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Baba Story: Visiting Baba in Jail

Date: 20 Jan 2012 12:43:36 -0000
From: "Mahesh  Deva"
Subject: Baba Story: Visiting Baba in Jail



Note: The following is a first-hand account from a senior margii, Ramshreya Prasad Srivastava of Narkatiya Ganj, West Champaron Dist (Bihar).

It was the late 1970's, Baba was in jail, and up until that time in my life I had never seen or met Him. Now suddenly I was getting the opportunity to visit Baba in jail.

Those days, the main thing I was hearing from sadhakas again and again was that:
1. Baba cannot see because of being poisoned while in jail; and,
2. Baba knows everything.


Since this was the very first time in my life that I was getting the opportunity to see Baba, I was thinking that if Baba really is all-knowing, then He will surely know everything about me. Without my telling anything, He will know who I am, where I am from, and my entire life story. So if He asks anything about me, I will avoid answering those questions and remain quiet. This was my plan. And by this way I will know for certain that what people are telling about Baba is true: He is all-knowing. This was the logic and reasoning going on in my mind those days.


We all arrived at the jail.

In my batch there were 15 sadhakas from different areas: Bengal, Delhi, South India, and me and Khublal ji from Bettiah.

After passing through the various bureaucratic hurdles, we finally reached to Baba's room in jail and did sastaunga pranam.

One by one, margiis from my group were called in front of Baba. And each time Baba would say, "Tell your name and from where have you come."

Finally my turn came...

To my great surprise, Baba did not ask me my name nor did He inquire where I was from.

Rather, Baba first asked me, "How many have come from Bettiah?"

Hearing this, I understood that Baba knows me. Otherwise, why would He ask me about Bettiah. 

Then Baba asked, "Is the school in Bettiah running or not?", was well as several other questions about Bettiah.

Then Baba asked, "How many came from Bettiah along with you?"

After that, Baba looked at me, smiled, and said, "From where have you come?"

Hearing this, all the other margiis present started laughing. Why? Because Baba was asking so many questions about Bettiah, so it was obvious He knew I was from Bettiah. Then at the very He inquired, "From where have you come?", as if He did did not know I as from Bettiah. That was why they were laughing.

Only I knew the real reason why this exchange took place. It happened because I am taken the resolve that I was not going to tell Him where I was from. I was think that if Baba is that all-knowing Purusa then certainly He would already be aware about that.

At that moment I became totally convinced that Baba knows everything.

Then He called me close and blessed me. By His grace, I realised spiritual bliss.

Since that time, I have done pracara in my village and by His grace many persons have become margiis.


It is very evident that Baba is the all-knowing Divine Entity. Whatever you think, He knows; whatever You do, He knows. He is the all-encompassing, Witnessing Entity that knows past, present and future about everyone and everything.

Baba says, "To know everything is His nature. That is why He is omniscient. Who is this Puruśa evedam sarvaḿ? He knows everything...Parama Puruśa, who is in every object and is in fact, the Causal Matrix, knows all things. By the application of ota and prota yoga He is with everything." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-5, The Omniscience of the Causal Matrix)

Baba says, "Now, everything that is known to the Macro-psychic Entity is within Its infinite structure, within Its infinite framework. Everything is within, nothing without. Everything is His internal mental projection, intra-psychic projection. That is why He knows everything and will always know everything." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-2, Omniscience of the Macro-Psychic Entity)

Baba says, "He is the Witness of all. The witness-ship of your existence, of all your actions, lies in Him. And when He witnesses you, He is witnessing an internal object...[He] is the Witness of Its own self and all other objects." (AMIWL-8, The Macrocosm and the Microcosm -1)



Here following is another Baba story by Shrii Ramshreya - Eds.

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