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Talking with Gays

Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2010 10:05:14 -0000 To: From: Subject: Talking with Gays Baba "Kon aja'na' there esecho arun'a'loke he aja'na' pathik balo..." (PS 2386) Purport: O' Aja'na' Pathik [1], tell me, from which unknown land have You come in the crimson light of the new dawn. Baba, from where have You come. O' my Dearest, please don't keep me away, thinking of me as a stranger. Grace me by coming to my hut, please come in abode. Baba, Your smiling love pours endless moonlight. Your divine radiance knows no bounds. Baba, with the sweetness of Your mind, fruit comes in the flower. By Your grace, everything has more charm. With the hope of Your arrival, the ray of effulgence comes dancing; with that effulgence You eradicate the darkness of my mind. By Your grace, my heart and mind are illumined by Your touch. Baba, by Your thought projection, everything flows - the entire creation - from dust to mountains, from meteors to distant nebulae. Everything dances according to Your wish. Your effulgence sparkles in atoms and molecules. Baba, You are firm in ideology, You never compromise. You are the essence of dharma. Baba, the Ajana Pathik, from which unknown land have You come in crimson light, please tell me, please tell me... NOTES FOR PRABHAT SAMGIITA #2386: [1] Aja'na' Pathik= Aja'na' means 'unknown' and Pathik means 'divine traveler'. This is the word by word, literal translation. But the inner sense is that Parama Purusa is always moving throughout this vast cosmos and by His special grace He is constantly present with everyone all the time. He is in the Cosmic Nucleus yet at the same time through His ota and prota yoga He is everywhere-- carefully watching & lovingly guiding everyone. This unique aspect of His grand Personality is treated as Aja'na' Pathik. Because He is constantly traveling yet present everywhere. He is in the nucleus as well as throughout this entire expressed universe. As the Ajana Pathik, Parama Purusa Baba moves and moves and moves. Thus in their devotional approach devotees feel that wherever they go then the Divine Aja'na' Pathik will always be there to shower His blessing. By His grace, devotees can always get His intimate company & companionship. With this devotional link, by His grace sadhakas understand that Parama Purusa is present everywhere, yet side by side He travels on and on throughout this entire cosmos. Thus He is Aja'na' Pathik. Overall the name Aja'na' Pathik has one special and unique meaning that goes far beyond its literal translation. And in our hearts we A'nanda Ma'rgiis know and feel that Baba is that Aja'na' Pathik. Indeed in His discourses, in Dharma Samiiksa, and in reporting, in DMC, and in numerous ways Baba has revealed this very fact that He is ever-present and always along with us. Hence He is always moving and wherever we go then He will also be there. Parama Purusa has infinite attributions and one of them is this special quality where He always remains along with us wherever we are in this vast universe. In this way He is known as -- Aja'na' Pathik. For more about the meaning of Aja'na' Pathik please read:
Note: If you know anyone who is gay, kindly share this letter with them or convey these ideas to them. Thank you. Namaskar, I know for years and years you feel that the world has been against you and that yours has been an uphill battle. Thus when these days gay marriage is gaining more and more momentum, naturally you feel a sense of relief and victory. You may even feel vindicated. And internally you may deem it as progressive, open-minded, and so much more. On the one hand I applaud you for your innate humanness - everyone deserves love, respect and affection. Side by side, we should also ensure all are moving ahead on the proper path. It is for this reason I address this letter to you and the gay community today.
Like you, many in the gay community hold dearly onto the following notion: "As I have desire and attraction for the same sex, then this practice should be honoured and I should have the right to marry as well." This is a very commonly portrayed and indeed understandable position.
However we have to remember that people have all kinds of mundane attractions in life. Having the attraction itself does not justify the action. For instance: 1) A person may have the desire to dance naked in the streets; 2) A person may have the attraction to become a big slave owner; 3) A husband may be attracted to someone and may cheat on his wife; 4) A person may have the tendency or attraction to have sex with animals. Indeed about the latter, Baba has given one report. Baba says, "syphilis first originated in dogs, and through contact with them the human body got infected." (YT) Thus, because some were attracted to dogs and got sexually infatuated in that way, they contracted a terrible disease. Here the point is that people have all kinds of attractions towards money, towards sex, towards so many alluring things in this mundane world. But simply having the attraction does not by definition imply that the action is good, justified, or natural. Rather it may cause a lot of harm and lead people astray. That is why good people, conscientious people, will control that attraction and not act upon it. They understand that the attraction stems from a particular weakness of mind and it should be overcome.
