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Prout Warned Half-Century Ago & Happening Now

Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 11:48:01 To: From: "Giriish " Subject: Prout Warned Half-Century Ago & Happening Now Baba "Nutan jiivan labhiya'chi mora' nutan us'a'r kiran'e..." (PS 5015) Purport: Baba, by Your divine grace we all got new life-- in this new light wave of the dawn. The new dawn has come and vibrated our body, mind, and soul. Baba You have graciously shown us the path: The path of bliss, Ananda Marga. By Your grace, we have left all those outdated, rotten, old dogmas. Except Ista, except You, there is no charm in the life. Your love and grace is resonating in our entire existence. Baba, we all belong to the same gotra, one family. This whole world lies within this same gotra. With the love of our heart we will awaken the entire world by Your grace. Baba, You have blessed us with new life in this new dawn. This is nothing but Your causeless grace...
Namaskar, Crackdowns and rioting have once again come to the fore in Urumqi as the Chinese seek to control this capital city of Xinjiang province. The world looks on in shock as huge clash occurs between the local Uighur population and the ruling Han Chinese, fueled by the ongoing migration of Chinese nationalists to that far distant province. The spilling of blood, the killing, the ethnic cleansing - all this horror has occurred in the past and now it is coming round again. Yet, long ago Baba warned of this very problem and stated that there can never be peace where migrant worker populations or floating laborers are in vogue. The world did not listen then and still no one is listening today as this very circumstance which caused the riots in Urumqi touches down in so many other regions across the globe. The result will be absolutely disastrous if prompt action is not taken. Everyone in all places should be aware.
In 1949, the Chinese Communist government seized control of Xinjiang province which is far, far to the west of Beijing. The native people are Turks, the largest population of which is the Uighur community. To take control and establish dominance, the Chinese officials began relocating its Han Chinese people to that area. They now outnumber the locals in all respects. The Han Chinese then are migrants yet are running the show and imposing their cultural will on the region. Indeed this is an age-old strategy. Baba says, "When the British handed over power to Mr. De Valera, they divided the country into Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland. Many settlers came from England and settled down in the extreme northern portion of the country. In the same way the Chinese sent many people to settle in Tibet so that the Chinese population would outnumber the population of Tibet, and finally Tibet would become a part of China. When Manchuria was occupied by Japan it was renamed Manchu-ko, and many Japanese settlers were sent there so that the Manchurians would be outnumbered by the foreigners. The same thing happened in the case of Ireland. England sent many people to settle in the northern corner of the country." (PNS-19) So now in Xinjiang province where the Uihgurs are now vastly outnumbered, the same technique is being employed. And the local Uighur population is quite suffocated by the presence of the Han Chinese. Because those Chinese do not consider themselves to be part of that land per se, but are trying to take that place as their own. Even when this area known as Xinjiang province used to be its own country - in the same way that Tibet used to be autonomous. All this creates strife, struggle and so many problems like the recent killings and brutal beatings happening now in Urumqi. So those areas around the globe that are slowly being outnumbered by outsiders such as in the Philippines and parts of Africa where the Chinese are massively increasing their numbers, those countries should be vigilant and alert - lest they lose their autonomy. For all these reasons, Baba's mandate is that under no circumstances should migratory workers be allowed. Baba says, "Outsiders must be strictly prevented from interfering in the local economy." (PNS-21) Instead those workers should be given a means to live in their homeland. Or if going to another land, they must merge their interest with the local interest. Prout's approach is also that one may only work in a different land if their cultural interest and values are cent-per-cent in line with those of that place. Baba says, "The fundamental issue is whether or not each person or family has identified their individual socio-economic interests with the collective interests of the concerned socio-economic unit." (PE) Only in that case may a person live and work in another place. Just going there to get a job or impose their culture is not at all part of Prout as it leads to the destruction of the local people. And, not just that, but ongoing wars, death, and bloodshed. Indeed, Baba has warned about all this - yet no one has paid heed. The world powers keep churning as is. Unfortunately, not just Urumqi but in so many parts of this earth this very problem is mounting as the struggling global economy and capitalist mind-set have greedy investors looking towards resources in distant places and local people are forced to leave their homeland and work outside.
