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Why Groupists Are Not Reliable

From: "Karma Rasa"  
Subject: Why Groupists Are Not Reliable 
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2009 09:56:36 +0000 


"Egiye calo, egiye calo..." (PS 156) 


My brothers and sisters, we should move on towards our goal, Parama Purusa. Today the glorious dawn has come. We should take everyone along with us; no one should be left behind. Everyone is ours; Nobody is alien. We all belong to one family-- Our Father is Parama Purusa. We have to move together on the path which He has shown us. Human society is one and indivisible, no fissiparous tendencies should be allowed to divide it. Baba's divine grace is with us... 

Note: This letter contains LOTS OF NEWS regarding the way today's groupist leaders operate and how & why they bring depraved workers into key posts. Anyone interested in the health & repair of our Marga society should be 100% aware of what is reported below.

Namaskar, We all know that Baba places great emphasis on the quality of our leaders.

Baba says, "Ideal leadership is the wealth of the society... [and] will also fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the people." (PNS-21)

People can depend upon ideal leaders to adhere to the code of dharma and do the right thing cent-per-cent of the time. In contrast, poor leadership is hell for the society.

 Baba says, "Today there is catastrophe and misery in human society and there is one reason: the defective leadership of society." (AV-31)

Tragically, this is not just the case outside the Marga; within our AM society also we are suffering from extremely defective leadership. All of today's so-called leaders in AM are flooded with groupist sentiments and factional agendas. Here below is clear testimonial of the drastic maladies that occur when our Marga leadership is in the hands of a few groupists. By reading the below, it becomes quite clear that groupists are not reliable.

Before, investigating the case studies below, we should attune ourselves to the overall working style of groupist leaders. We must keep in mind that their main intention and desire is to grab more and more power - irregardless of anything else. And the easiest way to hoard power is to surround oneself with spineless individuals who can be easily controlled.

And the best way to find such spineless people is to seek out those Wts who have badly fallen from the code of conduct and say to them, "You will now work for me, but should you ever cross me then I will expose your failings in front of all." And then they put those degraded souls in top posts. Group leaders - all of them - regularly resort to this type of nefarious strategy. By this way they can ensure that they will keep their power.

The main operative principle is that the people around them are their stooges - and such stooges will never challenge their bosses for power nor point out any wrongdoing in the leadership. Stooges are stooges - i.e. meek people who are content to be fed and clothed - all the while basking in their own degradation, safe that their group leader will protect them so long as they themselves are loyal to the chief. Such a relationship works well for both the group leader and their stooges. For this reason, top factional chiefs employ this type of trick time and again as a means to build and protect their stature. Along the way, all traces of justice, integrity, honesty, and dynamism utterly slip away from the upper echelons of our AM society. It is the common margiis and sincere Wt's who suffer the ill effects. As you will see below, this type of corruption is rampant amongst all the group leaders of each of the main factions: B group, Ranchi, and EC. Only by making others aware of the problem - raising the collective consciousness - can this situation then be solved. Through strong circumstantial pressure, the current leaders will either rectify themselves or be forced to run away and hide. That will pave the way for true, moral leadership in our Marga.

Sarvatmananda has placed Kalyanaeshvarananda in the trusted post of PRS (Public Relations Secretary) because Sarvatmananda has Dada K in the palm of his hand. If Kalyaneshvarananda were to ever support any other group or fail to tow the party line, then he's be in big, big trouble. Sarvatmananda would expose him to the bone. What is it that Sarvatmananda would expose? The following. (Note: Many of the news and events in this letter are very recent happenings. This first case study is an older crime that has long been kept hidden, that is why it is still pertinent.) Early on, Kalyaneshvarananda was posted in Kashmir and he fell in love with a young margii sister who happened to be married already.

Nonetheless, Kalyaneshvarananda and this young female expressed their attraction for one another in secret. And to be true to her feelings, this innocent young girl opted to divorce her husband and only pursue her affair with Kalyaneshvarananda. In the course of things, Dada K got her pregnant and this margii sister gave birth to a baby girl. Kalyaneshvarananda took an active role in raising his daughter and true to form she looks exactly like her father. The resemblance is remarkable. Of course the local margiis noticed the similarity, but they could never imagine that really this girl was Dadaji's daughter because Kalayaneshvarananda was being very secretive and because margiis had implicit faith that no Wt would do such an awful and deceitful thing and still walk around in uniform as if he is one sadhu.

