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Addendum on Procedural Orders

Date: 16 Mar 2008 23:29:18 -0000 From: "Divyacaksu Deva" To: Subject: Addendum on Procedural Orders Baba "A'loker ya'tra' pathe, tumi prabhu theko sa'the..." (P.S. 2779) Purport: O' Baba, please remain along with me on the path of this effulgent journey. By Your grace, do not allow me to lag behind and get caught in the crest & troughs of my forward movement. Let my pathway be smooth by Your grace. Baba, I do not care about any bondages or samskaras. My only request is that You please give me strength to do Your work and serve Your mission. This single request I humbly make at Your lotus feet. O' my Dearmost Baba, this whole entire creation is revolving round and round-- propelled by the laws of karma. The great Cosmic Entity and the unit being exist in this system of brahmacakra. The divine Entity is that nucleus that the jiivas rotate around. So now Baba, in this very cycle of brahmacakra, please also include me. Make it so that I shall always remain as Your designated machine (yantra). In that way I will go on executing Your task. Let my life be completely devoted unto You. Baba, by Your grace, please remain with me on this journey of effulgence-- all the while keeping me moving ahead in an unhindered way...
Namaskar, It is commonly understood that all Baba's mandates-- including all Procedural Orders-- should be made available to all acaryas and margiis. Every dedicated Ananda Margii should have access to these important orders from our Guru, because these orders are related with everyone. That was made all the more clear by reading the recently posted Procedural Order on sadhana. Here is some relevant and important background material on this topic.
For those who may not be aware, Procedural Orders / Organisational Orders / Organisational Rules are dictations and documents given directly by Baba about the overall function and running of our AMPS. These orders were given by Baba over several decades-- from the very beginning up to 1990. As a general rule, Baba would dictate these orders to COS Dada who would them type them up and distribute the particular order to the relevant supervisory workers etc, and they would convey & distribute the matter to all concerned. These orders deal with all organisational departments including: ERAWS, Finance, ISMUB, Public Relations, Publications, WWD, VSS, Guru Kul, PCAP, SDM, RU & RW, AMURT, Farm, Proutist Universal, Seva Dal, and all departments. And often times, these Procedural Orders dealt with specific problems of the day and were to act as eternal guidelines. For example, when Dadas encountered serious health and social problems by eating in Hotels, then Baba issued the mandate that eating in hotels was forbidden. Likewise when problems arose due to Dadas teaching sadhana to sisters, then another injunction was given by Baba correcting the situation. So, these important directives from Baba are integral guidelines from that very moment onwards. They are for our daily use and reference.
Finally, many of Baba's various mandates might fall within the category of a Procedural Order such as organisational directives, policy ordinances, office orders, disciplinary and punishment mandates, justice codes, ethical standards, general guidelines, transfer posting orders, and so many other relevant documents that deal with the operation and running of AMPS. Every subject you can think of is related with this vast ocean of orders as given by Baba. Hence, Procedural Orders cover a vast arena of materials that are vital to the successful development of our Marga. For this reason, awareness about and access to these materials must be available to all serious Ananda Margiis.
So it is most evident that this is the needed time to distribute Baba's Procedural Orders among all. Because those at the helm have made their motive quite clear-- as have all the groupist forces that have been in power since 1990. In response, rational margiis have lost faith and trust that such leaders will guide our Marga in the right direction-- already such factional heads have pulled things in the opposite direction, all done in the name of fake rules etc. That is why it is so key that every Ananda Margii have access to Baba's original rules. Then and only then, combined with sadhana, can the downward spiral be controlled & reversed into a positive direction. Thus the dharmic codes of discipline and functioning of the organisation must be made available to all concerned.
All Baba's teachings, including His Procedural Orders, are greatly needed to manifest Him mission in the practical world. Baba says, "For progress in the external world there should be clear guidelines, a clear and well-integrated philosophical base. The society often lacks this; and that is why people tend to lose balance in social life." (NH-LOI: Disc 1) Tragically, without access to His Procedural orders and organisational mandates our Marga will not be able to move ahead. That is why His codes and directives must be accessible to all. It is the need of the day.
By Baba's grace, by following all His teachings and mandates, our Marga will have the perfect solution for each and every problem and trouble that arises--- thereby bringing welfare to all. Baba says, "Dharma lays down clear guidelines for moving ahead in perfect adjustment with the prevalent situation." (AMIWL-7) Namaskar, Divyacaksu
****************************************** Mean & Sinful Earnings
Baba says, "A person engaged in an unclean or low-level profession. "Unclean" or "low-level" profession generally referred to four kinds of professions in ancient times: (a) Religious merchant, that is, those who earned their living by capitalizing on the religious sentiment of the people. (b) Moneylender or usurer. (c) Dispute-mongers [certain advocates or lawyers], that is, those who earn their money by creating disputes among people. (d) Death professionals, that is , those who earn their money from the dead, such as can'd'als, cremators, professional eulogizers, agrada'nii, mad'uipod'a', and so on. (SC-3, p. 121) Note: With regards to the exploitation carried out by the above mentioned "religious merchants"-- in all the religions they do like this. Means in Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, & Hinduism etc. Religious merchants from each of these religions involve in all types of tricks and manipulations and in that way they cheat the common followers by inventing ways to get at their money and take advantage of the common people. All done with the sole reason to build up their fake religious business and collect money for their own selfish desires and greed. So in that what this continues in each of the dogmatic religions.

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