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Be Prepared for Economic Crisis

Date: Fri 18 Jan 2008 23:11:48 -0000 (GMT) From: Pradiip Bauer Subject: Be Prepared for Economic Crisis To: Baba "A'ja par'e mane godhu'li lagane tumi esechile mor ghare..." - P.S. 3866 Purport: Baba, even today that memory is still fresh in my mind when on that sweet golden evening, You came in my home. The atmosphere was charged with Your presence. There were clouds & the chirping of birds. That time a colorful procession of white patches of clouds were smiling in the sky,creating a reception of happiness. And a cluster of birds were floating-- flying in the sky. How I can forget that sweet memory of Your divine presence close to me. Your sweet charming attractive presence touched the core of my heart that day. In that ideation, I remain ensconced in that divine flow. Baba how in a very sweet and beautiful way You came close to me and made me Yours. It is Your grace. That memory is still fresh in my mind. I am longing for the day when that will happen again...
Namaskar, Based on the way things are currently going in the US, and based on Baba's teachings on economics, it is quite clear that we should all brace ourselves for an economic crisis-- and a severe one at that. The situation is imminent, if not already underway, and will touch all corners of the globe. The most critical factor behind it all is the "inherent staticity" of capitalism, which basically dictates that as capitalism multiplies, as it is doing now, the wealth gets more and more concentrated in the hands of the few, thereby not allowing the money to roll. Because those with lots of money need not spend it as they have far more wealth than they need; and, those who need to spend money on life's basic necessities do not have any dollars to spend. Hence all the money is tied up and stuck. This is what is known as the "inherent staticity" of capitalism, according to Baba. And that is where we are right now. Although the problem is quite severe in the US, this economic crisis will directly or indirectly touch each and every country, province, state, and city-- some more, some less. Because the US is borrowing money from various countries and because the US trades with many, many nations. Hence the stage is set for a domino effect all over, as even those not directly tied to the US markets will be affected, as today's world is linked together via a global economy. The solution, of course, is a Proutistic economy which is completely impervious to any type of depression. That is also Baba's teaching. As this present economic predicament unfolds, we should spread the ideas of Prout. This is our moral duty and-- due to the dire state of affairs-- people will be ready to listen. Here following are more points and solutions to this entire economic crisis. Of course there is a huge amount to be written about this gigantic scenario so the following represents a mere outline of the more integral topics.
[1] Baba guides us that banking is absolutely needed, but banks should be wary of two critical pitfalls: Baba says, "The banking system must be vigilant about two important points. First, the intrinsic demonic greed of the banks must not be allowed to jeopardize the life of the common people. In the past in most countries of the world the banks threatened the life of the common people. This more or less still occurs today not only in undeveloped countries, but also in developing and developed countries. Secondly, the banks must not allow unwise administrators or governments to print monetary notes indiscriminately without reserving the proportionate amount of bullion in their treasuries." (PNS-12, 'Keep the Money Rolling- B') Now both these things are happening. The banks are stifling the masses and billions and billions of currency notes are printed without any gold backing. In short, as the corporate banking institutions give way to avarice and greed, the common citizens become trapped and strapped financially-- they have no money to spend on the basic necessities of life. In the US this is evidenced by people unable to make house payments, buy groceries, afford school tuition & medical care, etc. And side by side those banking institutions and corporate structures hoard more and more money-- more than that of entire nations. That is the first problem. And secondly, since the Richard Nixon Presidency-- i.e. for the last 40 years-- the US has been printing money without the necessary gold backing, thereby breaking the faith and integrity of the economy.
[2] Here Baba warns us about the severe ramifications of the above two points. Baba says, "The first defect not only ruins low and middle income groups, but also impoverishes wealthy people. The second defect destroys the very life of society. It leads to widespread inflation, which in turn jeopardizes internal trade and commerce as well as foreign trade and barter. Even if there is abundant production in a country, the common people do not benefit. The rich become richer and get more scope to continue their merciless exploitation." (PNS-12, 'Keep the Money Rolling- B') Thus firstly, as a result of their intrinsic greed, Baba warns that even the super rich will be affected-- not just the middle class & the poor. All will financially suffer from the ills of captialism. Secondly, due to printing money without economic backing, there will be widespread exploitation by the rich and the regular people will be victimised. And that we are already seeing. In the US, the CEO's make huge, huge money. "Goldmine $achs Chairman CEO and Lloyd Blankfein just got a $68 million Christmas bonus, the largest ever received by a Wall Street CEO." (Dec 2007) Yet side by side, in that very same land, there are 13 million recorded starving victims, 40 million unrecorded starving people, and more than 10 million homeless people.
[3] Here Baba points out the inherent flaws of capitalism. "The contradictions in capitalism are due to the self-centred profit motivated psychology and the accumulation of wealth for the benefit of a few rather than for the welfare of all." (AFPS-9, 'Economic Dynamics') This dastardly combination spells d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r for any nation-- even the US. I do not think anything need be said about this. We all see this going on.
