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Unpublished Unique Handwriting of Baba

Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 16:37:04
From: "Hank & Rita Tomasson"
Subject: Unpublished Unique Handwriting of Baba


"Tumi eso go, eso go, eso go, a'mi hrday-duya'r khule diyechi..." (P.S.


 Baba, by Your grace I have so much longing in my heart. Baba, I am
anxiously waiting for You. By Your grace I have kept the door of my
heart open for You. Please come, please come, please come and reside in
the deep core of my heart. Baba, You have taken all the nectar from my
flower blossom which I had been saving for You. Baba, You have taken,
You have taken.   

Baba, year after year has passed-- so many sweet,
loving memories have been lost in the oblivion. But You did not come.
Time passes like this. Baba, so many divine songs that I have song for
You have been swept away into the vast expanse. But You did not come.
Even now, I am eagerly waiting and looking constantly towards the path
of Your arrival. Baba, I am desperately waiting and looking forward to
hearing Your footsteps.  

Baba, by Your grace I am always moving forward
towards You. Sometimes my speed is fast, by Your grace. And sometimes
due to my lethargy, my speed is quite slow. But by Your grace always I
am moving ahead on Your path, singing Your song with deep longing for
You. Baba in Your divine tune and melody and with the rhythm of
devotional yearning, by Your grace I am always ideating on Your supreme
thoughts and blissful tales.  

Baba, please be gracious and come; my
heart is always open and longing for You. Baba, please grace me and
reside eternally in the depths of my heart and become my own...


Our Ananda Marga is 100% rational in all respects - firmly based in the
ways of neo-humanism.

In 1961, Baba delivered one unique teaching - in the form of a
handwritten message - that ensures the well-being of all peoples and
protects the dignity of the entire humanity.

Till today, this special teaching has not been published in any of our
AM books, pamphlets or magazines.


Here is the hand-written message which Baba has written in both English
and Hindi:

"Propagandists of communalism, provincialism, casteism, lingualism and
any other ism should be strongly dealt with even if it is found that
their charges are properly established." - Baba (8 Jan 1961)

Such are the words Baba Himself penned on that day. It is a great
teaching for all, especially those who are the vanguards of society.

In each and every era, various groups or communities have tried hard to
exploit and demean another people, and in that process the exploiters
have come up with all kinds of justifications and logic, but Baba's
above guideline wholly rejects all such attempts.

In a phrase, Baba's guideline does away with all kinds of stereotypes.

Let's together investigate the full impact and scope of Baba's above
handwritten guideline.

                    APPLYING BABA'S MESSAGE

Baba's above guideline offers a strong response to all those who indulge
in stereotypes. As we all know, a "stereotype" is when a person or group
makes a blanket statement about another community based on their own
biased views.

For instance, a person might proclaim:

- Black people are dumb; or,

- Females are too weak to be leaders; or,

- Jewish people are stingy, i.e. not generous $$; or,

- Muslims are terrorists; or

- Hairjans are dirty and uncultured; or,

- Mexicans are thieves.

These are the types of "stereotypical" statements that some proclaim.
And in many cases, they may even have the data, facts, and figures to
back up their claim. Yet Baba's staunch guideline from His handwritten
message is that we should firmly reject such charges.

For instance, about black people, a white supremest will say that by
nature black people are stupid and do not finish school. To support
their claim, that white supremest might present data from Harvard
University that shows that many black people drop out of high school,
very few go to college, and that many black people in the US end up
impoverished or in jail. Based on these established facts, the supremest
concludes that black people are dumb. Such racists, like this white
supremest, use real facts to justify their view(s).

However, Baba's guideline is that even if "their charges are properly
established", we should never accept the ways of racism etc. That means,
it may be true that more black people in the US do drop out of high
school and end up in jail, but one must never indulge in the racist
belief that therefore black people are only "half-human" or dumb. That
is not the proper conclusion as there are many factors involved.

Proof being that the same high school dropout rate would apply to white
students if they faced similar circumstances like financial hardship,
neighborhood crime, and a slew of other issues that have been rampant in
black neighborhoods after centuries and decades of racial discrimination
and unfair treatment.

It is our duty to attune our minds to the myriad of social injustices
that forced black people into such a desperate position. That is the
direction we should look and then remedy the situation accordingly. The
answer is not to indulge in racism and wrongly conclude that black
people drop out of school because they are dumb.

Thus, in no way, shape or form, should we give credence to such
stereotypical statements that play into one community pushing down or
exploiting another. Whether those statements are about the nature of
women, the ways of people from a particular nation, or the behaviour of
those in a specific religion or caste etc, we are to firmly stand by our
principles and keep a neo-humanistic outlook, never giving way to crude
beliefs based on caste, group, religious, or national sentiment etc.

                      THE SITUATION IN AM

Unfortunately, there are similar things going on today in our Marga.
Because of the grand diversity of life in AM and Baba's special system
of posting workers, the scene in AM is far, far better than that of the
general society, even then we can find hints of racism or lingualism etc.

For instance, if any group in AM tries to enhance their prestige by
promoting their language or their area as being the best and the most
unique in the world, then that stand cannot be at all appreciated. We
must wholly reject such views.

That means if certain Bengali Wts and margiis proclaim that Amra Bengali
is the most important or best samaj and therefore all others are "second
best", then we should reject their claims. The Bengali speaking leaders
may argue that only their language is 92% Sanskrit, or that Baba wrote
thousands of Prabhat Samgiita songs in Bengali, or that their race is a
unique blending of the four races etc. They may present all these types
of facts to show that workers from Bengal are most venerable and great.
But it is totally wrong to say that Bengali wts are the best or that
Amra Bengali samaj is the top. Because such statements are based on
"isms" like racism and lingualism. In that case those people (i.e.
propagandists) should be dealt with strongly. That is Baba's exact

"Propagandists of communalism, provincialism, casteism, lingualism and
any other ism should be strongly dealt with even if it is found that
their charges are properly established." - Baba (8 Jan 1961)

All stereotypes are baseless as they are based on some type of ism. We
should be vigilant when dealing with such type of propagandists. That is
Baba's exact teaching.


If we look from a different perspective we can see that Hindi group
leaders proclaim that any worker from Bengal is a spy and not to be
trusted. Such groupists view people based on groupist affiliation and
geo-sentiment. Thus, the Hindi or EC leaders are no less guilty of this
disease than those workers from Bengal.

The striking point is that in AM, geo-sentiment is dominant. All the
various Wt groups have been formed on this basis. No doubt they have
their logic to support their racist views etc, but whatever logic they
give should be discarded. Because they are just manipulating certain
facts to support their own narrow-minded ism.

If we see critically, then most of the key posts of a particular group
are given to people of their area or to those who have surrendered their
faith to that particular geographical place.

It is just like if an Afghan man surrenders himself to US supremacy then
and only then can he get a high post - otherwise he will just be thought
of as a terrorist.

Right now, in almost whatever direction we look, we can see groupist
leaders justifying their case and placing greater importance on their
chosen area, at expense of other places and peoples. That is the current
situation in AM and it is this that we should oppose. That is Baba's

                     KEY POINT TO REMEMBER

One key point to remember is that each and every area has mix of good
and bad people - everywhere it is like this. In Bengal, there are many
good people as well as bad persons, i.e. criminals and thieves, etc.

So no area, race, caste or group can proclaim themselves as the revered
ones or the best above all others. If anyone does like this it means
that they are are adhering to groupism, racism or some other ism. No
matter what logic they give, we should treat that as straw and throw it

Unfortunately, some people never tire of praising that their own group
and some dumb people feel fortunate or honoured to receive those ideas.
In that we they get totally duped and become groupist pawns. However, we
should never get caught up in the belief that a certain group, language,
or region is really blessed and better than others.

Everywhere there are those who are blessed and those who are sinners. It
is not a functions of race, birth, language background, or birth etc.

                      BABA'S BLESSING

By Baba's grace He has blessed us with all the teachings in life to
build up a healthy human society and overcome all racism, casteism, etc.
We are to take a firm stand against those who indulge in stereotypes.
That is Baba's distinct teaching that He wrote down that day in 1961.
And it is as true today as it was then. We should all pay heed.


