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Can we call it Dharmashastra

Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 20:33:27 -0000
Subject: Can we call it Dharmashastra




Throughout the course of history, in various religions, dogma has been injected by selfish people. In most cases those selfish people were senior priests of that very religion. Take the case of Buddhism: After Buddha passed away senior Buddhist priests injected various dogmas into Buddhism. And now it is full of dogma.

In their own way Catholic Priests, Muslim Maolbis (priest), and Hindu Pandits (Hindu priests) did the same thing. In order to establish their own supremacy they manipulated the teachings according to their own view. And for hundreds of years, religious followers practiced those dogmas.

Indeed even the teachings of Lord Krsna were gradually adulterated by the priests. And the resulting degeneration that came and was not small, but rather huge. So many false things got propagated; and various dogmas took root.

The sense is that dogma most often gets started from within that religion itself-- by those very people, i.e. priests, who are in charge of preaching that religion. So that is the tragic irony.


Thus in our Marga we have to be extra-cautious & vigilant on this point. Because Baba has given countless divine teachings that cover all the spectrums of life. And it is our duty to carry those things in untainted manner to all the four corners.

But unfortunately what to speak of spreading Baba's gospel of neo-humanism and wiping out the existing religious dogmas, some Dadas have infused their own dogma(s) in order put themselves on top and reserve some special status for themselves. That has happened in the so many ways including the way in which they manipulated Baba's sacred concept of dharmashastra.

Some have done this knowingly and some very innocently.


Most understand that dharmashastra is something very important and should be followed. Indeed Baba Himself has told this.

Baba says: "Dharmashastra is to establish the human beings in the stable, exalted position of spiritual ideation; it must be practical, rational, infallible, and universal. It must be based on deep eternal truth. It must be aptavakya. A scripture is a guiding entity. The Subhasita Samgraha series of books are the scripture of Ananda Marga ideology." (APH-4, 'Our Spiritual Treatise')

Thus dharmashastra is comprised of Baba's divine teachings, edicts and guidelines. Only Guru can give dharmashastra, not anyone else.


But to capitalise on the situation some Dadas have misguided a few innocent overseas margiis into thinking that their own words are dharmashastra and therefore should be followed. In that way some Dadas are getting their own talk accepted as being dharmashastra and unsuspecting margiis are believing that and following those things. In my sector and in our other overseas sectors this negative practice is going. Specifically some are labeling the talks they give at dharmacakra to be dharmashastra. That is the wrong that is happening.


To clarify this matter we should again reference Baba's guideline about dharmashastra. Certainly most senior Margiis have read the book Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell part 4, Chapter 10, "Our Spiritual Treatise". In that chapter, in first paragraph Baba has beautifully described the meaning of dharmashastra.

Baba says: "Dharmashastra is to establish the human beings in the stable, exalted position of spiritual ideation; it must be practical, rational, infallible, and universal. It must be based on deep eternal truth. It must be aptavakya. A scripture is a guiding entity. The Subhasita Samgraha series of books are the scripture of Ananda Marga ideology." (APH-4, 'Our Spiritual Treatise')

Hence, according to Baba, dharmashastra means aptavakya, eternal truth-- His direct discourses. In particular Baba expresses that our dharmashastra is His Subhasita Samgraha series of books etc which contain His DMC discourses. So the  English equivalent term of "dharmashastra" is spiritual scripture.

By this it is clear that dharmashastra is one very high thing of deep import that is sacred and should be followed. And top of all dharmashastra is purely related with Guru's teachings only. It is not the direction, talk, or gossip of any a,b,c,x,y,z human.


But what way certain Dadas have falsely instituted the word 'dharmashastra' in our day to day life is completely dogma. Because in overseas sectors the term dharmashastra means a Dadas' lectures or stories etc. Such as a particular Dada's travel story which he speaks after dharmacakra, that story session may be 10 minutes, 20 minutes 30 minutes or one hour, where in our overseas areas this entire session is called as "dharma sha'stra".

