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You Can't Fight Alone

Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2009 08:47:03 +0530 To: Subject: You Can't Fight Alone From: Manomohan Sanyal Baba "Tumi ga'n go ka'ha'r tare badhir kare rekhe dhara're..." (P.S. 1972) Purport: Baba, in this cosmic play of Yours, You go on singing Your divine songs to attract devotees. Even then I do not know for whom You are singing. Baba, Your divine songs are pervading throughout this entire vast cosmos; Your songs are permeating each and every loka. Baba, nothing else is audible except Your divine song. O' Baba, by Your melodious call You have made everyone deaf. Baba, You come and go; and You smile and lovingly look upon one and all with Your infinite compassion. But unfortunately nobody can see You. Baba, because of Your songs, the whole world is melodic. With Your tune, rhythm, & melody, You saturate this entire universe with divine nectar. Everyone is immersed in Your music. Baba, when You come close then You shower Your grace abundantly. In spite of that it is impossible for me to become one with You-- because of my own faults & shortcomings. Baba, You are completely captivating: Your coming and going in dhyana, Your sweet smile, and Your charming look-- all this deeply touches my heart. Baba, You are most attractive. O' Parama Purusa You are the universal mind (Vishvama'nas); You destroy and wipe away all cimmerian darkness and staticity; and You shower Your divine effulgence. Baba, You lovingly hold each and every atom and molecule in Your heart. Baba, everything resides within You. Baba, with Your divine song You have captivated this entire universe. It is Your causeless grace... Note: Parama Purusa attracts devotees in various ways-- such as through the song of His divine flute, His Cosmic Grace and Sweet Charm. And that is what has been expressed in the above song.
Namaskar, Our march on the path of dharma entails overcoming all obstacles. This we all know. However Baba Himself proclaims that there are some obstacles that we just cannot overcome. No matter how hard we try we cannot. We may use all our intellect and every bit of our might - all the force we have - yet as human beings we just will not attain victory, so long as we stand alone. Such is the predicament, limitation, and frailty of human life. What is the obstacle that will defeat us time and time again, and how are we to ultimately prevail. All this Baba has revealed in a few special discourses.
As sadhakas, we encounter jaevii maya day in and day out. Always she is there and it is well within our abilities and strength to get victory. She is not our arch enemy that is beyond our abilities to overcome. No doubt, jaevii maya can be tricky, but we regularly defeat this type of maya. Consider the following. We are walking down the street and a certain type of food entices us - it is dinner time. Yet we know it is our duty to first attend to our sadhana before eating. With a little bit of iccha shakti (will power), we are able to keep our crude desire at bay and first attend to our practice of dharma sadhana - thereby winning the battle against jaevii maya. A sensual picture pops us in our web browser, we might desire to take a quick look, but then we realise its futility, close the pop-up, and move on with our dharmic work, unaffected by the distraction. Here again, we are not bound by jaevii maya. It is fasting day, we are tired, we want to skip our dances and asanas. Lethargy and fatigue are calling. Even then we put forth the needed effort and valiantly attend to our tandava, kaoshikii and asanas. Once again we gain victory over jaevii maya. In short, jaevii maya is the collection of all those types of attractions, allurements, and samskaras that we are able to overcome with our own unit strength. There are countless example in human life: sexual allurement, compromising with dogma, self-glorification, post, prestige, money, and the list goes on and on. They come at us from all angles, but they are small enough that we are able to vanquish those forces of jaevii maya.
In today's materialistic and capitalistic society, all delights of jaevii maya dance before our eyes 24hrs a day. Unfortunately, most of the common people - i.e. non-sadhakas - get burned every day by such allurements. We read of politicians ensnared in sex stings and drug scandals, as well as the guy next door who cannot give up his habit of eating at McDonald's and drinking wine. Most everyone gets caught. By everyone, I mean the common type of citizens that we see on the street. As sadhakas, however, we are able to extricate ourselves from jaevii maya and see her for the pauper that she really is. She has nothing good to offer us and with our pointed intellect, we are not taken in by her glitz and glamour. Each and everyone one of us on this tantric path achieves this each and every day, to some or more degree. No one can enter onto or move forward one inch on the path of Ananda Marga without having the determination, strength, and stamina to surmount the callings of jaevii maya. And, of course, the more sadhana we do, the easier we are able to gain victory over jaevii maya.
Daevii maya, however is a horse of a different colour, a different breed entirely. This we cannot overcome. Call it what you will: Maya, reactive momenta, fate, or samskara, but the callings of this one utterly lead to our demise. There is nothing we can do about it. Daevii maya is also known as Shaevii maya becomes it comes from Shiva or Brahma or Parama Purusa directly. We have a business engagement in London. We have to fly there - there is no choice. We are eager to make the deal. Our plane tragically goes down in the English Channel. We had no chance of survival. Our life ends in this way. That is daevii maya. We could not see her coming and we had no answer for her ways. Earthquakes, incurable illnesses, bomb blasts, economic depressions, birth defects, car accidents, social upheaval - all these things are beyond our control. We may take special care and preparedness in life, but any or all of the above - as well many other types of things - can bind us and change the course of our life at any moment. We have no chance to predict these events, nor avoid them. We are just their victims, as slaves to daevii maya. Such is the gargantuan strength and challenge of daevii maya. Humans have not a chance in the world of gaining victory by themselves. Always we will lose. And indeed if you talk to any aged person, they will recount so many examples in life where despite their most intense efforts they could not prevail. Youths always think they are invincible and capable of doing anything. Yet as one lives on this earth and undergoes the toils of life, we invariably discover how overcoming daevii maya is beyond our limited means. With deavii maya, we have met our match. Only there is one single way out.
