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The Coronation Ceremony

Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 23:12:16 To: From: "Pavitra" pwKlauss@springnet... Subject: The Coronation Ceremony Baba "Toma'r rather ca'ka' prabhu, egiye cale aharahah..." (3469) Purport: Baba, my Prabhu, Your chariot* is moving forward continuously. It is such a beautiful & panoramic scene. All the darkness of staticity, dogma and mean-mindedness is fading fast & evaporating from this world. With the forward movement of Your golden chariot, the divine effulgence is spreading all around. Nobody is left behind. If anyone did not have the strength to ride along, then You Yourself lifted them up and gave them a place on Your chariot. So everyone is sitting on Your chariot, moving forward and singing the song of one Goal. In ananda (bliss) everyone is moving forward by Your grace. O' Prabhu, O' Baba, Your chariot is moving forward non-stop...
Namaskar, Recently, there has been some talk as well as a 'proposal' about the process and procedure for electing and placing a new Purodha Pramukha at the helm, when the needed time arises. How far each and every step of the plan is functional or not, everyone should study and decide. However, in the end, the plan concludes with one final directive of world-wide celebration about the seeming 'coronation of the new PP'. Yet who can forget what type of coronation happened in the past, i.e. when the present PP was placed on the chair back in 1990. And we all know where that has led us. So we must not forget what happened in the past when deciding how to bring on the new PP. For those who need a refresher, let's take a look back.
Within a couple dozen hours, ie just two days after October 26, 1990, already the then GS Sarvatmananda put the wheels in fast motion to bring on the new PP, as a replacement of Baba. And what a coronation was made. In that aftermath of Guru's physical leaving, when most margiis and acaryas alike were still numb, dazed and upset-- when their feelings were still raw, Sarvatmananda and his crew of top Dadas swiftly moved ahead with their agenda about how to capture and rule the organisation using their new tool, i.e. PP Dada. Their whole aim was to make that new PP into a replacement for Guru. And here is the story how they did it. So today, when someone mentions that there should be pomp & show & celebration for the appointment of the new PP, then we must not forget what took place in the past & how far it was appropriate or not.
Back in 1990, Sarvatmananda & Co made big plans. First they detailed an elaborate and exquisite coronation ceremony-- huge money was spent. A 20-ton truck carrying only malas, i.e. flower garlands, pulled up to the Tiljala gates. That's right a 20-ton truck carrying tens of thousands of garlands. As marigolds were in season they were mostly marigold malas. And side by side a team of 30 hired professional decorators from Kolkata went to work on dressing up the Tiljala compound in the most stately and honorary way imaginable. Not a single detail was missed, neither inside nor out, not a mala was out of place. This was all done in celebration of the new PP. Plus special chefs were hired, large cook pots were carried in, a massive feast was planned, new carpets were rolled out, festive lights were hung all around all around the Tiljala compound. Not a rupee was spared in making this a grand event-- the coronation of Baba's replacement. This was the way they presented the making of the new PP. They made it into a full-blown drama, as if PP was like Guru. So see the contrast: Guru had just left physically and in that void, a great coronation ceremony was being made as if we were getting a new Guru. That was the awkward, inappropriate, and celebratory nature of the event.
Even then that was not all. They erected a dais where Baba's photo was placed and on the stage, directly next to dais, and only a few inches lower, was a decorated, royal seat where PP Dada was to sit. And at the time of the induction or coronation, all the Purodhas sat up on the on the stage at the feet of PP Dada. Basically the drama was played that all the reverence and respect that one had for Baba should be throughly transferred over to PP. That was the way it was designed. After all, Sarvatmananda was thinking that the more power the new PP had, then the more power he (Sarvatmananda) would have. Because he knew well that PP was a total buffoon, just a clown who could be easily manipulated. That was why PP was hand-picked by Sarvatmananda. And the full glory of the coronation was aimed specifically at this transfer of power: From Guru to PP, and indirectly to Sarvatmananda. Some general Dadas & margiis who were present were highly offended by what was taking place, as if this was the appropriate time to hold a great gala in AM and if this was the way to bring on a new PP. But they knew they had to keep quiet-- or else. Because Sarvatmananda had full power and a strict agenda in mind.