Anyway, as the young baby grew up, then Dada K was vigilant to find a proper husband for his daughter and he ultimately got her married to one fine man. Kalayaneshvarananda managed all of this in seceret, i.e. underground. The truth never came to the fore. But Sarvatmananda is well aware of all of this. That is why he has been keeping Dada K in his hip pocket and garlanded him with the important post of PRS.

Becuase should the world ever find out about Dada K's secret, then his reputation would be ruined. With this silent threat in hand, Sarvatmananda has been able to control and manipulate Dada K each and every moment. So Sarvatmananda has exploited Kalyaneshvarananda's weakness and given him a key post, because in return Sarvatmananda knows that Dada K's position is like one worm, helpless to do anything at all. By this way Sarvatmananda is able to rule as he likes. Actually all of this is quite typical. Sarvatmananda has long used such trickery to manage his career. There are any number of cases and examples. Now let's examine a more recent circumstance in another group.

We all know that the post of COS (Central Office Secretary) is a cherished position and generally commands a lot of respect and prestige. The current PRS of the Ranchi faction is Citsvarupananda and his boss is Rudrananda. Let's take a look at how Dada C came to be COS. As many may or may not know, Citsvarupananda has a long and notorious history with girls. It seems that whenever he even sees a female, his entire glandular system would go haywire (i.e. crazy) and Citsvarupananda would become totally blind and infatuated. His conscious mind would not work, i.e. "out to lunch".

In and around Bombay, this weakness of Citsvarupananda was well known to everyone. That is why he was never given a high post. And when he got posted outside to GT sector - where ladies are known to be scantily clad with lots of skin showing - then Citsvarupananda was running around like a mad dog. He would see all the half-naked young girls and start jumping in all kinds of ways. Finally, there was no other option than to bring Citsvarupananda back to India.

Till recently, for the aforesaid reasons, he was always given a lower posting in India. All that changed when Rudrananda decided he needed a new stooge for a top post. In that way, suddenly Citsvarupananda's degraded ways actually became a selling point and his resume became like gold. With such a notorious history, he would be easy to control. Such a person could never raise his voice or protest any wrong. Thus Rudrananda - being the clever man that he is - seized the opportunity. He placed the characterless Citsvarupananda in the top chair of COS.

The move has worked well for Rudrananda in that Dada C is a good stooge, but there has been some fallout and damage control with the margiis. Just recently, Citsvarupananda couldn't control his vrttis and overcome with lust he grabbed and strongly kissed one very young margii daughter. The poor young girl was horrified that this aged sannyasis could betray her trust and dishonor her in this way and she went to her father completely frightened and upset and told him everything. The father of the girl became totally irate - furious. Till that time, the father had been a strong support of Ranchi so he quickly contacted Acting GS of Ranchi, i.e. Svarupananda. The father complained bitterly to Svarupananda about the poor dealing of Citsvarupananda.

In response, Svarupananda has tried to cover-up the entire scandal. He just scolded the margii father and threatened him to keep mum. So the whole situation is quite disgusting and grotesque. One margii girl has been shamed & tortured and lost all faith in sannyasis, yet Rudrananda and Svarupananda are not taking any measures against her attacker because Citsvarupananda he is an ideal stooge.

Thus the Ranchi kingpins (Rudrananda & his buddy Svarupananda) are protecting Dada C and at the same time leveraging their weight against this margii father to keep him quiet. Thus still, Citsvarupananda has been able to happily retain his chair of COS. Those are all the details of this scandal.

But here are some more facts that relate to the situation. Svarupananda has allied himself to the powerful Rudrananda in hopes of one day becoming PP and side by side Citsvarupananda is the diiksa bhai of Rudrananda. Thus both of these people exist with the sole intention of serving and pleasing Rudrananda. So Rudrananda is not at all inclined to discipline them at all - rather he is happy with the situation. Especially when Rudrananda is gathering his forces and keeping everyone class as he prepares to kick out Nigamananda. Before moving on to the scandals in EC, let's first take a moment to examine the current power play brewing in the Ranchi faction HQ.