                 Money and Peace

Baba says, "With the acquisition of money people still feel that they have
nothing; in spite of possessing a huge amount of money they often beat
their chests in despair. So it is not money they seek-- what they truly
desire is peace, not happiness. But it is only rarely that people attain
peace in life...The answer [then] is that by attaining Parama Purus'a one
no longer has any unsatiated hunger or unqueched thirst." And that is the
stage of perfect peace. (SS-12, p.38)

About Those Who Got Dharma Samiiksa

From: "Alex Hufnagel" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: About Those Who Got Dharma Samiiksa Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 11:23:04 +0000 BABA "Bha'loba'so jadi tave eso priyatama diiner e kut'iire..." (P.S. 2619) Purport: O' my dearmost Baba, if You really love me then please come to the hut of this lowly person. I want to make You listen to my love songs up to Your full heart's content; that's why in my mental viina I have practiced many tunes and melodies for You. Baba, I do not have any knowledge or intellect. Nor do I have any virtue, name & fame, or the weight of those things. I have only one thing: Love for You in my mind. My whole heart is completely filled with love for You. And by offering that love I will satisfy You, by Your grace. Baba, I do not have any prestige nor do I get any respect or honor. None of these do I have. Nor do I have such devotion that I feel my ego getting wounded by Your not coming. Baba, I have only gratitude in my heart for all those things which You have graciously bestowed upon me. Please shower me in Your ahetuki krpa. Baba, I know in my heart that You love me, but if You really love me then please come close in my heart. For You I have prepared and decorated my mind in Guru cakra. Baba, please come close and grace me...
Namaskar, In order to get our organisation moving in the best way possible we need to understand who is who and be able to recognise everyone's standard. Some people are thinking those who got dharma samiiksa do not have any more samskaras. So we should take a closer look at this intriguing perspective.
First off, let's establish the fact the grand event of dharma samiiksa is an unparalleled event in our human history. Baba says, "During the entire period of fifteen thousand years of human history, there has been no Dharma Samiikśá such as this. There is no mention of any such event in Sanskrit literature.. Dharma Samiikśa is the most epoch-making event of the last fifteen thousand years. ." (AV-23) By Baba's grace, those who came for dharma samiiksa experienced His unending mercy and were relieved of so many samskaras. It would have taken countless lives to undergo the reactions of their past actions, yet Baba freed them of so much of their karmic load. So long as from that day forward they did not create any new samskaras then they were very close to salvation, by His grace. After getting dharma samiiksa, when one would sit for sadhana, then immediately upon closing the eyes, a strong vibration will fill the mind. And without dharma samiiksa, those same sadhakas were struggling like anything in meditation, tryinf hard to harness their wavering mind. So dharma samiiksa was a great bleessing.
Certainly, because Baba is Taraka Brahma then His grace does not have any limit. It is beyond time, place, and person. So it is infinite and never-ending. But when some people are thinking that those who got dharma samiiksa had all their samskaras burned, then we have to think again. Baba says, "So if Parama Puruśa should take away some of the sins from the unit beings, they will feel relieved of the heavy load and feel lightened." (AV-23) The operative word in the above line is "some" of their sins, not all. Plus, by definition, any jiiva using a human framework is under some type of bondage and hence has samskaras.
While many who got dharm samiiksa went on to have stellar careers as sadhakas - not all were like that. But just imagine what they would have been like if they did not get dharma samiiksa at all.
Anyay, in this mode initially some persons started doing all kinds of wrong things also. And we can see that after dharma samiiksa some WTs left; and they did various negative misdeeds. Not only that, but various communal and group clashes occurred, thus separating Baba's organisation. And some who received dharma samiiksa distorted margiis rights also. And some negative type of people created off-shoot organisations. Again, must who got dharma samiiksa went on to have blessed sadhana and serve the humanity. However, there is an array of things which those who received dharma samiiksa involved in. And a huge number of those WTs left; and some betrayed. So it is not that all got liberated by receiving dharma samiiksa. Let us analyse what Baba says about this. Because Baba's grace does not have any limit.
I remember that during dharma samiiksa then we all came to know that it does not mean that those who got Dharma Samiiksa automatically finished all their samskaras. This is a serious confusion amongst many margiis and Wts. They think that those who got Dharma Samiiksa exhausted all their samskaras. But let us see here from Baba Himself whether He has taken the entire load of samskaras during dharma samiiksa. Baba says "So if Parama Purusa should take away some of the sins from the unit beings, they will feel relieved of the heavy load and feel lightened". (AV part 23, p.166) Please see here Baba says "some" not "all" the samskara.
That means that those Margis and WT's who got Dharma Samiiksa, a certain part of their heavy load of bundle of samskara was removed, by His grace. Baba burned some part with His grace. And so now those sadhakas need not to carry their entire burden. But it does not mean that they are entirely liberated. Liberated means complete exhaustion of all the entire load of samskara-- 100%. And according to AM philosophy if one does not have any samskaras they cannot keep their body. And top of all Baba is not claiming that HE took away all the samskara of those who got Dharma Samiiksa. Surely He is telling that some part HE took by His grace. Again please read the Baba quotation here below. Baba says, "So if Parama Purusa should take away some of the sins from the unit beings, they will feel relieved of the heavy load and feel lightened". (AV part 23, p.166)
But everybody must know that since the event of Dharma Samiiksa in 1982, most everyone is creating fresh and fresh samskara. Because of all this many Wt's and margiis did many sinful activities also. Some got involved in sexual misconduct etc So all those who got Dharma Samiiksa that whatever samskara they have left over from before 1982 and whatever they created new after Dharma Samiiksa, they have to suffer those leftover as well as all the newly created samskara. Because those who got Dharma Samiiksa, some of their samskara is burned by Baba, and some leftover remained. That leftover may be in some cases, it may be more heavier than any other persons leftover. That means all those who got Dharma Samiiksa they are not in equalization of samskara. But one point is there that everyone got some part burned . But what quantity of samskara is burned and what remained is known only to Baba only, and that is varying. And I also think that those who got Dharma Samiiksa their leftover or remaining samskara may be in some cases heavier than those who did not even get Dharma Samiiksa. Because who knows what was the quantity of their accumulated samskara in comparison to others. Or we can say that without Baba's grace, they cannot get salvation. In order words, ultimately those who got Dharma Samiiksa also need Baba's grace to get liberation for all these rest of heavy load of samskara. So it does not mean that their some part Baba burned in Dharma Samiiksa so they do not need Baba's help now. Those who have physical body they need. Without His grace nothing can happen. As Baba says we have to please Parama Purusa according to our capacity. And it is His causeless grace that when He will be happy, HE will do His grace. So here critical point is that if Baba is pleased then whatever samskara anybody has He can finish - it will not take any time for the sinner or for the devotee both.
And Baba also further says that His grace is beyond time, space, & person. Baba says "And I know one is sure to get divine help. And I know further that one is getting divine help. And I know still further that in future, for infinite time and infinite space, one will be getting this divine favour." (AV, part 23, p.76) Namaskar, Arisudan
For Him as a Mahasambhuti, it is a great occasion that He did dharma samiiksa. But the question remains whether those who got it could keep themselves pristine or not. It is like if you got something but then it got spoiled. So during dharma samiiksa some samskaras got exhausted but then many of those persons just created more and more new samskaras. So you can imagine that those responsible for killing an Avadhuta in Ananda Nagar during the communal crisis, then they created the sin and in future they will reap the benefits of that. Then how can one think that such persons are all liberated souls and that we should adore them. There should not be any such feeling in anyone's mind about this. In spiritual field everything is depending on His liila. Those who got dharma samiiksa should not feel that now whatever they like they can do. Rather everyone is depending on Baba's grace.
Initially people had a very high regard and special feeling for vishesh yogis also; but since Madhavanadna, PK Chatterjee and all kinds of defectors like Vishokananda etc, all these Vishesh yogis betrayed Baba. But before that we were thinking that these persons are completely realised souls. However when they betrayed Baba then people understood what kind of scoundrels these persons were. About vishesh yoga, now people do not have any such feeling about them because vishesh yogis / purodhas are in a miserable condition. They have created and are involved in all sorts of negative things. So people lost their blind respect for them. Similarly after seeing everything carefully, people have lost the feeling that those who got dharma samiiksa are liberated. Now there is no question about that. Anything can happen with anyone-- only Baba's liila is there. Everything depends completely on His grace. So no one should boast about anything so long as they are under the bondage of maya.
Baba is our Guru and always He is gracing us. Through His ota and prota yoga, Baba is along with us and ultimately to whom He grants final liberation that is the final thing; otherwise such types of dharma samiiksa demonstrations He graced but people do not have the capacity to keep all those things and they ruined those things. When a person gets initiated then people think that what a great thing to get initiated and link with the Parama Purusa. But how many people sincerely keep those things in such a precious way. Rather in day to day life they assault those things by not following His teachings and instead doing negative things. And they stray from the Guru-disciple relation. So Baba is gracious in all kinds of ways. But common people are not keeping those things. In this new year may we re-double our efforts to follow His each and every guideline.
*********************************************** Look How Even the Deaf can Hear, by Dhyana
Baba says, "A deaf man sincerely wants to hear what the Sadguru is saying, the positive microvita radiated through these two mudra's are sure to help him -- they will certainly help him." (Questions & Answers on Microvita, Answer #17)

