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Cannot Resuscitate

Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 08:32:05 -0000 To: From: Chatterjee_K Subject: Cannot Resuscitate BABA "Saba'ka'r ati priyo a'daran'iiyo..." (P.S. 307) Purport: Baba, You are the Dearmost One to all; You are the most revered and most loved. In all the hearts You are the precious kaustba jewel. Baba, everyone is in You-- without You nothing exists. Even without recognising You, even then I recognise only You. Baba, in all the flowers, You are fragrance; in this entire creation, You are lotus hub. In everything You are the best and sweetest part. In Your touch, in Your form and taste. In all the unknown things, You are the cluster of glittering stars. Baba, You are nectar of the earth; I always salute only You, I do sastaunga pranam to You again and again. Baba You are that divine eternal Entity. You do not come and go. In each and every moment Your liila is ever-new. O' the Vast divine Entity who has come in the form, I accept only You. Baba, I surrender everything at Your alter-- You are my everything...
Namaskar, Little by little the Kolkata faction is trying to resuscitate their dogmatic Mahaprayan function from the dead. They are trying to declare a so-called global unity meeting on the very heels of mahaprayan, and they are giving all kinds of perks to those who attend. But dogma is dogma is dogma. And no sincere or right-thinking margii has an iota of interest in going to this dogmatic Mahaprayan program. Because life is for pleasing Guru and when Guru Himself is displeased with the dogma of mahaprayan since it goes against AM ideology, then which margii wants to go against Guru and attend the dogmatic ritual of mahaprayan in Kolkata. Here following are some of the many points which various margiis and acaryas are raising concerning this dying dogma of Mahaprayan. For these reasons this dogma is going, going, gone...
1. Every sadhaka knows that memories and ideation of our most Loving Entity Baba should be blissful. Because this is how people remember their loved ones. For example, if one mother has a child and if that child dies a most treacherous death in a gruesome car accident. The mother will not then hang a picture on her wall of the child's mangled body and torn face from the day of that nasty accident. Rather the mother will hang a beautiful picture of that child from when the child was looking charming and sweet. Similarly as sadhakas we remember our Beloved Guru in a blissful manner. And for anyone to choose so-called Mahaprayan as the way to remember our dearmost Baba is just like hanging that picture of the mangled child on the wall. It is one negative way, that is why all true devotees remember Baba is positive & blissful way.
2. Everybody is aware that in no religion or spiritual path do the followers celebrate the "death-day" of their chosen god or deity. This is the common fact. In that way the "death day" of Lord Krsna is never celebrated nor is the "death day" of Lord Shiva celebrated. Indeed nobody is aware when Lord Shiva and Krsna passed away. Likewise even the dogmatic Christians refuse to celebrate Christ's death. Rather they remember his birth and rising etc. The central idea being that to keep the spiritual flow or devotional feeling alive, one fundamental feeling is highly essential: The presence of God.
3. Plus we all know that Baba has given the formula of 'Six Spokes of the Social Cycle' for the on going survival of any community or society. And one of those required spokes is Preceptor. But the entire theory behind Mahaprayan is that the Preceptor is gone. That is why various margiis and wts are telling that keeping the Mahaprayan program is like shooting ourselves in the foot-- or head. Because without the presence of Preceptor then that society will die. This is Guru's teaching. So from the get-go the whole Mahaprayan theory is dogmatic and destructive.
4. Each and every Ananda Margii knows that AM teachings are perfectly complete and cover each and every part of life. So when Baba Himself has not included the point of Mahaprayan in His teachings then why should it be celebrated. In reply however, one or two dogmatic type of people justify the matter saying that Baba never wanted to talk about His physical departure etc. Like this a few blind persons justify the point. But various rational field acaryas give the reply that Baba has indeed discussed aspects such as this because in the Acarya Diary itself Baba teaches that when Guru is physically accessible then Guru Puja should be done directly to Him. And in that same acarya diary Baba says that when Guru is not physically near you and/ or after His physical disappearance from this earth then we are to do Guru Puja with mantra and ideation to His photo. So here the key point is that Baba has indeed given the guideline how to manage after His physical disappearance. Of course with one's spiritual eye one can see and feel him physically also-- just it is with the crude physical eye it is not possible. But here the central idea that that Baba gives the answer what to do in His physical absence etc. So no one can justify that Baba never addresses such circumstances. Plus the acarya told that Baba further tells in Acarya Diary that if one has a strong desire to give something physical to Guru and if He is no longer physically on this earth then one should feed His creation and distribute food to the needy etc. And furthermore in the event if there is no need of such service to the impoverished then those physical offerings should be made to the moving waters of one river. And the other option Baba has given is to burn those items. All these options Baba has given as means to offer to Him when He is not physically on this earth. And in the last scenario Baba has given the point-- my acarya was telling-- that all sadhakas should offer mental flowers or mental colours to Guru when He has physically disappeared. This also is the teaching from Acarya Diary. So like this in each and every scenario and situation Baba has given the exact way for how to proceed. By His grace He has given full instruction and left no stone unturned. Thus no one can justify the matter that Baba did not discuss such things. Rather Baba has outlined everything so if a point like Mahaprayan etc is not in His teachings, then we should not do or invent such things. And ultimately we all know this, so this is one simple reminder-- nothing more.
