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Mahaprayan of Dadas

Subject: Mahaprayan of Dadas Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2008 16:38:32 -0000 From: BDavis To: AM-GLOBAL Baba
Namaskar, In the aftermath of the recent horror in Nairobi sector, it is with much sadness that we observe the mahaprayan* (death) of two respected Avadhutas, Ac. Vratadhiirananda Avt. and Ac. Harinathananda Avt. As everyone is aware, our dear brothers were shot and killed in a cold-blooded, ghastly murder. It is in the wake of this tragedy, that we take a moment to respectfully honor their mahaprayan. Many acaryas and margiis alike remember well the wonderful contributions of these two departed souls. They will certainly be sorely missed. Let us also remember that there was another life at stake in this crime: Respected Dada Aksharanandaji, the SS of Nairobi sector, was also shot. By Baba's grace, his life has been spared and he is now undergoing the slow recovery process, that is including three operations to repair his thigh and hip. At this critical time, Dadaji needs a maximum amount of our moral, fraternal, and financial support. Certainly all in our Marga will rally around Dadaji. And finally, in memorium... Baba's grace, on this occasion of their mahaprayan*, Dadas Vratadhiiranandji and Ac. Harinathanandji are now seated on His divine Lap-- a place they have earned through their sadhana, service, and sacrifice. Omn shanti, Omn shanti, Omn shanti... Brotherly yours, Balakrsna * Mahaprayan (Death): Many are aware that mahaprayan (death) is the common term used in India and especially in Bengal to describe the death of an honoured or even ordinary person. In that way the newspapers of Bengal are regularly citing the mahaprayan (death) of various persons of society who died or passed away. Some may get confused and wrongly think that the word 'mahaprayan' (death) is one extraordinarily devotional term to be used in association with Parama Purusa. But that is not at all the case. Rather to do so is only to undermine the eternal presence of Parama Purusa. That is why no devotees ever use the word 'mahaprayan' in reference to Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna. Because Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna exist eternally. Then there is no question of Their mahaprayan (death). And for those who need still more technical proof then all this can be clarified quite readily by referencing the dictionary. Specifically in the Samsad Bengali-English dictionary on page 742. Checking there it will be confirmed that the word 'mahaprayan' means death. Which is why it used to refer to the passing away of even common citizens.

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