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Limited, or Boundless & Great...

Date: 26 Jul 2005 22:55:39 -0000 From: "K Lingappa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Limited, or Boundless & Great... Baba "Toma'y ceye toma'y bheve din ye cale ja'y a'ma'r..." PS 2107 Purport: Baba, O' my dearmost, my days are passing just thinking about You and looking towards You; in this way my life is passing me by, under Your divine shelter. Baba it is so painful that You do not look towards me-- nor do You listen to the feeling of my heart. Baba, in this terrible situation please tell me what can I do to get You. Please grace me. Baba, by Your grace at any cost I will surely get You. Baba, You are my polestar. Since the beginning-- since the origin-- of my life I have been Yours; and up to eternity I will be Yours. Baba, by Your grace I will surely get You. Even when I was sunk in cimmerian darkness my heart was filled with Your love. During that hopeless period, by Your grace I was also thinking at I am Yours. Baba, although the lotus is a just little flower, even then it loves the vast sun. In spite of its meagre-self, the little lotus loves that big entity, the sun. In the same way I love You with my full heart. And now my heart is burning with the fire of longing for You. Indeed, remaining away from You is unbearable for me. Baba, please grace me and come close...
Namaskar, By moving here and there within our organisation, still from time to time I hear a few Dadas raise their old slogan that "Baba has merged Himself into AMPS". Of course right away dharmic margiis oppose the matter and raise many ideological points. Even though everyone is understanding that this "merger" quote is just one dogma, still a few Dadas are trying to convince margiis otherwise. Hence for the awareness of all here are some of the key points surrounding this issue. We all know that Baba is that infinite, all-encompassing Entity Parama Purusa. He is boundless and beyond description. So those who are trying to limit or bind Baba by claiming that He has merged into AMPS are just revealing their own shallow understanding. Because here following Baba guides us that He cannot be tied down in that way. Baba says, "If you try to say anything about Him you will be vainly trying to bring Him within the scope of so many limitations and bindings".
'Asitagirisamam syat kajjalam sindhupatre.....'
"If we use the Himalayas as an ink-tablet, the largest ocean as the ink pot, the branch of the biggest forest tree of heaven as a pen and the entire lithosphere as paper, and with this paper, ink and pen if the goddess of learning writes for an indefinite period even then it would not be possible to write all the attributes that He possesses." (Ananda Vacanamrtam) The central idea is that the infinite, divine qualities of Parama Purusa go far beyond the limited capacity of worldly description. And here again Baba guides us that He cannot be bound or limited in any way. Baba says, "Sahasra Shiirs'ha Purusah Sahasra Aksha Sahasra Pa't.." Meaning: 'He has infinite heads and He has infinite eyes, He is seeing everything. And He has infinite hands, infinite feet. He is everywhere. Parama Purusa is Everywhere.' The grand idea is that Baba is that all-expansive Entity Who is beyond all relative description and Who cannot be limited within the crude, mundane sphere. Yet some Dadas are trying to do this by claiming 'Baba merged into AMPS'. So how can Baba become one with AMPS when AMPS itself is just one mundane structure. And indeed Baba Himself warns us, how all such organisations are transitory in nature. Baba says, "I have often repeated that in this material world no structure can be maintained for long." (NSS, 95 Edn, p. 193) So anyone who claims that Baba has merged into AMPS, they are just exposing their own silly logic. Because in countless ways and approaches, directly and indirectly, Baba has told us that He is that unchangeable eternal entity. And all devotees know and feel this way in their heart-- that Baba is that eternal Entity. Thus since Baba is great & since Baba is infinite, then we should not say that HE has merged into something finite and limited like the AMPS organisation. The organisation has its own limited arena reach. For example, it has only 9 sectors around this tiny earth whereas Parama Purusa is infinite: All the galaxies and nebulae, everything resides within Him. Not just the 9 tiny sectors of AMPS. Or look at the issue in this way. He is the entity upon whom I am meditating. And in Prabhat Samgiita Baba reveals the following:
"Tumi amar dhyaner dhyeya, Tumi amar pranera priya". (PS 1017)
"Dhyaner dhyeyo" means goal of my meditation; "pranero priyo" means my heart's beloved. So aboiut that divine and vast Cosmic Entity who is my Dhyanera Dhyeyo & my Pranero Priyo, about that infinite Entity I cannot tolerate anyone claiming that He has merged into AMPS. Who can think that Parama Purusa has become own with this crude material entity-- i.e. AMPS. This is unacceptable. Parama Purusa cannot be bound like that. He is everywhere. In Subhasita Samgraha Baba clearly explains that Parama Purusa is infinite. So those who are spreading this dogma about Baba merging into AMPS, they do not have any understanding. Earlier Hindu priests, Muslim mullahs, and Catholic bishops were creating such dogmas, but now a few "great" people in AMPS are trying to create their own dogma that Baba merged into the organisation. The sense is that Baba cannot be bound in any way. Rather than confining Him it is the duty of Ananda Margiis to realise and propagate His infinite glory.
