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Hypocrisy Exposed

To: AM-GLOBAL From: Arati Date: Sun 19 Apr 2009 22:07:09 -0000 Subject: Hypocrisy Exposed Baba "Ga'nera jharn'a' baye ya'ya, bela' abela' na'hi ma'ne..." (P.S.#4868) Purport: Baba, by Your divine grace the fountain of Prabhat Samgiita songs is flowing eternally, completely independent of the normal cycle of time. Your blissful songs flow according to their own schedule, according to their own routine-- not caring about day or night, summer or winter. The divine flow and sweet melody of Your Prabhat Samgiita songs are dancing on the jagged path. They lead one towards that vast Cosmic Ocean-- towards the fountain of effulgence, towards You Baba...
Note: This entire letter is related with something secretly going on in the Marga. Now it is popping up for all to see. Namaskar, Human life is rare. This we all know. Baba has reminded us of this fact again and again. Thus we should be very careful to utilise our human life in the right way, and not get caught up in the wrong things. For success, we are to be sure that our inner longing is proper and aimed toward Him, not toward any worldly desire like money, name, fame, post, or power etc. Then we will get the cream of life, i.e. Baba.
The tricky part of all this is that it is very common for human beings to openly or secretly yearn for sensual and material pleasures. This is what happens most of the time. Even some sadhakas can get caught in this earthly trap. People want a fancy car, a big house, a beautiful spouse, a prestigious job, respect in society, etc. The list goes on and on. And ultimately Parama Purusa will grant us what we ask for. So if we desire worldly things then that is what we will get. That is the universal formula.
"Ye yatha' ma'm' prapadyante..."
Baba says, "Their desires to attain Him are fulfilled according to their expectations. Suppose someone has a desire to eat delicious food. Parama Purus'a will grant that wish, and the person may be reborn in the next life as a wolf or wild boar, to eat to his heart's content. A woman who wishes to adorn herself with ornaments may be reborn as a colourfully-marked peacock. One day, however, a hunter may shoot the beautiful peacock with an arrow. As one desires, so one attains." (AV-4) Thus there is no hiding or escape from one's longings. Everything we get is a direct result of what we desired in the mind. People get what they wanted. It happens to everyone. That is Baba's teaching. Here again Baba provides us with more examples. Baba says, "Before wishing to attain something, one must be extra-cautious. Suppose a man wants to be a king. In the next life he may be born into the household of a poor man whose surname is 'Raja' [King]. He wanted to be a Raja and he became one! One must be very cautious before wishing for anything." (AV-4) Thus we must pay heed to Baba's warning: We are going to get from whatever we want, so we should be very careful about what we wish for. There is no hiding from this desire. One cannot blame someone else. What one gets in life is based solely on one's own inner desire. That is the only formula - that is the only operating factor.
By Baba's grace there are many Wts who have come into AM into to serve Him and His creation. They want to spread the teachings of AM. Many, many margiis also come in this top-notch category. And in reporting, Baba would regularly ask Wts and margiis what they want. Baba would say, "At this moment I will grant you whatever you desire - just tell me what you want." But side by side, He would grace them with a very sentient feeling in mind. In His presence, those sadhakas would just do sastaunga pranam to Baba and think, "I want only You." At the same time, there are more than a few Wts who entered AM for their own agenda. They are not in it for AM ideology, but for some other desire. Some wished to travel overseas; some wanted respect; some wanted to escape the law; some wanted to travel and meet the woman of their dreams; and some wanted power and control. We see this taking place everyday. Furthermore, when one's desire is not getting fulfilled - if one is not getting a top-level posting etc - then they will go to great lengths to get that. They will even break our organisation into pieces so that they can get a top-post.
Hence those Wts who split the organisation, break away, or create their own faction are not holy beings. They are not doing this for the welfare of our Marga. They are doing this to satisfy their crude desire. And, as we know, what one desires one will get. That is the rule. As Ananda Margiis, we must understand this situation. We must clearly know in our minds that this path of splitting or breaking AMPS into multiples chunks is not good. Those involved in splintering the Marga are doing this either out of their own lust for power or out of their own ignorance and blindness. For a short while, their transitory dream may be fulfilled. But what they are doing is not noble and one day they will suffer the dreadful consequences. This everyone should understand.
