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Story: Participants of Dogmatic MPD

From: "narayanpanda" To: "amglobal" Subject: Story: Participants of Dogmatic MPD Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 22:00:10 +0530 Baba Krpa Hi Kevalam ~ Baba's Grace is Everything PS Intro: This Prabhat Samgiita is the expression of a pointed devotee. For such a sadhaka, Parama Purusa cannot be shared with others. "Kakhan tumi ele a'ma'r ghare, ta' ki keu ja'ne na'..." P.S. 4373 Purport: Baba, it is so surprising that when You came to my home then no one could know. By Your infinite grace and compassion, You changed my entire life and filled it with charm & splendour. It is Your grace. Yet it is surprising that no one could understand what is the reason behind this. For them You may be far distant but You are always with me-- colouring my whole existence in Your own divine colour. Baba, can no one else understand the sound of Your sweet attractive flute. My days are coming and going; my nights are coming and going; time is passing like this in the waves of Your bliss. Baba, You have made my mind saturated in Your ideation, in Your thinking, in Your flow. It is Your grace. O' my Dearmost, always I am attracted by Your love. You are always smiling and showering grace. How is it that others are not understanding...
Note: This year again the Tiljala camp is glorifying their dogmatic Mahaprayan\ program. Here is a personal story for us all to consider... Namaskar, One time I went back to my village and I learnt that my uncle, Harihara Dasha (a non-margii) had been to Tiljala to attend our Gurudeva"s shraddha function. I asked him how he could attend it. He replied, "What a huge gathering! 24 hours the people were taking delicious food! 24hours kiirtana was going on! A group of about 200 persons from our village & around our village led by Bhaskar Jena went to Kolkata by train in a rally in the name of Proutist Sarva Samaja Sammelan (a badge was given to everyone of them in lieu of rs.10 only). We were fed nicely. We performed your kiirtana for a few hours on those days & the rest of the time we spent visiting different sites in & around Kolkata." He showed his gratitude to Ananda Marga because of free lodging & boarding provided by the organisers.
From the facts mentioned above it is quite evident that non-margiis are brought to the function held in Tiljala from 21st Oct to 26th Oct every year. They're allured or attracted by either free boarding & lodging for six days by the organisers to observe such a dogmatic function.
Whatever it is named as Mahaprayana or shraddhanjali or samkalpa divas the non-margiis will name it "Shraddha", which is called as Dogma by Ananda Marga philosophy. On such shraddha ceremonies the Hindus feed the people freely, and donate clothes or valuable articles to their guests and the public. In such functions "harekrshana hare rama" propagated by Shrii Chaitanyamahaprabhu is sung by hired professional Kiirtana groups.
Now let's suppose someone is traveling by train or flight to Kolkata to attend Mahaprayan Divas (MPD). If one co-passenger asks him about his purpose of visit, he will definitely reply that he will attend Mahaprayan. Then immediately the co-passenger will question 'What is mahaprayan?' The traveler will explain, "On this particular day our Gurudeva left His physical body, so we call it Mahaprayana." Then that co-passenger will conclude by saying "Oh! You are going to attend Shraddha ceremoney." Here the point is that no matter what, if instead of Mahaprayana and Samkalpdivas is named to this day, still then outside the marga it will be termed as shraddha or death anniversrary. Yet we know how Baba has condemned this dogmatic shraddha ceremony in AV-III. Plus in Caryacarya He has clearly mentioned that our AM shraddha function should be observed on any day within 12 days of the death of deceased person.
One Dada has recently correctly written that "Ba'ba' is Taraka Brahma who is a personal entity-not impersonal entity." For personal entities shraddha should be observed within 12 days. It is a fact we've already observed on 29th October,1990. Therefore it shouln't be repeated.
