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Who Is Responsible

Date: 18 Mar 2012 21:46:03 -0000
From: "Satyanarayan  Deva"
Subject: Who Is Responsible



As most Ananda Margiis know, Baba places a huge emphasis on leadership. The rise or fall of any society is due to its leaders. That is why in any depraved era Baba places the full blame and responsibility upon those defective leaders.

Baba says, "Today there is catastrophe and misery in human society and there is one reason: the defective leadership of society...The leaders hypnotize and attract
thousands with their tall talks, gestures, and other dramatics. Understand that the poverty and misery of any people in any country are the sins of the leaders." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-  31, p. 18)

According to Baba, the faulty leaders themselves are the cause of any downfall in society. And in His own practical life Baba has expressed this same notion about about such type of horrific leaders.


Take the case of the depraved condition of India in the 1970's. In that era, Baba places full blame on that totally ghastly prime minister - Mrs. Indira Gandhi - and her cabinet members.

 As Baba points out, Indira Gandhi was the one who called Emergency wherein martial law was declared and thousands and thousands of innocent persons were arrested, hassled, and tortured. All because of Mrs. Gandhi's order and the influence of her ministers.

That's why Baba abuses and blames Mrs Gandhi and her influential ministers for this entire mess. The common people are not blamed nor are lower level personnel. The key persons are those ruling bodies at the top.

The following are indirect references about Indira Gandhi and her inner-circle of confidants and loyalists.

Baba says, "You know there was a person who wielded enormous power, and in her sky-kissing arrogance that person used to think, 'I can do anything and everything'." (A Few Problems Solved-4, p. 41)

Baba says, "You have seen with your own eyes that in the past certain powerful persons thought that they could make or break anything. They perpetrated indescribable tortures and atrocities on Ananda Marga." (A Few Problems Solved-4, p. 40)

Furthermore in one DMC Baba has spoken strongly against the Indira Gandhi regime
condemning the wicked misdeeds of those at the helm. I was present that time and everyone is aware how Baba singled her out for her nefarious affairs and India's
downfall. This was published in Ananda Vacanamrtam part 7 from the 3 January
discourse in Patna of the year 1979.

So in total, Baba places full blame on the prime minister, her chief of staff, and her team of ministers for the chaos and bloodshed they caused. This was not a problem of the common people; this was a problem of leadership.


And in so many other examples across the gamut of history, defects in leadership have
led to the degeneration of a particular land or people.

For example due to Shankaracarya's wrongful approach of overlooking the external world, the inhabitants of India suffered terribly. Shankaracarya preached his doctrine of maya vada, or illusion theory. He told the people that this world is just an illusion so they need not do anything. Just sing the name of God. In turn, the people accepted his guidance and they were totally inactive in mundane life.

So Baba blames Shankaracrayaji and his team of priets and monks for creating so many problems: Famine, disease, poverty, and overall lack of advancement in the scientific and economic realms - among other problems. This hurt India for centuries upon centuries.

Likewise Buddha preached a negative policy of forgiveness whereby countless
confirmed criminals were just senselessly pardoned. Thus Buddha and his priestly followers allowed sinners to persist in their misdeeds and no one did anything to oppose
them. Ultimately this syndrome grew to such a negative degree that greedy exploiters came to invade India and the Indian people did not put up even the slightest resistance. So this whole case of passivity is due to Buddha's defective ways.

Here again the teaching is that if the leadership is bad or defective in any way, then the whole society gets affected and suffers. That is what history tells us.

There are so many examples today: Look how the people of Libya suffered under Qaddafi; look how the people suffered during the Soviet era; look how Bush tortured many in his assault on Iraq - the examples are numerous. In all such case the top leader and all the ministers, in-charges, and cabinet members are to be blamed.


Surely we all know that when Baba was physically leading our AMPS, then our Marga
was a great expression of Dharma. All because of His guidance and teachings.

And, after '90, when other parties came forward to lead, everything took a downward turn. So, although it was the same organisation, but due to a distinct change in the leadership, everything became spoiled.


