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Avidya' Ma'ya' & MPD

Date: Tue 18 Aug 2009 09:11:17 -0000 (GMT) From: Pradiip Bauer Subject: Avidya' Ma'ya' & MPD To: Baba "Toma'r saunge mor paricay, ek-a'dha yuger katha' nay..." (PS 2303) Purport: Baba, by Your grace my closeness with You is not only since the last few hundred or even thousands of years. Nor is it only since the last one or two epochs or ages. Baba, from before the beginning of time You have been along with me; by Your grace I have always been in Your shelter. Baba, I have been singing Your divine glory since eternity. It is Your grace. Baba, by being ensconced in Your divine love, my heart became satiated and fulfilled. All my needs and longings have become completely quenched and satisfied. Baba, by constantly ideating on You-- day and night, all the time-- by Your grace my mind may become one with You. Baba, please be gracious and do not keep me distant. Always keep me close to Your lotus feet-- under Your shelter. Baba, please remain along with me constantly-- all the 24 hrs. And please grace me and saturate my mind with Your divine nectar. Baba, make my life full by utilising me all the time in various deeds, in whatever way You like. Baba, by Your grace our intimacy and relation has been since eternity. And, by Your divine krpa', it will go on up to infinity...
== AVIDYA' MA'YA' & MPD ==
Namaskar, A day or two ago, "they" issued their invitation to so-called mahaprayan divas (MPD). Few will attend since the large majority of A'nanda Ma'rgiis understand well that "mahaprayan" is nothing but one dogma. Parama Purus'a is with us always, sitting in our heart smiling and showering His grace, so we may advance on the path and realise Him. It is a total oddity then to insist on "celebrating" their so-called mahaprayan program, which mandates that Baba is gone. Such a crude program runs contrary to all devotional sentiment. There is however one explanation for why "they" persist in this way: such factional members are drowned in the dark force of a'varan'ii shakti. That is why they are glued to their dogma of mahaprayan.
As many may know, a'varan'ii shakti is one of the blinding forces of avidya' ma'ya'. Such a force covers or darkens the mind and does not allow any light to enter. That is the chief explanation for why anyone would organise a dogmatic mahaprayan program, year after year. Because just see, in countless discourses Baba encourages us in so many ways to see, feel, and realise how Parama Purus'a is with us each and every moment, every step of the way. Baba says, "This is His ota yoga. Each and every entity, animate or inanimate, has a direct link with Him, and thus nobody can ever be alone in the world." (AV-6) Baba says, "The seat of Parama'tma' is in the hearts of those who are established in devotion, who are devotees. When you are established in devotion, you get Parama'tma' too. Then you will experience yourselves that Parama'tma' is seated in your heart." (SS-19) But the organisers of the dogmatic mahaprayan program never like to think in this way - they do not like to listen to the words and guidelines of Parama Purus'a. Instead - dominated by their crude ego and geo-sentiment - they insist on putting forth their dark message of mahaprayan that Baba is gone. This is all the result of their being sunk in a'varan'ii shakti. Baba says, "The psycho-physical [degrading] influence is called a'varan'ii shakti. In Sanskrit, [a'varan'a] means “to cover”. That is, one tries to cover one’s eyes so as not to see the Lord. One’s intention is that one will not see the Lord, that is why one covers one’s eyes. It is just like a rabbit that thinks that because it closed its eyes with the help of its ears and is not able to see the hunter, the hunter will not see it either. This is the effect of a'varan'ii shakti on the jiiva’s mind." (SS-24)
We have to remember that avidya' ma'ya' has a distinct role - to capture the mind and bring it under delusion. When this happens, then with the help of a'varan'ii shakti, avidya' ma'ya' creates darkness all around. The mind becomes polluted. In that case, a person will see right as wrong, and wrong as right. Because inside their mind it is pitch black. Not a speck of light is there. So that person will not even like to consider the teachings of Parama Purusa, one will not like to consider what Guru says. Instead, in that pitiful condition their ego grabs the upper hand and proudly proclaims, "I am great - I have founded mahaprayan - it is celebrated in my land - and all should attend." This is all the work of avidya maya. When someone behaves in this manner we can say that cent-per-cent their mind is guided by a'varanii shakti. There is not an ounce of light within. Because when one blatantly disregards Guru Himself, then what more can be said. In day to day life, Baba has given us many teachings that may be difficult to follow - even then as His disciples it is our duty to think in that way. One may feel that sdahana is difficult or that it is not easy to feel Parama Purusa all the 24hrs, but even then it is our chief responsibility to try and ideate on Him and feel His presence each and every moment. That is what Baba guides us to do. And this is for our welfare and spiritual attainment. That is why He has given His teachings of: madhuvidya, dhayna, kiirtan, guru puja, guru sakash, etc. Because we are to keep Him in mind always - gaining the realisation the He resides eternally in our heart. Thus it is totally detrimental to disregard His guidelines and think that Baba is gone, i.e. mahaprayan. He is eternally with us, but those clouded by the darkness of avidya' ma'ya' do not care about what Guru says. Just one is just involved in their own unit ego and geo-sentiment. In that case the darkness of a'varan'ii shakti easily grabs the upper hand and one will senselessly prance about singing the praises of the dogma of mahaprayan - Baba is gone, Baba is gone, Baba is gone...
