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Re: Tips for Relieving Tension in Day to Day Life

From: Kalyan Deva "Kgt935@medianet..."
Subject: Re: Tips for Relieving Tension in Day to Day Life
Date: Mon 09 Apr 2012 21:51:35 -0000




Yes, I appreciate the views expressed in this letter:

>The speed of science is progressing fast yet the mind is not developing
>at the same rate. So there is a serious maladjustment. The result is psychic
>tension. We have to do something to enhance the quality of the mind: To make
>it stronger. That solution is sadhana, i.e. psycho-spiritual practice.
>When one does sincere sadhana, the mind gets stronger and stronger.
>Then one is ready to face all kinds of problems and difficulties.
>And not only that, those very same challenges are no longer problematic.
>That is why sadhana is verily the key for relieving, even eliminating,
>the daily tensions and stress of modern living. All because one has a
>base in life - the base of spirituality. This brings mental strength
>and balance.

That was a very good read (reference letter of 02 April) and here following are some further thoughts. First however is a point-wise summary of the conversation up till this point.

1. Because of the advancement of science life has become more complex and faster than ever before;

2. Nowadays, people have to deal with so much more information as well as tighter time schedules;

3. This heightened speed and complexity has created more psychic tension for the populace;

4. Even seemingly simple, day to day problems, are beyond the ability of people to solve;

5. So although physical life is comparatively easier than before, the huge pressure and tension in the mental realm weigh mightily on the common person.

6. The solution is sadhana - by making the mind stronger and more balanced through meditation, one will be able to manage and thrive in today's complex world without suffering from psychic tension.

This is indeed the era of stress. I see this in friends, family, colleagues, and people on the street. It wears on their face, their eyes, their demeanor and their outlook. They do not seem to find any escape; rather their tension only mounts.

Here following is more about the solution given in the first letter: By doing sadhana and increasing the capacity of mind, one will not feel overwhelmed by the speed and complexity of modernity.



We have to remember that just getting initiation into Ananda Marga sadhana is not enough. If we are not pointed in our meditation practice then we will suffer the consequences of various mental problems. If we do not do sadhana, then the mind may not have the requisite capacity to handle the increasing speed of worldly life. In which case we will be at risk of feeling overwhelmed and depressed.

These are not brain diseases but rather psychic diseases: Everything from anger, frustration, and stress to those larger issues which leads one to the brink of a total mental meltdown.

What is even scarier is that those suffering from the early onsets of these psychic diseases may not even recognise it. That disease will grow and grow. it may present as simply as being short-tempered with those around us, to having headaches or so many other common ailments like stress. If untreated with sadhana, a stage may come when we move closer to having a nervous breakdown or other serious mental ailments.

So we must be very serious and sincere in doing sadhana and Sixteen Points.


Baba guides us that a psychic disease is a disorder wherein the the mind feels overwhelmed due to an improper manner of thinking. There is no organic or physical problem. Only one is stuck in defective ways of thinking and that affects their whole psyche. Here follow Baba gives us the solution.

Baba says, "One of the numerous benefits of sadhana is that it keeps the mind free from psychic disease and encourages the natural growth of the mind...You must remain vigilant so that in your individual life you do not become the victim of a psychic disease. (A Few Problems Solved-7, The Faculty of Knowledge-3)

Kalyan Deva


Here below is a link to the initial letter on this topic:

"D'a'k diye diye bolechile jege ot'ho je a'cho ghumiye..." (PS 2773)


O' Lord, You gave the clarion call to those sleeping in the cimmerian darkness: They were plunged in the spell of avidya maya, thinking that this material world is everything. With Your divine call You told them 'Awake, arise - follow the path of bliss'. Your divine call saturated the sky, air, and even the shade of the tree in the desert. That call resonated from the dust of the earth to the top of the mountain, from the height of the hills to the bottom of the ocean, from the burning desert to the snow-filled peaks - everywhere.  

That very call of the Divine Entity vibrated throughout the hot dry sand to the riverbank and across the young green grass in the forest. It echoed in all the ten directions. That divine call reached to the flower petals in the depths of the heart and it vibrated the braids of the hair-- the entire existence.  

Carrying the nectar of the river of love, the clarion call saturated the glow of the evening sun. It also spanned across the whole horizon as well as in the direction of the eastern sunrise.

Baba, Your divine call changed everything from staticity to divinity...


When the divine vibration of Parama Purusa touches the devotee's heart then it feels like Parama Purusa is directly calling the devotee with His own voice. These below passages from Baba's discourses echo the theme of the above Prabhat Samgiita - wherein His clarion call is resounding everywhere.

[#1] Baba says, "In the crimson rays of the early dawn floats the trumpet sound from the distant blue void. The call resounds: Arise, awake and waste no time in sleep. Tear off the fog of dogma and march on smashing under your feet the sky-kissing challenges of the rocky mountains. Remember that victory does not come by itself. Victory has to be invited and welcomed with sweat, the warmth of the blood and the fiery flames of hard labour. The task you have undertaken has to be brought to its consummation. When the mission is noble victory is sure to come. So do not sit inert wasting your valuable time. Be ready to give a fitting response to the clarion call of the cosmos. Be ready from this very moment." (A'nanda Va'nii #70)

[#2] Baba says, "Ignoring all the obstacles on the way, you must rush towards the real destination-- Parama Purus'a. His sweet call rushes towards you since eternity. Can you disregard that Supreme call and keep yourself engrossed in the petty world created by Ma'ya'?" (Tattva Koumudi - 2)

[#3] Baba says, "From time immemorial you have been listening to the sweetness of His divine call. Can you remain oblivious to it, engrossed in your little world created by Ma'ya'?" (Ananda Marga Ideology Way of Life-6)

"With cosmic ideation set out from the starting point of moralism and advance towards supreme realization. Your feet may bleed, cut by the thorns scattered on the road, the sky, rent asunder by the lightning and crashing thunder of the fearful storm, may fall on your head, but proceed you must. You are a born fighter, To flee the battle in fear and hide like a corpse in the hills is ultravirous to your existential vitality. You must advance towards the Supreme Entity, your original abode, smashing all obstacles on the path." (Ananda Marga Ideology Way of Life-6)

[#4]  Baba says, "O' human beings, you are fortunate. The clarion call of the Universal has reached you. Not only has the call come, but you are hearing it and it is vibrating in every cell of your body. Will you now lie in the corner of your house as an inert being and waste your time by clinging to old skeletons and bemoaning them? The Supreme Being is calling you in the roar of the ocean, in the thunder of the clouds, in the speed of lightning, in the meteor's flaming fires. Nothing good will come from idleness. Get up and awake the clouded chivalry of your dormant youth. It may be that the path is not strewn with flowers and that inferiority complex will be attempting to hold fast your each advancing step, but even then you have to proceed onwards tearing the shroud of darkness. You will tear the thick darkness of despair as you advance in the racing chariot radiant with the Sun's brilliance towards the attainment of the Supreme state." (Subhasita Samgraha - 1) 

Ananda Marga has Spread and is Spreading Across Various Planets

Baba says, "The small nucleus of an organisation which we first started at Jamalpur has extended its circumference far beyond the small frontiers of that small town, and has now spread all over the world. It has furthermore spread across many different planets and is still continuing to spread to many more." (Morning General Darshan, Library Hall, Patna, 3 January 1979. Transcribed from the original Hindi discourse of Baba.)

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