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Re: Prout's Solution to Georgia Conflict

To: Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 23:42:28 From: "Hank & Rita Tomasson" Subject: Re: Prout's Solution to Georgia Conflict Baba "Ta'i bhavi mane toma'ri smaran'e, path cale ja'i toma'ri sharan'e, A'ma'ra boliya ya' bha'vito hiya', ta' nahe a'ma'r bujhi ja'garan'e..." (PS 715) Purport: Baba, due to my extreme vanity and ignorance, in my heart I was thinking that everything-- all my material possessions like money, wealth, post, position, might, and strength-- is really mine and that they will remain with me up to eternity. In this way I was deluded. But By Your grace You have blessed me with samvit* and an awakening has come. Today I have realised that all those worldly things are transitory: They are not mine. They do not belong to me permanently. Rather I have come alone onto this dusty earth and one day I will depart this earth and will have to leave everything behind. Baba in this universe nothing is mine except You. O' Lord, You have given me the gift of bhakti and with the devotional mind I can understand that You-- and only You-- are mine. Because of this I am always singing Your divine glory and I am always engaged in the depths of Your ideation. in my heart I feel that You are everything. Every moment I follow Your path and ultimately by Your grace I surrender at Your alter-- O' my Lord. Baba Your liila of Yours is unfathomable: It is full of diversity. On the one side all the organs of my existence are engaged in negative engagements and crude dealings. That voice is drowned in its own arrogance and makes utterances filled with its own ego and audacity; and the eye is glued to its own feeling of superiority and vanity. With this vain outlook, there is disdain and disgust for others. All these negative features rampant. And then on the other side these organs do all kinds of positive works and dharmic pursuits. They engage in shravan, manan, niddhidhyasana*, dhyana, japa, dharana, kiirtan, and puja etc. Baba in this liila of Yours all these negative and positive activities are happening right in front of Your very eyes. You can see it all happening before You. Baba, my mind is wild. I do not have the necessary strength to control it and therefore ask for Your mercy and surrender at Your lotus feet. By the shadow of Your infinite grace, by Your divine compassion, by Your sweet ideation, by doing kiirtan and sadhana etc, I can control that wild mind which is running under the intoxication of maya. Baba, by Your grace I can keep that wild mind cool, calm, and quiet-- pointed towards Your divine Self. Baba, You are my ultimate shelter; I surrender at Your lotus feet... ASTERISK NOTES (*): *Samvit: Baba says, "The popular meaning of sam'vit shakti is "awareness"-- awakening from slumber. With the help of sam'vit shakti, unit beings become aware of their existence. They realise that they are the crown of creation, the most evolved beings whose goal is to attain the supreme rank and dispel the darkness of the avaran'ii shakti of avidyamaya." (APH-4) *Shravan, Manan, & Niddhidhyasana: Here below Baba explains the special import of these three devotional practices. Baba says, "To attain Him human beings have to take recourse to shravana (constantly hearing His name), manana (constantly ideating on Him) and nididya'sana (constantly meditating on Him)." (TK-3)
Namaskar, in view of the serious problems that are caused by the insertion of a floating population, we can continue to expect to see a big uproar in South Ossetia (Georgia), as the Russian forces seem adamant to impose their will in the name of protecting Russians living in the separatist region-- i.e. South Ossetia.
Verily, throughout the course of history, the establishment of a floating population-- a.k.a. outsiders-- in any foreign land has led terrible tragedies. Maybe the initial settlers arrived with peaceful intentions, but over time, tensions mounted and the locals got annihilated. That was the case when the first European settlers started to arrive on the shores of the USA. Four hundred years ago, there was a thriving Native American community of 100 million or more, and now that once-thriving community has been nearly banished from this earth. All because, little by little, those settlers outnumbered the native inhabitants, until finally it became a full-fledged colony of the British. Later, the early US government finished then job that the British started, and the backbone of Native Americans was crushed. And there are so many cases where the insertion of outsiders has created hell and chaos. Before the Muslims began sending their people into Jammu-Kashmir, it was a peaceful place existing as a Hindu-run state. And now there is fighting and bloodshed in Jammu-Kashmir each and every day. And we can say the same thing about Xinjaing province China as well as Tibet. In both those places, China sent nationals to occupy those lands. Thereafter it was not long before the Chinese government cracked down on the local inhabitants and brought them under Chinese rule. Indeed there are cases like this in the backyard of each and every nation, wherein outsiders, or a floating population, was sent to a particular region as an initial move for a country to take over that area. There are thousands of years of examples of this occurring: From the early Aryans to the British Raj, and countless cases in between.
So then what is the solution to the present-day conflict in South Ossetia, Georgia, wherein Russia is imposing its unholy will in the name of defending Russian nationals living in South Ossetia. Firstly, South Ossetia should not continue in its separatist ways and try to exist by itself as a small country. Already Georgia and South Ossetia suffer from racial and communal tensions, but the answer is not for South Ossetia to break away. Baba says, "This age is not the age of big animals and small countries, because it is difficult to supply them with pabula. It is difficult for small countries to maintain their integrity." (PNS-17) Small nations cannot survive on their own in this modern era. So South Ossetia must not separate from Georgia. However, nor should South Ossetia allow themselves to join, i.e. be devoured by, the Russians. Instead, South Ossetia should look to form a federation with Georgia. And Georgia should not create ethnic tension with South Ossetia. Those Georgian leaders should think along lines of one human society. Perhaps this is a big step, but according to Prout this is the only way. Here below Baba is giving clear-cut reasons why South Ossetia should not become part of a totalitarian, materialist nation like Russia where they-- the South Ossetians-- are going to lose their basic rights and freedoms. Baba says, "Communism is also a socio-economic-political theory based on materialism. In communist society [or totalitarian governments like Russia] people’s psychic urges and psychic pabula instinctively run after material acquisition and crude enjoyment. When psychic pabula are guided by a materialist outlook, human beings develop negative behaviour patterns. For example, they become extroversial in nature, develop strong attachment to material wealth and worldly pleasure, become aggressively intolerant of other’s views and thoughts, resort to brute force to repress opponents, deny the existence of spirituality and suppress the psychic urges or pabula of the people. The communist society [Russia] suffers from all these evils." (PNS-12) So this is the first aspect. Should South Ossetia give in to Russian pressure and be duped Russia's false promises, then all the inhabitants will lose not just their autonomy, but all their basic rights as well. This is the dark history that has occurred wherever Russian forces have exerted their will. The captured people and land get suppressed and harshly ruled by Russian leaders. And in today's Medvedev-Putin led Russia, the prospects are certainly no different. Under no circumstances then, should South Ossetia fall under Russian rule. Rather, South Ossetia should rebuild its ties with Georgia.
