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Prout's Solution to Georgia Conflict

To: Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 23:37:49 From: "Hank & Rita Tomasson" Subject: Prout's Solution to Georgia Conflict Baba "Hrdaye eso prabhu jar'ata'r tamasa' ka't'iye diye..." (P.S. 933) Baba, please come in my heart and remove the dogma of staticity. By Your arrival, in the wake of Your divine effulgence, all my impurities will vanish in a flash. O' my Dearmost, please grace me and pulverize my ego. This ego is the main hurdle which does not allow me to come close to You. Baba please come in my heart and remove all the darkness and staticity and allow me to swim in the limitless ocean of Your love...
Namaskar, These days news travels fast and is easy to get, so all are aware about the Russia-Georgia conflict that is going on. What people may not know are the deeper causes and Proutistic solutions to such a conflict. So it is our duty to propagate Baba's ideals. Why was the political and ethnic situation in Georgia an accident waiting to happen, and what is the way to not only resolve the present matter but also prevent such occurrences in the future. In His Proutistic teachings, Baba has clearly identified the causes, cited historical precedents, and given the solution. By analysing current issues, like the present-day Georgia conflict, and providing rational solutions, we will be able to propagate the pragmatic ways of Prout within the general society, amongst intellectuals and lay people alike.
A couple weeks ago, Russian tanks and military forces steamrolled their way into the country of Georgia in order to "defend" Russian nationals who were living in South Ossettia, an ethnic region of Georgia under control by ruling Georgian forces. So Russia went in and easily wiped out and chased away the Georgian military, killed thousands of local people, and began stationing their troops throughout South Ossettia in order to exert their muscle and take that region for their own. After much bloodshed in a very short time, the world is demanding that Russia leave Georgia. But the Russians have been reluctant to do so and have continued their occupation. At the same time, Georgia is not totally innocent, they are also creating ethnic tensions etc. That is the situation in a very brief nutshell. Needless to say there are more complexities involved, though this is enough for us to understand Prout's perspective.
First, let's go back in time to review similar events from our past. Because this is not the first time such a malevolent occupation has happened in our human history. Rather such hostile takeovers are quite common. History bears testimony, but now in this modern era we must not tolerate such injustices. Several thousand years ago, the Aryans marched into India, labeled the locals as being asuras (demons), and established control of the region by inhabiting & dividing that land. Baba has described this in detail in various discourses. Baba says, "The Aryans divided the indigenous population of India into these three categories [of shudras], although these so-called shudras were the original inhabitants of India and the Aryans were the outsiders." (NSS, Disc:3) In the same way, Russia is an outsider in South Ossettia today. More recently, the British established their empire around the globe. In places like Australia, the British utterly wiped out the indigenous Maoris; in the US, the British settlers wreaked havoc on the Native Americans; and in South Africa, the British politically and economically enslaved the local peoples. In all such circumstances, the British sent English settlers and over time those settlers outnumbered and eventually wiped out the local people and indigenous cultures; in turn, those lands became full-fledged British colonies. And in certain places where the British could not swallow up the local people, such as in Ireland and India, then the British artfully employed their devious tactic of divide and rule. Baba has detailed this in a few key discourses as well (Reference: 'A Short History of Ireland', 'The Dangers of Communalism'). Throughout history, so many other nations have swallowed up tracts of land and smaller countries by sending their people to live in that area. Plus, various religions have done similar things. The Muslims have gone to lands and with the strength of their polygamy & numerous offspring, they created a burgeoning population that eventually took over that area. This happened in Afghanistan, Pakistan, as well as in various Middle-eastern and African nations, and in so many places that are now present-day Muslim areas. Likewise, the Christians went into South India and elsewhere and established their dominant presence over time. The basic rule of the history of exploitation is that to take over any land, first a country, group, or religion will send their inhabitants or followers (i.e. a floating population) to a particular place. Second, when a critical population mass is attained then they will capture that land. Third, if capturing that place is not feasible, then they will plant the seeds of dissension by inserting a communal award and elements of ethnic tension, and then execute their policy of divide and rule. Yet now in this modern era, we should not allow such bullying tactics and coercive occupations that destroy the humanity. Just like slavery is no longer allowed and female suppression is not tolerated, similarly we must not allow military takeovers.