"Toma'r ma'jha're kato maha'vishva nihit..." (P.S. 4742)
Purport: Baba, You are so vast; so many great cosmos are situated within You. Outside You there is nothing-- I cannot find anything. Baba in Your vibration, in Your waves, in Your exalted position, I search and find everything within You. From the blade of grass up to the Creator Himself, everything lies within the periphery of Your playing field. Whether in the external world or in the core of my heart, whichever direction I look, I get You. Baba, You are the Supreme shelter of one and all; yet You Yourself do not need any shelter. With the vibration of the heart You are remaining eternally through Your ota and prota yoga. In the rhythm of life You express Yourself via song and dance. Baba, You are equally present in the burning fire and at the same time You are in my heart. Baba, one can get Your divine proximity only by loving You. Only in that way can You be held. O' my dearmost Baba, so many great universes lie within You and also revolve around You. Baba, without You nothing can exist. Baba, You are everything... Namaskar, Karun
Here is the fake quote that is wrongly attributed to Baba. When in fact all margiis are understanding this fact that one or two infamous WT group leaders invented & started propagandising this fake quote in 1990 in order to increase their own power:
"I am not this physical body. This physical body is not me. If you want to know me, work for my Mission, because I have merged myself with the Mission." (Fake Quote
Note 2: IT IS JUST LIKE...
The whole situation of this "merger" quote is similar to this following scenario: If you are walking by some pasture land then some sheep may be talking that, 'oh look at that peculiar looking sheep. That is some long type.' So due to their shallow understanding those sheep could not begin to contemplate about the qualities of human beings. So in their feeble-mindedness they think that you are just one animal-- one sheep. Or it is just like if you are passing by the bushes, then some mosquitoes may discuss amongst themselves that 'look at this odd looking mosquito'. Those mosquitoes will comment like this because they do not know anything more their own limited existence. Their minds are crude and dull. Similarly those who are of a very low standard and do not know anything-- nor do they care to read Baba's guideline that who Baba is-- such persons have their own shallow, superficial understanding. And that way they talk. They just end up saying that 'Baba merged into AMPS'. So this type of crude expression is just the result of their low devotional standard.
See the absurd logic of those persons whose dream is to spread this dogmatic merger quote: (1) The Goal of human beings is Baba. So first, all the created beings merge into Baba; (2) And then, according to this dogmatic merger quote, then Baba merges into the organisation; (3) In which case the organisation then becomes the center of the entire cosmos; (4) Thus, the final result is that all merge into the pocket of Sarvatmanandaji & Rudranandaji since they have been ruling AMPS since 1990. So those few Wts who are foolishly propagating this "merger" quote, their logic is just like drunkard's gossip.
