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Importance of Sadhana + Two More Secrets

Date: 13 Mar 2010 12:38:04 -0000 From: "Pramod Dev" To: Subject: Importance of Sadhana + Two More Secrets BABA "Toma'kei a'mi bha'lo ba'siya'chi, toma'ke jenechi sa'r..." (805) Purport: Baba, I have love only for You. By Your grace, this much I understand: That You are the Essence of essence. You are the Soul of the soul. You are everything. What way You make me dance, in that rhythm, melody, and style, I dance. I do not know any other entity in this universe except You. My mental flower garden is fully covered with the buds and fruits. It is filled with nectar. And this is all for You; please come. Baba, You are the lamp of my heart and pra'na. Please come close-- delaying only makes it very painful, unbearable. In this vast, blue sky, whatever tune, melody and rhythms are there, everything together--all things collectively--are residing in You. Everything is within Your mind. Baba, You are the Heart of hearts. You are everything...
Namaskar, Nowadays in our Margii society one serious psychic disease is groupism. Although general margiis and many wts are not suffering so much; but those at the helm are surely in the whirlpool of groupism. And they are trying hard to lure simple margiis and wts into their camp. It is not that such persons do not know the philosophical aspects of Baba's teachings. Theoretically everyone understands; but to bring this into practice is not easy. That is why those who are not inculcating our AM sadhana practices into their practical life, their mind gets diseased with the ailment of groupism. This is not a physical ailment but a psychic one. And there is no answer other than to follow and practice sadhana in the practical life. Not superficial sadhana but sadhana done in the proper way. Otherwise all the approaches of peace meetings and various efforts will go in vain. So the only solution is to clean the mind with the help of cosmic ideation-- thinking about Parama Purusa. Please see here what Guru's guideline. Baba says, "The humans of today have started to realize that they are the progeny of Parama Purus'a, an integral part of Parama Purus'a. If people can properly ideate on Parama Purus'a, they will realize Brahma. On imbibing cosmic ideation all kinds of ailments will be cured." (PNS-8, p.19)
So sadhana is a highly significant thing and everyone of us must be very strict in bringing Baba's teaching into our day to day life. We know that our AM sadhana system is eight-fold. These are (1) yama, (2) niyama, (3) asana, (4) pranayama, (5) pratihara, (6) dharana, (7) dhya'na, (8) samadhi. These are the total 8 folds, or aspects. That is why our system of meditation is called ast'aunga yoga. And in this 8-fold system, each and every item is significant. One cannot neglect any one of these. Because these steps are complementary to one another. Just like higher cakras control lower cakras. In the same way lower cakras also affect the higher cakras. If the lower cakras are not fully controlled then the control of higher cakras is not possible and vice versa. That is why those who try to do dhya'na, without placing adequate emphasis on the other lessons, do not gain success. For them dhya'na will be difficult. We know that with the help of Iishvara Pranidhana, mukti can be attained. And with the help of dhya'na, moksa or ultimate salvation is possible. So dhya'na is the most significant lesson in our system of sadhana. In human life everyone wants peace and there are various types of peace: (a) black peace, (b) white peace, and (c) perfect peace. In true sense, perfect peace is the real peace. It comes through spiritual practice and His grace. While talking about the 'Seven Secrets of Success', Baba has given one unique discourse on perfect peace. The discourse, "Ka'rya Siddhi Ke Tattva" later published in AV 24, was given by Baba in the town of Diigha' on 9 January 1990; and this happened when He was returning from Ananda Nagar to Tiljala.
And this discourse is unique in its own way. We know that there are so many discourses on the 'Seven Secret of Success', ie dialogues between Lord Shiva and Parvati. But in this particular discourse of 9 January 1990, Baba added two more points with regards to getting success and peace. That is why this particular discourse is so unique. As you know already in the 7 secrets of success, there are really only 6 secrets. And they are as follows: (1) Firm Determination, (2) Shradda' (Deep Reverence), (3) Guru Puja, (4) Sense of Equipoise, (5) All-round self-restraint, (6) Pramita'ha'ra (Balanced and Nutritious Diet). And these important points are mentioned commonly in several discourses. But in His unique discourse of January 1990, Baba added two more significant points: 1. Keeping the mind focused on the Goal or Desideratum. On this point Baba says that if you remember your Goal then you will get success, and at the same time you will get mental peace also. 2. The second additional point for attaining success & peace is practicing dhya'na, off and on, many times throughout the 24hrs.
