba has changed and corrected the mantra of a particular sadhaka. And sometimes, He has also come in dreams and given the right mantra. But one should not automatically think that if Baba has not come in dream to correct my mantra then the mantra is fine. It is fine only if sadhana is in proper flow. These above instances about dreams and PC are the exceptions and occur when one has a very good samskara for sadhana. Lastly, all this also shows how an acarya failed to follow the correct process when assigning the mantra. Here the point is not that we should now all have doubt in our sadhana, or in our acaryas. Most of the time the mantra has been properly given. And the proof is if you are experiencing progress and bliss in sadhana. In that case everything is fine. In the event, that your sadhana is clearly not working, despite your sincere efforts, then it is important to consult with another acarya about your meditation lessons.
Here are some things to be aware of when getting together with an acarya for a lesson revision. Remember, that many of our acaryas are involved in an endless array of mundane works or even crude dealing, that I do not want to mention here, to support their projects, in which case their own sadhana is a mere afterthought in their daily life. That makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for them to teach sadhana to others. So we all have to be cognizant of this reality. Fortunately, there are some tell-tale sign to recognise if the acarya you are consulting has this problem. For example, if they keep delaying and procrastinating and avoid giving your lesson review, that is one indication that they do not feel comfortable with the proper manner of teaching sadhana. Rather they have forgotten the formula, and for that reason they always say they do not have time. Another way to know that they feel unfamiliar with teaching sadhana is if they keep their acarya book with them and have you close your eyes so they can refer to it. Or if when teaching sadhana, they keep getting up and going out of the room. That also is not good as it shows that in their own mind they do not know what to do. Rather they are confused and they are exiting the room to refer to their sadhana notes and diaries etc. All of these above circumstances are red flags, or warning signs. It is just like if a plumber or an electrician comes to your house and when doing the job starts reading a "How to" book. That clearly shows they are totally unaware about what they are doing. No one wants to have such a plumber or electrician doing work on their house. It will not inspire confidence, and even worse, the outcome will be wrong, if not disastrous. Similarly, we should all be careful to get our lessons from an acarya who is highly involved in sadhana and capable of imparting this practice to others. And by Baba's grace there are many like this in our Marga. This fact I am writing because I have deep respect for our acaryas, and in my heart I want their dignified standard to be maintained. Already we have so many good Dadas and Didis who are adept in teaching sadhana and their respect should be upheld. Unfortunately, with the way things are now in the organisation, for the last several years, due to poor conditions in Training Centre, and other reason, our overall acarya standard has declined.
By Baba's grace if your sadhana practice is healthy and alive, and you can feel the vibrational effect of your mantra japa, then that means your meditation is fine and you were taught properly. In that case, no need to go and seek out another acarya for a sadhana review. It is only if one's sadhana is not good that they should consult with another acarya.
Let us remember that AM is a man-making and for that sadhana is needed and a correct mantra is critically important. There are so many groups who sing bhajans and kiirtan. These things are common on so many paths. Yet those practices alone are not enough. That is why Baba has given His comprehensive sadhana system. And for sadhana to be effective it needs to be imparted properly. Because it is only through the practice of sadhana that the human personality is changed and revolutionized, not through mere theoretical knowledge With proper meditation, one will have the insight and inspiration to spread His teachings and establish His ideals.
By Baba's grace, He has shown us the way of realisation and that the goal is to reach Parama Purusa-- and for that sadhana is needed. So we must ensure that the standard of our respected acaryas is maintained, then sadhana will be imparted properly and everything will be fine.
Uttis't'hata ja'grata pra'pya bara'n nibodhata; Ks'urasya dha'ra' nishita' duratyaya' durgam' pathastat kavayo vadanti.
Baba says, "Arise, awake! Seek an acarya (teacher) of an intuitional science or brahmavijina'na and get initiated in the path of sa'dhana'. The kavi (seer of truth) says, this path is impassable, it is as dangerous as a sharp razor’s edge, and so you will have to step carefully. You must proceed very quickly along this inaccessible path, for you have very little time at your disposal. So not stop, go forward, do not look back." (AMIWL-5) Namaskar, Amriteshwar

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