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They Can't Do New Things

Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 22:33:28 -0000
From: "Hariish Dev"
Subject: They Can't Do New Things


PS Intro: When the devotee progresses in sadhana then the mind moves upwards, one stage to the next. The sadhaka in a lower bhava - like sakhya bhava etc - gradually moves upwards, closer to Parama Purusa, and reaches a higher bhava like madhura bhava etc. When one enters into this higher bhava - which is a new, closer relation - then at first the sadhaka does not feel comfortable expressing this new feeling to His Lord due to fear and shyness. That mentality is beautifully expressed in the following song.

"Udvela hiya' ka're ca'ya, shayane svapane nide ja'garan'e..." (PS 708)


My melancholic, restless heart longs for the Loving One during sleep and dreams, when drowsy, and while awake - always. Who is that unknown, divine, charming Entity calling me - I do not know.

In this peak spring season, the atmosphere is charming and intoxicating. Everything is so sweet. The soothing ocean breeze is gently blowing in all directions. My heart longs for that unknown loved One. The sky is very attractive: The clouds are floating and the sun's rays peep through in between the clouds. The scene is very alluring; it is so beautiful. Who is that Divine Entity, drenched in the sweet aroma of flower nectar, sitting distant, singing such captivating songs. Listening to these melodic songs, my heart is very restless.

My mind is restless for Him. It rushes towards Him every moment - it is beyond my control. It does not know how to respond to the call of that Loved One. Without smashing the obstacles like shyness and fear etc, how can I tell Him all the accumulated feelings of my heart, I do not know.

O, my Dearmost, please do not remain distant. Come before me and grace me so I can surrender at Your lotus feet...

End Note for Prabhat Samgiita #708:

The sadhaka wants to express the feeling of their heart but it is difficult due to shyness. With this closer proximity to Ista everything feels very charming, but also very new. That is why the sadhaka feels shy. This song expresses the feeling of the arrival into that intimate stage when Parama Purusa is the Dearest One.

With a friend, one may not tell everything - but when one is very close then nothing is hidden. This song is close to that stage. This song will be realised by those doing regular dhyana and getting Baba's grace. They can understand well.

The very subtle and intimate feelings of love cannot be written directly; that is why this song is given in an indirect manner.

To learn more about the various bhavas, please refer to Namami Krsnasundaram discourses 7 & 27.


In Ananda Marga, we make clear-cut distinctions between humans and animals. No one thinks that humans are animals.

Baba says, 'The old idea of logicians that the human is a rational [animal] is not supported by us. We say the human is not a rational animal. If we say the human is a rational animal, then the human comes within the animal category. Yes, the human is a living being, but the human is not an animal." (AV-30)

However, in the general society, there are many who equate humans with animals, and vice-versa. This is especially true in the west where some advocate that animals should have the same rights as humans, or that humans are part of the animal kingdom. For instance, they will treat their pets like royalty; or the will openly state that humans are animals.

No doubt in AM we respect the life of an animal, but we do not equate human life with animal life. There are distinct differences. If we are aware about these differences then we can best convince others of the unique value of human life.

Failing that, certain people will continue to think that humans may behave as animals - "because that is our natural way" - in which case they will plunge themselves into all kinds of crude activities and ruin their future. Or they will continue to pamper certain animals with all kinds of superfluous luxuries while their fellow human beings die of starvation.

So we should all be clear about the below logic and help elevate the standard of humanity.


At present in the west, there is a growing sentimental attachment for animals. Some of this is appropriate but most is just pure hypocrisy.

For instance, people now keep all kinds of pets such as cats, dogs, iguanas, birds, llamas, fish, chimpanzees, ferrets, and so much more. They give special care, expensive medical operations, elegant spas, special grooming, sumptuous food to their pets. They treat their pets like royalty and spend huge money on them. They consider their pets as members of their own families and think of themselves as animal lovers. Yet when the vast majority of those pet owners eat meat on a daily
basis, then we can see how misguided their approach is.

The issue gets further compounded when we consider the fact that huge numbers of humans die due to lack of care, yet so much special attention is given to these pets. Indeed, in the US, 41 billion dollars a year is spent on pet care, more than the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of dozens and dozens of countries. Some of the ultra rich even leave millions to their dog upon their death.

On the one side they share their homes with animals and treat them as family, and on the other side they blindly support animal slaughtering by eating meat at every meal. On the one side people spend huge money on pampering their pets and on the other side, gross numbers of humans go hungry every day.

This is the shocking hypocrisy and disparity going on these days.


Amidst all these shocking scenarios we should keep this key point in mind that clearly proves that humans and animals are of distinctly separate categories.

Let's say an owner teaches their dog 10 tricks. Then that is all the dog will know. On its own the dog will not learn an 11th or 12th trick. Dogs do not have that type of psychic structure. When they are shown they will do, they do not have the creative power or urge to go beyond that.

In contrast, within each and every human being is the seed of expansion. So if a human being is taught something, then that human being will take that idea and expand upon it. They will make the idea or action their own and build upon it. Infants, students of all ages, professionals, retirees, everyone does like this. That is the nature of human beings.

Language is a great example. Animals can repeat a word (parrots) or respond to a verbal command (dog) or even use certain words to communicate (monkey) but no animal has the ability to create sentences on their own. That pattern or capability of original thought and expression is beyond their spectrum of knowing.