Like Ka'mdhenu

Date: 23 Feb 2010 06:46:21 -0000 From: "Manindra Singh" To: Subject: Like Ka'mdhenu Baba "Toma're khunjiya' gechi vane vane maner kon'e khunjiya' dekhini..." (2807) Purport: Baba I went on searching You in the external world, in the holy lands, in the forest, in the cave of the mountain, but I never tried to search You in the corner of my mind. I never looked there. I observed many types of penance and took trouble to travel to the various holy lands in search of You and I remained engaged in external worship using the traditional paraphernalia with lots of ostentation. All the while I never understood that You are remaining so close to me-- this I never thought. Oh Baba, oh divine Entity, You are always sitting in the mind and You love me very deeply and intimately. And You shower Your love on everyone day and night. With my little intellect what I understood, I tried to execute that with my full strength and energy. I remained lost in various attachments. I also searched You through the exploration of knowledge-- remaining busy with pen, paper and ink. By this way my time got wasted. And I could never catch hold of You. But by Your causeless grace now I understand that You are always hiding in my mind. Your divine flute is always resonating. Baba, You are always gracious...
Note: This letter is related with an upcoming event in our Marga. Namaskar, Around the globe in any society, people have to do something to earn their livelihood. This is how people survive. Farmers have to cultivate the land; teachers have to teach; laborers have to do the tasks; and shopkeepers tend to their shops etc. So always there is something that people have to do for their survival. But one special job or role is there where people get huge prestige, respect, and veneration-- and they need not do anything for their upkeep in society. Just their only role is to befool others. And those who do like this are priests. And in each and every religion this is going on. And these priests-- those who fall into this category-- watch with their vulture eyes they create one tiirtha according to their liking. And they build that place according to their groupist strategy & selfish desire. Just like Lord Krsna's teachings were very great but priests jumped into that and captured them for their selfish agenda and exploited all. They capitalised on that. Similarly Lord Shiva's teachings got "used" by priests in order to befool the public and make Kashi into one tiirtha of Lord Shiva. And now today also, some crafty priests with "vulture eyes" are trying to fill up their belly and get fat off the common people. So they have nothing to do with ideology. Just as priests they are sitting on the heads of others. And for that they created such tiirthas. First it was done in Tiljala and next was done in Jamalpur. And here is more details how this tiirtha got created. Because once again Jamalpur DMS is upcoming and preparations for it are in full swing. So we should see why all this is going on.
First off as a general point, I think most know that "DMS" stands for 'Dharma Maha Sammelan'. The meaning is 'the grand gathering of dharma'. So certainly our DMS system is a great event, and it was designed as such by Baba. Then, though after 1990, certain Central Dadas took it in a different direction. Because remember this Jamalpur DMS started when Dada Rudranandaji and party, i.e. H group, first came into a little power in AM. That was about 10 or 11 years ago. Before then there was no such annual March DMS program in Jamalpur. So here I can tell further details how this Jamalpur DMS took birth. In 1990 in the month of October the 'holy land' was created in Tiljala by B group leaders. That we all know. And the name of that exact spot within Tiljala is -- 'Mahasamadhi'. So when B group leader Dada Sarvatmanandji was in full-fledge power then he brought his dream into reality. Means what he thought he did, all for the cause of his 'Bengali superiority'. And that very dogmatic 'Mahasamadhi' memorial is now erected in Tiljala. So when this all began happening in 1990, since then some Hindi fundamentalists were thinking to create something parallely in order to respond to the challenge of B group kingpin, Dada Sarvatmanandji. Those days H group proceeded with the formula: "When they (B group) created a holy land then we (H group) must also create a holy land. They created Tiljala and ours will be Jamalpur." This slogan was given by H group. Since then the fire of groupism got notched up one level in AMPS and has been burning & working in a seriously organised way. And now these days it is outright exploding. Because when one dogma is injected then it sprouts or multiplies in a different way. Means some off-shoot is created. So this highlighting of Jamalpur was that type of outcome. That outcome means the reaction of one dogma by creating another dogma. Here is some further history.
In 1966 when Baba physically left Jamalpur then after that time decades past and He did not visit again. And after a span of 12 years in 1979 then finally He reached back again in Jamalpur to do one DMC. Baba says, "During the twelve years since 1966, I have not been to Jamalpur." (AV-7, 3rd Jan 1979) It is obvious then that Baba did not give much importance to Jamalpur. One reason being that in Indian soil already the tiirtha dogma is common. That mentality is existing strongly here in India. Naturally then if Baba would have given a little encouragement regarding the importance of Jamalpur, then it would have taken the shape of a tiirtha far earlier. Jamalpur prone to become Tiirtha, so that is why He was avoiding it. Such that He did not even go there. The reason was that that Baba wants to establish the idea--in each and every devotee's heart--that Parama Purusa is not without, He is within. To attain HIM one need not go to any tiirtha. There is no such 'special' physical place where Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji lives. HE is not tied with any particular land.
Because Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is Taraka Brahma, He is everywhere-- in devotee's hearts. Baba says, "Wherever my devotees sing kiirtana I remain there." (SS part 11) Hence Parama Purusa cannot be found in any material structure like a temple, mosque, church, jagrti or Baba's Quarter. HE is living in a divine abode-- that is in the heart of each and every devotee.
Anyhow when Dada Sarvatmanandji created a 'special land' in Tiljala, he gave huge importance to that soil. And Dada Sarvatmanandji started propagating that Tiljala is one holy place. It was at that time that strong fundamental Hindi-minded WT leaders planned to execute this idea of Jamalpur. And make their own holy place. So in the mid 1990's when H group came into a little power, since then this DMS tradition started. And all these DMS type of locations or places are fixed. Two places of DMS was fixed earlier because of the AMPS international HQ is at Ananda Nagar. That was genuine and dharmic. But at present two groups/parties are dominating our AMPS. So they occupied 2 more places for DMS. B group created the Tiljala Holy land and H group created Jamalpur as a Holy land. And in Tiljala a major gathering is arranged permanently in October at the time of Mahaprayan (MPD). And in Jamalpur in the month of March every year there is the DMS program. So before 1990 we did not have rituals or any Holy land. But now we are "fortunate" to have two such lands: (1) Tiljala and (2) Jamalpur. These are treated as the respective headquarters of two belligerent parties. So by this way it is quite clear that the whole existence of this Jamalpur DMS program is rooted in self-centered thinking for group power. And now this event is coming again-- in full force.
Ultimately then Jamalpur is the place where they are pouring huge money by exploiting the various sentiments of margiis. And they are trying to compete with the dogmatic Sikh plan of spending billions of dollars to create their religious capital known as the golden temple of Amritsar. To prepare for building up Jamalpur DMS even more so they sometimes stage one big VSS camp there in hopes of drawing in and bringing more and more people there. So these groupists are giving full emphasis to Jamalpur and the surrounding area. And especially AMURT money is being diverted to turn Jamalpur into one dogmatic holy city like "Mecca" or "Rome" or "Prayog" or "Kashi" etc. So this is how some groupist WT priests are doing.
We should always remember that we all belong to one family. We are kith and kin. Following the teaching of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is the only way. Here I conclude with this Baba's Blessing. Baba says, "It is my firm conviction that the future of humanity is not dark. Every human being will attain that inextinguishable flame that is forever alight beyond the veil of darkness of the present-- and attain it they must. Those who will carry the message of that effulgent light will be forever revered by all humanity". (Prout-10) brotherly, Manindra * Ka'mdhenu: This is one mythological cow from the scriptures that was always ready to give all kinds of worldly gifts on demand, anytime. So this sacred cow from the heaven-- Ka'mdhenu-- would bless the asker with whatever worldly boons they requested. Only this mythological cow could not grant liberation, but it was always ready to give those various mundane things. Thus for certain groupist leaders, Jamalpur is like that. They have the desire that Jamalpur will be like one Ka'mdhenu-- providing them with power, prestige, $$$, and all types of securities of mundane life.
****************************************** Really God's Favourite?
Baba says, "There are many philosophies which tend to crudify the human mind, and make people violent and inconsiderate. They make people believe that they are God's favourite children, whereas the rest of humanity are cursed. Although these views have philosophical sanction, they do not have the sanction of the A'tman (soul)...Intellectually such people are certainly slaves, and in the material world also they are slaves." (PNS-18, p.15) Note: This psychic disease is present in fundamentalist Jews, fundamentalist Christians, and fundamentalist Muslims etc. All are bad and guilty of this point; but especially the fundamentalist Jews & Muslims. They feel very negatively towards those who do not belong to their dogmatic beliefs. Muslims brand others as Quafir (demons) and Jews label non-Jews in their own derogatory language. Thus according to Baba's the status of those fundamentalist Jews & Muslims is like slaves-- intellectually and physically. For more about this read Baba's discourse, 'The Continuous Effort to Promote Universal Well-Being-- Part 1'.

What is the News?

Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 05:36:11 -0000 To: From: Subject: What is the News? Baba "A'ka'shabhara' a'jake ta'ra'..." (P.S. 2523) Purport: Baba, the sky of this amavasya night is filled with the stars. The sweet, nectar-like breeze is blowing mildly. The mind is floating in divine ecstasy from the known to the unknown world-- towards its final destination. Baba, ensconced in Your ideation, my mind is getting lost in Your divine bliss. Baba, the lily flower is constantly looking towards the sky; the aroma of flowers is emanating all around. They have forgotten themselves and lost their awareness about their own unit existence. They restlessly move in the attraction of one call. Baba in Your longing I am sitting alone, counting the stars. I understand that by Your grace I have lost myself in this beautiful atmosphere and the attraction of Your love. Baba, You are ever-gracious and You are always remaining by my side and guiding me. Baba, on this amavasya night my heart is yearning and longing for You. Please grace me by coming closer and still more close...
Namaskar, Generally people live in this world without any definite plan or program. Most are unaware about the greater meaning and aim of life. They proceed onwards in a whimsical fashion. This is the common way of human beings. It was like this in the past and it is like this today also. Certainly, people have short term material goals such as getting a job, finding a spouse, buying a house, producing children, and purchasing a car etc, but rarely do they think about getting old, and least of all about death. These latter aspects people do not consider. Rather they naively think they will remain on this earth forever. They think of this place as their permanent abode. Hence they remain basically oblivious of the reality: Just as one day we have come onto this earth, one day we will also go. This fact no one likes to consider. No one plans in this way - it is extremely rare.
Baba, being the Sadguru, has come to enlighten human beings and show us the right path. And indeed in countless discourses, stories, and analogies, Baba reminds us - time and again - about "What is the right path." This idea He has given on so many occasions. Why? Because it is the nature of human beings to get caught up in avidya maya and take this world as their permanent residence and the entire reality - when in fact it is just a relative truth. We've come here only for a short while and nothing in this world is lasting. But people forget about this fact. That is why Baba brings this point - i.e. that human life is short - to the fore again and again. He has given this teaching in Caryacarya (CC-II, 'Sadhana', point #8), philosophical discourses, stories, shlokas, analogies, and in all kinds of ways. Because we human beings constantly forget that this world is not our permanent reality. People live as if they are going to remain on this earth forever. In contrast, Baba does not talk about the theory of gravity in dozens and dozens of discourses. Why? Because already as a people we are aware that gravity exists and we do not forget this fact. So there is no need for Baba to remind us of this. But about the greater meaning and temporary nature of life, people regularly forget about this. Always we slip back into ignorance. Hence Baba brings the point again and again. Here following is one such unique teaching.
One day a yaks'a approached the great king Yudhisthira. The yaks'a asked: "What is the news?" (Note: The sense of his question was what is the real situation of this material world.) In reply king Yudhithira told: "The material world is like a frying pan. The sun is the fire; the day and nights are the fuel. The passing seasons are the stirring ladle and time is cook. All living entities are being thus fried in this pan. This is the real news of what is happening in the material world which is a miserable place full of ignorance." Such was Yudhisthira's colourful and insightful reply and this is yet one more way that Baba has brought this critical matter that we have only come onto this earth for a short time. (Reference: AV(H)-29 chapter 14) And certainly in so many ways Baba has discussed this point including during one famous discourse in Bombay.
The interesting thing about the Yudhithira's above analogy is that the yaks'a is asking "what is the news". The yaks'a is not asking about philosophy, ethics, nature of life or anything esoteric like that. The yaks'a is asking the news, yet such was Yudhisthira's reply. Why? Because that really is the news. Whenever people are told something that they do not know then it is news. Due to avidya maya people commonly forget that they are moving towards their death. They do not remember the transient nature of life on earth. People take money, prestige, beauty, attraction and all their worldly attachments to be of a permanent nature. All their plans and programs are based on this idea. They see new-borns come onto this earth, but they never think that one day they will go. So Yudhisthira's reply that human beings are in a frying pan proceeding towards death is indeed news. It is just like if a coup happened years ago but just today more revelations about the coup were reported then that would be news. Or when archaeologists find new fossils. This is also news because human beings were not aware about these events. Thus the fact that slowly, slowly we are going towards death - that is also news. People think this place is their permanent abode. With that as their reference point, their behavior, values, logic and reasoning becomes skewed, even polluted. All of their priorities are based on the false notion that they will remain here forever and ever. And indeed most live their life in this way. They collect cars, chase after the opposite sex, seek out fame and fortune. They talk all these fleeting things to be the essence of life. If they thought otherwise, people would keep away from useless activities like harassing others, fighting, looting, and material pursuits etc. And they would do more sadhana and help others. But this is not the case. Just look around and see for yourself. Thus, Yudhisthira's teaching of thousands of years ago is as relevant today as it was then. That is why this is the news.
Baba's divine guideline is that we are to complete all important works (sadhana and service) very soon. There is no guarantee how long we will survive on this earth. That is why Baba says do all good works immediately because human life is short. No one decides when they will come and no one decides when they will go. Baba says, "The scriptures say, Grhiitvaeva keshes'u mrtyurn'a' Dharma'caret: that is, during spiritual practice one should think that the god of death has already started pulling one’s hair – that one’s death is imminent. And accordingly one should work sincerely and vigorously; one will have to do a great many noble deeds within a short period." (SS-11) Thus we have not a moment to spare. None should get caught up in the whirlpool of maya and think this world as permanent. None should chase after frivolous things. All should bear in mind that we have come here for a limited period and we have a great many works to do. This is the main outlook of any sadhaka. One should think: My life is for spiritual practice and serving others, not carnal pleasures. All Baba's teachings are my food for moving on the path divine. I must not get swayed by the glitz and glamour of avidya maya. I am to remember that I am being cooked in one frying pan and moving towards my death. I utilise my energies for sadhana, not mundane allurements, then I will achieve eternal life, by His grace.
By Baba's grace He reminds us again and again that our human life is a unique opportunity given to us by Parama Purusa. As human beings we are to take advantage of our free will and do something great - attain Him. That is what Baba is telling us in Yudhisthira's analogy. Most of the scriptures of old are filled with thousands of pages of dogmatic teachings and one has to swift through all those things in order to find an ounce of truth. Ananda Marga is not like that. Baba has given us only the most pertinent guidelines to get success: Remembering the Goal of life is one such guideline. May we always following His teachings and never get caught up in the whirlpool of maya, thinking this world to be our permanent abode and chasing after fleeting fancies. If we remember the news of the day, we are bound to move on the right path, by His grace. Baba says, "If you are asked by God, “What do you want?”, what should you say?" "You must say, “O Lord, I want your blessings so that my intellect may move along the right path.” You know that the intellect is the cause of your downfall or evolution. So when your mind gets proper direction, what else would you require?" (AV-21) Namaskar, Virendra