However, none should think that the problem is entirely one-sided. The problem is not just that outside workers are coming to a new place and pushing aside local people and customs. That is one issue and the root cause, but not the whole story. Outside workers are leaving their areas for a reason. They are getting squeezed out. No one likes to leave their hearth and home, their friends and family unnecessarily. But when capitalists have shifted their businesses and when money is not rolling in a region, people are forced to migrate or float to a place where they can survive. Thus with no other option, they often go alone in search of work, leaving their family behind. This happened centuries and decades ago with the rise of many cities in the west. And now all over the globe it is happening. Africans are heading to Europe for work; Mexicans and Central Americans are entering the US; the Chinese are going all over Southeast Asia; Indians are going to the Middle East. This is happening in so many places. Actually it is nothing new, but it is happening much more as the grip of the sluggish global economy effects billions of people. Plus behind it all, greedy capitalists are trying to take the resources, minerals, and land of far away areas. So although the root cause is one - migratory workers - the problem gets expressed in multiple ways and in the end local people clash with migrant populations and neither are happy. Migrant peoples were forced to leave their original place due to impossible living situations and the local people feel threatened and suppressed by the arrival of outside workers. The situation does not work well for anybody. Yet in this global economy, it is happening everywhere. The problem is spreading and throughout His Prout teachings Baba has warned that this does not bode well for the humanity.
Of course so many countries, governments and capitalist forces are to blame: The US, Brazil, England, Mexico, etc. Though probably, those top capitalist nations created this awful domino effect. Now - although the problem is pervasive - the biggest transgressor is China. With their booming population, with their internal strife and discontent, with their growing disparity of wealth, with their emerging economic influence, and so many other factors, the Chinese are exporting their populations all over the globe. Their aim is not political control per se, but rather economic might, captured resources, and cultural domination. While in China, there is a single birth policy per family, the hoards of Chinese who live outside - such as in Africa, SE Asia, North America, or elsewhere - are encouraged to produce many children - just like the Muslims do. That way one can increase take greater command of the area. But as we see the result will not be pretty. In those regions bloodshed, fighting, and rioting in the street are imminent.
The problem is quite serious and from the get-go Baba has issued warnings - as long as half-a-century ago. His Proutistic guidelines offer so many red flags as to the adverse effect of a floating, migratory workforce. Baba says, "For economic democracy is that outsiders must be strictly prevented from interfering in the local economy. The outflow of local capital must be stopped by strictly preventing outsiders or a floating population from participating in any type of economic activity in the local area." (PNS-21, 'Economic Democracy') Baba says, "The psychological defect of a floating population is this – the people fail to accept a new locality as their own home, so they cannot forget the land they left behind." (PE) Baba says, "The population of every socio-economic unit should be organized on a scientific basis. The problem of a floating population should be tackled on the block level itself. Where there is a floating population, it should be either permanently settled or returned to its original region." (AFPS-8) Baba says, "The elimination of the floating population will also protect the social life of the cooperative from the possibility of adverse social influences." (PNS-14)
Although it is complex issue, Baba has addressed it from all sides and given the solution. Those living and working in an area must accept that place as their own and by merging their identity with the interests of that locale. Baba says, "Local people are those who have merged their individual socio-economic interests with the socio-economic interests of the socio-economic unit they live in. Clearly, this concept of local people has nothing to do with physical complexion, race, caste, creed, language or birth place. The fundamental issue is whether or not each person or family has identified their individual socio-economic interests with the collective interests of the concerned socio-economic unit. Those who have not done so should be branded as outsiders." (PE) If one fails to embrace the new, local place and join the interests of those people, then they must not be allowed to go and live there. That is Baba's Proutistic teaching. Side by side, in all areas, local people should be guaranteed work, then they will not turn toward becoming a migratory worker. Baba says, "In economic democracy local people will hold economic power. Consequently, local raw materials will be used to promote the economic prosperity of the local people. That is to say, the raw materials of one socio-economic unit should not be exported to another unit. Instead, industrial centres should be built up wherever raw materials are available. This will create industries based on locally available raw materials and ensure full employment for all local people." (PNS-21)
The awful situation in Xinjiang should stand as a warning to all that is what happens when a migratory workforce or population influx occurs. Then hell results and it is not at all easy to restore a sense of peace. Thus all such situations should be prevented and all areas forewarned about the impending disaster. By Baba's grace He has given the solution and if applied now, so much fighting and bloodshed can still be averted. The scene in Urumqi does have to be a blue-print for what will happen elsewhere - we still have time to act and employ Proutistic principles. Baba says, 'Economic democracy will devise ways and means to effect the smooth progress of society." (PNS-21) Namaskar, Girish
*************************************** Negative Teaching Makes People Cowards
Baba says, "Starving people...basing their lives' ideals on the wrong religious concept and philosophy throughout their genealogical traditions they come to regard their own miserable circumstances as the God ordained destiny. If, in those days they had a high-spirited leader, if they had heard his fiery speeches, or could get a proper lead and guidance, they would perhaps have made a concerted assault on the then social structure." (HS-1, p.76)

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