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Chanakya & Pitiful Situation of USA

Date: 23 Sep 2009 10:28:00 -0400 From: Donald_G To: Subject: Chanakya & Pitiful Situation of USA BABA "Ma'nus' yeno ma'nus'er tare sab kichu kare ya'y..." (P.S. 2192) Purport: Great persons-- proper human beings-- do everything in their life for the upliftment of other human beings. In their mind they also never forget that animals, birds, and plants also belong in their vast family. For such sadhakas, no one is alien because in their heart they understand that each and every being wants to survive & live a happy life. Why do human beings remain crying, feeling isolated in their own suffering after losing their path in the Cimmerian darkness. Our love and care will bring everyone close to us; nobody will be left behind-- crying and suffering in frustration. On this auspicious crimson occasion we will save everyone and provide them shelter from the burning flame of illiteracy, starvation, and all kinds of troubles. Elevated human beings come on this earth to serve everyone, all humanity plus the birds, animals, plants, flora and fauna, & animate and inanimate objects-- the entire creation...
Namaskar, Baba guides us that 2300 years ago a minister clearly warned his kingdom of the ills of capitalism and gave the solution. Now, in this modern era, the so-called greatest power on earth suffers terribly from those very ills pointed out 2300 years ago. The name of that sagacious minister was Chanakya of the Maurya dynasty. The name of the county suffering today is the United States of America. So the very seeds of destruction that now severely threaten to ruin the seemingly once indomitable force of the USA were well understood by the keen philosopher-sage Chanakya more then two thousand years ago. In His Prout discourses, Baba highlights the accuracy and importance of what Chanakya said, and side by side Baba has given us all the practical answers for solving the woes of capitalism by establishing the era of Prout.
The famed pundit Chanakya put forth his views on political ethics & economy in his nitishastra. He warned how the greed of capitalism will strangle society and bring any kingdom to its knees. Baba says, "Chanakya said that a business person who becomes extremely rich is harmful to the state. If a king finds that somebody has become extremely wealthy, he should reduce the person’s wealth and property by imposing direct and indirect taxes on them. If he does not do this, the vaeshyas may destroy the structure of the government unless they can make it the tool of their exploitation." (HS-1) Chanakya predicted that if the greedy capitalists remain unchecked then they will take over the political arena in order to exploit the masses and hoard more wealth. And is that not exactly what we see happening today in the USA. The top capitalist forces have lobbied for and put into legislation all they need in order to accumulate huge piles of money, thereby strangling the remaining 99.9% of society. The common people in the US cannot get health care, unemployment is rising, poverty is skyrocketing, housing is in crisis, education is unaffordable - indeed each and every fundamental aspect of society is spiraling out of the control. The common people can no longer survive, yet still the capitalists are strategizing how to get even more money. Such is the state of affairs in the US and that is the very hell that Chanakya warned about ,long ago. Chanakya's initial solution was to tax the wealthy. Yet we see that the top vaeshyas in the USA have millions of tax loopholes, thus they are able to evade taxes through fancy paperwork etc. But that was not the only solution which Chanakya offered. See here below what he says must be done if the capitalists escape the tax structure. Baba says, "Chanakya also said that if the imposition of taxes fails to stop or control extremely wealthy vaeshyas, the king should poison them to death through a secret agent." (HS-1) So Chanakya mandated that those capitalists should be secretly killed if they can't be stopped and continue to exercise their unbridled greed. Before we pass judgment on Chanakya's words, let us see what Baba has said in the very next sentence of His discourse. Baba says, "These are indeed strong recommendations, but in that age of social darkness there was no alternative." (HS-1) Hence, Baba agrees that in certain circumstances such extreme action is needed against those rapacious capitalists. Of course, in the present age, we know that Baba has given Prout - that is our weapon for combating capitalism. Our approach is not to kill capitalists per but rather root out the disease of capitalism. Fortunately back in the day, 2300 years ago, the capitalists heeded Chanaky's guidelines and understood they were to give back to the people - for the cause of social welfare. Baba says, "[During the time of Chanakya] Vaeshyas received the good advice that their responsibility was to earn money and undertake charity, not to hoard wealth." (HS-1) Thus, in those days of old those capitalists learned their lesson and averted disaster. However, such is not the case today. Baba says, "The vaeshyas of other times and other countries were unable to fulfil the duties connected with their nature. Because the ignorant people of ancient times were more religious, the vaeshyas used to undertake a little charity in the hope of deriving some benefit in their next life. But today in this age of materialism, vaeshyas are not the slightest bit interested in undertaking charitable work in this life in the hope of gaining some benefit in their next life." (HS-1)
As Baba points out above, today's vaeshyas have no conscience - neither in the social nor religious spheres. Due to their purely materialistic outlook, they only focus on gaining more and more wealth and do not show the least bit concern about redeeming themselves for the future. That is why complete hell is mounting in the USA. None should think that America is the land of glory and freedom. With each and every passing day, the common people become more and more shackled by ills of capitalism. They are losing their houses, losing their jobs, losing their land, losing their savings, and losing each and every bit of peace and tranquility Take a look for yourself: - "About 39.8 million Americans were living in poverty, up from 37.3 million in 2007. The Census Bureau said the poverty rate -- the percentage of people living in poverty -- jumped to 13.2 percent, the highest level since 1997, from 12.5 percent in 2007. " As high as the poverty level is, these numbers are deceiving because even people "above poverty level" suffer from severe financial woes and pressures. Right now, the systemic issue is that everyone in the US is worried about money and scared about the future. All are fighting for survival - there are no safety nets to protect anyone from falling into the dark chasm of misfortune. - "The Census Bureau also said 46.3 million Americans were without health insurance last year compared to 45.7 million in 2007." Clearly the US is not the place to get sick. One in every 5 or 6 people do not have insurance, and then of those who do hold insurance, often it is poorly suited to their needs, i.e. it does not cover basic health issues, certain procedures, or it is so expensive that they have to struggle hard to pay for it. Verily, each and every aspect of daily life is becoming more difficult to manage in the United States - and the problem is only growing. All these material woes - housing, health care, employment, education etc - then create a whole new series of issues. People in the US cannot find mental peace: - "An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older — about one in four adults — suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year...Major Depressive Disorder is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for ages 15-44." -"A national survey has found that more than 8 million adults in the United States seriously considered suicide last year." Thus the horrors of capitalism do not just begin and end in the material realm - it takes a huge toll on people mentally. At present, the US population is being crushed: Mental stress, anxiety, worry, depression, and other psychic ailments are pervasive throughout the land. Today then we are seeing the grim reality of what Chanakya warned about - and things are only getting worse.