This then brings us to one new, secret, and unfortunate development in the Marga. Recently one long-time worker got what they wanted and they did it by breaking away from AMPS and forming their own, separate organisation. But to cover-up their hidden desire they are engaging in so many shenanigans. Ultimately though, they are getting exposed. Here are the details:
A) In 2006, certain people in AM unceremoniously created one parallel organisation named WWDF (Women's Well-being and Development Foundation) in Costa Rica and the United States. Their website address is And everyone understood that this is one very negative thing to do.
B) That is why recently one well-known Didi began telling margiis that she is not involved with this org WWDF. Instead she is befooling margiis by telling that she has registered WWD (Women's Welfare Department) according to the order of Ba'ba'. C) In truth though, when concerned margiis investigated the situation and contacted the Registrar of Delhi according to the Right of Information Act, and got all the papers of registration, it became clear that this Didi's organisation is quite a shocking display and is totally against our organisation and Ba'ba'.
D) The name of this new organisation is not WWD (Women's Welfare Department). Rather the name of her fake and separate organisation is WWDO (Women's Well-being and Development Organisation) . Thus it is clear that this is not the Women's Welfare Department (WWD) of our Marga, but a separate org. It is also clear that the main Didi involved in this is befooling margiis by telling them the name of the organisation is WWD. To that end, she is always writing the short form of her organisation as WWD. When in truth she has created her own separate organisation called WWDO, and she has made herself the chieftain. E) As we all know, our AMPS has a special department for Didis and that department is WWD (Women's Welfare Department). That's why this Didi has crookedly named her organisation in such a way that the short form will be WWD. By that way she is befooling margiis. Not only margiis but even the junior Didis working with her don't know about it. They just naively think that Didi has registered WWD. They don't know the full form - WWDO - and that this is a totally separate organisation and not a department within AMPS.
F) Seeing the situation, it is now clear that the organisation formed by this Didi is just some daughter organisation of the fake WWD-F which was registered in Costa Rica and US in 2006. It has also been confirmed that WWDF (fake organisation) is providing the funding for WWDO (new fake organisation). Some are even are suspecting that WWDF is an enemy organisation - funded and established by the Christian Church and A'nanda Seva' mission (i.e. Nirmegha's Fake Channeling Group) to divide and destroy AM.
G) The registration number of this Didi's new organisation is 61397 / 2008 and it was registered on 26th of Feb 2008 in Delhi. The name of the government official who approved the registration application is Balwant Singh.
(H) The official head office of this new fake WWDO organisation is: S-375 Rear basement, Greater Kailash, Part-2 New Delhi-110048.
H) There are 12 key members who registered this new fake WWDO organisation in Delhi. Here are their names as they appear on the official registration papers. Note: This below information was secured from the office of the Registrar in Delhi according to the newly made Right of Information Act. This is one new right in India whereby general citizens can now get important information about existing organisations like the fake WWDO. 1. Ms. Pramila Bhalla, Kolkata; 2. Ac.Sucita' Ananda Avtk, Kolkata; 3. Dr. Madu Agrawal, Delhi; 4. Mrs. Giita' Singh, Delhi; 5. Mangla Dhotre, Akola; 6. Ms.Ratna Kumari, Purnea Bihar; 7. Kalyani Naik, Sundergarh, Orrisa; 8. Mrs. Shobha Bang, Delhi; 9. Nityabhakti Ac.Surat, Gujrat; 10. Mrs. Malati Pargania, Raipur; 11. Ms. Arati Brokar, Raipur; 12. Mamta Rajput, Panchkula, Haryana. I) The President of the org. is Ms. Pramila Bhalla, and the Secretory is Ac. Sucita Ananda Avtk, and the Treasurer is Dr. Madhu Agrawal.