Rational people - true A'nanda Ma'rgiis - will always think that, "Let Baba's desire be fulfilled." Baba Himself warns us again and again that He does not want anyone to think that Parama Purusa remains far away - let alone think that Parama Purusa is gone, as in the case of the dogmatic mahaprayan program. He wants us to realise His divine closeness - all the time. Thus whether one likes or not likes, whether one realises it or not, it is our duty to follow His wish and totally ignore the crude calling and feelings of avidya' ma'ya'. Just as we should never act upon the idea of eating meat or drinking wine - even if the desire should arise in the mind, similarly one should never act on the crude ideate that Baba is gone by "celebrating" the dogma of mahaprayan. Indeed, every sadhaka thinks that Parama Purus'a is with us all the 24hrs, then how can one commemorate that He is gone. Those who are in the fold of following the dogma or mahaprayan are most unfortunate. They consciously ignore and subdue the inner feeling of their heart. Parama Purusa is within, calling - "O' human being see how Parama Purus'a is sitting within and smiling, why ideate and complain that He is gone" - yet they are not interested in hearing His call. Instead they are more concerned with their own egoistic feeling and geo-sentiment. We must have maximum pity for such persons who are not interested in hearing the call of Parama Purusa' and instead wish to establish their dogma of mahaprayan that unceremoniously proclaims that Baba is gone.
By Baba's grace He has brought us close, onto His divine lap. So we should always do those practices which support this ideal. However when one does not pay heed to Guru and instead follows one's own unit ego, then this is a classic case of falling into the depths of avidya' ma'ya'. That is what has happened to the organisers of mahaprayan, otherwise what can be the explanation. We must remember that the sole reason of the existence of avidya' ma'ya' and a'varan'ii shakti is to keep one in the dark, away from Parama Purus'a. By His fathomless grace, Baba will open the eyes of those who organise mahaprayan so they can see feel in their heart that Parama Purusa is there, smiling. Baba says, "The force that awakens the consciousness of one’s present condition in a sa'dhaka – the awareness that I am the highest evolved creature, a human being, and I have to cast away the darkness of the obstructive force of a'varan'ii, I have to worship the nearest Entity by conquering the distance or chasm created by the centrifugal force of viks'epa – such an introversive sense of realization that wakes up in the human mind is called samvit." (SS-3) Namaskar, Pradiip
****************************************** How to Judge
Baba says, "We deduce conclusions just from whatever we observe in this external phenomenal world. We should try to see the subtle cause behind the crude phenomenal world, but we do not see it. For instance, a particular person stole something, and when we say, 'Thief ! Thief!' people will start beating him. If we try to inquire about the reasons for the theft, we may come to know that he had been hungry for the last three days. And how are we treating him ? We are beating him rather than giving him food. So we should think and try to find the noumenal cause behind the phenomenal world. If he was hungry and so stole, then we are more responsible for that theft than he, because we failed to build up society, so that he had to remain hungry. So we must see, and try to find the noumenal cause behind the prima facie observable world. If we are intelligent beings, possessing intellect, we must discover the noumenal cause. It is not proper to arrive at conclusions from mere observation of outward expressions. "In some places today, a person's hand is cut off if he engages in stealing. With a little thought it can be seen that this is not at all a humanistic recourse to eliminate stealing. We must seek the noumenal cause behind all actions." (AV-12, p. 155-56)

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