There are two basic reasons why things are still turning for the worse in the United States. Firstly, the common people do not yet understand that capitalism is bad. Still people hold the top vaeshyas as being veritable heroes. People like Bill Gates & Warren Buffet continue to be worshiped and honoured like sages. Still people want to grow up and become like them. So that is one problem: People do not know that capitalists are the agents of hell; the general people in society defend the edicts of capitalism. The second reason why things are only getting worse in the US is that the greed of such capitalists knows no end. They are not content merely to pile up more money than they can use - they want every single penny until everyone else is totally destitute, nay completely ravaged. Baba says, "Regarding earning money and hoarding wealth, most vaeshyas today are pisha'cavats [ghouls]. In Sanskrit pisha'ca means “one who breaks the neck of an animal and then sucks out all the blood, leaving only the flesh and bones”." (HS-1) So the warnings of Chanakya long ago hold true still today. That is why in His Prout teachings Baba recognises the work of Chanakya. At the same time, only Baba has given the expansive teachings of Prout which can address & solve each and every problem and issue in society. Our duty is to propagate those ideas in every way possible. People need to hear the name Prout and learn what it is about. That is the main aim at present.
By His grace, Baba's hundreds of Prout discourses show the pathway toward social equality and economic justice. Baba has given perfect solutions and that is the only way for the US and other capitalistic nations to escape the noose of the vaeshyan era as first warned about by Chanakya. Baba says, "PROUT is the panacea for the integrated progress of human society. It aims to bring about equilibrium and equipoise in all aspects of socio-economic life through totally restructuring economics. Without PROUT, socio-economic emancipation will remain a utopian dream. Only PROUT can save the world from depression." "Furthermore, only PROUT is free from the inherent and exherent staticity. In capitalism there is exherent and inherent staticity. In communism there is extensive and intensive innate staticity. People suffer from the ailments of staticity. These ailments will destroy all forms of “isms” in the very near future. Wise people should utilize this moment." "We are near the last stage of the Vaeshya Era. If an impact is created, it will help the suffering humanity. It is the most opportune moment for creating an all-round revolution. This is a new sub-theory under Proutistic theory and may be called gati vijina'na – the science of dynamics in PROUT." Namaskar, Divyajyoti
One other thing that cannot be overlooked about capitalism is that it utterly destroys the human personality. People become worse than animals. Even animals care for one another in their herd, flock, or group. They all move together. They have their inherent feeling for one another. Whereas in extreme capitalism this is not the case. Due to extreme greed, people will cheat even their neighbors, nay their family members. One clear-cut and graphic example is this. Animal mothers will always keep their babies in sight - sleeping together - breast feeding - and being around them all the time. In contrast, in the top capitalist nations, a basic trend is that females (we cannot even call them mothers) are more concerned about their own sex appeal than their child's welfare, hence they do not breast feed their children and they do not keep their children nearby when sleeping. Rather those females fashion themselves as sex tools for males, and the baby comes as an after thought. Of course, this does not apply to absolutely everyone, but it certainly is a pervasive trend in capitalist countries. Some females have even drowned their own babies if they felt their male lover would be happier if she did not have babies. Really the situation of people in the capitalist era is worse than that of animals in many respects. Thus in so many ways, the integrity of society gets completely washed away by the excessive desires, ills, and distorted values of capitalism / materialism.
************************************** Definition of "Real Discipline"
Lord says, "And what is discipline? The Sam'skrta term for `discipline' is `anusha'sanam'. And what is anusha'sanam? `Hita'rthe sha'sanam ityarthe anusha'sanam.' When the code of discipline is imposed with the spirit of welfare, with the spirit of development, it is called `anusha'sanam' in Sam'skrta. There is no corresponding English word." (AV-3 p.30)

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