Indeed, in many cases, the reason behind our attraction is nothing but a point of weakness. A person may be morbidly obese and suffer from high blood pressure. Yet he may see a big piece of cake or a Big Mac at McDonalds and feel attracted to eating that. This may be a very attraction that they have. But who can say that this attraction is righteous - who can say that this attraction should be acted upon. Having the attraction is not the defining point of whether an action is proper or not. For example, some may wish to drink bucket loads of alcohol or do harsh illegal drugs. Here again, being allured to something does not justify the act or prove it worthy. In many cases, people have proclivity towards a particular habit because of their own personal weakness. It happens - commonly so. Perhaps you are now shaking your head and thinking that these examples do not apply to homosexuality and gay rights. Only I urge you to further consider the matter. It is very important that we understand which types of attraction are born out of human weakness and which desires lead us on the path of welfare. The two should not be confused. Unfortunately now in this materialistic era, may fall prey to the former, indulging in all kinds of activities out of weakness. Just because one claims, "I am attracted t0...", that is not a proper justification for homosexuality relations. In AM we do not appreciate crude physical attraction in any situation, neither if a man is attracted to a man nor if a man is attracted to a woman. In neither case is it good; both lead degeneration.
Sex itself is nothing but a medium for producing offspring, i.e. for having babies. If two married people have sex for the sake of society building, i.e. having children, then that is most natural and supported. If however, males and females just randomly engage in sexual activity purely out of lust, then that is their weakness. And ultimately, like many weaknesses, they will suffer the consequences from that misdeed. Acting on lustful tendencies of mind is no different from other indulgences. A heart patient will suffer from a heart attack or stroke if they continue to act on their attraction toward greasy foods. A stripper will be put in jail for running through the streets naked. And there are so many examples. So when sex is for procreation, then we must understand that those randomly engaging in sex out of purely lustful attraction are not on the path of welfare. And they will suffer the consequences in the form of psychic degradation and physical diseases like impotency, cervical cancer, AIDS etc. Here the point is that when sex itself is for procreation, and when lustful male-female relations is just a weakness of mind, then when there is no possibility for a gay relationship to produce children, that relation too is not consistent with nature. One may have the attraction and one may justify therefore it is "natural", but that attraction is born out of human weakness, not human dharma. The conclusion is not that gay and lesbian relations should be outlawed. Rather a compassionate understanding should pervade our society and help and support should be offered. No one should be left to wallow in this weakness of mind. None should be left to stand there and say, "I am attracted toward gay relations and therefore that is my right." This type of defective logic should not be anyone's lone battle cry.
Our human society suffers so these days and most often this suffering stems from indulging in human weaknesses. But we should recognise such things as defects - and not rally around them as being high ideals. Again, please excuse me as I have full regard and empathy for your feelings and self-worth. As a child of Parama Purusa, I have deep feeling for you as my brother and sister. This is not an easy issue to deal with. Yet together we must examine the matter with a sense of vaeragya (detachment), then we can view the matter for what it is. An alcoholic never likes to think that alcohol is bad. That comes from his attachment to that habit. The moment he is able to step back and see the big picture without projecting his own weakness or justification, then he will instantly realise that alcohol is not beneficial. So it takes a sort of detachment. Same is the case with regards to homosexuality. Today, many are rallying around your cause of gay rights and gay marriage. Yet with a calm and balanced mind, detached from your preconceived notions, you can see how far this is proper & beneficial or not. Then, I believe, you will see that it results out of human weakness.
These days, especially in the west, weaknesses like homosexuality / gay rights are held as being highly progressive ideas. People speak proudly of it. But this is not the essence or crowning point of human life. If people are taught from their very childhood about sexuality and spirituality and what our human organs are for, then that will steer most onto the proper path. Then we will not see both homosexuals and heterosexuals rallying around the cry to legalise gay marriage. If we as a humanity understand that this results from a point of weakness and is not something great or broad-minded, then we can help people to advance. Failing that more and more will become entrapped in gay relations, especially if that is openly embraced by society. Ultimately we are to rally around those great ideals of neo-humanism and psycho-spirituality, and not get drowned in human weakness - whether that be theft, debauchery or homosexuality. Then no one will say, "I hanker homosexual relations and therefore it is good and should be approved." Rather people will aim for a higher goal in life, and not get bogged down in human weakness.
By Baba's grace, ours is a dynamic human society where there is love and empathy for all, regardless of who they are and how they live. With this compassionate understanding, we ask the you - members of the gay community - to step back and examine your life. Life is not a physical endeavor for sexual pursuit, it is a spiritual journey toward the sublime. We must all overcomes whatever weaknesses of mind we harbour and advance ahead on the path of true spirituality. Namaskar, Mukunda
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