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Prout Teaching on London Riots

From: Gagan Deva
Subject: Prout Teaching on London Riots
Date: Thu 11 Aug 2011 17:33:48 -0000


"A'lor pathe je eseche a'ndha're se hoy na' ha'ra'..." (P.S. 996)


Baba, those treading the divine path never get lost in the oblivion of darkness and staticity. Those smiling sweetly, their life can never be like hell-- surrounded by the agony of suffering and crying. Baba, here along with me, You are and I am. Your love has bound me. I have lost everything else - all the distractions and problems have vanished. Those who have ascended onto the path of hope and optimism never get lost in hopelessness and pessimism. Baba, by Your grace You have come with Your sweet smile riding Your chariot of panoramic colors. By getting You, the whole universe is purified; everyone's existence has become successful...


Note: This posting analyzes the riots in London which have been raging all week long from our Proutistic perspective. Appended below are two news articles that clearly corroborate Prout's analysis. Read below how Baba's Prout teachings identify the problem and give the solution.

In Baba's teachings on Prout, there is a famous slogan:

Capitalism makes a man into a beggar;
and communism makes the beggar a beast

In the past, however, it was not readily evident to many how capitalism makes people into beggars; now it is painfully obvious how this happens; today everyone understands this slogan.

When the wealth gets totally concentrated in the hands of the few then the rest of the people in society become beggars. Whatever few things they own are on loan from the bank or purchased with a credit card, thereby putting themselves in debt. In such a situation, the economy becomes stagnant and ultimately unemployment soars.

Keeping this view in the forefront, we can examine the riots in London with respect to youth unemployment. When the youth are unemployed the situation is dangerous, as Baba explains in His below Prout guidelines.


As every Ananda Margii is well aware, Baba guides us that certain cardinal principles must be followed to ensure peace and harmony in the society.

Baba says, "For the all-round welfare and development of human beings, society needs to follow some fundamental socio-political principles. Without the firm foundation of such principles, disunity, injustice and exploitation will flourish. To avoid this and to safeguard the interests of all people, the leaders of society must ensure that cardinal socio-political principles are strictly followed. Otherwise, individual and collective progress can never be achieved." (PNS-16)

By Baba's above teaching it is quite evident that society must abide by specific cardinal socio-political principles. Failing that, various severe problems will arise in any given area. And that is exactly we saw happening with the riots raging in London this week.


Here below Baba clearly delivers the initial cardinal principle of Prout.

Baba says, "First, people should not be retrenched from their occupations unless alternative employment has been arranged for them." (PNS-16)

So ensuring and providing employment to all is one key principle for establishing welfare in the society. This is Baba's strict warning.

Unfortunately, at present, unemployment is at an all-time high in London, with youth unemployment reaching a peak of 20% in England. This is but a recipe for disaster.



In this below historical example, Baba delineates what happens when this first cardinal principle of Prout - lack and loss of jobs - is not followed.

Baba says, "In the Pathan period and at the height of the Mughal empire, Zamindars or landlords were permitted to maintain military forces. This practice was banned at the end of the Mughal period and the start of the British period. As a result, many soldiers from military communities like the Bagadis of Ra'r'h and the Cuya'rs and Lodhas of Midnapur were retrenched from the armed services. Consequently, they became criminals. Even thirty to forty years ago, members of these communities were still engaged in anti-social activities...If these people had been inducted into the military or the police, they would have earned a proper livelihood without being compelled to harm the society. Their destiny would have been quite different." (PNS-16)

So in the above case study, Baba shows us what happens when any person or segment of society like the above mentioned professional soldiers are displaced from their jobs and not provided other means by which to make a living.

Due to anguish and social pressure etc, such a community of soldiers turns to unlawful activities and this creates havoc in the society. All because these deserving soldiers were not provided with other means of employment prior to being released from their jobs. That is the root cause of the problem. And indeed this can happen with any segment of the population-- not just soldiers.

Indeed that is what we are witnessing with the youth in London / England. Without the prospect of finding a job, those youths vented their frustration and angst and rampaged the city, burning and destroying everything.

Baba says, "Now you understand the consequences of retrenching people without arranging a suitable alternative livelihood for them." (PNS-16)


By Baba's divine grace we will always get success when opposing those capitalist exploiters who go against the cardinal principles of Prout.

Baba says, "If any group tries to violate any of these cardinal socio-political principles, you should immediately oppose them with a thundering voice and sufficient force. Victory will be yours, because you are supporting the collective psychology." (PNS-16)



Not just with soldiers, but within all sectors of society there must be work provided to everyone, especially the youths. Otherwise there is going to be trouble.