*************************************************** Remedy
Baba says, "On imbibing cosmic ideation all kinds of ailments will be cured." (PNS-8, p.19)

Ideal Avadhuta

Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 21:09:53 -0000 To: AM-GLOBAL From: J. Erikkson Subject: Ideal Avadhuta Baba "Eka' tumi baive keno sab bojha'..." - P.S. 1963 Purport: Baba, You are carrying all the burdens of this entire universe. I want to serve You; please put some of that on my head-- give me something to carry to relieve You. Baba, whatever capacity You have given me, accordingly I am ready to serve You. Baba, by Your grace, I move with Your strength. And I go on marching on the path which You have guided me on. Whatever little intellect I have is because of You. All my hopes, aspirations, desires, longings-- good or bad-- everything is revolving around You. Baba You are my everything. Baba except You there is none to whom I can think is mine. Only You are mine-- no one else. Others are only superficial friends on the good days. But You are eternally my own. Baba, when due to the pain and I cry, then by Your mercy I get you. Baba, You are always there to wipe away my tears and remove my suffering. My everything is because of You. Baba, my life, my death, my entire existence revolves around Your grace...
Namaskar, As we know, Baba is very strict with regard to the standard of our Wt's and Avadhutas. Because by the formation of a strong cadre, then society can quickly be transformed and guided in the proper direction. The point being that Baba's theory of avadhuta is very lofty as the true ideal avadhuta is treated as 'second god' in AM philosophy:
"Shmsha'ne...avadhutao dvatiya maheshvara"
Thus the color of one's dress alone is not enough. Rather the conduct of our avadhutas must be exemplary in all regards. Then they can be considered as ideal-- 'dvatiya maheshvara' or second gods. Unfortunately, these days on various points a certain slackness has set in.
We need not consult the history books or look back in the annals of time to find such examples. Since it was just last week that one of our distinguished avadhutas engaged in the public & heralded celebration of his own birthday. All done in a grand way at one of our AM retreats. When in fact the point is commonly known to all that Avadhutas are not to pay heed to such mundane dates like their own worldly birthday. (a) Reason being that for the Avadhutas, Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is Father, Mother, and Everything. And they have given up everything of their worldly past in His service. In which case where is the scope for an avadhuta to celebrate his own worldly birthday... (b) In addition at each and every juncture or stage of an avadhuta's development and training they are given a new name because each stage itself represents a new birth-- a new beginning. All the while leaving behind their old life. In which case where is the scope for an avadhuta to celebrate his own worldly birthday... (c) Plus for all avadhutas and aspirants Baba has beautifully explained that our present life is not our first life-- rather it is a part life. Because in the cycle of creation and moving ahead via saincara and pratisaincara until finally attaining the human framework and ultimately reaching onto the path of tantra, one has undergone countless lives and one has experienced countless births. This is part and parcel of our spiritual outlook. Thus for these reasons and so many others, the whole notion of one of our avadhutas celebrating their worldly mundane birth has no sense and goes counter to the whole spirit of being avadhuta. Even then NY SOS Dada Rainjitanandaji took it upon himself to celebrate his worldly physical birth at a recent AM function. Not only that it was done with all the glorified 'bells and whistles' of materialistic American life-- following all the traditional ways from the mundane birthday song to the making of a wish. All this was done in Dadaji's honor-- and he jumped right in with full vigor. Thus with full pomp and show and wearing the bright orange of his avadhuta uniform, Dadaji celebrated the whole affair in full grandeur-- with full birthday charm. So how far this is proper and following the spirit or the ideal of an avadhuta as laid down by Baba, everyone can plainly see for themselves-- as it is quite apparent.
Plus this entire birthday festivity did not unfold in a vacuum-- without anyone there to see. It was not like that as SS Dada, i.e. the 'eyes of the sector', was on hand at that very retreat to observe the entire event. But SS did not so much as move a muscle to intervene. Rather he let SOS party to the sky in his birthday rituals. Why SS Dada Tiirthanandaji remained frozen is anyone's best guess. But many are telling it was because Tiirthanandaji was already involved in his own muddy dealings. Since it was at that retreat itself that a major portion of Dada's seminar presentation was spent praising & glorifying himself. When every Ananda Margii is fully aware that self-praise is not good. Hence being short on moral courage himself, SS Dada remained passive on the sidelines-- unable to utter a dharmic word to save the situation of SOS's mundane birthday party. Thus a snowball or domino effect happened-- i.e. one poor showing led to another. Otherwise what can be. And talk is further going on that when SS could not properly monitor the party celebrations of SOS which was all done under his own watchful gaze, then how can SS Dada handle administering and governing the expanse of the entire sector. So this concern is also ablaze in peoples' minds. Where to go and how to proceed in the creation of ideal avadhutas we can think further, and at the same time consider Baba's following guidelines. However one thing surely stands clear: That it is blatantly against the standard of an avadhuta to indulge in the worldly celebration of their own birthday.