J) Now, please have a seat as I do not want you to get a heart attack when you hear who is the Didi who did all this and who is the Didi who is the President of the fake organisation WWDO. Please know that the person behind all this is Ms. Pramila Bhalla, and actually Ms. Pramila Bhalla is none other than our very own Didi A'nanda Giita'. Didiji's laukik name is Ms Pramila Bhalla. When she created this fake organisation then she used her signature as Pramila Bhalla. And her full name is written Ms. Pramila Bhalla. So it is entirely shocking that our very senior Avadhutika', Purodha' of 43 yrs has written her name as Ms. Pramila Bhalla when she created her fake and parallel organisation WWDO. Ba'ba' graciously bestowed upon her the revered titles of Avahutika and Acarya and now she has suddenly become now Ms. Bhalla or Miss Parmila Bhalla. How disgraceful. In addition the Secretory of this Fake WWDO has signed her name as Ac. Sucita'nanda. This is also not our AM system. She has not signed A'nanda Sucita' but has signed Sucita'nanda. That is another blunder.
K) So now it is clear that this fake WWDO organisation is in Didi Ananda Giita's pocket. Didi Ananda Giita is the owner. In fact though, we can't say that this organisation belongs to any Didi Ananda Giita. Because this organisation WWDO belongs to Ms. Pramila Bhalla. That is the name on the official registration paper. From this we can understand that Didi Ananda Giita' has left the organisation and also left her Avadhutikaship and Acaryaship. How sad that after all those years of WT life she has again become Ms. Pramila Bhalla. Note: This above information was secured from the office of the Registrar in Delhi according to the newly made Right of Information Act. This is one new right in India whereby general citizens can now get important information about existing organisations like the fake WWDO.
Tragically, by seeing all this, it seems quite clear that Didi Ananda Giita, or should I say Ms. Pramila Bhalla, got exactly what she wanted: Her own organisation, her own land, and her own property etc. Her inner longing and hypocrisy has now been exposed. That is Baba's teaching. And that is the thing - one's inner desire and crude misdeeds will always pop up. It cannot remain hidden. If you urinate in a swimming pool it can be hidden. But if you defecate in the swimming pool then that feces will pop up and rise to the surface. It will be seen by everyone. Here the point is that is what happens when anything really nasty is done, like forming one's own fake, parallel organisational structure etc. Always that nasty, smelly thing will rise to the surface and that person will get exposed. All will understand their hypocrisy and sin. No matter how much the guilty party wants to keep it hidden. Thus, no one can think that Didiji is the protectorate of AMPS or that she is a true avadutika. When she has gone against Baba by creating her separate parallel structure and when she has renounced her avadhutika name - all the while trying to befool innocent margiis and junior workers - then who has an ounce of trust in her character. Rather her ugly, smelly hidden desire has risen to the surface. Now we can understand that all along this was her hidden desire: To be her own queen and president and rule over others. Otherwise what was the need to go against Guru and deceive innocent margiis etc.
By Baba's grace we should long for Him and Him alone. If one wants to become rich or a president then they may get that, but they will not get Him. And, in due course, their worldly title will be lost and they will drown in their own tears. That is why one should never long for any object or thing in this transitory world. It will not last and one may destroy oneself in the process. Only we should desire Him. Baba says, "You should only desire to be one with the Supreme." (YP) Namaskar, Arati
It is easy to achieve worldly things like money, power, and prestige etc. If one wants them then one will get them. This is nothing miraculous. In comparison, attaining Parama Purusa is difficult. Because even if you want Him then one must overcome all kinds of troubles and difficulties until finally one will certainly get Him. But once one gets Him, He will never leave you. Whereas all worldly achievements are temporary and will one day be gone.
Since 1990, various cunning power mongers like Sarvatmananda and Rudrananda have ruled our AMPS. But just because they are ruling the scene does not mean we should leave and create our own parallel organisation. That is not the way. Rather we should plant our feet in the ground and fight for what is rightfully ours: A clean, dharmic AMPS. This is what we must do, not leave and start a separate organisation. Those who leave are either traitors or cowards or both.
******************************************** Future of Those with A Materialistic Bent of Mind
Baba says, "Allured by the paraphernalia of enjoyment these fools do not understand nor do they want to understand the Supreme Entity. They cannot even imagine a subtler world and so they totally deny it. Those who take the crude as their objective have to come again and endure the crude. Trudging along a dark path they are gradually transformed into matter." (SS-3, '92 Edn, p.89) Note: In the present world so-called advanced people in the general society suffer from this above described ailment. It is our duty to save them from their complete crudification.

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