Indeed it is the common practice that just after dharmacakra, usually a Dada comes forward and tells his travel stories /journey, or some simple or crafty gossip he will do. In this way some Dadas created the false aura that this is dharmashastra. So this is their thing. And by this way they infuse all sorts of false tales and reassert their dominance over margiis.

Again, some do this knowingly and some innocently.


Whatever may be, multiple inaccuracies are going on. The first thing is that dharmashastra is not just the regular gossip or travel story of one or two Dadas. The real meaning of dharmashastra is spiritual scripture, which Baba has given in 'Our Spiritual Treatise' chapter-- and many other discourses also. So dharmashastra means Baba's perfect scripture, not just the gossip of a certain Dada.

And the next thing is that in our weekly dharmacakra Baba's books must be read-- otherwise that dharmacakra is treated as incomplete. And the talk or discussion about Baba's words is to be known as svadhyaya, not dharmashastra. Only Guru gives dharmashastra and our review of His divine teachings is the practice of svadhyaya.


In place of reading Baba's books though, a few or one Dada's gossip and travel stories will not do. Rather with all due respect those Dadas should tell their tales during some leisure time not during one of our dharma gatherings. But a couple of Dadas are are doing things in inopportune time-- As if Baba's dharmic words can be left aside and the vacuum can be filled with any...

Not only that but in the holy name of dharmashastra a few Dadas use that as a platform to gather funds for their groupist agenda. That recently happened at our local retreat. So this cannot be tolerated.

The idea being that the dharmashastra term itself carries a sanctified meaning. As that is the word of Guru. So the misuse of the term dharmashastra and telling travel tale gossip is not appreciable. It is just like if one person starts selling alcohol and calling it as 'Avadhuta' brand liquour. That is just degrading the term: Avadhuta. Similar is the case of dharmashatra when in the name of that they just tell their mundane travel tales. Or if in the name of using the term 'turban', instead we say pajama. But we cannot then justify by saying that Dada has pajamas on his head. This cannot be supported.


So step by step these various dogmas have taken root in the name of dharmashastra. And in this way some Dadas try to infuse their voice as being the same as Baba's grand teachings. But this is just their hypocrisy. So those few Dadas who are doing like this, their lectures should not be treated and followed as a dharmashastra. Because what they are giving is something from the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Indeed the worst part is that some few Dadas use this as a way to place themselves on the same scale as Baba. And in that way gain supremacy over the margiis and get their own selfish agenda implemented, just like those dogmatic religious priests of old.

But if we all become alert and vigilant about this then surely this dogma can be smashed because nothing should be permitted to stand in the way of Guru's sacred and blemishless teachings.

In this regard we should pay heed to Baba's following mandate.

Baba says, "We should also remember that in the realm of dharma there must be clear-cut injunctions in the form of dharma sha'stra [scriptural treatises] and simultaneously there must be strict guardians who during their lifetime guide themselves as well as others according to those scriptural injunctions." (NSS, 95 Edn, p.200)



In our book Caryacarya, Baba has explained that dharma sha'stra means 'scripture'. And scripture means Subhasita Samgraha etc. That means, Baba's discourses on a dharmic stand. Only dharmic discourses of Baba will be called as "Dharma Sha'stra". So, naming certain Dadas' travel tales or their own dreams as "Dharma Sha'stra" is not good, rather blasphemous. But some of those Dadas who are conducting dharmacakra don't like to give up their negative dogma.

That is to say, this dogma of using the wrong term is going on since decades. And a few Dadas are thinking that, "Let it be like that, in this way I can keep the top chair in the eyes of margiis. And what I say they will follow."

So overall this wrong use of dharmashastra is not good, rather damaging and unholy. Because Baba's divine & dharmic discourses are incomparable. And those doing trickery in the name of that are doing...

Unfortunately this is going on in overseas countries where dharma sha'stra means Dadas' travel stories or whatever else they may tell in that time.