Rudrananda has all his cards in place and is on the verge of ousting Nigamananda from the Ranchi camp. At present, Rudrananda has all his stooges in place at the central and sectorial levels. And Rudrananda wants Nigamananda out as Dada N did not help him become PP. Internally, Nigamananda knew that Rudrananda is himself a brahmin and carries a strong brahmin sentiment. So Nigamananda understood well that if Rudrananda became PP then Rudrananda would do ethnic cleansing on Bengalis, Orriya, Non-Indians and he will only keep brahmins in AM. That was Nigamananda's fear - so he did not support Rudrananda's claim to become PP. Because of all this Rudrananda wants to ruin and destroy Nigamananda. And Rudrananda has all the pieces in place. In a very crafty manner, he has made Nigamananda look bad in front of everyone, while he himself (i.e. Rudrananda) shines as if he is some type of sadhu. Whereas, Nigamananda's face has become totally black and he sits alone now in isolation. With one big kick, he will soon be ousted from the Ranchi camp.

By all of the above it is quiet clear how Sarvatmananda and Rudrananda have their stooges in place to support their own claim to power. And even though these stooge succumb to all kinds of degrading behavior, still they keep their top posts because their band leaders need such brainless and spineless people in order to keep their power. So it is all one dirty, endless cycle. And the sole cause behind it all is the groupist mentality.

The situation with EC is quite similar, though it plays out in a slightly different manner. Because of the power dynamics in EC, it is the leader himself how is indulged. Everyone on earth knows well that Tiirthananda (the EC leader in NY) has a long history with Didi Sumantrita. They go together to the movies, frolick like teenage lovers in the shopping malls, and often stay together in hotels. These two lovers even sometimes disappear together for days on end without telling anyone. Their infatuation and behavior isl well known to everyone. But they - certain Wts and ACB margiis - do not do or say anything because Tiirthananda is the one who gives them their money and post. They know that if they take action against Tiirthananda then he will not lend his support to them anymore. That is also the reason why Anand Giita keeps mum - otherwise she knows she will not get any $$$. All in all, many females & some wts are fed up with Dada T yet they stand in support of Tiirthananda as they think he is the one who can bring change. But when again they think more deeply those same females get very bitter.

Now see how Tiirthananda uses the same operative tools as Sarvatmananda and Rudrananda. Tiirthananda has conveniently made Nabhaniilananda DPS (Dharma Pracar Secretary). Dada N has a big name and a big post, primarily because he is involved only in doing own pracar - not the pracara of AM ideology. When in Manila sector, Nabhanillananda feel into a love-making affair with a sister - and that is not the only isolated case either. This Dada has a colourful history in this arena of sister relations. Yet after this mega blunder, Tiirthananda made him DPS, a very prestigious post. Because Tiirthananda understand that this is a convenient and strategic way to run NY sector. And all along, Nabhaniilananda is still doing the same type of thing - running here and there with young margii girls and boys. Still Dada N thinks that he himself is a teenager - frolicking about and getting into messes. The margii children have love for Baba and are growing into veritable sadhakas, while Nabhanillananda is just using his stature to cash in on his desires. He is more careful and sly in NY than he was in Manila - that is the only difference. All the while, this is well known to his boss Tiirthananda, but Tiirthananda knows how to grease the wheel and take hold of the sector. Those with a rational mind are saying that Tiirthananda has learned well from his mentors / competition, Sarvatmananda and Rudrananda.

Now take a look at how EC is handling things outside of NY. Some may recall Dada Krsnasundarananda, an Ex-Wt of India birth who left the Marga around 12 years ago while in Suva sector. This Dada was was characterless from the very beginning as he was always having many girlfriends during his WT life. Eventually He left from WT ship and got engaged with one lady in Australia. He stayed in that kind life for 12 year. Now EC has again made him an avadhuta, without even retraining him, taking measure for rectification, nor giving him punishment. Why? Because EC is anxious to build their numbers & cadre in any way possible, regardless if one is a moralist or not. So today, this Krsnasundarananda has magically appeared on the scene and is working in Orissa plus he gave a big lecture in Copenhagen at the Prout conference. Sadly, poor innocent margiis intently listened to the "great spiritual discourse" from the immoral mouth of this degraded Dada. Those how know the his history are joking how EC has brought one more Tiirthananda type of fellow into their group.