Taking everything into consideration here following are some of Baba's important guidelines about acarya and avadhuta life. Baba says, "A'ca'ran'a't pa'thayati yah sah a'ca'ryah-- 'One who teaches through one's conduct is an acarya'. If you cannot learn anything from the conduct and behaviour of a certain person, why should you accept that person as an a'ca'rya." (AVM pt 23 p.150) Baba says, "Bear in mind that people may be harmed or misled by even a small weakness or defect in the conduct of an acarya should always instruct by his exemplary actions and words." (AVM pt 31 p.18)
So even while such birthday scenes and the like continue to unfold across the sector and beyond. Even then we should not give up hope or 'lose the faith'. Because if we are careful to keep a close watch then quickly ideal avadhutas can be created-- in which case fake ones will disappear from the scene. All it take is a little vigilance. And by that way in no time we will have a sterling cadre of avadhutas in the true spirit of the term. Baba says, "Shmsha'ne...avadhutao dvatiya maheshvara" Namaskar, Jayanta
Baba says, "Avadhuta shall always keep himself engaged in the service of Gurudeva with sincerity and devotion, in thought, words and deed, in subtle and in crude spheres, in inner and outer expressions of life." (Rule no. 28 of '32 Rules for Avadhutas') By the above teaching it is quite clear that ideal avadhutas will dedicate everything to Revered Baba. In which case the only birthday they will concern themselves with is Ananda Purnima, i.e. Baba's birthday -- and not their own unit birth.
************************************************ Sadhana Point
Baba says, "Padmasana (lotus posture): Place the right foot on the left thigh and the left foot on the right thigh. Clench the jaws and press the tongue against the roof of the mouth. You can maintain this posture as long as you like." (CC-3) Note: Just as sleeping needs to be done in a lying down posture. Similarly for better sadhana one should sit in padmasana. No doubt margiis are aware about this rule but even then review is needed because some are no longer in the habit of sitting in this posture, while still others have become obese which leads to discarding this rule. In addition, by seeing some sit in the wrong way, confusion can come on such basic points as to which leg to bend first or how to place the palms. Or people just plain forget to keep the tongue back, the molar teeth pressed, the eyes closed, or the spine erect. Hence for one or another reasons any or all of these points can get forgotten or missed. Not to mention that at DMS and retreats I have seen how some people keep their hands clasped together and their fingers interlinked, but this of course is also not proper. So about all these aforementioned points Baba has given the guideline in the above noted quote from Caryacarya part 3 and in the Senior Acarya Diary. So it is Baba's mandate that we should be strict in following all these things properly, as they are integral for enhancing one's movement on the path of sadhana.

Avadhuta's Birthday

Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 22:50:30 From: Dharmaviira Subject: Avadhuta's Birthday To: Baba "Nijer katha' balate gele yug ye cale ya'y..." -P.S. 2610 Purport: Baba, my whole life is getting wasted in propagating my own greatness. Since ages I have been involved in this foolish endeavour. Baba please fill my mind with Your divine tales & by listening them my whole heart and my whole being will be satiated. In order to listen to Your divine gospel, I have remained awake since many lives-- since ages. Baba please grace me with that very smile because by getting a flash of that my life will become successful. Baba today You have graced me and changed my heart; I will no longer waste my time in self-glorification and bragging about my unit 'I', little ego. Because now my mind is running constantly towards You. Baba, I wasted my life in self-propaganda. Now by Your grace only I want to listen to Your glory, Your sweet gospel...