Remain Aware About Your Child's Problem

From: "Will Chaucey" To: Subject: Remain Aware About Your Child's Problem Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 07:51:08 +1000 Baba "Jyoti-ujjval pra'n'occhal tumi priyo..." (P.S. 2229) Purport: Baba, O' Parama Purusa, You are the Divine Controller of this vast universe. You are the brilliant effulgence-- full of vitality & saturated & with the love. Baba, You are my dearmost. By Your own glory You are glorified. O' Parama Purusa You are ever-adorable. Baba, I do not have the strength to catch hold of You. With my little strength and with whatever means I have, I try to catch You-- but it is impossible for me. Instead I remain engrossed in my own self-- unit "I". This 'unit I' is preventing me from coming close to You. Baba, please transform my 'I-feeling', make it Yours. Baba, with my own strength I will not be able to get You. With the thread of the spider's net I will not be able to bind You and hold You. Because of this, please by Your causeless grace, allow Yourself to get held. This is my only request to You. Please keep this open for Your consideration. Baba, in my mind & in my heart, I have deep longing for You-- to have You close. Please grant me this by Your causeless grace. Baba please come in my shravan, manan, niddidhyasan, & dhyana and make me Yours...
Namaskar, As parents, the easiest thing to do is to get caught up in our own lives and lose sight of what our children are really going through. This is especially true in this age of extreme materialism and busyness. Being a parent, counselor and spouse, this has become a big issue in our household and neighborhood. Of course, as Ananda Margiis, we are, in general, far better off in this regard than the mainstream citizens. Daily meditation affords us the time and space to reflect and feel that inner link with Parama Purusa. That softens the heart and brings life into focus. At the same time, in my week I come across many cases where families are caught up in the tidal wave of materialism. In that storm, the children's needs get pushed aside, or even lost entirely. One critical point that comes up again and again is kids getting bullied at school. Bullying comes in the forms of children getting beaten up, threatened, scared, abused, teased, ridiculed, humiliated etc. To brush these incidents off as just meagre occurrences is an injustice to our children. Bullying has devastating short-term and long-terms effects on our kids. It must not be tolerated. Here is a look at the causes, effects, and solutions to this problem of bullying. Please be mindful of this issue in your area with your kids and do share your thoughts on this important topic.
At first, as a reader you might think that when there are so many gigantic problems in the world, why spend time talking about this issue of bullying. After all the economy, women's rights, wars, devastation, and so much more - why then talk about bullying. The answer is simple. Most of the problems in the world are due to human neglect. We need proper people to turn things around. Yet those who get bullied as kids suffer both short-term and long-term issues - severely impacting their human growth and development. Bullying is completely traumatic and affects one's relations, life choices, sleep, dreams, self-esteem, psychic constitution and so much more. After all, as a child, one's entire life revolves around school and friends. And if that world is shattered due to bullying it is tantamount to an adult losing their career, getting a divorce, being exiled from their church or community, or losing all one's personal property. A child's existence at school is central to who they are. If their prestige and stature is squashed in school, then that shakes their whole existence to the very bone. Those experiences can scar them for life. Plus bullying is two-way street; both parties are hampered. Those who get bullied feel inferior, inconfident, shaky, worried and more. That can last for decades - or even their whole life. Those who do the bullying often grow up as quarrelsome, mal-adjusted people who spoil the society wherever they go. Hence, the issue is a big one with far-ranging effects. None should naively think that what happens in the schoolyard gets left in the school yard. Rather those feelings and events get dragged through one's entire life. As adults, it is our duty to know what is going on with our kids - lest they fall by the wayside and get submerged into so many problems like bullying. We should be critically aware if bullying is going on with our kids and take it as a major event if it is happening.
In brief, let's take a look at Baba's approach to the education and development of our children. We all know that Baba places tremendous emphasis on early childhood development. To that end, Baba wants us to have pre-schools and elementary schools in all towns and villages around the globe. And He also places great importance on the role of parents. Baba says, "It must be the teachers’ responsibility to impart knowledge, teach restraint in social life, and give instruction about all the various aspects of collective endeavour, but the parents will have to take on most of the responsibility for the moral and spiritual education of the child." (HS-1) Thus in our schools and in our homes, children are to be surrounded by loving, caring, responsible adults who are tuned in to the needs, problems and yearnings of our youths. And from an early age they are to be introduced to the ways of neo-humanism and a cosmic outlook. If from the very beginning children feel a sense of connection to others around them and to the universe as a whole, they will feel they have a place in this world. They will feel loved and share love with others, seeing all as their family members. They will feel like they are a part of humanity - not alienated by it. For these reasons and more Baba places a grand emphasis on the early experiences of children, both inside and outside of school. If the child has this proper base, then bullying - and so many other childhood issues that abound today - will never be an issue in their life.
Unfortunately, now in this materialistic era, the real needs of children are often ignored both at home and in school. Today, children are a mere by-product of sexual lust. Often the parents are not married and are "upset" that they got pregnant. And in the case of married people, they are quick to get the baby out of their own bedroom and into a separate room so they - the married couple - can resume their sensual nights and not be disturbed by a baby. Here the main critical aspect is that children come into this world and are not wanted, loved, and embraced in the way that is needed for them to grow properly. This is perhaps the most dangerous outcome of materialism and affects the whole society. And the root cause is extreme selfishness. Because parents are too busy with their own jobs, because adults are too sunk in their own sensual pleasures, because those parents were often themselves ignored as kids, and for so many other reasons, children often grow up in a whirlpool of isolation, desperately wondering if they are loved or not. These following letters address this pervasive problem. Plus in our schools, because teachers are underpaid and undervalued, the applicant pool is not very strong and we often do not have our highest quality people going into the teaching profession. Oversized classrooms, growing violence, and a huge array of behavioral issues, contribute to the problems and schools in the west often resemble counseling centers or even jails, not centers of learning. The children then are not introduced to a proper code of conduct nor given a proper cosmic outlook. Rather they are submerged in all kinds of social ills. With this dramatic deficit both at home and in schools, our children are frustrated, angry, isolated, and littered with so many psychic and emotional troubles. The outcome of all this is that our children are prone to either bullying others or to being bullied themselves. This is a problem especially in the west, but really anywhere materialism becomes a stronghold. In that sense, we all are at risk - kids everywhere are susceptible.
With the situation of bullying as serious as it is, the issue demands resolution. Tragically, all too often, parents are too busy to even know that their children are going through such traumatic events. Parents work 10 or 12 hours days, see their kids for a few minutes at night, and hardly have time to eat dinner together let alone talk about meaningful matters. Besides, when there is a basic gap in parent-child communication, then things mostly go unnoticed and unaddressed. If and when some parents do come to know that their kids are getting bullied, they often respond with a phrase like, "Don't worry, just make some other friends." This is most harmful as it shoves the problem under the rug forever. This only worsens the situation and allows it fester, causing lifelong problems like fear complexes, alienation, despair, nightmares, depression and more. As parents, our approach must be totally pro-active when it come to bullying. 1. Parents must tune in, come forward and pay concern to their child's physical and emotional needs. For them, getting bullied is a frightening thing. Kids must feel that they are loved and that as parents we are concerned with their problem. 2. Parents must go to school and resolved the situation with the principal and / or teachers. This type of direct action is needed. 3. If needed, parents must place their kids in a different school or different learning environment. 4. Parents should also look into creating alternative social opportunities for their children by having their kids meet up with kids from a different neighborhood on the weekend. The kids should not be around those same children who bully them. 5. Parents must be very aware of what kinds of friends their children have. Friends are a huge component of a child's life and can be a telltale sign of what direction your child's life is progressing. 6. Again and again, parents must enforce the sentiment that "You are mine and I love you very much" within their child's mind. This must start from Day 1 and be reinforced every day and every night by providing a safe environment for their kids where they are included, loved and embraced. We have to remember that school and friends are everything for children. Just as we work for a proper stature in society, our kids do the same. As devastating as it is for us to lose our place in the world, it is doubly scarring for children. We must take their problems like bullying as monumental occurrences and not minimise the problem to petty things. Should we talk down or pooh-pooh the problem, our kids will never tell us anything again. It will block all communication and the problem will fester. Tragically this is what we see happening again and again in today's materialistic society. And the result is that we have children graduating from schools with a whole basket of psychic and emotional issues that hinder them for the rest of their life. And we have children who are totally disconnected from the families and communities. Thus, as parents, teachers, counselors, concerned neighbors and school administrators, we should address this problem of bullying in a very forthright and direct manner. Failing that, we are inviting a whole slew of issues for our children, as well as losing their trust.
By His grace, all have come into this world to flower, bloom and blossom. That is the dharma of human beings. When society itself blocks this progress, problems abound. Bullying in school is a direct result of materialism and leads to more and more social ills. It demands our critical attention otherwise a neo-humanistic society will be but a dream. I hope others will take up this important topic and share their thoughts - our kids deserve it. Namaskar, Vinay
*************************************** How to Become Great
Baba says, "Who is mahat (great), who is maha'na (great), about this it has been said, 'paropaka'rat mahat', or those who are serving others. They are called mahat. Those who have studied volumes of books, or those who accumulated huge wealth, those who have a prestigious family heritage, good reputation in the society, all these things are there, etc even then they cannot be great if they do not serve others." "Those who are serving others, they are mahat, great. To do social service huge money is not needed. Whatever strength you have at present in your hand, utilise that to serve others. If body is strong physically then serve with physical body, and if you have money then serve with your money, if you have intellect then do with intellect, if you have courage then do with that, if you do not have anything then you do by your good thoughts and well-wishing. Human beings become great by serving others. But where there is not service they become low and mean. They become meager." (AV-28 (H))

