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For A Better Future

Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2012 21:02:38 -0700
From: Manotosh Deva
Subject: For A Better Future



Here Baba is guiding us - and warning us - to always cultivate a sweet and devotional idea in mind. The idea(s) one harbors in the mind seriously impacts their status in the future.

Baba says, "People according to their respective physical and psychic pabula, are provided in their next life with the requisite physical bodies. Those who want to eat and drink beyond all proportion may be provided with pigs' bodies; in that case, they can eat as much as they like. Those who are very angry by disposition may be provided with buffaloes' bodies, so they can be as angry as they like. And those who long for the close proximity to Parama Purus'a, will attain a developed human frame, a sentient human body." (Subhasita Samgraha - 11, p.24)


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