Baba says, "First, there should be 100% employment for the local people. The basic right of all people is to be guaranteed the minimum essentials for their existence, including at least proper food, clothing, housing, education and medical care. This basic right should be arranged through cent per cent guaranteed employment, not through welfare or dole-outs. Unemployment is a critical economic problem in the world today and 100% employment of the local people is the only way to solve this problem." (AFPS-9)

Here again Baba highlights the important policy and practical approach that all citizens must be granted the right to have a place of employ. 

Baba says, "The right of full employment for all local people will be guaranteed." (PE, 'Some Specialities of Prout's Economic System')


Here are the three cardinal principles of Prout. By following these guidelines the entire society will be able to move along the right track. So it is our given duty to uphold these God-given principles-- thereby ensuring well-being to all.

Baba says, "There are three cardinal socio-political principles which should never be violated. First, people should not be retrenched from their occupations unless alternative employment has been arranged for them. Secondly, people should not be forcibly converted from one religion to another. Thirdly, no mother tongue should be suppressed. Occupation, spiritual practice and mother tongue are very important to human beings. If the sentiments associated with them are hurt, human beings will be deeply affected. So, you should never violate these cardinal socio-political principles." (PNS-16)


London Riots 2011:
Youth Unemployment at Heart of Problem

The rioting that has engulfed London and several other cities should have come as no surprise, given the huge numbers of unemployed and idle British youth.

A recent report from Britain’s Office of National Statistics indicated that joblessness among people between the ages of 16 and 24 has been rising steadily from 14.0 percent in the first quarter of 2008 (at the onset of the global financial crisis) to 20.0 percent in the first quarter of 2011 – an astounding 40 percent spike in just three years.

Thus, there are at least 1 million jobless youths in Britain.

Moreover, given the draconian cuts that the government has imposed upon the public in an effort to reduce the national deficit – in tandem with a history of violence erupting in urban areas during the summer, and simmering tensions between inner-city youths and police – the spate of riots was almost inevitable.

Earlier this year Brendan Barber, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, warned: “These grim jobless figures show that rising unemployment is more than [a] blip, and that it could get much worse in 2011. With more than a fifth of young people out of work, we face a real danger of losing another generation of young people to unemployment and wasted ambition.”

Similarly, Paul Brown, director of the youth charity of The Prince’s Trust, admonished at that time: “Youth unemployment is like a dripping tap, costing tens of millions of pounds a week through benefits and lost productivity. And, just like a dripping tap, if we don’t do something to fix it, it’s likely to get much worse. It’s now crucial to give young people the support they need to prevent them from falling into the downward spiral of long-term joblessness. Transforming these young lives will have a huge impact on their families, communities as well as on Britain’s economy.”

During the current riots, Diane Abbott, a Labour MP who represents the riot-torn Hackney North and Stoke Newington constituency of East London, told reporters: "These young people, who seem to have no stake in society, are trashing their own communities."

London May Be Latest to
Feel Effects of Youth Unemployment

Repercussions from high youth unemployment have reverberated across the globe in the past year and London may be the latest ripple.

Economists have warned throughout the recession that unemployment rates are disproportionately high among young people and the status quo may prove unsustainable. Last year, the unemployment rate for youths between the ages of 15 and 24 was an average of 18.9% among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries. High unemployment has played a role in protests in Spain, uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa and, many suspect, the riots in the U.K.
The countries face unique challenges, but the outcome is often similar: Unrest among sidelined youths who find themselves with little else to do amid daunting unemployment.

This is a very big cohort that you ignore at your peril, said David Blanchflower, a Dartmouth College economist and former member of the Bank of England‘s Monetary Policy Committee. Older workers if they're unemployed go home and watch the television. Unemployed 18-year-olds go out on the street, he said.

When conditions were poor for everyone, unemployment may have been easier to cope with, Mr. Blanchflower said. But as economies nationwide slowly recover, young people are growing more aware that their situation isn’t improving relative to older generations.

The big risk for youths is that unemployment early on can carry a scarring effect that impacts their future employment and earnings. Even in the U.S., where youth joblessness is mild compared to the 41.6% jobless rate young people faced in Spain last year or the 32.9% rate for youths in Greece, recent graduates could be caught in a trap where they find themselves earning lower wages for decades. And that could hold true even if they do find jobs.

There's little hope of improvement soon. The OECD expects youth jobless rates will tick down only slightly in the next year or so to 17% by the end of 2012.

Eternal Source of Energy

Baba says, "Because each and everybody in this universe gets energy from Parama Purusa, He is the Supreme Source of energy."

"This earth and all the other planets and satellites of this solar system get their energy from the sun. The sun is the source of their energy. But He is the source of the sun's energy. And that's why He is jvalantam."

"And that's why I have said that there won't be any thermal death of this universe. Because He is jvalantam, He is present, and He will be present forever. So there won't be any shortage of energy in this cosmic system, though there may be a shortage of energy in some particular portion of the earth or the cosmos." 
(AV-3, p. 26-27)

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