BP Election Process 2010

Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 06:58:43 -0000 To: From: Richard Cross Subject: BP Election Process 2010 Baba "Lukiye path cala' ekii liila', lokalocane keno na'hi a'so..." (P.S. 3698) Purport: Baba, You are Ajana Pathik, You are the most loving One who moves throughout this vast universe doing everything but in Your journey You always keep Yourself hidden. You move around secretly. Baba, You do all the things but nobody can see You; You do not like to come within the field of vision. O' my Dearmost, to whom You love, they want to search You in their mind; they want to hold You in their heart by the process of shravan, manan, niddhidhya'san & dhyana. But in Your divine liila You do not like to be seen. You go on moving secretly. Why like this. Why is Your style so secretive? Baba, You do not like to move around following the straight, clear-cut path whereby everyone can see You. That type of movement You do not do. Baba, the eternal truth of straightforwardness which has been established since ages, even a wee-bit of that You do not follow in Your movement. Rather everything You do in hidden fashion. O' my Revered One, it may be also possible that my understanding is not complete so that I do not properly comprehend You. Baba, by the ordinary measuring scale You are immeasurable. If anyone wants to understand You and get You, then You escape and never get held. Then remaining distant, You just smile. Baba, what type of liila is this. You go on doing everything while remaining hidden, out of my grasp. O' Baba, I long for You and surrender at Your alter...
Note: 2010 is an election year. Some BP elections have already been held and many more are coming up in the next 1 - 2 months. Already the leaders have set their plans in motion to get their chosen canditate in the seat. They cemented their agenda for the various bhuktis during New Year's DMS. Be alert and ready. The Fake BP Manual of '97 is still in vogue. Know your rights and be ready to oppose all wrong doing with regard to BP elections. This is our collective duty. Namaskar, This entire letter looks at how the Fake Bhukti Pradhan Manual issued in 1997 has been used as a weapon by groupist leaders to destroy the BP post. This manual has been the cause of so many fixed elections: 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, and now the same is trying ot be done here in 2010. Awareness and vigilence is the only cure, lest they once again manipulate things according to their own agenda.
Everybody knows that the Bhukti Pradhan (BP) post is part and parcel of a unique system given by Baba wherein family people are actively involved in the leadership of a dharma organisation (AMPS). In the past no pseudo guru had the courage or vision to put forth such an idea. Only our all-knowing Sadguru Baba has put the plan in motion that all people-- whether sannyasis or family people-- should be actively involved in the administration of a spiritual organisation, thereby bringing dharma to the masses. Such is the revolutionary approach of the BP system given by Baba.
However at present in AMPS, our Bhukti Pradhan system is in a state of shambles. This also everyone recognises. The BP post has become a non-entity in AMPS life whereby those margiis who oppose the leading faction are ousted from the BP position. In that way so many BP's are either marginalised or just sit on the BP chair as a stooge of the ruling group. All acknowledge that in today's social milieu of extreme groupism, the voice box of the BP has been shut.
The next question then becomes how did all this happen. And while there are various factors involved, it cannot be denied that when the groupist rulers threw away Baba's original BP guidelines and instead created their own Fake BP Manual ('97), then that became one distinct cause of the downfall of the BP post. Because that Fake BP Manual ('97) contains so many wrong rules which allow the ruling group to turn the BP post into a mere puppet position etc. Even then in the minds of some it is not clear how all this is happening. A few are not understanding how the Fake Manual is used by factional leaders to control the BP post. Thus to help bring the matter into the open foreground and make it crystal clear, various margiis have decided to address points one at a time from the Fake BP Manual in order to show how the Fake BP manual contravenes our pristine AM ideology. This letter begins that series.
As we all know, one of the first and foremost tenets of our AM society is that it incorporates one and all. Everyone is looked upon as a child of the Supreme and a member of our human family. In that light Baba has firmly declared that no one can be expelled from AMPS. In our AM way of life there is no such thing as expulsion. Baba says, "Ananda Marga has formed a society which frames its laws on the basis of common ideals in order to develop the idea of one-ness of all humanity. This society is radically different from any existing society, for it provides a society with a common bond where there is no distinction between class or sex, where no one is declared an outcast..." (AFPS-7, p.6) And here below Baba reiterates the same idea: That expulsion is not accepted in Ananda Marga. Baba says, "Harsh social punishment such as creating not find any place in our society." (AFPS-7, p.6) So by all this it is clear as day that expulsion, debarment, disqualification etc are not facets of our AM way of living. That is not part of our social dharma.
Now let us take a look at but one of the many ways how the Fake Manual contravenes our AM ideology. First let us remember that expulsion is not allowed in our Marga. Do you have that idea in mind? Good, now let us proceed. Here is one of the unrighteous (adharmic) rules from the Fake BP Manual. In order to vote or be a BP candidate, the Fake BP Manual declares that:
"He or she must not be expelled." (Fake BP Manual 1997, chapter 1, section 13, point #9, pg 12)
Thus in clear cut language the groupist rulers have put forth the crude edict that no one may vote in the BP election or run for the BP post if they have been expelled. So the Manual makes the false assumption that expulsion is legal. Yet we all know that according to Baba expulsion is not allowed in AMPS. So the Fake BP Manual clearly ignores Baba's dharmic teaching and puts forth the unjust & fake policy that expulsion is allowed and that if anyone is expelled then they cannot participate in the BP elections-- neither as a candidate nor as a voter. This is the type of outrageous manipulation that is rampant throughout the Fake BP Manual. And in their groupist policy-making schema this is what the groupists do. If factional heads feel that any margii is not accepting their dictatorial and unholy leadership then that margii will be "expelled" and forbidden to participate in the BP election process. So when courageous & dharmic margiis or BPs protest against groupist wrongdoings then the factional leaders expel them and point to chapter 1, section 13, point #9, pg 12 of their Fake BP Manual and declare that "expelled" margii ineligible to participate in the BP elections or hold the post of BP. Indeed there are innumerable cases where this has occurred and if we are not careful this devious rule will be invoked thousands of more times in the future. Thus in the past Rudrananda's faction or Sarvatmananda's faction has used expulsion as a way to railroad BP elections and control the BP post. And what is their justifcation: chapter 1, section 13, point #9, pg 12 of their Fake BP Manual. And so long as this obscene rule exists, in the future any groupist leader will take advantage of this unholy rule.
So when the upcoming BP elections are in our midst then we should be well informed and ready to dismiss all the fake rules which factional leaders have slipped into their Fake BP Manual. Because it is a guarantee that whichever groupist regime is in power during the BP elections, then they will invariably rely on the Fake Manual to manipulate the course of events-- once again rendering the BP post as a useless position. When in fact we all know that the post of Bhukti Pradhan is an upstanding seat in our Marga and that the post should be held by a strong margii who upholds the teachings of dharma. That is Baba's teaching and that is Baba's vision: That the BP chair will play a vital role in upholding AM ideals. But this the groupist heads are unwilling to accept. Because they are so greedy for power that they do not want anyone else to participate in the governance of AMPS. As a last reminder, we should all be alert and vigilant as we approach the upcoming BP elections. We should demand that the Fake BP Manual be put in the garbage where it belongs and instead Baba's dharmic BP guidelines should be implemented.
By Baba's divine grace, the tide is changing and all the dogmatic rules like those in the Fake BP Manual are being rejected by the people. And a new phase of peace and harmony has arrived. Baba says, "Humanity is now at the threshold of a new era. We do not want any dogma. The age of dogma is gone. What we want is an idea based on Neohumanism. We are for the entire created world; and not only for human beings or living beings, but for the entire animate and inanimate universe." (AFPS-5) Namaskar, Ramendu
Everyone knows that Sarvatmanandji's name itself is printed in bold letters on the inside cover of the Fake BP Manual. Because in those days the B bandits were still in power and they gave the important ISMUB Secy post to their captain, Sarvatmananda. That is why where it says "published by" then Sarvatmananda's name appears. Because he is the one who first published the Fake BP Manual. Of course now Rudrananda is king of the roost so he is sinfully enjoying all the manipulations of the Fake BP manual. Rudrananda is using all those crude edicts to satisfy his groupist agenda. And that is the way it works-- whichever group is in power takes advantage of this fake BP manual.
Those leading the elections - i.e. the ruling faction - is bound to share their adopeted, yet "cherished" election manual. Demand a copy from your local acarya, RS, or ISMUB representative. And then sit down with them and review the aforementioned points. They must be called upon to answer to all the unideological points from the Fake BP Manual. Letting this election transpire in silence is not good. That is why all margiis all around the globe are standing up and demanding for Baba's original BP guidelines to be reinstated.
********************************************* Ajapa - Japa & Adhyana - Dhyana
SadGuru Baba says, "If a man constantly chants his japa mantra or meditates ceaselessly, then the rhythm of this japa, the rhythm that adores the Guru during dhyana, will act as auto-suggestion during the time of sleep, although he does not remember it...A sadhaka with this capacity continues his dhyana and japa even in sleep. This kind of japa is called "Ajapa' Japa"; that is to say, without performing japa, one is actually performing it. And it is called "Adhya'na' Dhyana", which means that without actually meditating, the act of meditation is going on." (YP, 1991 Edn, p.150-51)

