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In AM Everything is Blissful

Date: Sat Dec 11 2010 04:58:39 -0000
From: "Shivadayal  Singhal"
Subject: In AM Everything is Blissful


"Eso prabhu a'ma'r ghare toma'y a'mi ceyechi..."  (P.S. 946)


  O' Prabhu Baba, please come in my home-- with the yearning & longing I
am calling You. I want You. Please listen to the suffering of my heart
which is grief-stricken in Your absence. Baba only for You I am surviving,
my life is for You.
  Baba You are the divine tower of effulgence on my dark path; and You are
the warmth of my broken heart. Baba You are the quintessence of the sandalwood
paste of my forehead; O' Lord You are pure and filled with the divine
  You are that type of pure joy & happiness which one feels after
receiving recovering something that was lost in the past. Baba, by Your
grace I have understood You. Baba please come close in my heart. You are my
most dear. For You I have kept nectar filled in my heart. Baba, please come
to me...


As the year 2010 draws to a close, we must again reflect on the state
of things in our Marga.

By Baba's grace, He has blessed us with a divine ideology and all the
ways to make life blissful. We start our day with Guru Sakash and each
and every moment is filled with His presence as we practice madhuvidya
(2nd lesson), realizing that He is always watching us. At night we
take rest thinking if Him, lying in His sweet lap. By His grace our days
pass in bliss.

Furthermore, all our AM festivals serve as reminders of this divine truth.

All along however, one group has been and continues to struggle to make their
own mark and deviate from Baba's supreme directive, by infusing and even
reinforcing their own dogma. That has been their recurring theme
over these past 2 decades. All that is noted below.


Baba has blessed us by showering His sweet grace in all the directions.

        "A'nanda'ddhyeva....a'nandam' prayantyabhisam'vishanti."

Baba says, "This quinquelemental world has been born out of bliss, is being
maintained in bliss and into sacred bliss it will melt." (NKS)

So in our Marga where life itself is blissful then naturally our festivals are
also blissful. And of all our festivals, Ananda Purnima is the crowning
glory-- it is the festival of  festivals, full of bliss.

However one of the groups is pushing down Ananda Purnima by describing it
in their own downcast way. Needless to say, this goes against Baba's
fundamental teaching. Because in our Marga even the remembrance of the day
when Baba was poisoned in jail is celebrated in a festive way-- full of
bliss and merriment.


When Baba was in jail and first poisoned, then immediately upon hearing
this very sad news, margiis and WTs could not understand how to observe
this horrible day. They had pain in their heart about the whole affair. So
according to their own way of thinking they were doing fasting on that very
day. Because everybody was thinking that Baba was poisoned by demons so it
was told by in-charges etc that at minimum a half-fast should be done that
day. It was done as a showing of sadness.

But when Baba came out from jail He guided the situation in a completely
different direction. Means He came out from jail and revealed what was to
be done and how to joyfully observe this historical and significant occasion.

Baba told that, 'This is not a sad day. The sinful forces wanted to destroy
our Marga and with that in mind they put their poison. But they could not
get success. And ultimately dharma became victorious. So that is why this
is not a sad day'.

Then Baba said, "So when enemies poisoned Me, then I had to feed them. So
naturally then this I did. But I did not feed them poison, but rather

Then Baba in a very gracious, loving mood further told, that "Demons
poisoned Me on that day. And now our duty is to feed very delicious food to
needy people-- up to their heart-felt content and full satisfaction."
Hence our Niila Kantha divas program became a joyful day with a tasty
feast, sharing quality food to all.

NOTE: Here is a full transcription of Baba's explanation of Niila
Kantha Divas: 

So when Niila Kantha divas is blissful then most certainly all our festival
days are blissful. Indeed that is our way of life in AM.

Unfortunately, since 1990, one group has had their own agenda, and in trying
to satisfy their agenda of Mahaprayan they are trying to cast all our
AM festivals in that way.

As Ananda Margiis, as His sons and daughters, we know that Baba Himself
is the embodiment of bliss and everything in this cosmos is His own
expression - a reflection of this bliss, including all our AM


Here is Baba's divine guideline about the positivity of festivals.

Baba says, "When people become tired and uninspired, when they can no
longer look towards the future with hope, when their colourful dreams are
shattered, at that time the sweetness of a festival brings new joy and
vigour in life. Thus in individual and collective life, the importance of
festivals is tremendous. One should always remember that festivals should
be such that all can take part in them without any ostentatious display of
wealth, and with an upsurge of their life force. And these festivals should
be conducted in such a way that people take part in them from a spontaneous
inner urge. I hope that you will make such arrangements so that all are
attracted towards your festivals which will be more and more charming-- and
this will bring about your collective welfare." (AFPS-5, p.18)


nb: It is my hope others will also share thoughts.