5. It is also commonly know that the term 'Mahaprayan' is not one spiritually high or reverential term. Just it means "death" in Bengali. Everyday in those places where Bangla is spoken people are routinely talking about 'this mahaprayan' or 'that mahaprayan'. So it is a most ordinary and commonplace thing. But in our Marga a few are foolishly thinking that 'mahaprayan' is some special, holy term of Ananda Marga. But that is wrong. This 'mahaprayan' word is very commonly known in the whole non-margii Bengali community. And this word is frequently used among them to signify death. But unfortunately 1 or 2 overseas margiis have been kept in the dark by telling that this mahaprayan term is something heavenly. When in reality the common connotation is just "death", nothing more.
6. In our Marga, we all know that spiritual service means service to Guru. This is Baba's teaching which each and every Ananda Margii is aware about. Thus in the theory of Mahaprayan (Great Departure) when Baba is "departed", then how can one do service, especially spiritual service. Dhyana or sadhana, is our spiritual service and in that practice His existence is requisite, mandatory. Thus the false theory of Mahaprayan is directly contrary to our spiritual approach in AM.
7. If we believe Mahaprayan and Baba is gone, then our 'Parama Pita Baba Ki-Jai' slogan has lost its value. Because how can any Entity get victory if they are not present. So margiis are feeling that Baba is with us always that is why our 'Parama Pita Baba Ki-Jai' slogan is so meaningful. And to think He is gone is dogma. So we should follow Baba's eternal guideline to not allow dogmas like Mahaprayan to crop up into our holy Ananda Marga. That way the inherent beauty and glory of our Jai slogan shall live on.
Here Baba warns us about the what happens when they allow dogmas like Mahaprayan to creep into their mental outlook Baba says, "When people are guided by, & controlled by dogmas, their dynamism is lost, so they become lifeless. They are worse than dead bodies. So you boys and you girls, you should know that you must never allow any dogma to control you, to make you drift away from your nucleus." (BABA, 'Beware of Dogma') So the Presence of Baba is a significant thing in our life. We should not ruin our whole life by thinking that Baba is gone or distant or far away. This type of feeling is not only detrimental but suicidal. And here below Baba beautifully reveals the eternal secret behind the spiritual and devotional cult of Ananda Marga. Baba says, "The secret to develop devotional cult is to think, while doing anything, while doing any mundane duty or doing any spiritual practice -- you should always remember that He is Subject, He is seeing what you are doing. He is hearing what you are thinking. You cannot do anything secretly. He is always with you." (AV-12, p.7) So the whole entire devotional approach in AM is to always hold dear the feeling in our heart that Baba is constantly remaining along with us.
By His grace we will realise this blessing each and every moment of our lives Baba says, "The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings-That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamurtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty." (Caryacarya II p.1) Namaskar, Kalicharan Note: So for all the reasons cited in this above letter, maximum number of margiis and acaryas feel in their heart that Mahaprayan is just one dying dogma. All family members are invited to share their thoughts & feelings in this regard.
*************************************** Why Red Dress
Baba says, "Ta'n'd'ava is a heroic dance, showing the fight between life and death. The knife represents life, represents your vital stamina, and the skull represents the death that wants to destroy you. You are fighting against death with your weapon, be it a knife or a trishula (trident). And as per the rule, during the day, if one so desires, one may use a live snake in place of the skull; and at night one may use a fire masha'la [torch] or a d'amaru [small drum]. This is the rule. So ta'n'd'ava represents the eternal fight, the fight for survival, the fight to maintain existence, the fight to establish oneself as a man in this world." Note 1: By Baba's above guideline we can outline the system for doing Tandava like this. During daytime in the left hand the tandava dancer may hold either (1) a skull, or (2) a live snake. And when doing tandava during the nighttime then in the left hand the dancer can hold either (3) a fire torch or (4) a d'amaru, which is a small, one liter size, hand-held, double-sided drum that has a string and two knots attached which twist around and create a beautiful sound when they strike against either face of the drum. Lord Shiva was using one of these. So the point is that during tandava, depending on the time of day etc, any one of these four items (skull, live snake, fire torch, or d'amaru) are held in the dancer's left hand. And all four items symbolize the force of death and destruction. Then in the dancer's right hand he will hold a dagger or a trishula (trident). In AM, a dagger is a knife where both edges of the knife are perfectly straight and angle towards each other to create a distinct point at the end. So a dagger is a pin-pointed, dual-edged knife; thus not just any ordinary type of knife is a dagger. And the second option for the right hand is the trishul (trident). This is similar to the western "pitch-fork". It is a three pronged, pointed iron tool attached onto a bamboo handle of variable length from 3 to 6 feet long. Note 2: By Baba's grace I was also present at that special darshan on 20 April 1979 in Kolkata where Baba revealed the secret why tandava dancers wear a red-coloured outfit. Because in AM it is a commonly known fact that tandava dancers always wear that unique read uniform when dancing. Everyone who attended DMC, DMS, or any of Baba's darshans saw this thing. And on that special day in April '79 Baba explained that red is the color of rajoguna (the mutative factor) and that by wearing red the tandava dancers are expressing the idea that they are above the mutative factor. It is a representation that they are not controlled by rajoguna. Rather they are established in the sattvaguna (sentient sphere), by Baba's grace. So the red uniform has this unique meaning which Baba Himself beautifully described in His darshan of 20 April 1979. Note 3: Those doing kapalik sadhana also use a red mark on their forehead when practicing this meditation. And the meaning behind that red mark is the same as tandava. Namely read mark signifies that the kapalika is above the mutative sphere of life-- above rajoguna.

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