Knowing this history, Stalin and his ruthless USSR cadres swallowed up so many neighboring lands by following this same type of approach. They sent a 'floating population' of Russians to some of those lands like Georgia, imposed their language in the schools, and established a Russian presence in that place. Furthermore, Stalin more drew up boundaries of those satellite nations that were sure to create ethnic tension, thus ensuring those countries would never be able to rise up and dethrone Russia. Even after the USSR crumbled, still those beleaguered satellite countries were in dire straits due to Stalin's approach, such that still today, even though they are independent nations, they still live in the shadow of Russia. And that is exactly what we see happening today in Georgia. Ethnic and racial tensions abound, and those peoples can never be adequately united to withstand Russia's military offensives. So when Russia invades Georgia, all done in the name of coming to the defense of Russians living in South Ossettia, Russia can easily exert its will on Georgia. This entire practice of creating ethnic divisions in Georgia stands on the heels of what the British did in Ireland and India (Reference: 'A Short History of Ireland', 'The Dangers of Communalism').
And if we are not careful and we allow other populations to enter local areas, we are destined to see more of the same in the future. And they will come and capture the area, wherever one nation is having its citizens reside in other countries, just like Muslims did in Jammu-Kashmir. Just a few hundred years ago those were Hindu states, but the Muslims have, over time, captured that region. That is why Prout has a policy of 'no outsiders' in any samaj. Baba says, "Outsiders [or a floating population] must be strictly prevented." (PNS-21) Otherwise we will continue to see more and more offensives, war, bloodshed, divide and rule, military operatives, and ethnic cleansing, like what Russia is doing now in Georgia (South Ossettia), and like what is happening Darfur, Sudan etc. Initially, it seems harmless enough to allow outsiders, but invariably over time it leads to the mutilation of the local population as well as untold aggression and hostility toward innocent people. Rather, one must become one with the socio-economic structure of that samaj in order to reside there-- one must merge their interest(s) with that place. . Baba says, "Local people are defined as those who have merged individual socio-economic interests with the socio-economic interests of the socio-economic unit they live in." (PNS-13) They live in that area, learn the language, do not send money to outside places, and identify with that land. But that is not the case with the hundreds of thousands of Chinese who are now inhabiting large parts of Southeast Asia & Africa. Nor is it the case with the millions of Indians residing in Africa. Nor is it the case with the tens of millions of Mexicans residing in the USA. In all these places, it is a sure bet that at some point in the future, the Chinese, Indian, and Mexican governments will start to exert their will in the name of defending their people, just like Russia is doing now in Georgia. That is what history has shown and that is what the future holds, which is why Baba strictly warns us that a floating population must not exist in any area-- no outsiders are allowed. Only in extreme cases can they be considered.
History bears testimony that wherever those communists would rule they would sing the glories of the laborers who were suffering in other nations, convince them to form or join a communist state, and then those wicked communist leaders would exploit the pants off of those laborers. And that is exactly what Russia is doing today. They want nothing more than to lure all of South Ossettia into choosing to come under Russian leadership, just so that they could become the pawns of Russian dominance. The Russians are involved in this current Georgia situation to try and cajole and lure those living in Ossettia that Russia will be able to better provide for them than Georgia. Russian leaders are trying to befool the people in this way. But once those South Ossettians come under Russian control, they will stop being fed sweet-talk and will be forced to live under Russian totalitarian control.
So this is the crux of the problem: There is a long history of outsiders coming in and destroying the social equilibrium and social harmony of a given place. This is not an isolated example but rather an ongoing problem that we should not allow to continue any further. It devastates a land, ruins the people, and creates untold bloodshed. And now this very same problem is being repeated in South Ossettia (Georgia) because of the past influx of Russians. Part II of this topic will discuss the solutions to this issue.
By Baba's grace, despite today's present conflicts, we will soon build that broad-based human society. Baba says, "Those who do not recognize this fact, or those who want to forget this fact, are actually enemies of human society. Those who support casteism, racialism, provincialism, parochialism, nationalism, even internationalism, are enemies of the big human society. Human society is, rather should be, based on only one ism, and that ism is universalism." (AV-3) Namaskar, Hitendra
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