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Fake BP Manual makes margiis subservient

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1. Posting: Fake BP Manual makes margiis subservient
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Fake BP Manual makes margiis subservient

Group leaders like to have their own "yes man" installed in the BP post. They do not want to see an honest margii sadvipra elected. In this entire process, their worst transgression and their main tool     of manipulation has been the creation of the Fake BP Manual (1997). By this way the group leaders implemented their own agenda and tossed aside Guru’s original guidelines about the post of bhukti pradhan.

As the months and years pass since that fateful time with certain powers created the Fake BP Manual back in 1997, we should not lose sight of Baba's guideline about what the bhukti pradhan post is all about. And we should implement Guru’s original BP manual for our upcoming 2016 BP elections. 

The post of bhukti pradhan gives margiis a voice

In the entire human history, no guru or leader had the foresight or courage to give family people a guiding role in a socio-spiritual organisation. In His revolutionary manner, Sadguru Baba has given family margiis leadership positions in Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha (AMPS), including the significant post of bhukti pradhan. By this way Baba has uniquely bestowed a voice to family people. Here below are some points regarding this key organisational post of bhukti pradhan (BP). 

What is it meant by the term bhukti pradhan
& how they sidelined margiis

In Baba's grand organisational format there are various types of bhukti pradhan posts. And here since we are referring to bhukti pradhans in general, it should be understood that wherever the title bhukti pradhan is mentioned, that refers to:
(a) bhukti pradhan of every department and trade;
(b) upa bhukti pramukhas; and,
(c) gram pramukhas, etc.

For the sake of simplicity all the above are included in the term - bhukti pradhan (BP). Unfortunately, due to the systematic elimination of the rights of bhukti pradhans, (BP's), family margiis have been sidelined. The relation between top WT's and family margiis has become that of subordination. One of the chief solutions then is to revive the BP system according to Baba's guidelines and then step by step everything will move on the right track.

In this regard we should forge ahead and provide justice to all family margiis (irrespective of organisational post). In so doing, there will be coordinated cooperation between WT's and margiis as per Baba’s given system.

BP rights and the Guru’s original manual
should be restored for the 2016 elections and beyond

Unfortunately though, as mentioned above, for a number of years the rights of BP's have gradually been snatched one by one - first only by B group and now by both B and H groups.

The ISMUB Dept has been slowly taking away all of the rights and responsibilities of BPs and turning them into their own (ISMUB Dept) slaves. In that way the ruling groups of Ananda Marga have been able to manipulate the entire BP system according to their own selfish desires.

Here then is a call to all rational margiis & Wts that Baba's true BP Election Manual be restored to its proper status. Baba's original BP elections guidelines - and not the fake 1997 BP Manual - should be followed for the 2106 BP elections and all future elections.

in Him,

~ In-depth study ~

Whose fake manual is whose toy

We should not forget that the altered BP Manual published in 1997 was dictated by Sarvatmanandaji and that this altered BP Manual was written and signed by Sambhutyananda, both of whom are B group vanguards. Since that time, H group leaders like Dada Rudrananda have used this same fake BP Manual to their own advantage.

Difficult situation for field wt's

It is commonly known that these days field workers are in a serious crisis. Although injustices done by H and B group leaders are the overall cause, one outcome of this is lack of coordinated cooperation between margiis and WTs. Specifically the point is that when margiis are sidelined and they are neither valued nor encouraged to participate in organisational affairs, then the whole organisation suffers. Because if margiis are not the ones managing local service projects and if margiis are not overseeing the finances of their bhukti etc, then in that case local WTs have to pick up that work. And this creates problems because due to the frequent transfer of postings and other organisation responsibilities, local WTs cannot properly attend to those duties. In that case, service projects are mismanaged & funds are mishandled. But not only that, when a WT arrives in a new place either they have to start over from scratch and rebuild everything from the ground up; or, they have inherited a whole mess of problems and all their time is spent trying to fix those things. The simple solution is for BP / margii rights to be restored. Then margiis can again actively engage in the service projects in their bhukti. And, in turn, WTs will be able to properly attend to other duties. So Baba's original BP elections guidelines should be followed for all future BP elections - and not the fake 1997 BP Manual.

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