Baba says that whenever you have 20 - 30 seconds, or one minute time, then whatever condition you are in, just close your eyes and do dhya'n. By this way your mind will be in balance and equipoise. And whatever work you will take in your hand, that will be successful. Because to get success and peace together, the pre-requisite factor is the mind which has prama'. And that can only come through spiritual practice. And dhya'n is the most significant source to do so. It is needed to be done properly. In other discourses and in so many teachings, Baba has emphasized the need of kiirtan. And that one should always utilise the time in this way. Means whenever one has time for few seconds, then one should do kiirtan. So this very technique and guideline of doing intermittent dhyan during the day is a rare and unique type guideline. Practicing dhya'n in small duration many times per day is very essential for maintaining a proper mental flow and for keeping the mind in prama', means saturated with His love and devotion. By His grace, if with that type of mind, anybody tries to do any work, then both the resultants come together: success and true peace. Namaskar Pramod Note 1: Baba's discourse, "Ka'rya Siddhi Ke Tattva", appears in AV-24 (B) p.139-153 and AV-24 (H) p.135-145. Note 2: Here are some of Baba's teachings about sadhana and dhyana: Baba says, "He is the Supreme Subjectivity. He is the subject and everything else is the object...During meditation you should think that the entity on whom you are meditating is looking at you as His object. He is not your object. He sees whatever you are doing. This should the psychology. He can never be your object. During meditation you should remember that the Supreme Entity looks on you, sees you as His object. He is not your object, you are His object. Do you follow?" (AVM-6, p.25) Baba says, "While meditating on the Supreme you can not accept Him as your object. Because He is your subject. Everything is His object. He is the Supreme Subject. Then how, during japa and dhyana can He be your object? He cannot be your object. So what is necessary is that-- and herein lies the charm-- is that while doing japa and dhyana, you should think that He is seeing you, you are His object. This thing you should always remember during japa and dhyana. That is the idea. That is the spirit." (AVM-2, p.34) Note 3: Baba tells us that peace comes in three spheres: physical, psychic, and spiritual so sadhana is needed for perfect peace. The following are BABA teachings about peace: Baba says, "A state of mental equilibrium and equipoise is called peace. It is important to know how the state of peace is attained, and how it is disturbed. A systematic, spiritual practice leads to psychic balance." (PNS-16, p. 20) Baba says, "Spiritual discipline and relentless struggle against superstition are required to maintain psychic peace. The principal aim of human life is to be free of sorrow and misery. Otherwise one cannot hope to attain peace." (PNS-16) Baba says, "To attain permanent relief from sorrow and affliction, paramartha (perfect peace) is the only means. Paramartha can only be attained through spiritual practice. That is why in Ananda Marga, each member is encouraged to learn spiritual practices from the age of five. As one grows, one acquires tremendous physical, psychic, and spiritual enhance physical, mental, and spiritual progress, A'nanda Ma'rga teaches a methodical and scientific system of spiritual practices." (PNS-16) FINAL NOTE: This next teaching of Baba is extremely important because in very clear words Baba is guiding us that those who adopt the path of materialism can never achieve the stance of perfect peace. Rather their lives will always be full of frustration and misery: Baba says, "The characteristic (dharma) of the mind is to seek the infinite. The mind attains this goal by concentrating on a particular ideation. As material objects are finite, those who accept them as the aim of life eventually feel frustrated. They fail to attain bliss because neither wealth nor material objects can be enjoyed infinitely." (Prout-6, p.59)
*************************************** Size of Cranium and Spirituality
Baba says, "People may think that they cannot make rapid spiritual progress unless the size of the brain, and hence the size of the cranium, is increased. But this is not so because human beings can increase the jurisdiction of their thinking." (Proutist Economics)

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