Here following are Baba's important guidelines on this point of proper and improper leadership.

Baba says, "The highest responsibility... rests with the leaders of the country. They can save or sabotage the country." (To The Patriots)

Baba says, "Leaders especially must be people of high moral character, otherwise the welfare of society will be jeopardized." (Prout, Economic Democracy)

And here Baba puts forth the the golden formula of sadvipra leadership.

Baba says, "Ideal leadership is the wealth of the society...sadvipra leadership is the ideal form of leadership. Such leaders will be physically fit, mentally developed and spiritually elevated." (PNS-21)

The concluding idea is whether inside or outside the organisation, in all cases the leaders are responsible for the rise and fall, success and failure of any community.

Satyanarayan Deva

Baba says, "The word deva should be suffixed to the name...the more the usage of deva as a title, the better it is. The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings." (Caryacarya -1, The Process of Initiation)


In the post 1990 era, a certain Dada and his executive team were responsible for tearing down margiis, distorting Baba's scripture, using expulsion as a weapon, inventing tiirtha dogma, creating Fake Ananda Vaniis, and victimising countless innocent margiis and field workers. Sarvatmananda and his departments heads and board leaders are jointly responsible for the downfall of our AM society since 1990. Sarvatmananda was at the helm and he gave the order and motivation to carry out all these acts; and his cabinet members ensured that the orders were executed. This is well known to all.

Depending upon which group is in power and who is holding the reins, then that
leader and those top post-holders are the root cause of the problems. Thus acaryas like Rudrananda, and those in-charge of EC are not without blame. But the first one to implement policies that led to the rise of dogmas in our Marga was Sarvatmananda. And still today he maintains such an agenda of Bangalisation etc.

No one should be so naive to think that a group leader not presently in power is therefore a saint. We cannot make such a conclusion because when given the opportunity that group leader will push forth his selfish agenda, and our Marga will suffer. That is the way it works.

Until such a person has come forward and admitted his wrongs openly and asked for punishment, we cannot consider them rectified.


Baba's below teaching clearly show that acaryas are meant to assume a leadership role in our Marga as well as in the overall society. When by their behaviour and conduct they fail to live up to those lofty standards, then naturally all kinds of problems and misdeeds result.

Baba says, "It is the duty of an ácárya to develop this great collective force of society by awakening the masses to unite and destroy the evil, demoniac forces existing in society." (Ananda Vacanamartam - 31, Conduct of an Acarya)

Baba says, "Those who have the responsibility to show the path to others should be of superlative character with the most refined conduct. They and their followers must move constantly towards all-round development and shreya [ultimate spiritual attainment]. Persons who teach such well-regulated behaviour to others by their own conduct are called ácáryas." (Ananda Vacanamartam - 31, Conduct of an Acarya)


One key point to remember is that we have so many good workers in the Marga and all are by no means responsible for the problems since 1990. The top leadership is the root cause, not the mass of workers who entered AM for sincere and benevolent reasons and are working day and night maintaining social service projects etc.


PS #3002

Cir ka'le-r bandhu---------
Nikat'e- ese--- ghu-m bha'ungio---,

Ghu-m bha'ungio---
Jad'eri bha'vana'y yadi mete-
Tha'ki-, ja'gie di-o
Nikat'e- ese--- ghu-m bha'ungio---,

Ghu-m bha'ungio---
Kichui toma'r aja'-na' na'i,
Kichui tomar a'ja-na' na'i,
Randhre ra'ndhre a'cho- sa'dai
Toma'y bhu'le- jad'e- harai,
T'ene- pa-the a'-nio---
Nikat'e- ese--- ghu-m bha'ungio---,

Ghu-m bha'ungio---
Ana'di ashes'a e- liila'-y,
Ana'di ashes'a e- liila'-y,
Toma'y khonja'- hoye ut'he da'y
Bhra'nti kichu- dekhate na' dey,
Tumi- diipak jva'-lio---
Nikat'e- ese--- ghu-m bha'ungio---,