All are aware that Maha'prayan'a literally means 'Great Departure', but commonly means 'death' of any mortal being. Our Revered Sadguru, Lord Shrii Shrii A'nandamurttijii, left His physical frame on 21st October 1990 & His physical body was cremeted on 26th October 1990. After this when it was announced by A'c Devashraddha'nanda Avt that shra'ddha function would be held in Tiljala with all the units around the globe on 29th Oct'90. The then general secretary A'c.Sarvatmananda shouted, "Not shraddha, say Shraddhanjali". Then it corrected as Shraddhanjali. At that time, I thought, 'Baba might have mentioned about the difference about Shraddha & shraddhanjali in Varna Vicitra or shabda cayanika. Sarvatmananda must be knowing better because he was very close to Him.' But still today, till now I am searching for it in Baba's books, and I couldn't find it. Every year some followers are observing a get-together in the name of Mahaprayana along with non-followers of Anandamarga in Tiljala for six days from 21st October to 26th Oct. The question arises "Whose Great Departure takes place every year in Tiljala?"
By Baba's divine grace He alone is the infinite, eternal Entity who is the Goal and by His grace He resides forever in the hearts of His devotees. Those who celebrate the so-called Mahaprayan programme should give up their dogmatic habit and instead come onto the path of bliss and realise His Divine and Eternal Self. Parama Pita Baba Ki-- Jai!! Baba says, "The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings-- That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamurtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty." (CC-II p.1) Namaskar, Panda
Certain dogmatic leaders do this dogmatic MPD event because they get economic benefit etc and they get some followers. This we all know. For that reason they are willing to propagate the Baba is gone, and along the way they fool some naive and innocent margiis who participate in their dogmatic programme. It is Just like how crude Muslim and Christian leaders have lots of followers. The followers naively follow the dogmatic edicts of those religious leaders. That is the way those religions work. Same thing with the dogma Mahaprayan. However, as more and more margiis understand that Mahaprayan is anti-Baba, then they give up attending this dogmatic programme. And that is what we see happening nowadays.
It is Baba's infinite grace that He always remains in the heart of His devotees. When this eternal fact is known, then what is the question of going to dogmatic MPD program and think that Baba is gone. Because that is what MPD says. Rather we should adopt the devotional cult and seek Him within-- realising that He is always with us. Baba says, "Parama Purus'a always remains with you, within the very core of your heart. So search within, O spiritual aspirant, not without, but within, within your very existence." (AV-12, p.41)
In Ananda Sutram Sutra 2-10, Baba describes this eternal truth. That Parama Purusa is living 24 hrs with devotees and one should not search HIM outside by avoiding His presence inside the mind.
[2-10] Otahprotah yoga'bhya'm' sam'yuktah Purus'ottamah
"Purusottoma, the Nucleus of the universe, is the witness of and is directly concerned with every unit entity." And in Karma Yoga book, Baba says:
Madbhakta Yatra Gayanti Tatra Tist'hami Na'radah
Baba explains, "Where My devotees laugh, cry, sing and dance and remain intoxicated in my name at that place only I love to remain." It is clear from the above shloka and explanation by Baba, that Parama Purusa lives in the hearts of devotees. Where they sing kiirtan He remains. As we know Baba in Prabhat Samgiita number 4425 Baba wrote like this. Baba says,
"Vrnda'vanam parityajya pa'damekam na gaccha'mi..."
"I am always eternally present in Vrindavan, in the hearts of devotees. That is Guru cakra. I do not go even a little away from that. I am eternally present along with the devotees."
***************************************** Not Good but Great
Our ideal in life is not to become good, but rather great. That is our endeavour: We must stand for the ways of dharma and not less than that. Baba says, "There are many good people in the society-- noble people engaged in noble deeds-- who are not ready to fight against wrongs and injustices. This sort of passive benevolence does not promote the cause of human progress in the world. What is desirable is to acquire virtue by doing noble deeds and fighting against all sins and crimes. Both are mandatory, both are an integral part of dharma." (AV-8, p.51)

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