[4] Here below Baba warns us the depressions are a fact of life, i.e. unavoidable, in capitalism Baba says, "In the economic sphere depressions are inevitable in both capitalist and communist countries due to this very inherent, intensive and innate staticity." (PE) Such depressions are a result of mass accumulation of money in one hand-- either in the hand of private corporations (capitalism) or governmental heads (communism). In either case, depressions are inevitable because the money gets bottled up and stuck. That is the "inherent staticity" that Baba is talking about.
[5] Here again Baba talks how countries like the US will see mass inflation and a depression Baba says, "If a country has a constant deficit in foreign trade, in that case also there is the possibility of inflation....the future depression will be associated with inflation." (PE) Thus when the US has trade deficit of billions and trillions of dollars, then it is certain a depression lies in the near future.
[6] Some naive people think that depressions will always happen, even in a Proutistic economy-- but that just is not so. Baba says, "It must be borne in mind that both inflation and depression result from the ailment of staticity. If the production in a country is abundant and the gold bullion reserves are in proportion to the country’s economic position, there is no possibility of inflation [or depression]." (AFPS-9, 'Economic Dynamics') Thus, in a Proutistic economy, there is no chance of any depression ever happening. It is impossible. Baba says, "Depression is not a natural phenomenon. Pause is a natural phenomenon. In a Proutistic structure pause may occur but depression will not occur." (PNS-13)
[7] Here Baba clearly outlines how to rescue any economy from a depression. Baba says, "To save society from depression, the approach of PROUT is to increase purchasing power by increasing production, reduce disparities in the value of wealth, and increase the circulation of money; that is, by keeping money rolling. Empty slogans will not do. Attention will have to be given to increasing the level of production." (AFPS-9)
[8] One of the key points of Prout is maintaining a local-- not global-- economy. Then in that case, if and when a problem does occur, it will not ricochet all over the world, as happens in today's global, capitalistic economy. All in all it is our moral duty to propagate Prout. The common people have no idea about the ills of capitalism; they still think that capitalism is the panacea. Thus with whatever capacity we have we should save and serve the society by advancing Prout. We are now at a time wherein people will stop, listen, study, and champion Prout. Because just as people can truly understand the importance of food during a scarcity, similarly when an economy is failing the people then they can truly appreciate that another way is needed. So if we tell them about Prout-- they will be interested & ready.
Baba says, "PROUT is the panacea for the integrated progress of human society. It aims to bring about equilibrium and equipoise in all aspects of socio-economic life through totally restructuring economics. Without PROUT, socio-economic emancipation will remain a utopian dream. Only PROUT can save the world from depression." (AFPS-9) Namaskar, Pradiip
Tragically, due to a debased mind-set, depressions do not only occur in the financial sphere, in capitalism such depressions also occur in the cultural sphere. Baba says,"Depressions may also take place in the cultural life of society due to suppression, repression and oppression. As a result, every aspect of cultural life becomes perverted and degenerates. This is why we get perverted literature, music, dance, art, architecture, etc." (PE) Currently in the US and around the globe, capitalism just encourages sexual and animalistic propensities. From advertisements to movies to dress to body language, it is all littered with the lust of sexuality. A movie cannot sell without sexual overtones. In such an era, ideology is nowhere to be found and the effects of a cultural depression are rampant.
Here Baba clearly and precisely outlines how & why depressions occur in the capitalistic model. Baba says, "There are two main causes for economic depressions – first, the concentration of wealth, and secondly, blockages in the rolling of money. If capital is concentrated in the hands of a few individuals or the state, most people will be exploited by a handful of exploiters. As a result of this process of severe exploitation, a serious explosion takes place. This explosion is known as a depression in the economic world. The concentration of wealth, and particularly the concentration of the value of wealth, is the fundamental cause of a depression." "Secondly, a depression may occur when money that is in the possession of individual or state capitalists stops rolling. Money remains inert or unutilized because those capitalists think that if the money is allowed to roll freely then their profits will decrease, even though it will bring relief to the common people. The very psychology of capitalists is to make profit from the rolling of money. When they discover that the investment of money does not bring profit up to their expectations, then they stop rolling money. This keeps money immobile or inert; consequently, there is no investment, no production, no income and hence no purchasing power. The situation becomes so dangerous that there are few buyers to buy commodities." (AFPS-9)
Baba says, "Before the final culminating point comes, it is possible to avert the disaster and accelerate the speed of social movement. We can do so by creating a socio-economic and cultural impact on the entire social structure through PROUT. As the world is passing through a most critical phase, we should be more active and create an impact. If the positive impact we create coincides with the explosion, the effect will be excellent." (PE)
*************************************** Difference Between Literate & Educated
Those who have studied the books but did not bring those teachings into practice may be termed literate but they are certainly not educated. Baba says, "Educated are those who have learnt much, remembered much and made use of their learning in practical life." (PNS-18, p.38)

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