Namaskar, Just a few short days ago one of our esteemed Avadhuta's celebrated his own birthday in grand fashion at one of the regional retreats in our NY sector. So let us all take a peek at the import of such events to see how far Baba is approving this or not.
Long back in Delhi sector Dada Nirmohananandji also had a favourite passion of indulging in his own birthday parties. So here and there and whenever opportunity knocked he would set-up birthday party celebrations in his own honour. This was his way of doing. Then one day in reporting sesion Baba Himself raised the matter and exposed Nirmohananandji in front of all. And it became well known how Baba lovingly pointed out and made jokes about Nirmohananandji's behaviour. In that way Baba Himself has put forth the dharmic injunction that workers are not to involve in such things as it goes against the entire spirit of being Avadhuta. Since then nobody asked permission from Baba to arrange the birthday celebration of any avadhuta. Nor did any acarya dare to do. Similarly that is also why the birthdays of acaryas and avadhutas are never published in different media, ie e-mail or Central Magazines etc.
As we know the spirit of being Avadhuta is to dedicate everything to Marga Gurudev. So by getting Avadhuta diiksa and by getting their new avadhuta name, then they they no longer have anything of their own. In that blessed state, everything belongs to Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. And Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is their mother father, & everything. That is why in conduct rules of Avadhuta, there is no such thing as the observance of one's own birthday or any form of celebration or glorification of one's own unit existence. Rather the avadhuta's goal of life and the be-all end-all of their existence is to glorify Baba's image. They are to be fully established in and dedicated to AM ideology and Marga's Guru's glory. Baba says, "Avadhuta shall always keep himself engaged in the service of Gurudeva with sincerity and devotion, in thought, words and deed, in subtle and in crude spheres, in inner and outer expressions of life." (Rule no. 28 of '32 Rules for Avadhutas') Adhering to this principle no true Avadhuta celebrates their own personal mundane birthday.
As we all know Baba warns us to steer away from things like self-publicity & self-praise. Thus when the chief result of indulging in one's own birthday party is drawing attention to oneself, then no avadhuta should indulge in such acts. Baba says, "Why on earth should he indulge in self-publicity? To whom will he publicize himself? Such acts are the antics of common, avaricious people with beggar-like mentality." (SS-2, p. 49) And to go one step further, in the case of one's own birthday party, that is not only praising oneself but even worse-- celebrating and overtly highlighting one's unit cause. Overall it is just like how stealing itself is bad yet the annual celebration of a notorious stealing program is far worse.
Who can say they have heard about PP Dada's birthday or GS Dada's birthday. The answer is on one. Because it is not done. Yet If this birthday celebration would have been accepted & approved then certainly first PP Dada's birthday would have been celebrated every year. And then step by step GS Dada's birthday followed by , Purodha Board members and Central Dadas etc. Like this all high posted worker would be doing. But if you examine the history of AM never has such things been done. Because it is understood that this is not approved by Baba.
However, at last week's Boston Regional retreat, Ac. Rainjitananda Avt celebrated his own birthday with full gusto and glory. In grand fashion, everyone present at the retreat sang a hearty round of the traditional American "Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to you" song in Dadaji's honor. And during the singing one sumptuous cake was brought out and served to Dadaji. And like that the whole affair took on the flavor of one mundane Americana birthday party whereby non-margiis make a wish for crude objects as they blow out the candles on the birthday cake and receive presents from one and all etc. So like that Rainjitanandji's celebratory occasion and birthday party was carried out whereby Dada accepted the card and cake and all arrangements in his own honour. Because at that moment Dadaji's birthday was the showcase event going on at the retreat.
So how far it is appropriate & befitting for Avadhutas to do like this everyone can surely arrive at the answer. Yet who can forget that at one time Vishokananda and Madhavananda also carried the title of Avadhuta. Thus for those who do not follow the codes and standards of being avadhuta-- their title of avadhuta is meaningless, or thereabouts. Because Baba's guideline is that being Avadhuta in name only is not enough-- one must follow the spirit.