And in that way they push their own agenda and place themselves on the same pedestal as Baba.


This term "dharma sha'stra" refers to Baba's spiritual scriptures only.

Because in our Marg, there are three types of Sha'stra: (A) Dharma Sha'stra/Spiritual Treatise (B) Darshan Sha'stra /
Philosophical Treatise (C) Samaj Sha'stra/Social Treatise.'

So Dharmshastra refers to those spiritual, dharmic discourses only. And the reading out and discussion of those discourses after dharmacakra comes within the practice of svadhyaya.


If any Dada wishes to tell about their travel experiences then that is highly appreciated. After all we are all family members and hearing about each others exciting and humorous experiences is part and parcel of human life. This type of sharing is good. The main problem is that it should not be done directly after sadhana during our dharmacakra program. Means it should not be done in the name of dharmashastra-- nor in the name of svadhyaya. Such story telling can be done during or after the collective meal or perhaps during other times of leisure. Because after collective meditation a few paragraphs or minimum 1 paragraph from Baba's books should read aloud to everyone present. This is the minimum system, and this reading and the explanation thereafter is known as svadhyaya.


Baba says, "In the realm of dharma the only true guide and controller and protector of the people is an excellent and comprehensive ideology which provides definite, clear-cut, and bold directions." (NSS, '95 Edn, Shivapodesha-4)


Baba's following lines are infused with a feeling of upliftment and cosmic fraternity.

Baba says, "No entity in this universe exists individually. Ours is a universal family. Each and every entity -- living and non-living, moving and non-moving -- helps others in maintaining not only their equilibrium, but also the equipoise of the entire universe, not only of this small planet Earth. We are to move together with all." (SS-18, p. 40)

"Saba'r priya tumi saba'r a'pan..."  (P.S. 4723)


Baba, You are everyone's most loving and closest One - everyone feels that You are their own. Baba, because You are, I am; And because of You this whole universe also exists. 
Baba, from the peak of the snow-covered, sky-kissing mountain to the deep, serene ocean, from the sun of the crimson dawn to the colourful evening sunset - everything in this universe is Your divine creation. The flowers, fruits, shrubs, forest, and garden - all are Your expressions. Baba, You are the divine Lord of everything and everyone.

Baba, with Your compassion You are looking after one and all; You never hate anyone. Baba, You reside in the mind & You are in the heart. Even then I do not see You, but I feel You. Baba, You are so great: I am always asking for Your forgiveness and for Your grace. By Your divine krpa, with full surrender I always do sastaunga pranam to You - each & every moment.

Baba, You are the most loving One, the most dear Entity of one and all. Baba, You have created this entire vast universe. Baba, You are so gracious, Baba I love You...

Most Noble Work

Baba says, "Soon after Alarka became king, his kingdom was attacked by a neigboring king. Alarka was defeated in battle and forced to leave his kingdom...Alarka decided to give up everything and go out in search of eternal truth...When Alarka's reputation as a great yogi had spread far and wide, the conquering king requested him to take back his kingdom...'Alarka, come and take back your throne,' said the king. 'No', replied Alarka, 'I'm too busy now as I have to propagate dharma in the world. I am bound to serve the society and thus have no time to look after the affairs of the
royal administration'." (AV-7, p.47-8)

Note: After '90, some power hungry monks of our AM went astray from Baba's above noble teaching. And instead they made the attainment of power and post as the be-all and end-all of life. That is why various serious crises have come; because those hovering around the helm forgot Baba's above golden guideline and just began chasing after power and post. When in fact Baba's timeless teaching is that propagating dharma is the greatest and most noble pursuit in life and the best way for building up a vibrant, healthy society.

Note 2: We can also see by His practical example that when Mahasambhuti takes advent on this earth then He propagates dharma and also goads others in this same endeavour. Lord Shiva, Lord Krsna, and Sadguru Baba have given all the dharmic teachings and their each and every moment on this earth was used in the propagation and teachings of dharma.                    

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