Ghu-m bha'ungio---
Cir ka'le-r bandhu---------
Nikat'e- ese--- ghu-m bha'ungio---,
Ghu-m bha'ungio---


O' Parama Purusa, You are my Bandhu [1]. Your and my relation is not just of this life. Since the dawn of creation, You were with me when I was in various shapes and forms. How far I was aware or not, but You were with me. Since the beginning of this life also, You have been with me - whether I always realised it or not. My and your relation is beyond time - You are my eternal companion. O' my eternal Bandhu, by coming close, please break my slumber. By Your grace awaken me from any psychic or spiritual stupor. If I am intoxicated in crude, mundane thoughts, please arouse me. If I give up sadhana and get attracted to the material world, please wake me up and bring me at Your feet.

By coming close please break my slumber, O' my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, You are omniscient and omnipresent. Nothing is unknown to You. Past, present, and future all lie within You. Baba, You are ever-present in each and every pore - You are everywhere throughout this entire universe and the expressed and unexpressed worlds - everywhere. What I do and don't do, You always see. You witness everything. O' my Dearmost, You are my Polestar, if ever I am oblivious of You, and get lost in this crude world, please pull me back onto the path of dharma. If I give up my Sixteen Points and get drowned in sensual pleasures, then please pull me back to the path of Ananda Marga.

By coming close, please break my slumber, O' my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, in this beginningless and endless divine liila, searching for You becomes hard and painful. Doing sadhana and completing all the lessons is not easy. Following dharma is very difficult. All kinds of avidya maya come and disturb me.

The illusion created by maya obscures the vision. There are so many material allurements that divert me from the Goal - that draw me away from You. O my Dearmost, please grace me by lighting the lamp - diipak jva'lio [2] - of divine knowledge, filling my heart with devotion, and bringing me at Your alter.

By coming close please break my slumber, O' my eternal Bandhu, arouse me
and bring me at Your lotus feet...


[1] Bandhu: Usually people think that the term 'Bandhu' means 'friend', but in our AM devotional life the term Bandhus means something much more.

Baba says, "'Bandhu' means 'those within the bondage of love'. That is when one can not tolerate the idea of separation it is called 'Bandhu'. Now you see in this world have you got any Bandhu? No. Even your friend, your best friend-- he also did not come at the same time as you and after leaving the cremation ground, there is permanent separation. He will be with you up to the cremation ground. After your cremation he won't be with you. So he is not Bandhu-- he is not friend for he can tolerate the idea of separation."

"So who is the real friend? Parama Purusa. When you are in this physical framework-- in this quinquelemental framework, He is with you, with your body, with your mind and with your spirit. After death, He will be with your mind, with your soul. When the body will be lost, the body will become one with the earth but mind and spirit will remain, He will be with you. So He is the real friend, He is the real Bandhu. And there cannot be any
mundane friend, mundane Bandhu." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-12)

[2] Diipak Jva'lio:
'Please light the lamp of divinity and remove the darkness of ignorance'. As a Sadguru Baba graces us with true, inner knowledge by lighting our lamp within. And that is one of the main messages of this particular Prabhat Samgiita. By His grace an idea similar to the one expressed in the above Prabhat Samgiita is expressed in our Guru Puja. About this I think most are aware.

"...Jina'na'injana shala'kaya'..."

Baba says, "You know that an eye ointment is applied with a stick ('Shala'ka' means stick). Now, all the microcosms are parts of that Noumenal Entity, all are actually parts and particles of that Supreme Entity, but due to ignorance, due to the darkness of ignorance, they cannot see what is what and which is which. That is why they require the ointment of spiritual knowledge. Guru (with a stick) applies the ointment of spiritual knowledge to their eyes." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-3)

To Become Great

Baba says, "If your longing for money, and your longing for name or fame is converted into longing for Parama Purusa, then even ordinary mortals can get transformed into great souls." SS-17 (H) 1 January 1986

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