And here in the case of Rainjitanandji he is not only avadhuta but also Purodha, i.e. one of the specially chosen, hand-selected avadhutas. So see the standard of some of our Purodhas these days-- they are fake, or what can be. About any such cases Baba has given the following teaching:
"Mana na' ra'inga'ile ra'inga'ile yogi ka'par'a. Saffron and red do not a yogiis make With mind undyed he remains a fake." "Dye your mind with His colour.
Those who have not done so cannot attain Him, for this very coloration is Prema or Divine Love...No external sign of Sa'dhuta' or virtue is necessary. Become sa'dhu within. Behind the external show of virtuousness of many so-called sa'dhus exists apharisaic state of mind. Preserve the true dignity of the word, Sa'dhu."
"Mu'd'ha mu'ra'ye jata' v'ar'aye.... With shaven head or matted locks And ashen body a Sadhu walks With the swaggering gait of a well-fed buffalo. And crude mind filled with thoughts mean and low."
"That is why I say that you must bring about a revolutionary change in the flow of your judgment and thought, and see how, after overcoming your fascination with external colour, your mind becomes tinged with the Hisglorious colour." (SS-3)
At all times may we always remember these following divine words of Baba. Baba says, "We are proceeding from darkness towards effulgence, from imperfection along the golden steps to perfection. No obstacle on the way will be able to stop our advancement...the inherent desire to bring well-being to all living beings is our way...Moving ahead is the very wont of life." (AVS, p. 48-9) Namaskar, Dharmaviira
Here it is meaningful to carefully read Baba's teaching that after initiation one gets re-birth. So in this situation we should all consider & rethink this idea of celebrating one's physical birth. Baba says, "With an initiated person the first birth was the physical birth and the second birth was the spiritual birth, during initiation. Such a person is divya, born twice: First, you are simply born as an animal being. But this second time, as a human being. So unless and until one is initiated one is not, one cannot be, treated as a human being." (AVM) So in Baba's above teaching's teaching is that physical birth does not have so much meaning in the life of a spiritual aspirant. Because when they get initiated that is counted as a re-birth. On that very ground the physical birthday of a human being / sadhaka does not have much value. The main value is when the person gets initiated and takes shelter at Rev. Baba's feet.
Why should anyone should practice or propagate their own birthday? We are raising the slogan Parama Pita Baba Ki Jai! His victory, His glory, that is why the real devotee has only one birthday to celebrate. That is Ananda Purnima-- Baba's birthday. But those who do not have that type of devotion, with faltering steps they usually go away from ideological path. And sometimes they remain on track.
*************************************** Cooking Tips
Baba says, "If the vegetables get a little burnt and [you think] that 'Oh, people can't eat this.' [Then] Quick- pour a lot of water onto them, and add fifteen or twenty betel leaves. That will reduce the burnt effect." (NKS, '97 Edn, p. 105)

About The Point of Marriage

Date: 14 Jan 2005 03:43:29 -0000 From: "Acintya Deva" To: Subject: About The Point of Marriage Baba "Maner ma'jhe khunji shudhu toma're..." - P.S. 712 Purport: Baba, in my mind I am searching only You-- but those past memories of days-by-gone which are buried in the mind are swirling all around. Baba, I am trying desperately to only think about You but those old memories are hovering all around me. Baba, the dark clouds of doubt and suspicion come very close and disturb me; and they also get blown far away into the oblivion, by Your grace. Seeing this unique play of light and shadow my mind gets intoxicated. Baba, while living in this transitory world I get captivated by both the good and bad things. The panoramic crowd of the boats comes and again floats away-- and I just remain lying there alone on the bank of the river*. Baba, please come close my Beloved; please grace me. O' Baba, this is not the time to go on playing Your liila with me. There is no time for that-- most of my life has already passed, and now death is knocking. Already I have gotten too involved in this liila of Yours. Now just please come with Your sweet loving smile. Baba, if You love me then come and sit here-- very close to me. Please do not continue to play Your divine game of hide and seek, again and again. Baba, I am struggling hard in my sadhana and dhyan, please grace me by coming close... * Here Baba is painting one symbolic picture. Because when anyone is sitting on the riverbank and any boat comes along, then naturally that person is curious to see what is going on and they want to look at all the people and things on the boat. So the 'crowd of boats' refers to the colourful panorama and attractive things of this mundane world. And 'sitting on the shore' means the sadhaka is trying to do sadhana. The sense is that in this state, when the sadhaka sits for meditation then so many scenes, thoughts, and desires enter the mind. And 'lying there alone on the river bank' means that ultimately the devotee wants to cross that river and reach to Parama Purusa. That is why he is sitting there trying to do sadhana-- in order to reach unto Him. But in that process the devotee gets caught up in watching these various eye-catching, worldly attractions represented by boats going up and down the river.