AM's Approach vs 'Modern' Science

Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 10:04:02 -0400 To: AM-GLOBAL From: Patrick Russell Subject: AM's Approach vs 'Modern' Science Baba "Anek shun'iya' anek bhaviya', toma'kei bha'lobesechi..." (PS 1041) Purport: Baba, Your tales are infinite. From the mouths of devotees I have heard endless heart-touching stories how You have showered Your boundless love and grace. Baba, as soon as I heard all those things about You, I began to contemplate about Your grandeur and glory, over and over again. By that way I realised that You are inseparably linked with my heart, mind, and my entire existence. Baba, I have fallen in love with You; I can't live without You. You are my most intimate One. Baba, in order to find You I have searched in each and every town and village, by the rivers and the oceans, in the hills and the valleys, in the mountains and the caves. I have searched You in the sky and earth-- everywhere. Baba, by Your grace I have discovered that You are that priceless jewel sitting in my heart. Baba, I do not have any explanation why I have fallen in love with You. All I can say is that it is solely Your grace. Love knows no logic or reasoning. All I can tell is that You graciously pulled me towards You and by that way I have fallen in love with You. It is Your grace. O' my Dearmost, I do not love You in order to get mukti [1]. I love You because You have tenderly brought me close to You. Even then I am not an A-grade sadhaka. I do sadhana and by that way receive Your bliss. I think that is the reason why I love You. Baba, I love You to get a'nanda. This is the aim of my life: To love You so that I may be bathed in Your bliss. This truth I understand. O Lord, I do not have parabhakti-- highest devotion. But keeping in mind that parabhakti is the greatest quality, I will go on doing Your work and serving You according to whatever strength I have. I will expend every ounce of energy to satisfy You. Baba, by Your grace, I understand that, 'I should love You to give You bliss-- not for my own bliss' [2]. This is the culmination of all I have learned, by Your grace. Baba, by Your grace I have fallen in love with You. My sole desire is to serve You and please You... NOTES FOR THE ABOVE PRABHAT SAMGIITA #1041: [1] Mukti: (Literally means 'liberation'). Just as the sadhaka in the above song is not doing sadhana to get mukti, similarly, in the below discourse Baba is guiding us that one should not do sadhana to get mukti. Baba says, "While surrendering oneself at the altar of the Supreme, what is one to do? One must not ask for anything from Parama Purus'a. [For example,] for a bhakta, mukti has got no importance. A bhakta wants Parama Purus'a, and nothing from Him, not even mukti. Suppose Parama Purus'a says, 'O devotee, what do you want?' - his reply is, 'I want You'. One must not say, 'I want mukti', because suppose one says, 'I want mukti', one may get mukti, but one may not get Parama Purus´a. Which is more valuable - mukti or Parama Purus'a? Parama Purus'a!" (SS-24, 'Bhakti, Mukti and Parama Purusa') So this is a good teaching: A sadhaka should not ask for anything, not even mukti. Even then some do sadhana for mukti, but in the above Prabhat Samgiita as well as in the above quotation, Baba is instructing us that one should not do sadhana to get mukti. One should do sadhana so that one may come close and serve and please Him. [2] A'nanda deva'r l'a'gi: (Literally means 'to give bliss') The last stanza of this song describes the stance of ragatmika devotion where one does sadhana to please Him-- to give Him bliss. That is the culmination of all devotion. Baba says, "The ra'ga'tmika' bhakta says: 'I love Parama Purus'a because I want to give Him a'nandam. I don't care whether or not I get a'nandam. My only desire is to give Him joy through my love. I shall perform, even at the cost of profuse sweat and difficulty, only those noble deeds which will give Him joy. I am ready to undergo any amount of pain and suffering to give Him joy." (NKS: Disc 25)
Namaskar, In the present era many innocent persons suffer from a misunderstanding about science and its application. Usually people think that modern day science has achieved the highest staure, and that it crowning glory of life, as it has led us out of the dark ages of religious dogma etc. They conclude taht we should follow the present day course of scientific achievement not adjust the path of science.
But, as Baba guides us, for science to really become society's great asset some pre-requisites are necessary. In particular the control of science must be in the hands of sadvipras. Otherwise it creates a very negative effect that is hazardous to humanity. One further point is that civilization and the science should work hand in hand. That means science should be controlled by civilized souls. Because when the opposite happens, then all kinds of negativity sprouts. Just like in this present era where science is controlled by capitalists-- selfish people who twist science to their own greedy needs.
So in this present era of material science, achievements chiefly come in two main ways: 1. New and newer weapons for destroying & killing others; 2. Luxurious items for the rich & lazy. But on the other side so many fields of scientific inquiry have been left neglected. Scientists have not gotten the opportunity or means to research and solve problems like providing the minimum requirements to each and every individual on this earth. What to say about the entire globe, even in the materially rich USA not all the people have their minimum requirements met. And throughout other parts of the globe starvation is quite common and even rampant in some areas. Needless to say this is not glorifying image of science and its achievement. Why all this?-- Because science is controlled by negative people and it has gotten misused: (a) science is not under the direct control of sadvipras; (b) civilization is not given proper emphasis. These following Baba's quotes all lead in that direction. Baba says, "In the present age, civilization is on the wane due to science enjoying the pride of place. But developed as science is today, if civilization is pushed up again to the top, people can reach a greater height than ever before." (PNS-6, p.37) Baba says, "What is science? That which teaches the proper use of material things is science. Where the development of civilization is utterly negligible and science gradually attains the apogee of development, science only paves the way for destruction instead of doing any good to humanity. And so, study and practice of science, though unavoidable, should not be given a higher place than civilization." (PNS-6, p.36) Baba says, "For human progress the cultivation of science must always be welcomed, but it is desirable that this cultivation of science should be carried out under the supervision of sadvipras." (PNS-6, p.15)
And here further Baba reviews issues of science in the present era. Baba says, "Today the materialist scientists of the world have become the objects of fear for the human race, lest they invent and produce various types of lethal bombs." (PNS-14, p.15) Baba says, "So we see that science is indispensable for human progress, and without it half the population of the world would die of starvation." (PNS-6, p.13) Baba says, "Nowadays science means creating new weapons - strengthening the hands of war-mongers; but the spirit of science should not be like this, and at the start, in the primordial phase of human life, it was not so. Yes, there is necessity of weapons - weapons not for strengthening the hands of warmongers, but for providing security for good ideas, good thoughts and good persons." (PNS-9, p. 42)
As Ananda Margiis we understand that material science is in a very primitive stage. Here following is some review. 1. Material science wrongly believes that building blocks of life are carbonic structures. But our Microvita philosophy says that the building block is microvita. It is microvita which carries the life. 2. Each and every margii practices fasting without water and has experienced how beneficial it is. But present day medical science basically discards this idea; rather traditional medical science says that fasting without water fasting is very dangerous, detrimental to health. 3. Each and every Margii knows the value of lymph and that Baba has warned that no one should misuse this by harboring negative thoughts and converting one's vital energy into semen, unnecessarily for self-gratification or the domination of low instincts. One should know the value of naesthika brahmacarya as well as be wary of the "bad habit of masturbation" (YT). But the beliefs and ways of present day science is just opposite. They encourage others to indulge in this negative thing. Even this is preached to the youth. In dogmatic way present day scientists preach that the loss of semen is beneficial health. But we know that this is 100% wrong.
So when material science is off the mark on these points then how far can we adjust with their viewpoints-- thus sacrificing the ideals of AM. And here following are more points where material science is far below the high standard of AM.
4. Material science does not have any concept of sentient food and whereas we know how useful and important it is to take sentient food. 5. Present day science follows the dogma that human beings are social animals and they treat humans as being part of the animal kingdom. All kinds of medical tests are done on animals so that various medicines or "scientific developments" can be approved for humans consumption. But Baba discards this idea that humans are animals. In so many discourses Baba says "human life is an ideological flow" (APH). There is no question that humans are "rational animals". 6. Material scientists believe that matter is bottled up energy. And here energy means crude energy. But Baba discards this idea. Matter is not bottled up energy. 7. Material scientists claim that everything comes from matter and we say that everything comes from Parama Purusa. They say everything is from matter and we say that everything is Cosmic emanation. 8. Material science does not believe in prapatii vada or surrender theory. But in Ananda Marga, surrender theory is the highest ideal. 9. Present day material science does not believe in the working system of homeopathy. But Baba approves of homeopathy as being the best pathy. 10. Material science claims that certain individuals like Galileo first invented certain theories like that of gravitation. But Baba enlightens us as to the real story about this: Baba says, "Bhaskaracarya first discovered that the earth was round, and not Copernicus. That the earth is moving was first discovered by Bhaskaracarya and not by Galileo. The law of gravitation was first discovered by Bhaskaracarya and not by Newton." (Disc MHB, p. 24) 11. Material science such as western linguistics thinks that Latin and Greek are the starting point of modern languages, whereas Baba has clearly demonstrated that the Sanskrit language is the underlying link of all languages around the globe. 12. Material science does not recognize anything beyond sense-perception but the entire philosophy of AM philosophy is standing on intuition. 13. Material science believes that this world is for the enjoyment of human beings. And for their enjoyment, then ecology and all related things can be consumed. But our AM philosophy holds a different feeling. As human beings have the right to life, similarly all have right to live-- One family. But material science does not consider this. 14. In AM we believe in Cosmic patrimony-- that the material property belongs to one and all. But material science does not recognise this. 15. Many aspects of the basic fundamentals of 16 Points are overlooked and by material science as it does not recognise them. 16. Like this countless points are there how the dharmic teaching of AM are far higher and more advanced that the present day ways of material science.
What Baba has given everything is aptavakya, entire creation is within the mind of Parama Purusa. To know anything He need not to do any external approach. Because everything is within Him, so what He has said that is 100% perfect and that is not going to change according to changes of time space and person. That is why all Baba's teachings are apta vakya and perfect. Baba says, "A'pta vakya or absolute knowledge is true and beneficial for all people is all ages and in all countries...The books in Ananda Marga philosophy are all absolute knowledge." (PNS-18, chap 3) In contrast in the case of material science, what one scientist says today is truth until another scientist comes along & proves that as wrong. To understand the divine teaching of Baba, the preset day material science has to travel a long pathway. So we are not going to compromise or adjust our AM philosophy at all to fit the limited ways of material science. Rather when material science advances then they will understand that greatness of Ananda Marga. Namaskar, Paramatma Note 1: Of course in AM we strongly advocate and support the use of science. No one should get confused and think AM is against science. Just the overall idea of this letter is that the more static materials science is far behind the teachings of AM. Here following Baba guides us how science should be used. Baba says, "Science is for service and beatitude. Science should always be utilised for the proper progress of human society." (PNS-9, p. 42) Note 2: The various branches of material science operate within their own spheres. So each does not understand other branches of sciences. One branch of the science does not understand another branch of material science. But AM is based on spiritual science. So it cannot be measured with the scale of material science. Material science should develop more and more and be utilised for human welfare. Then it will help in all-round development of human personality. But it has its own limitation. Subtler aspects of spiritual science will never be understood and realised by material science because of its own limitation. To understand AM, material science has to cross its material boundary. But it cannot do that otherwise it will not be seen as a material science. Then it will be called as a spiritual science. So the conclusion is that due to its inherent limitations material science will never be able to fully understand AM philosophy.
****************************************** Divine Guideline in Dhyana Process
Baba says, "In the fourth phase the relationship is just like a piece of paper; the unit consciousness of the spiritual aspirant is one side of the paper and the Cosmic Consciousness of Parama Purus'a is the other side of the paper; they are inseparable, one cannot be removed from the other. By His effulgence the unit existence, the existential faculty of the aspirant gets lighted, gets illumined. With His illumination the aspirant is to move forward and enjoy the Supreme Beatitude and the Supreme Composure." (SS-18, p.13) Note: Here above Baba is indirectly guiding about the last part of the practice of dhyana-- which every sincere sadhaka practices regularly.