Secondly, by seeing the situation in South Ossetia, Georgia and the repeated history, no outsiders should be allowed in any area. To date, countries like Japan and Bhutan have had great success in maintaining social harmony by not allowing outsiders, i.e. those who were not willing to become part of that socio-economic region. That means in places like Japan, Bhutan, Norway, Sweden etc, the governments have been strict to safeguard their nations from outsiders. Floating immigrants are not welcome to walk into those nations and live. Rather, to work and live in places like Japan, one must demonstrate a long-standing commitment to the welfare of Japan and be ready to live there like any responsible citizen. Not merely as one who is hoping to make some money and then leave, or establish their own community within Japan etc. If other places were to adopt this same type of strict policy, then it would not be difficult to achieve social harmony. Unfortunately, many countries from the US to South Africa to Thailand contain huge segments of outsiders and that spells disaster for that area. Already South Africa has undergone untold torment due to the presence of English outsiders. And presently, due to so many Chinese living in Thailand, the Thai are experiencing more and more troubles. Likewise, it is not far off, when even the imperialistic United States will undergo the ill-effects of having so many outsiders within its borders. There will be more and more social unrest and economic strife. That is the way it happens as jobs are lost, insular communities are built, and money pours out of that land etc.
These are two key points for enabling the population of Georgia to live peacefully on this earth. And indeed this a a universal recipe that applies to all communities and all peoples, Failing that, wherever a floating population (i.e. outsiders) is allowed to exist and wherever a totalitarian regime is allowed to get a foothold by dividing the local people, then in due course that area will be under great duress and struggle.
Here Baba neatly describes the duplicitous and conniving methods of exploitative countries like Russia. Below is the game Russia is trying to play in Georgia, and that is why a catastrophe is unfolding there. Baba says, "You might have noticed that many political parties try to maintain their existence by propagating the separatist tendencies amongst differing human groups. Those who do this very often brand other political parties as separatist. Obviously, such an effort on their part is intended to ensure their own existence and to hoodwink the unwary public. Common people, because of the wilful machinations of such political forces, do not understand who the real separatists are. In such cases group interests become more important than the collective welfare of humanity. Thinking of their narrow group or party interests, they curtail the legitimate social, economic and political rights of others, and thus become a great obstacle to the all-round growth of humanity." (AFPS-8) Here again Baba describes the groupist mind-set of the Russians who feel that in the name of protecting their own population in outside ares, they can exert their will and harm the local people. Such is the extreme disease of their nationalistic or groupist tendencies. Baba says, "Those guided by group psychology are like ravenous tigers. Of all the different types of flesh, human flesh is said to be the most delicious. That’s why the tiger that has once tasted human flesh will raid a village if it cannot get human flesh in the jungles. If it happens to see human beings nearby, it will immediately attack them without bothering about domestic cattle. Where the analytical approach is ingrained in people’s social psychology, separatist tendencies flow through their bones, blood and marrow. Such people become extremely avaricious for human flesh. That’s why those who have rejected the path of synthesis and are guided by group psychology and have accepted separatism as a political creed, are lying in ambush to catch any group for their blood. Beating the drum made from the skin of their victims, they announce to the world that they have annihilated the separatist elements." (AFPS-8) After all, nationalism is just a bigger form of groupism. And when any nation looks upon other lands as a way to spread their national interest at the expense of the local people, then hell abounds. And tragically, that is exactly the psychology of those Russian leaders as they bull their way to control South Ossetia.
By Baba's grace, with the spread of spirituality, petty conflicts and bloody battles like what is happening in South Ossettia will be gone from this earth. Then humans all around will shed themselves from any groupist or separatist tendencies and embrace the ideal of one human society. That is the only way to ensure peace on this earth. Baba says, "You should proclaim to the world, ‘Henceforth, we shall no longer remain divided into various gotras, and erect artificial walls of separation among ourselves. Smashing all these barriers, we shall all sit and eat and drink together in the same compound, bound by the ties of one human family. We refuse to remain scattered in numerous clans – we... belong to one gotra." (NSS, Disc:2) Namaskar, Hitendra
****************************************** Method to Make Ideal Human Beings
Baba says, "Some people may ask: Why does A'nanda Ma'rga run many kindergarten schools and not many high schools, degree colleges and universities? A kindergarten school is something basic and the mission of making human beings is accomplished here. If one has already become a thief or a criminal, in that case university education for such a person is of no avail. One is to be moulded in one's childhood. If one receives the fundamentals of education in the formative period of one's life, one will keep oneself alright in the teeth of the greatest trials and tribulations in life. A bamboo, when green, can be shaped or bent in any way you like. Once it ripens, any attempt to reshape it will break it. This is why more stress is to be laid on kindergarten schools. Such schools are the first phase of making human beings." (PNS-18 p.37)

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