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News About Third Front (EC)

Date: Tue 25 Dec 2007 22:15:22 To: Subject: News About Third Front From: Jiivendra Baba "Toma'r madhur ha'si niye eseche..." (P.S. 328) Purport: Baba, Your sweet smile has such a strong attraction that it has attracted everything of this created world close to You. Everyone is rushing towards You. Your sweet smile has incomparable charm. It has filled nectar in everything-- from the throbbing sensation of the heart up to the existence of each and every entity of this created world. Everything You have filled with Your divine nectar. Baba, please come with the rhythm and melody of song and dance. You have filled all the sweet memories with Your divine nectar. Everything is so beautiful. Baba please come in my Guru cakra in dhyana with Your sweet, attractive, & charming form. Your love saturated eyes have filled my heart with full content. Baba, Your sweet, attractive, & charming form has attracted everything close to You... == NEWS ABOUT THIRD FRONT (EC) == Namaskar, This letter recounts some of the recent politicking in AM and reveals the current plight of the EC faction. 1. As you know Ranchi administration announced CC election in September of this year. 2. Artprema'nanda on behalf and help of Vandana'nanda of EC motioned to Purulia session court for 'stay' of election by telling that Ranchi administration has no right to hold an election. He also mentioned that voter list was incorrect. They (EC) then submitted list of 59 purodhas including Kolkata side 19 purodhas. 3. After listening all arguments, the court gave the decision that Shraddha'nandajii and Dhruva'nandajii can't expell or take any further action against any worker. Plus the court dismissed the request of A'rtaprema'nanda to not hold the election. The court told the Ranchi administration to make one electroal management board (EMB) and hold the election and call all purodhas. 4. Vandana'nanda group knew that if there will be election then they will be out of post and CC, and they will be road-brand man not post-holder which they can never want. That's why they moved to Kolkata high court to give stay order about election of CC. But high court told that if there will be not election then there will not be any committee, in which case the organisation will not be able to function. And the high court agreed with session court of Purulia. 5. After this, Rudrananda and Co made on EMB and called 37 purodhas and held election on 3rd of Nov in Ranchi and elected 27 persons in CC. RN did not call Kolkata side purodhas, and some other purodhas of Parmeshvara'nanda side. B/c according to Rudrananda their purodhaship was seized by Purodha Pramukh (including one member of PB Dhruva'nandajii). Rudrananda is telling that how can Parmeshvara'nanda tell that Kolkata side persons are still purodha b/c Cida'nanda and Parmeshvara'nanda himself were PB members and secretary who expelled Kolkata side persons and seized their purodhaship. 6. On 8th of Nov in Purulia, Parmeshvara'nanda group called meeting of purohdhas and elected 15 member for CC. Pls. note that the court had not told parmeshvara'nada group to call any meeting or hold election. Court had given order to Ranchi administration for it. 7. But when Parmeshvara'nanda etc saw that they were out of CC and out of Post then just they hold election and made their own CC. This is a WHITE LIE that court had told them to hold any election. 8. After Diwali vacation Rudrananda went to Purulia court and submitted their CC list and election details according to court order. 9. Then two members of third front CC-- Rupa'tiita'nanda and Dhisuddha'nanda-- went to court and prayed to become an additional party in this case and submited their CC list . According to law if anybody wants to tell something to the court about any particular case they can become an additional party. This is very common thing. Purulia court gave permission to 3rd front to become additional party in the case and tell their side. 10. Just court has given this common facility and 3rd front is befooling to margiis and general workers by telling that court has approved their CC. 11. Actually in January first week Kolkata group will also submit their 46 memberd CC and pray to make them aditional party. And surely court will do that on 9th of Jan. then case will go on for years, at least 3 to 4 years. 12. But 3rd front / EC is making it a big deal about their "approval'. This is complete hyprocrisy and they are just betraying and befooling margiis and workers. So it is just their crooked psychology. 13. It looks that finally 3rd front is going to lose everything from head to tail. Now 3rd front people are frustrated. Giita' Didi is telling now to junior didis that she (Giita' didi ) is not understanding what to do so juniors should decide themselves. Now here is more news that is related with the upcoming DMS. 14. Every year the Purulia district provides security for DMS and both sides-- Kolkata and Ranchi-- pay for it. After June DMS, Ranchi administration went to Kolkata high court to protest this billing system. Now that case is pending. That's why Purulia DM did not give permission to Ranchi administration for DMS and they gave permission to Kolkata administration. To fight this decision Ranchi administration has gone to Kolkata high court. There was argument on 24th December and decision will come on 27th December. 15. See what 3rd front /EC did. The 3rd front did not go to Purulia SDO or DM for permission of DMS. They directly went to Purulia Court on 24th and asked for DMS permission. The Purulia Court told that this is duty of the Purulia executive administration-- not the judiciary-- and the Purulia court threw out EC's request. See the foolishness of the 3rd front. Same day on 24th when their lawyer was bringing their DMS case in Purulia court, then on the same day one of their other lawyers was in the High court also putting his nose between the Kolkata and Ranchi DMS date case. According to the law, you cant go in two courts for one case on the same day. And the High court mercilessly rejected the 3rd front and yelled at them, 'Who are they to come here, they are not 'Samgha'! 16. This is the pitiful condition of 3rd front. Today we asked some top Kolkata Dadas if they are going to hold DMS with 3rd front ? They told that everyone of all the groups & all the workers & all the margiis are invited, and any body can get gate pass pay fees and come inside. Then some persons asked if they (Kolkata) is going to share the dais with the 3rd front like they did in Patna DS. Then those top Kolkata Dadas told that in Patna it was DS not DMS. In DMS there is no question of sharing anything. If 3rd front / EC has to come they should come as general workers. They are not going to get the chair. Only Sarveshvara'nanda jii will be the representative on stage and he will give pravacan. 17. All in all it looks like the 3rd front will become like a football that will get kicked around mercilessly by the Ranchi and Kolkata Administrations. The 3rd front has only one power that is money. Karuna'nanda, Citkrsna'nanda, and Vandana'nanda are MSAP people who have billions. And they believe that Money Solves All Problems. TSo they just get all their pra'na from money$$$. This is the state of their existence. BABA'S BLESSING By Baba's grace as we follow His divine teachings of strict morality and dharma we will annihilate all groupism and create that sweet, new world very soon. Baba says, "Just be a moralist - move along the path of spirituality...Be a machine in the hands of Parama Purus'a and help him in creating a more beautiful world and a beautiful human society." (AV-12) Namaskar, Jiivendra ***************************************** Link Between Service and Sadhana Baba says, "When you reach the closest proximity to the Supreme Consciousness, your mental waves will come in contact with His mental waves. Then you will understand what is to be done, and what will be the destiny of humanity in the near and distant future. Because of your spiritual progress, you will come closer and closer to the Supreme Consciousness, you will come in contact with His psychic waves. And in that state you will be able to render still better service to human beings, animals and plants." (SS-16 (H), p. 10-11) Note: Without good sadhana rendering social service is impossible. *****************************************

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