Make no mistake, there are a number of very good Wts in our Marga. Even then it cannot be denied that many in the upper echelons have suffered and indulged in all kinds of failings and weaknesses. Because of this they are unable to check other workers. Listen to this story: The Sevadal chief Liilabodhananda bought a big, beautiful flat in Bombay - a very expensive place. And Liilabodhananda is keeping one women there - his lover. Central even knows this is going on but still nobody wants to say anything to him. This Dadaji is misutilizing organisational money and power, but when groupism is in vogue who will tell him? Nobody because few if any have the moral force or courage and most of them harbor this same type of black history and wish to keep their story hidden. In that case why risk their own status by pointing out someone else. Just let the dirt be as is. That is the shameful culture that is prevalent now in our Marga - all because of groupism and the fight for power. The end result of all these shenanigans is the sheer loss of moral force and the total degradation of our Wt cadre. Because when groupism itself thrives then rather than being rectified and uplifted by dharmic supervisors, workers with poor conduct are exploited and allowed to continue their misdeeds. Such stooges become the loyal companions, or more precisely, victims of group leaders. We are all learning the hard way that groupists are not at all reliable - we cannot depend upon them to lead our organisation into a new era of dharmic activity and sentient peace.

Here Baba gives us a key way how to solve the problem. Baba says, "Regarding the Sixteen Points, it was said that a'ca'rya/a's or senior persons would see if you were observing them properly or not. Similarly, I gave a directive to all that they should keep watch on one another. No one will exempt anyone else regarding the Sixteen Points." (AV-23) Baba says, "...Inspire those who are liars and criminals to live honest lives by pointing out their defects. This is the only spiritual approach to punish wrongdoers..." (A'nanda Va'nii #8) The only way out of the current organisational crisis is good conduct, i.e. following Baba's teachings, cultivating ideological understanding, and sharing with others what is going on. It is time to turn over a new leaf. We must no longer allow group leaders to "reward" Wts with loose behaviour by granting them high posts so that that worker can then become the slave or stooge of that group leader. This debased approach is not the way. All must be responsible for following 16 Pts and held accountable. This will bring about their welfare and the regeneration of our AM society. The mere existence of any group - B, Ranchi, EC etc - is a veritable threat to the well-being of our Marga. Let me repeat: Only by making others aware of the problem - raising the collective consciousness - can this situation then be solved. Through strong circumstantial pressure, the current leaders will either rectify themselves or be forced to run away and hide. That will pave the way for true, moral leadership in our Marga.

By Baba's grace the same recipe outlined for building a healthy human society 3500 years ago is still true today. Baba says, "The guiding factor behind the creation of the Maha'bha'rata was dharma – the creation of a great human society in which there would be peace, happiness, fraternity and no poverty." (Disc MHB) That is Baba's teaching. Only by upholding dharma can a great society be built. Hiding misdeeds and manipulating others for one's own power will only lead to turmoil. And not only that, in the end the truth will be revealed anyway. We should all be eager to follow a dharmic code of conduct and encourage others to do the same.

Karma Rasa

*************************************** Boon For All
Baba says, "Just as the diseased body organs can be restored to normal by administering medicines internally and externally, they can also be healed more safely and more perfectly with the help of Yaogika asanas and mudras. The aim of this book, therefore, is to make the general public aware of the Yaogika methods of treating various illnesses. My purpose is to let people cure themselves by practicing the a'sanas and mudras described in this book." (YT preface) Note 1: In the above teaching from the preface of Yogic Treatment book, Baba is guiding us that asanas & mudras are the most perfect way to cure and heal the human body. Hence in Baba's Yaogika Treatment book, these practices-- asanas and mudras-- stand as the main pathway for overcoming illness and attaining proper health. Whereas the other types of remedies given are more of an auxiliary or secondary approach. Note 2: Overall there is a lot of confusion about this as many mistakenly think that the herbal remedies etc are the main way to cure oneself. But that is not correct. Asanas and mudras are the most highly regarded and recommended way. Note 3: Another aspect to this discussion is that Baba's own introduction to this topic is completely unique. Whereby He is giving special attention and particular emphasis to the goal or object of the book-- i.e. that asanas & mudras are the main component. Whereas in most of His discourses, rarely or perhaps even never does He so vividly highlight what the inner teaching is going to be.

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