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Do You Know This Important History?

From: "Gagan Deva"
Subject: Do You Know This Important History?
Date: Sun, 01 May 2011 18:17:25 -0000



For decades and years - including up to the mid 90's - the situation in Ananda Marga was very tough. The scene was quite bleak. The communists were openly attacking and targeting AM. Here below is some of the documented history from that era.

By Baba's divine grace, those brutal attacks have since dissipated. It is just His grace.

But that history should not be lost forever. Here it is for your review.


In this chilling, first-hand account, one of our most senior Dadas describes below how he and two other workers were brutally attacked and pulled from their compartment on a train. This stirring incident clearly shows how ghastly we were treated those days. And this following scene is not an isolated account. There were many attacks of this ferocious nature wherein communists fired directly or incited riots against the Marga.

Dadaji's account starts here:

    'The four of us came to the Krishnanagar railway station [in Bengal]. The
Baharampur-bound local was not to arrive yet for an hour. We sat on a bench
on the platform and engaged ourselves in conversation. Some unknown men,
standing some distance away attracted our attention. They were looking at
us suspiciously and talking among themselves....'
    'The train for Baharampur arrived on time. We were quick to get in and
occupied some seats. Within half an hour the train reached the Dhubulia
station of Bengal where it was to stop for a few minutes. As soon as the train
stopped, some men crashed into our compartment and began attacking us,
shouting at the top of their voices, 'You hypocrite sadhus! Kidnappers! Get
down from the carriage, quick!'. Grabbing our arms they were about to drag
us out of the compartment. Their violent appearance, the smell of liquor on
their breaths, their crude language and beastly behaviour showed they were
some antisocial gang. There was no doubt that their action was
premeditated; they attacked us with definite motive. We were nothing before
their combined force; we were totally helpless. Even then, our moral
courage was decidedly stronger than theirs. We stood in defiant protest
against their onslaught...'
    'The train had moved a little distance from the station, but suddenly
came to a creaking halt. The gangsters had pulled the alarm chain.
Instantly a large contingent of ruffians broke into our compartment,
shouting filthy, abusive language. This time their aim was to haul us off
the train. They used their combined force and started to drag us by the
arms. They were mad in their bestial behaviour. The other passengers were
frozen in terror...'
  'Some ladies were trembling and broke into tears...'
  'Suddenly, something flashed in my mind. There was only one who could
save us from this predicament. Closing my eyes for a few seconds, I
concentrated my mind on Baba. I regained my strength and equanimity.'
  'On the platform we faced a huge crowd of hundreds of people. They
pounced upon us immediately and started heckling us. They pulled off our
turbans and tried to tear our clothes off us, pushing and pulling at us
from all sides, shouting the same names as before, 'Kidnappers! Beat them!
Beat them!' They were like a pack of frenzied wolves, it was quite useless
to inquire which boy, whose son, where, who. I realized we were the victims
of a planned conspiracy. I again remembered my saviour Baba and surrendered
to Him...'
   'We were dragged forcefully along the railway lines, the gang hitting
us with all their might. They brought us to as big field adjacent to the
station. In a twinkling of an eye, thousands assembled there. Some had come
with the intention of teaching some child-stealers a good lesson, some had
come to get a kick out of beating us and others came to enjoy these jokes.
Pulling and pushing and dragging us, we were brought, at last, to the
middle of the field.'
   'We were surrounded by angry, leering men on all sides. To them we were
only kidnapers to be brought to mob justice. Vulgar words were continuously
thrown at us. Different people were threatening us with any weapon at
hand-- branches, bamboos broken from some fencing, iron rods. We were
victims of a deep conspiracy and would be the victims of a lynching. After
this not even our nameless corpses would be found. With fear in our eyes we
trembled to think what lie ahead and again remembered Baba. We consecrated
ourselves to Baba's holy feet and stood motionless, our eyes closed, lost
in the thought of Him...'
    '...[Later] They surrounded the room. They started to pound and beat on
the door. We had bolted the shuttered, barred windows from inside, but they
were hitting them violently. Soon the latches were broken and the panels
splintered. They started throwing rocks and brickbats through the broken
windows; we sheltered ourselves in a corner of the room. Some of them were
trying to break the iron grilles off the windows....This tremendous struggle continued for a long time...'    
[Ultimately in the end], the Supreme Father snatched us from the jaws
of death when escape seemed impossible. I felt we all got new lives handed
over to us. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I offered my homage to Him for
His kindness and mercy...Nobody can snatch the Lord's loving children from
the ever-secure shelter of His feet without His consent..." (Dada Sarveshvarananda, My Days with Baba, p.155-61)

Note: if you wish to know the full story then kindly read Dadaji's book.