Note 1:             THEIR DEEP-SEATED PLAN

Since 1990 - i.e. for the past 20 years - one group in particular has been
trying to put forth their hidden agenda. Since that time other groups have
also come to the fore, by learning the tricks of the orginal group, i.e.
Sarvatmananda's team.

From the get-go Sarvatmananda and Co have tried to make Tiljala the epicenter
for their financial and political gain by making it into a tiirtha. They
continually called all to Tiljala for their dogmatic Mahaprayan programme
and even made it mandatary to attend - lest Wts be sidelinded and margiis
yanked from the Bhukti Pradhan voter list etc.

And indeed in 1990, they inserted the the dogma of Mahaprayan into the
appendix of Caryacarya I and called it a "solemn occasion". To justify
this dogma over the years they have created further dogmas.

See first how they typically would describe the occasion of MPD:

B group wrote: "The anniversary of BABA's Mahaprayan is being observed at
Camp HQs of Ananda Marga at 527, VIP Nagar Kolkata. This solemn programme..."

Then on the anniversary of the day when so many AM sannyasis were murdered
in cold blood in Calcutta, B group observed this heinous act in "solemn

B group wrote: "sacrifice of 17 sanyasis on 30th April 1982... This year we
are again observing this day in the most solemn way." (4/27/03)

Yet, we know that on the very day in 1982 when it was reported to Baba
that this horrific incident took place, then His first and foremost order
was to sing and dance kiirtan. He would not allow us to sink into a
depressed and sullen mood as that would only signify victory to our
assailants. So Baba had His special manner, which unfortunately certain
groupists could not or refused to emulate.

And - to further make it look like all AM festivals are like their dogmatic
Mahapryan progamme - Sarvatmananda & Co began painting Ananda Purnima in their
dogmatic way and began observing Ananda Purnima as a "solemn" affair:

B group wrote: "At Kolkata Camp HQs. Ananda Purnima 2005, ...
ended with observation of the solemn moment of His birth...observe the
solemn moment with utmost sobriety." (5/24/05)

The whole point is that due to their crusty dogmatic outlook and
seeing everything in a nihilistic way by starting their dogmatic Mahaprayan
ordeal, B group could not and cannot escape from this negative tailspin as their
dogmatic minds perceive everything-- including Ananda Purnima-- as being
negative, i.e. sad.

Two things have resulted:
1. They invented their dogmatic Mahaprayan for their own gain and stature yet
in so doing their own minds became negatively affected by really thinking
Baba is gone.
2. With that defective mindset they started painting other areas of AM life
in that same dark mood. Such is the way dogma works - it multiplies.

This history must not be forgotten, lest others do like this.

That is why in this last month of 2010, we must not forget the dangers of
dogmas like Mahaprayan and work together to ensure that we represent our
AM way of life in its true and original blissful manner.

By Baba's grace, our Marga society has come a far as only a very few - due
to their groupist allegiance - pay any mind to MPD.

Everyone else follow Baba's divine way.

Note 2:              BABA'S GRANDEUR

By Baba's grace He is always with us showering His bliss.

Baba says, "The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma
(Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living
beings--- That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has
revealed Brahmavidya (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the
name and form of Anandamurtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its
majesty." (Caryacarya II p.1)

                      Time of Eating

Baba says, "This rainy season cucumber is called shashakphalam. This
shashaka phala is a favourite food of the shashaka (in English, "hare").
For this reason its name became shashaka phala. However, one shouldn't
think by this that rabbits don't also love to eat cucumbers."

"Cucumbers which are not grown in the rainy season, but which are grown on
scaffolds rather than being allowed to creep along the ground are also
called shashaka phala. If this shashaka variety of cucumber is left to
creep along the ground then it easily falls prey to insect attacks and its
fruit is destroyed." (SC-3, Disc 19)

Note 1: According to Baba, it is highly beneficial if the small variety of
cucumber is eaten in the morning up to 11 o'clock. That is very good. And
in fact the earlier in the day it is taken the better; and guava falls in a
similar category. If such foods are eaten in the afternoon and late hours,
then it causes cough and cold. This idea Baba has guided in various
discourses / acarya diary.

Note 2: This cucumber is found around the globe and people use it in
salads; that is why it is important topic to discuss with one and all.

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