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Unique Comparison

From: "Mahendra Deva"
Subject: Unique Comparison
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 10:12:34 +0000


"Tumi ekat'u ka'che eso, a'r ekat'ukha'ni heso..." (PS 1909)


 Baba, please grace me by coming a little more close, and please smile a little softly. Baba, by Your grace, my penance to get You will remove  the cimmerian darkness of my mind. That I know. And please shower Your sweet and charming smile like a full moon.

 I know this cimmerian darkness of my mind is not eternal. So much mental blackness and stains, hundreds of times comes and goes from my mind. Yet this deep, all around pitch darkness, pervading everywhere, will leave while keeping its head low in defeat. Baba, You love the divine effulgence-- not the darkness.

 By Your grace, I will not accept defeat at any cost. I will remain holding only Your lotus feet. Whatever people may say, whatever may happen, I will remain pure and blemishless, by Your grace. Baba, You are my beginning and my end-- You are my Goal.

 Baba, please come close and grace me by Your divine love...


Most are aware of the recent death of North Korean leader Kim Jung II and most know that his son Kim Jung Un has been coronated and declared the new "supreme leader".

This posting contrasts the reign of power in North Korea with some of the trends found in our Marga since 1990.


As we know, both capitalism and communism are materialistic philosophies with one chief difference being that in communism individuals do not have personal property. There is no private ownership. Everything is owned, i.e. hoarded, by the state.

Furthermore, communism is purely atheistic with absolutely no acknowledgement of God; there is only matter. Those at the helm are completely focused on material wealth - nothing more. Because it is matter-centered, not God-centered. For them, matter is the be-all and end-all of life.

For this reason, communist leaders hold onto their top posts for as long as they survive on this earth. As individuals they do not own anything, so to enjoy all the glory, plunder and wealth, they keep their position with the state till the very end of their life. Time and again decrepit communist leaders die sitting in the top chair and ensure their progeny inherit their position.


In North Korea, the current family has been ruling for three generations. Kim-II Sung, the grandfather of this current lineage, ruled from 1948 to 1994. Upon his death all power was seamlessly transferred to his son, Kim Jung II, who ruled from 1994 to 2011.

This past week saw the death of Kim Jung II and once again the power as been passed from father to son. Kim Jung Un, the third ruler in this legacy, has since taken over the reins and been declared the "supreme ruler". In this way this family dynasty has exploited the society and kept the power in their own hands.

Their basic approach is to hold onto the power right up until the time of the death, so they can keep their position and enjoy all the spoils, luxuries, wealth and prestige - all the while grooming their chosen son to be next-in-line for the crown. This way they can pass their wealth and privilege to the next generation.

Similar things we have seen going on in communist Cuba.


As 2011 winds down, we should be completely frank and analyse our own house.

Since 1990 so many things have happened, and now, 21 years later, we should take definitive steps to right those wrongs. To achieve that, both awareness and honesty are needed.

In theory as well as in practice, many dedicated workers in our Marga feel in their heart that Parama Purusa is everything. They keep Baba in their heart and work tirelessly thinking of Him.

Sadly, a large number of central workers follow their own separate outlook. For them matter, not spirituality, is everything and in order to keep their facilities and comforts - like cars, big bank balances, servants, prestige etc - they sit on the chair forever and ever. They are totally unwilling to give up their post. They keep it up to their death in order to cash-in on the benefits, regardless of whether they can do their job or not.

Then they use this next technique to keep the power within the "family". Our purodhas may not have sons or daughters but they do have stooges. These purodhas do everything to ensure that after their own demise their stooges will be in power.

Considering the above, is there not a striking similarity between the North Korean dynasty and the groupist regimes of Ranchi and Kolkata. All those controlling AMPS in the early 1990's are veritably the same people pulling the strings today. They got a taste of the power and do not want to give it up.


Those who are naive think that Baba wants central workers to hold onto the hold post up till their death. But that is not at all correct.