Such brutal attacks against Ananda Margiis were carried out for years and years; tragically this was not an uncommon occurrence. So many have their stories to tell. In the above account the aforementioned Dada survived, but all too often our Dadas died. In Ananda Nagar our Dadas were butchered and in so many other places as well.

                                   1982 MASSACRE AT BIJON SETU

The tragedy of the massacre at Bijon Setu (Kolkata) stands out as one of the most singular acts of brutality against the Marga. As we all know, that day 17 workers were pulled from their taxis and beaten with iron rods and finally burned. All died.

(Note: Of the 17 who were murdered that day, 15 were AM monks; 1 AM nun; and 1 margii named RamRaghuvar Agrawal who was BP of Jaipur unit Rajasthan. It should also be recognised that Vanshidhar Parikh of Jaipur was in one of those taxis as well but he was spared because he did not have a beard and those communist killers were confused about whether he was really an Ananda Margii or not. Those who know Vanshidharji should forward this letter to him. We would like to hear from him directly so we can get his full account.)

Our dedicated workers were heading to an educational conference and the road was blocked by a raucous crowd. The murders were committed in plain daylight with thousands watching - news spread of this throughout Kolkata - but not a single arrest was ever made. The communists were firmly in power those days.

Please see the attached scans related with this ghastly crime. (Note: If you wish to receive more scans from this article let us know.)

By this incident it is clear that the communists were determined to destroy AM property and kill every Ananda Margii; their approach was a form of genocide.

So for decades and decades the situation in AM was very difficult. Outside enemies would attack us without any provocation. Through their crude, wide-spread propaganda it was thought that Ananda Marga should be exterminated - period. They were burning and destroying our AM schools and eliminating our acaryas and margiis. This is the well known history.

                                                  BABA'S GRACE:

                                    THINGS IMPROVED AFTER 1995

Thus everything must be viewed by the context of the day. There is always a socio-political landscape at play. And for us, in those days the scene was that the communists were brutally attacking Ananda Margiis and wiping out our properties. Indeed they were blowing up our schools and buildings with dynamite.

All this happened up to a certain time. Yet after 1995 such gruesome attacks came to a halt. One may say it is coincidence, or whatever the reason. After that year everything changed. I do not know why it changed, what happened, or who was the cause, but I see very clearly that things changed.

It is just like how coyotes howl at night yet when morning comes the whole scene changes. Coyotes do not bring the dawn but when dawn comes coyotes disappear.

After 1995, something happened and thereafter the situation changed: Communists did not attack with such force and brutality.

It is just Baba's grace that now we are no longer openly targeted like we were those days.

May we all remember Baba's divine words as an eternal source of inspiration:

Baba says, "The grace of Parama Puruśa is always showering on all without exception. Therefore, attaining immortality is the birthright of every human being." (Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 3)


                                        PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"A'ma'y cha'r'iya' kotha' ja'o e nirajane..." (PS 665)


 Baba, You are my closest One. O' my Beloved, where are You going in
this isolated, lonely dark night-- leaving me all alone. O' my dearmost
Baba, please do not go away from me. Baba, why are You making me cry so
profusely & letting me float in the tears of my devotional longing for
You. Baba, please smile always in my mind, constantly radiating Your
sweet, divine love.   Baba, by Your grace I have loved You so intimately
in dhyan; You know it well.  Baba, You are my dearest One. But if You
were really a good person You would not play this heart-breaking liila
with me each and every moment; You would not leave me in this dark hour.
Baba please be merciful; please remain here along with me.   Baba, there
are countless devotees with great qualities & talents who love You very
much. Indeed there are numerous persons with top-notch merits & virtues
who have deep longing for You. Because of this, it seems there is no
place for me in Your mind-- neither during daytime nor nighttime,
neither in dream nor in awake state: Never.   O' Baba, please do not
leave me alone. Please shower Your causeless grace on me by keeping me
eternally in Your divine shelter...

                          Blow on Human Intellect

Baba says, "They [groupist leaders] concoct various so-called scriptures,
they formulate all kinds of logic. They maintain to the human race that all
the races in this world are not equal. Thus instead of considering the
interest of the entire human society, they give preference to the interest
of a particular community. This loud propaganda in favour of a particular
community, this parading of irrational logic, this sort of fallacious
argument, all combine to stifle the spontaneous growth of human intellect.
This sort of mentality is called dogma." (AFPS-4, p.61)

Note: Some groupist leaders in our Marga are moving in this same narrow style.

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