"I am a Coward"

From: To: Subject: "I am a Coward" Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 22:16:16 Baba "Egiye calo bandhura' saba samaya hayeche a'ja..." (P.S. 4880) Purport: We all should march forward on the path of Baba's ideology. The evil forces will be annihilated. O' brothers and sisters, let us move forward; the time has come. The evil forces must be destroyed. Baba's infinite cosmic grace is showering on us. With that force, dharma will be established... (After reading this letter you will understand why I picked this above song...)
Namaskar, You may be wondering why I wrote a title like this, but what can I say, that is what I am. My conscience tells me that Baba's English discourses should be properly transcribed and printed directly in the original English. This much I understand. And this same neat and clean system should be applied to all His discourses -- i.e. maintain the authenticity and integrity of His original expression. But when the Tiljala camp invited me to do translation work then they encouraged me to do it their way: To translate the original English into Bangla and then re-translate back into English-- from the so-called original Bangla, thereby forever changing & tainting Baba's original discourse. This is what they encouraged me to do--- and I did it. So then what can I say, I am a coward. I do not have the courage to protest and fight them on this point. The thought of being a spiritual soldier just makes me feel weak in the knees. That strength I do not have. So I figured, at least let me become immortal by having my name appear on the inside pages of Baba's books-- "translated by..." or "reviewed by...". So for that reason I am accepted the strategy of Tiljala camp. Even then, if anyone accuses me of doing wrong or of being a groupist, then I will come forward and scratch their face. On the point of my own prestige I will fight. Internally, however, I realise that I am groupist, but externally I will never admit such things. I must pose myself as being a revolutionary, a fighter for justice, a Baba devotee, a sadvipra, and so much more. This impression about myself I must project others. The world must see me as this. But after all, inside I know I am coward. As much as I would like to, I am not going to fight for the proper printing of Baba's books-- not until the vast majority opposes the current way things are going. Then at that point I will also jump on the bandwagon and yell, "Baba's books must be proper!!". Until that time however, I will continue to drink the sweet, warm milk that the Publications Dept gives me. I will accept their praise and prestige by following their faulty system. Plus I will defend their dealing in public, I will get my name in the book, I will be on their esteemed Publications committee, and I will get all sorts of kudos and show myself as being a great sadhaka. Such is the way of my cowardly nature. Because standing up and fighting for what I know to be true just does not appeal to me right now. There is too much confusion and I have not the strength to fight. It is easier to accept their ways and become part of their groupist schema.
Internally I know that the Tiljala camp is not following Baba's stated guidelines for translating and publishing AM books. I know the Tiljala faction is transgressing His mandates. For instance, Baba says not to translate into Bengali first if it is not the original language, Baba says to write down the exact transcription of what He has spoken. Actually, Baba has dictated so many rules for doing translation work and those notes have been printed. So these are but a few of His tangible guidelines for Publications. For more information review this letter: Yet Tiljala is not following His order. All these things I know inside my heart. Even then I do not care. I have become a cog in the wheel of the Tiljala's groupist machinery. Day in and day out I continue to work for the Tiljala camp's Publication Dept. Because this gives me my place in the world. By this way I can show to others externally that I am a devotee and I am doing Baba's work. After all, my name will appear on the inside cover of Baba's books for decades and generations. So I am a confirmed groupist. And by following the lead of the Tiljala faction and doing their Publications work, I will get all kinds of perks and benefits. This is my inner tale-- need I say more. Why have I written you this. Because in my loneliest moments I do feel some guilt in all of this, and I hope change will come. Just I know that I am not the one who can spark such change. At least this much honesty with myself I wanted to have. I pray to Baba that He will accept me as I am & overlook what sin I am doing. in His love, p.s. There are so many examples of how Baba's books are not being printed properly. 1) When He delivers His DMC discourse in three languages then the Hindi and English portions are systematically eliminated and only the Bengali portion is kept. That is one huge problem and is prevalent in each and every DMC discourse. 2) Then all of the English discourse that Baba gave on His Fiesch tour have been done wrongly. In the books, it is proclaimed that they are translated from the original Bengali when in fact those are English discourses. And then they went so far as to translated them from English to Bengali and back into English. 3) Countless Hindi discourses have also been incorrectly done. Actually the Hindi language discourses have been badly mistreated by Publications. Those books are in the worst shape. Every page carries innumerable mistakes and omissions. It is not that those printed discourses need to be corrected-- they need to be REDONE entirely. They are in such poor shape they cannot be corrected. 4) But with the Bangla, then the Tiljala camp gets out its polish and makes the discourse as good as possible. So it is not that they do not know what to do or how to do. They are aware of Baba's guidelines. Just they are unwilling to apply that to the other languages like Hindi, English etc. In that case they prefer to taint the discourse in order to keep Bengali on top. And unfortunately, I have been party to all of this. Only I pray to Baba that I will not be reborn as some stone or a piece of iron. What is the exact punishment for mishandling the discourses of Taraka Brahma I do not know, but I pray to Baba that He will be merciful and pardon me for my sins.
********************************************* Who Should Get Credit
Baba says, "The duty of human beings is only to continue their efforts to please Parama Purusa. Thus when any work is done, the concerning sadhaka is not to be given any credit; the credit should be given to Parama Purus'a." (SS-18, p. 7)

Even illiterate persons can reach Parama Purusa

Date: Mon 15 Feb 2010 12:23:16 -0000 To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Fatigue From: "Ishvara" Baba "E sha'rad sandya' na'ce madhuchanda', ceye a'che toma'ri pa'ne..." (P.S. 3340) Purport: Baba, this beautiful evening of pre-winter is dancing in ecstasy and looking towards You. In the atmosphere of the sweet fragrance of the shepha'lii flower, who knows what these beautiful white clouds in the sky want to express-- what loving feeling of their heart they want to communicate and to whom. Baba, who can say when the first sunrise happened; nor can anybody guess when the last sunset will happen. But this beautiful evening of pre-winter season understands the tale that Baba You know everything and You are always attracting everyone. Baba, I have only one longing in my heart: That You please give me parabhakti. With that strength, O' Lord, I can get salvation-- You. In the atmopshere of this melodious and colorful evening which is saturated with the love & fragrance of the shepha'lii flower, I ask, bowing down to Your lotus feet, that please have karuna' on me. Baba, in this divinely intoxicating pre-winter evening, please saturate my heart with Your divine love...

The Way Parama Purusa Evaluates The Divine Measuring Rod
Baba says, "Do not think that those who are highly learned intellectuals are elevated. In the realm of spirituality even illiterate persons can reach the Goal, leaving those intellectuals behind. Parama Purusa does not consider the intellectual qualification or intellect. He evaluates everyone with the measuring scale of how much love one has for Parama Purusa." (SS-14, p. 91, Saharsa DMC, 27 June 1980) Note: In His above teaching Baba guides us that all that is needed to get Him is sincere love for since Him. That is the special measuring rod. That is why those jinanis and groupist leaders who go on inventing more and more crude theories for their own prestige and power are far, far away from the goal.

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