It is Baba's mandate and indeed His manner that workers must not be allowed to stay in the same post for more than 3 years. Invariably they will develop some worldly attachment to that place which is detrimental for their all-round growth. That will inhibit their ability to lead the life of a monk.

For this reason, since the inception of AMPS, this rule was strictly followed: No more than 3 years in any particular post. This rule is not hidden - everybody is aware about it. Just ask any senior margii or avadhuta. This is one of Baba's procedural orders or related codes.

Still today this rule is actively followed throughout the entire organisation, except for with our central workers. They just cling desperately onto the post in their lust for crude power just like communist leaders.


Yet Baba emphasizes that those aged, elderly persons must not cling onto the post when they are unable to carry out the responsibilities. If one is sick, or senile, or unable to manage, then they should give up the post, and their position should be handed down to a younger, more fit person. This applies even to the post of Purodha Pramukha. Those who cling to the post are suffering from a psychic disease.

Baba says, 'To get the post, to become controller, even aged people quarrel like children. 'I want to become prime minister, I want to become prime minister.' It is the childish play of elderly people. What is all this. Yes, these are all mental diseases; yes, yes these are all mental diseases." (MGD, 'Lord of All Lords', Patna, paraphrased from the original Hindi.)

A link to the posting detail the above guideline is cited below in the notes after the signature.



Here is another teaching from Baba wherein He is guiding workers to not worship the post but rather give maximum respect for work.

Baba says, "Workers should have dignity of the labor and not the dignity of the post. They have nothing to do with promotion, demotion, and revulsion. Whatever responsibility is allotted to them they are to do with maximum respect for the work." (37 Workers Rules, Point #33)

Unfortunately the post 1990 leaders never adhere to this guideline from Baba.


Furthermore, today's purodhas do not allow themselves to be transferred from their top spots. If and when they are transferred it is always to another their high-level, cabinet position. They never accept a regional or district level posting.

Since 1990 you might not have heard of any purodha leaving their post. They only leave it on their death, not before.

This is the common points that today's purodhas share with communists. Those purodhas who capture the power stay there with the plan of dying in that chair. That is their strategy.


In this way North Korea and AM are quite similar. Some may not like to hear such a comparison, but given the conditions of the day we are forced to make such a remark.

My request is that those at the helm be reminded about following the norms, ethics, and teachings as given by Baba. They should leave their materialistic habits and give up their posts accordingly. They must pay heed to Baba's Wt guidelines.


In all communist countries like Russia, Korea, Cuba and even in the communist state of West Bengal, those leaders never left their post, not until they were overruled or dead.

That is also the 20+ year history in our Marga.

This is not some glorious chapter. Communists follow a matter centered philosophy and that is why they are so glued to the post. But in AM, we are not post-oriented, but rather God-oriented. Someone should share this fact with today's top post-holders.

Why do people stick to they post? Indeed only pseudo-sadhakas stick to the post, not anyone else.

Our philosophy is great; our philosophy is God-centered. But these purodhas are not heeding the tenets of AM philosophy. God should be the goal - not the post.

Please write in with your thoughts.



No one stayed in the same post for years and years. Many may recall that Pranavananda was COS (Central Office Secretary) but many times Baba transferred to him to Kullu and other places. Plus Sarveshvarananda was GS but was then transferred away from Centre. And indeed on a regular basis Baba would transfer people from Centre. There are so many cases. That is why those days nobody thought they would stay in their same post lifelong.


You might have heard that Rudrananda is dreaming to become purodha somehow before his death. He may make some plot against the current people. Dada might even pressure current the current PP Dada to resign "voluntarily".


This first letter contrasts capitalists with communists. The first hoard wealth on the individual level, whereas communists must be linked with the state in order to enjoy the riches.

Here following is the link to the letter where Baba is declaring that those aged people must give up the post and that the failure to do so means they are suffering from a psychic disease.


Baba says, "On imbibing cosmic ideation all kinds of ailments will be cured." (PNS-8, p.19)

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