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Firecrackers and Brain Diseases

Date: 07 Jul 2011 15:02:48 -0000
From: "Brahmadeva "
Subject: Firecrackers and Brain Diseases



That was a very interesting article that linked the chemical reaction caused by fireworks with hypothyroidism. As you may or may not know, hypothyroidism is a common cause of depression that is not related to other types of depression.

For instance, in the psych ward, certain physical causes of depression are examined in order to rule out other causes of depression like situational circumstances and genetics. In these cases where the physical body itself is the cause of one's depression, then treating the physical cause like hypothyroidism is all that is needed to reverse the disease and successfully treat the depression. In that case, anti-depressant medications are not needed.

Here we should be aware that depression can result from physical problems and as well as from psychic problems. In yoga there is a clear cut differentiation between brain and mind - and depression can result from either.

Baba says, "Remember that psychic disease and brain disease are not the same thing; they are quite different. Brain disease occurs due to some disorder in a part of the brain, or due to a congenital defect, or perhaps due to hereditary causes which hamper the proper formation of the brain. Mental disease is different. It arises due to a disorder in the objectivated mind, in the first stage in the process of subjectivization. Many people who, while creating thoughts in their objectivated minds, repeatedly form the same image out of weakness or fear, suffer from a mental disease called mania." (AFPS-7, Faculty of Knowledge - 3)

Thus brain diseases and mental diseases are two separate problems and hence should be treated differently.

Brain diseases can be successfully treated with medications among other avenues, whereas psychic diseases must be treated purely through psychic and psycho-spiritual means. If one is suffering from a psychic disease, it is totally inappropriate to prescribe them medications. Such patients do not have a glandular or chemical imbalance in the brain; rather due to negative thoughts their objectivated mind has gotten adversely affected and that is causing an imbalance in the brain. We should always be aware of this distinction.

Tragically in this current era of materialism, so many suffer from depression due to psychic diseases, yet they are prescribed medications that change the chemistry of the brain, the physical organ. That is, they are treated as brain disease patients. Such meds have nasty side effects. The problem then becomes two-fold: Those medications fail to cure the original case depression and secondly they invite a whole host of other problems. This is a very critical problem nowadays because modern allopathic medicine fails to acknowledge the difference between brain and mind.

With regards to the physical causes of depression, your piece about fireworks' ingredients causing hypothyroidism is important because the effects on the human brain. And this resultant depression can lead to some many other tragedies like hopelessness, helplessness, negative family relationships, job loss, self-esteem issues, and suicide.




Those suffering from psychic diseases problem will benefit from the below guideline; this will help cure the problem.

Baba's directive is that spiritual practices like proper spiritual meditation is the primary way to cure psychic diseases. One way is to say that mental diseases are caused by a surplus of negative microvita while good mental health is due to a surplus of positive microvita. And the cure comes when there are more positive microvita compared to negative microvita; the positive microvita eats up the negative microvita. (Microvita in a Nutshell). Thus sadhana - which attracts more positive microvita - can cure any and all psychic diseases.

And not only that, with His grace anything and everything is possible. Physical diseases can also be cured by sadhana.

Certainly Baba has given asanas and other remedies in His book on Yoga Remedies and Treatments, but as sadhakas we also know that that spiritual practices are part and parcel of all cures of medical conditions: both physical and mental. And indeed Baba Himself raised this matter in the appendix of His Yogic Treatments Book.

As Ananda Margiis, the more we mention this with every article on health, the more it will be in the conscious and subconscious minds of all people who read it. The conclusion being, sadhana will help with all kinds of ailments and diseases - both psychic and physical.

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