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A Case of Modern Blindness

From: "Will Chaucey" To: Subject: A Case of Modern Blindness Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 06:17:28 +1000 Baba "Toma're khunjechi a'mi jina'ne, karme, darshanete..." (PS no. 4545) Purport Baba I have searched You on the path of knowledge, on the path of action, and on the path of philosophy. While doing so my heart remained dry like the desert. I could not get any feeling. But by Your grace You have given me this much sense-- You made me understand that You have deep love for me. That is why You have brought me on this earth so that I can love You. All these days I was not searching You in the world of ideation and dhyana. I was searching You externally. But in the last I started doing sadhana and dhyana with the bond of Your love. And since then I am intoxicated by Your divine charm...
Namaskar, Many have deep faith that modern science, not religion, is based on the search for truth and that it is modern science which is the greatest tool of humanity. Science is often regarded as the god of modern day society and that it is science which will solve all of our global problems. However, science does not exist in a vacuum: The guiding force behind it is the human mind. And son long as a capitalist mentality, or racist mentality, or naive mind is pushing science forward, there are bound to be loopholes, if not gaping holes, in scientific knowledge. So the way science is used today is far from this ideal. And one of the main problems is that in numerous cases science is manipulated to promote so-called in-born racial differences.
Of course, as Ananda Margiis, we deeply respect the value of science. Baba guides us to advocate for more and more scientific research. So in our Marga, science is also highly honored-- under one condition: So long as it is guided by the rational & benevolent intellect. Baba says, "Science is also for service and blessedness. Science should always be utilized for the proper progress of human society." (AFPS-7)
Unfortunately, often the way science is used today does not meet up to Baba's ideal. Much of science is used by war mongers for crude weaponry and and many scientific findings are for put forward which promote racial differences. There are innumerable studies released by scientists which give findings based on race alone such as: Blacks do not live as long; Blacks have higher cholesterol; blacks are less intelligent based on the shape of their head; Hispanics have more difficulty learning; Lung Diseases Disproportionately Affect Minorities; Whites have a higher IQ than blacks; etc. Especially in the western world where "scientific studies" are used to measure each and every aspect of life, the idea creeps in-- blatantly and not so blatantly-- that there are in-born differences between the various races. That some races have a greater proclivity for certain endeavours. But such findings only promote racial divisiveness, impose an inferiority complex on a particular race, and give the idea that 'God' created one race better than another. A few decades back, such types of blind studies were the absolute norm. They were trying to scientifically prove racial superiority, especially of whites over blacks. Yet even today-- in this modern 21st century-- there are studies which point in this direction: As if there is an inborn qualitative difference between one race and another.
So even in today's modern era, studies might show that 'blacks have a 75% greater chance of being arrested and put in jail'. And all too often the how's and the why's are overlooked, or just given minor review. Because in this era of white-bred capitalism, where the European races have distinct control, then surely so many factors from schooling to economic gain to social standing play a distinct role in differences of human development. Those races that have less economic might, or less opportunity to attend university etc will surely be more prone to stealing and other crimes. But not because of race, but due to various social and economic factors. So although science has shown some signs of breaking out of this slump-- as compared with decades ago. Still it is lagging far behind. And performing studies solely on the basis of race is bound to create more and more division. Saying that blacks are more prone toward teenage pregnancy and making it into a racial issue as a headline is as ridiculous as saying that white overseas Margiis have a longer life span that Margiis of Nairobi sector or that Indian born Margiis have a greater rate of becoming acaryas etc. Here the whole point is that making conclusive statements based on race is the blindness of modern science. Social and economic and cultural conditions must be taken into account. However still today the differences found in socio-economic conditions is talked about in the small print and the headlines of countless studies point towards in-born racial differences. Of course in our Marga we give no credence to such findings.
In all these following quotations Baba clearly advances the notions that the existential value of all human beings is the same. And surely all in AM hold this ideal in our heart. Yet this remains one point of serious division in the general society. And until modern science wholly adopts this idea, racist theories on the point of health, wealth, intelligence, longevity etc will continue to pollute scientific findings, to some or more degree. Here then are the neo-humanistic ideals that must enter into the thinking and vision of today's scientists-- then and only then can we consider that science has entered the modern age. Till then it it will still be hounded by racial and social blindness. Baba says, "Let us consider the case of race. Many people identify themselves with a particular race. If we look deeply into the subject we come to the conclusion that the human race is one. Some people have black skin, some people have yellow skin, and some people have white skin. Does it make any difference to the inner human being? No, none whatsoever." (AFPS-3) Baba says, "In our Ananda Marga the first step that a person takes is to forget their race or sect and to no longer identify with their race, caste, or sect, regardless of whether their race was superior or inferior. Racial prejudices are very predominant...In our Ma'rga there are no such considerations: these petty differences among human beings are not given any importance. (TP) Baba says, "Tantra does not recognize any racial, [or] genealogical...differences among human beings." (Shra'van'ii Pu'rn'ima' 1959) By all His above teachings, Baba clearly guides us that there are no differences between human and human-- all are one. So until scientists-- and those capitalists funding scientists-- stop looking for trends in racial qualities and instead look entirely at social and economic factors, modern science will continue to suffer from a certain degree of blindness-- thereby promoting divisiveness in today's global society.
By Baba's grace our AM society will spread the sweet tune of neo-humanistic feeling across the world and it will become embedded in all the approaches of life, including "modern-day science". Baba says, "In our Ma'rga the seeds of an ideal humanity are sown from the very beginning of life and humanity as a whole is considered as one family belonging to the race of living beings. In such a society injustice due to economic, sexual or racial considerations will be unknown." (PNS-3) Namaskar, Vinay
********************************************** Hankering For Knowledge Invites Degeneration
Baba says, "Those who have vanity of knowledge, although they do not expressly beseech this from the Supreme, but rather think inwardly that the Supreme should bestow an enormous wealth of knowledge upon them -- this type of person is reborn as vidya'dhara." (YP, p.79) Note: Vidya'dhara is one type of microvita that is under punishment. Such type of unfortunate beings got degenerated and became microvita. So they are suffering and they long to once again get human life. But this will come only after they escape from the noose of the long-term bondage and state of punishment etc.

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