Namaskar, Is it true that really LFT's must get married? Because I have noticed how Dadas are highly concerned on this point and they often convince LFT's to either (a) get married or (b) in straight way those Acaryas inject in the minds of those LFT's that 'if you want to remain celibate then become WT'. Under these circumstances, most of the time ultimately those LFTs do get married. And by this way gradually our LFT system has gotten ruined or paralysed. And the reason is obvious: In this modern world, doing social service work full-time and at the same time looking after one's unit family life and caring for the children is not possible.
So we have seen that those inspired youths who were engaged in full-time service to the society on the platform of AM, until they were married their role and output was very good. They were hard working & dedicated. But as soon as those same LFTs got married, they felt themselves surrounded by innumerable personal problems of their own family, children, etc. Then, struggling in this way between the two commitments of LFT and family life, neither could they do full-time social service nor could they look after their family life properly. In result their own children got negatively affected and started hating AM. Many examples are there of this especially in India. Where married LFT's continue in their dedicated work for AM but in that way their family got disturbed in many ways. Partly because they hardly had any income and also because of lack of time spent with the family. Then in that case the children see that they are not getting what others have-- not proper clothes, education, or money and ultimately under such conditions they get one negative impression of AM.
Furthermore I personally know so many LFT's who started suffering from inferiority complexes on the mundane level of earning money, worldly comforts, and about their own children, family education. And in that state of mind which is filled with inferiority complex, nobody can give the balm of peace to the suffering humanity. Because if someone is suffering from psychic ailments of their own, then how can they remove those same ailments in others' lives. It is commonly seen how many LFTs after getting married became so much self-occupied by their personal and own family problems. And they did not have the time or opportunity to think on the matter of social service. So on both the fronts they lost-- because they were leading the life of LFT so they did not care about the proper job or earning source. But when they suddenly forced / convinced to marry, then in a flash the situation went from positive to very negative. We are also aware about many LFTs who worked for some time as LFT without caring for their worldly qualifications and after getting married they started feeling the need of proper money and job. In which case some of them started feeling repentance that why they became LFT. And they began questioning themselves that why they did not care about own career, degree, diploma or proper job earlier. Because now their married life became one nightmare. So these are some of the common concerns, difficulties and problems related to LFT life in our organization these days.
Now let us see what our Guru says, then this disputed matter can be solved. Because in this world everyone has their own logic. So if we investigate what is Baba's eternal truth and we keep that view in mind and start our discussion then the outcome will be healthy.
So on this point Baba has given a very significant and in-depth teaching in the Namah Shivaya Shantaya book, section Shivokti 3. In this following teaching Baba's guideline is very straight forward. It does not have any ambiguity or convolutedness. In clear-cut language Baba teaches us that those who want to do something great for the general society or for the welfare of one and all, then they should remain unmarried. Baba says, "Those who want to shoulder a greater responsibility out of the dictates of a noble and great ideology and find it impossible to accept the bondages of family life, should remain single." (NSS, p. 115) So Baba's teaching is very clear and we have seen in the practical life also that when LFTs are bound in marriage then it is very difficult for them to wholeheartedly serve and give 100% time for the cause of the entire humanity.