And indeed, Sarvatmananda's plan did not stop there. Once the elaborate coronation ceremony was over, then Baba's each and every plan and program was placed into the new PP's pocket. Personal Contact...Field Walk...Reporting... Special Quarters...PA...Accepting Salute to Divine Father...Full VSS entourage...Driver escort...Scolding...PS Songs...Announcement of Arrival...and so much more. And if anyone so much as whispered anything about PP, then harsh punishment was given and charge-sheets were drawn up. Plus PP was taken away from the margii public and kept inside as if no one could gain access except with special permission, as if PP was too busy governing and directing the whole Cosmic Liila. And margiis were prompted to ask PP for advice, guidance, and his divine word when they were granted access to him. In essence, if someone compared a film between Baba and PP, there would be no difference in the way they were presented and treated etc. The only difference was the face-- beyond that everything was the same. PP would be Guru. That was the planning of that coronation. PP would even sit right by Baba's photo and remain there when margiis would come up and do sastaunga pranam, as if he was accepting their salutation and showering grace. All the facilities and ways of Guru were transferred over to PP, as if he was the new Baba. That was the celebratory nature of PP Dada's coronation. I do not think anyone can forget this. And still to this very day this is going on. Rudrananda has adopted all of it-- for his own gain etc.
However in the end, we see what has happened. Here we are 18 years later, and our AMPS is in utter shambles and ruins; and PP is still sitting on the chair. It is not his fault per se. After all he is just one lame duck. At the same time it cannot be ignored that all the groupism, all the dogma, all the destruction of margii rights, all the injustices occurred right underneath the nose of PP. So, from top to bottom, the whole demise of our Marga has been the result. Of course, we will build our Marga back into a shining pillar of dharma, but it will not be due to the grace of PP. I think we have all learned our lesson about that one. Perhaps the most ironic thing of all, some may call it bitter justice, is that PP was whisked away from Sarvatmananda. That is, Sarvatmananda lost the very polished tool which he himself had invented. And now B group is sitting on the outside due to PP's order, and partly because B group wanted to break away.
So that is the story of the coronation and placement of PP onto the post. There are many more details-- surely you all have your memories and experiences. The above is a mere taste or remembrance about what transpired due to that majestic, regal, and royal coronation ceremony. Thus today, when Sri Mangal Birhari's plan & proposal is to celebrate the coming of the next PP with full vigor, and pomp and show, in all corners of the earth, then we all have to stop and think. Is this really the spirit of the post? Is PP really the next Guru, or even symbolic of one? I think we all now know the answer to that.
By Baba's grace we have come into the Marga where only Brahma is the Guru-- none else. Due to His grace everything happens. And whoever sits in the chair of PP is merely carrying out a social role. That is not the say that the PP post is totally useless and unimportant. It has its relative value and significance, but not in spiritual realm as the person sitting on that chair has nothing to do with being Guru, nor receiving the reverence thereof. Thus, full-blown celebrations around the globe over the coronation of the next PP are not our way. If someone would modestly & quietly accept the post and humbly vow to serve Guru & humanity, that would be quite sufficient. By Baba's grace that is how it will transpire when the time comes. We should all try for this. Because in AM, only Brahma is the Guru, none else. Baba says, "The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya' (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamu'rtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty." (CC-2) Namaskar, Pavitra
************************************************* - The Solution -
Baba says, "Whenever there is a conflict between the brain and the heart, intelligent people should respond to the call of the heart. The books in A'nanda Ma'rga philosophy are all absolute knowledge. The proper mark of identity of absolute knowledge is that it must be universal, rational and psychological. Certain instances of absolute knowledge are as follows-- the goal of human life is the attainment of Brahma; human beings are the progeny of Parama Purus' dint of sa'dhana' or spiritual practices human beings gradually become divine." (PNS-18, p.10) *************************************************

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