Here Baba graciously supplies us with the one and only recipe for gaining victory over daevii maya.
Daevii hyes'a' gun'amayii mama Ma'ya' duratyaya'; Ma'meva ye prapadyante Ma'ya'meta'm' taranti te.
Baba says, "This Ma'ya' of Mine is of the nature of three principles, and is almost insurmountable. Only those who take refuge in Me can overcome this Ma'ya'...Ma'ya', the force that creates confusion and distinctions, is very powerful, it is insurmountable by jiivas [living beings]. “But those who surrender unto Me transcend these forces of Mine with My help." "If Ma'ya' is more powerful than jiivas, will the children of God remain forever slaves of this force? Is there no hope? No, such a situation is becoming neither of God nor of His children." (AV-30) So the only way to overcome daevii maya is to surrender at His lotus feet. Then, by His magnificent grace, we will cent-per-cent safe in all circumstances as He will protect us in all ways at all times. When He is the Controller of daevii maya, then it is impossible for her to bind or ruin us - so long as we take shelter in Him.
One might casually say, "Oh just surrender to Parama Purusa and everything will be alright." This is a true statement, but not so easily done. After all this is the culminating point of all yogas. By His grace, we have a tantric Guru who has given us all the tools to learn the art of surrender, as well as warned us about how the human mind forgets this spiritual art as well. The main sticking point is our ego, of I-feeling. It always wants to poke its nose and take credit for all we do. Baba says, "I did this, I did that – I built this road when I was a minister I constructed this bridge when I was in the Public Works Department” – this is how people become mad for their little “I”." (AMIWL-11) Baba says, "My ego says that my mind belongs to me.” In the practical field this is the case. “I come from Switzerland. I have to get a passport, I have to get a visa. I have to extend the date” – so many thoughts. But all these thoughts are connected with the individual ego, the individual mind. And you never think that this mind also belongs to Him. You think, “It is my mind.” Everybody thinks like this. This is all talk of the ego." (AV-3) So this I-felling and ego are always in the way of surrender. And surrender is not something that can be done halfway. It is either all or nothing. Just as one cannot be a little bit pregnant, one cannot surrender just a little bit. The unit ego and the feeling of surrender cannot coexist. It is not possible just like it is not possible for a man to both drink and smoke at the same time. One can do one or the other, but not both simultaneously. So the moment the unit ego gets involved, surrender becomes non-existent. In that case, we are all alone and we may fall prey to daevii maya at any moment. On our own we cannot fight this type of maya. The help, guidance, and grace of Parama Purusa is needed - yet is unavailable to us only when we hold the umbrella of vanity - i.e. the arrogant feeling that, "I did it and it at all happened because of me etc."
In one of His many discourses, Baba gently asks, so then what is a person to do. All want to become dagdhabiija - free of all limitations and reactive momenta. This is our destiny. Baba says, "Every human being must be a dagdhabiija [burnt seed], that is, one whose samskaras are totally burnt up." (AV-23) Yet in the process of facing all those samskaras and reactive momenta, we are bound to get swallowed up by daevii maya. Is there then no hope - are human beings really helpless? All these questions Baba poses and replies in His sacred discourses and He lovingly gives this final reply. Why not surrender today- from this very moment? Why not focus the mind and free oneself right now. Lay your tired self at My Feet and be free from all the trappings of maya. Baba says, "When people get fatigued, be they jinanis, karmis or bhaktas, they say, “There is nothing more I can do.” In such a situation they can only take shelter in Parama Purus'a. This is called sharan'a'gati.” Here shelter means one hundred percent dependence on Parama Purus'a to the exclusion of all other objects. “A” means “coming” and “gati” means “mobility”. When all mobility terminates in Parama Purus'a, it is called sharan'a'gati. When sharan'a'gati occurs, one is said to have accomplished the final attainment. You should remember this supreme truth." (AV-8) By His grace, this moment comes in the life of every sadhaka, then we can truly receive His grace and blessing - and can surrender at His feet - and that is enough to be victorious. Baba says, "Only a wee bit of the omniscient grace, will be enough. Just a small bit of the Cosmic grace will suffice. A huge quantity is not at all required." (AV-6)
By Baba's grace we will surrender unto Him and gain victory over daevii maya. Alone, by ourselves, we have no chance of winning this battle. But in surrendering to Him, then we are bound to get victory and cross the ocean of samskaras and sit upon His lap. Baba says, "So one must remember that one may or may not attain salvation by dint of one’s own spiritual practices: one will have to depend on His Grace. And because He is one with each and every expressed entity through His ota and prota yoga, He is your nearest and dearest one. You may depend on Him completely, and your dependence on Him is called sharan'a'gati. This sharan'a'gati is the only reply to all spiritual questions." (SS-11) Namaskar, Manomohan
Only as humans beings can we think about why or how a certain event may have happened in our life. Animals cannot analyse the past nor plan for the future. Only human beings have this ability. We only can think about how to get rid from our problems - animals have no such capacity. And the way to get rid of all problems and difficulties - from every trap of mahamaya - is to do sadhana and surrender unto Him.
******************************************** The Place of Occult Powers in AM
Baba says, "In spiritual life as well as in ordinary life, if one retains simplicity it is helpful for the attainment of God; through this one's life and mind become filled with the effulgence of Parama Purusa. This is the supreme attainment. Spying out every nook and cranny of the eight occult powers is another name for stupidity." (SC-2, p.149) Note: Unfortunately in the general society people think that occult powers themselves are the essence of spirituality. Indeed, devoid of occult powers, such persons do not have any concept of spirituality. In AM however it is different; it is not like that. In our Marga devotion gets utmost importance.

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