One other point: If LFTs are involved sometime in their own family problems and sometime for problems of general society then it means that they are not giving full time. And in that condition they cannot be called as local full-time worker-- their situation will be LPT (Local Part-Time). Because when the full form of the abbreviation of LFT means Local Full Timer, then surely they have to give full-time otherwise they will not be LFT. And full time cannot be given when one is in the bond of family life. That is why LFT and married life are not working together. So we have to think on this very point. Because nowadays our LFT system is basically defunct. Means whatever was existing got deteriorated; and whatever was existing lost its vitality.
The demand of the time is to create more & more LFTs because LFTs are the full-time link between the common mass and WTs. Reason being LFTs are more aware about their own local areas than WTs. So if our LFT structure is functioning properly then our WTs will more easily execute our social service programs of Ananda Marga. Otherwise, without the help of LFTs, when Wts are transferred to new places then they face enormous problem to start everything from the beginning. brotherly, Acintya Note 1: Get married= WTs are telling or preaching to LFTs that either you get married or become WT. There are some cases where LFTs do not like to become WT b/c while living with Wts those LFTs saw first-hand many of the negativities and Himalayan problems that WTs undergo, and their way of exploitation to others and by others to them. So because of living close by WTs and seeing all those things, then in that case many LFTs do not feel comfortable to join along as a WT. This is one of the reasons. And those LFTs who decide not to marry and remain as LFT then pressure comes 'You have to have marry otherwise I push you to be WT. Choose either one. You cannot remain as LFT and unmarried'. In this situation innocent LFTs feel themselves to be in an awkward situation. They find themselves standing on one small rock between one chasm and one ocean. And with pressed mind in uncomfortable state they half-hearted resolve that, 'Oh, oh okay, if I have to opt one then I have to choose married life.' Note 2: I have seen here in India that those LFTs who are unmarried, their work is excellent. Since long time they are continuing their services and welfare activities unhindered. But unfortunately those who got married either they left their LFT ships or got plunged into the quagmire of family life and they became dysfunctional in deep organisational involvement. So they became liability on both the sides: family life and organisational life. Ac. Raghunathji is one such example. He has always been greedy towards Margiis' pockets. In spite of the fact that margiis and WTs point fingers at his accountability and question him about his financial dealings. But Ac. Raghunathji is so much concerned with his own unit feeling that for one or other matter he collects money but then he finally diverts those funds toward his laokik family. This is the unfortunate trend in his life and since many years this is going on and everyone in India is aware about Ac' Raghunathji's case. Also, in spite of having a good heart Ac. Raghunathji has remained unable to take care of his subordinates' lft welfare. That is another critical point. Here we can conclude that married life is needed and important for aspect of society building; but for LFT's it is proved as impractical. Note 3: The root cause behind this entire LFT issue is the following defective mentality: 'That we WTs are dedicated & no one else can be treated as a dedicated'. This sort of misunderstanding is the cause of ruining the LFT structure. When we know the truth is that LFTs can and should be just as dedicated as WTs, because dedication is not something external only. That is why there are many cases where it looks like someone is fully dedicated but in reality that person is self-engrossed and involved only in their own belly. So superficially they dedicated in that they wear the dress, but practically they are not. The point is that the dedication of sincere LFT is equally important as that of good WTs. And when LFTs are allowed and encouraged to express their dedication then great things can be done for Baba's mission.
************************************************* Truth Behind
Baba says, "This sort of treatment by hypnotic spell, people say, was started by Dr. Mesmer of France, and so this system is known as "mesmerism." But prior to Dr. Mesmer, this system was known to Indians. In India it was named "raksasii vidya." In ancient India (by ancient India I mean the non-Aryans, the natives of India) there was a non-Aryan lady doctor, Karkatii Raksasii. This raksasii was very famous for her mesmeric treatment. This sort of treatment should therefore not have been known as "mesmerism" -- it should have been known as something different." "Hence we find that in the Mahabharata age, there was surgery, ayurveda, vaedyaka shastra, visa cikitsa, and homeopathy ; and people were not unacquainted with mesmeric treatment either. This proves that medical science was not underdeveloped." (MHB, p.25)

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