Here the whole point is that animals do not have the quality to do new things. They can only do the things they have been shown or taught. They lack the basic quality to discover anything beyond that.

Thus when the psychic faculty of human beings has this unique quality of making new things and when animals lack it, then who can claim that humans are animals or animals are humans.


Because animals utterly lack the aforementioned psychic quality, they spend their days just involved in satisfying their basic propensities or primal urges. When a physical desire comes then they act upon it. That is the basic quality of animal life.

In contrast, human beings are not slaves to their propensities. Either due to social pressure or by their own thinking, humans do not merely act upon their propensities.

For instance, if a dog is hungry and sees food then it will eat that food, not at all considering if that food is for them or not. In contrast, even when hungry a human being will refrain from eating food that is not theirs. Either they are concerned they will be punished (social pressure) or they do not feel comfortable eating what does not belong to them (moral conscience).

Thus physical propensities do not dominate human life, especially not with sadhakas. Whereas animals are totally dominated by materials pursuits and are content with those limited those. Humans are never satisfied completely by physical indulgences - always they want something more.


With our innate desire to discover something new, humans invariably turn to psychic growth and ultimately spirituality. Animals are not capable of contemplating new things, but humans have an innate urge for the infinite. And it is this quality of mind that is to guide us in our quest, not mere material enjoyment.

Unfortunately, many humans remain engrossed in worldly desires and that leads to their degradation. In that case they are on the path back to animal life. They will get the body appropriate for their desires.

As sadhakas, we always proceed guided by mind, not matter. Some respond to social pressure and others by benevolence of mind, but whatever may be, most humans live by using their mind and then deciding how to proceed. Animals never do like this. As humans though, we are to use the mind to control our corporeal structure and aim that mind toward Parama Purusa. That is our unique human dharma.

By Baba's grace He has blessed us with this human life which is so rare and so difficult to attain. We must be especially sure to goad the mind toward the spiritual realm and not get caught up in crude desires. We must remember we are mind oriented beings and never classify ourselves as beings animals and following that mode of living. We are to do sadhana and reach the Supreme Goal.

Baba says, "Human life is rare and is very precious.” Even the devata's, if they want to do something good or great, will have to come in human frame to work. A devata' as devata' cannot do anything good; the devata' requires a human framework. So human life is very precious, very rare; “and such life is still more rare, still more precious, if it has become successful by dint of bha'gavata dharma, or by dint of sa'dhana'.”" (SS-21)



One other aspect of this discussion is free will. Animals do not have free will in which case they cannot create new samskaras - bad or good. All the can do is follow their inborn propensities - period. They cannot think or consider doing something different. Their desire is limited and they are content with material life.

Humans has free will and with that comes a huge spectrum of choices. Ideally we make those selections with a balanced mind. By this entire process, humans can easily go beyond materials pursuits and point the mind toward higher thought and realisation.

This notion of free will further distinguishes humans from animals.


Some may wonder why those in the west and in particular Americans are so enthralled with having pets. The clear-cut answer is that the more selfish a person becomes, the less they are able to live with others. Many in US live alone because they cannot adjust with their family and friends. Yet they keep animals. Those animals will listen to them and never talk back. That is the only type of relationship a selfish person can handle. In that way so many get totally attached to their pets. They tell their pet all their worries and fears - that is much easier than having to deal with another human being. So due to selfishness some bond more with their pets than with other humans.

Japa on Enemy

Baba says, "If anyone's name is to be chanted in japa, it is the name of Parama Purus'a. What is japa? A word has a particular meaning; repeating the word inwardly again and again, after having understood its meaning, is what is termed japa. As a result of the prolonged repetition of a word, whose inner meaning is clearly understood, its ideation becomes permanently imprinted in one's mind, and consequently there occurs a radical change in one's mental arena. The extroversial tendencies of the mind gradually become introverted. This is the benefit of japa. And if anyone's name is to be repeated, it is the name of the Lord."

"Usually worldly people constantly repeat-- do the japa of-- their earthly joys and comforts, or do japa on the names of their enemies. But that is all useless. Only the name of Parama Purus'a should be repeated in the form of japa, for ultimately one will have to reach Him, to merge in Him. Ultimately one will have to reach Him. There is no other way. Hence wise persons take only the name of-- do the japa of-- the One and Supreme Lord, and never the name of any other entity."
(12 November 1978 DMC, Kolkata)

Note: Usually people do not realise that they are doing japa of something which is meaningless, silly, or sometimes even harmful. But it happens because the general tendency of the mind is to degenerate towards crude thoughts. For example, if someone is plunged in worldly problems or court case or enemy, then in that case they are unknowingly doing japa of that problem or enemy etc.

Another feature of the mind is that when the mind is empty then it is the usual characteristic of the mind to start thinking of something which is meaningless, stupid, or harmful etc. Or it will think of something that will bring degeneration.

Hence, without even their own awareness, countless people are getting adversely affected and getting poisoned by doing the japa of crude things. In His above teaching Baba says that at any cost this should be avoided-- averted. Repeated thinking or japa should only be done on the name of the Lord. That will bring ultimate salvation and bliss.

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