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Many Wts Confused Baba's Working Style


Prabhat Samgiita #324

PS intro: This below Prabhat Samgiita, song #324, is a neo-humanistic song given by Baba on 10 March 1983. Thereafter Baba expressed this same theme in His RU address and DMC discourse of 28 and 29 May, respectively. In both those discourses He has given the same type of idea but in greater detail. However, as the DMC speech has still not been translated into English, a portion of Baba's RU speech is cited below, after the purport of the song. In that RU address, Baba is specifically telling that everything is the expression of Parama Purusa: He is expressing Himself throughout this manifested universe. That is the central idea of His RU discourse and Prabhat Samgiita #324 is based on this same concept.

"Moder dhara' ru'pe peyeche toma'r ru'per sa'je..." (PS 324)


O' Lord, this world has become beautiful because of Your infinite charm. That is why I behold You everywhere in all Your creations. When I look at any expression then I see that You are there. You are expressing Yourself in that form. O' Parama Purusa, You are expressing Your grandeur in the form of all these created entities - animate and inanimate. You Yourself are One but Your expressions are many. You express Yourself in innumerable shapes and forms. You are hiding within Your creation.

O' Divine Entity, You are present everywhere - in all the flows. Nothing is outside Your mental arena; everything is within the purview of Your mind. That is why nothing is ever lost. I am in Your mind and I do according to Your desires. This entire creation is in Your mind and I am one part of that. I am working according to Your exact wish. Because this entire creation is Your thought projection.

O' Supreme One, O' Baba, You are present in each and every thought. Whatever human beings think is known to You since You are the Witnessing Entity of that very thought process. Baba, You are very vast: Everything is in Your mind. Baba, You are very small: You are present in everyone's thoughts. Baba, You are smaller than the smallest and bigger than the biggest. Baba, even by mistake I do not think that besides You anything else exists. You are everything.

Baba, by Your grace I always think that You are the quintessence...

Note 1: Here is a portion of Baba's RU address of 28 May 1983 wherein He is expressing this same type of idea as has been expressed in the above song.

"Neohumanism includes within its scope not only human beings and animate creatures, such as plants and animals, but all inanimate entities as well, for the scope of Neohumanism extends down to the smallest particles of sub-atomic matter... Why should the love and affection of developed human minds be restricted to human beings only? Why should it not include all living beings, including plant life? This is the new explanation of humanism - neohumanism - for within neohumanism the entire animate world is included...And that golden day is sure to come when that perfect stage of structure, that is, unit existence in the intra-atomic world, will be reached, when human intuition will realize that the essence in the sub-atomic world is pure Consciousness." (Neo-Humanism in a Nutshell - 1)

Note 2: Materialists think that everything comes from matter while Baba's Ananda Marga philosophy states that everything comes from Brahma. This then is the fundamental difference between the static world view of materialism and our spiritual outlook. Needless to say, our spiritual perspective changes the whole view of this universe as well as our relation with it. Materialists think that the world is for their self-satisfaction only whereas in Ananda Marga we think that we have come to this world to serve others since all are the expression of Parama Purusa.



Part 1

As we all now know, from the very outset, Baba had a grand plan for the humanity. And He presented it step by step in a very smooth and practical manner - over the course of time.

On day 1 in 1955, He did not call everyone together for a seminar and tell them to write down a list of His each and every plan for the entire humanity. Nor did He do so in 1970 or 1978.

For example, He did not give Prabhat Samgiita, or Gurukul or neo-humanism in those early days. If He had done so, people would not have been ready. However, that does not mean that Baba did not have the idea or plan to put forth those projects - everything was in His cosmic mind - but people were not ready for those teachings.

At that time, no one would have been able to learn that way - nor would they have remembered because of the great extent of His teachings. Already Parama Purusa Baba was presenting so many new programs. And to remember and learn anything new and revolutionary, human beings must engage in that enterprise and repeat it again and again - practically with their own hands. Then that experience gives a deep impression in the mind. That way the mind gets saturated with that idea.

Hence, Baba took a divine approach, which we now may call His working or teaching style in the pre-1990 period. As we all saw, those days - step by step - Baba would present a new plan and program.


That means in one work phase, Baba might emphasize the need for a school - i.e. that each village must have a primary school. To teach this point, all workers and margiis got involved in securing funds to start a school. There was huge momentum in that moment to focus on the establishment of Ananda Marga primary schools. That was the main program Baba would ask about in reporting.

In turn, some units created comparatively successful schools while many did not - but everyone learned that a primary school was needed in order to propagate the ideas of Ananda Marga. That teaching everyone got. In each and every reporting session, Baba would ask, praise, scold, & guide about this point of creating schools until He was satisfied that everyone understood that a school was needed in every small or big town and village throughout the entire globe. By that way, from their very childhood, children will learn Ananda Marga ideals.

In some places, expensive buildings were purchased for schools but only got used a few times, or maybe not at all. The main thing was that everyone got the psychic understanding about the need for a school. That was Baba's aim all along.


When this program was built up and some of the schools were going strong, Baba might transfer the lead Dada from that project and post a fresh new Dada from Training Center to that school who had little skill or language knowledge of that area. The school would inevitably suffer and ultimately close, but that new Dada got the needed training and the prior Dada was freed up to learn a new aspect of Baba's vast program like Prout or dharma pracara or VSS work. That was the way things went.

Baba told Wts to create Lfts who can run the school and inform margiis that they should oversee the operations of the school. Then the school would be sustainable. But in many cases, margiis may not have been active or were already too busy and there were no LFTs, in which case a very reputable Ananda Marga school eventually closed.

In such a situation some naive margiis started thinking to request Baba not to transfer the Wt of that unit in hopes of saving the school. But Baba did not listen to such pleas. And other workers tried to convince margiis about this in their own way.


After a Dada was transferred from a particular unit and the projects and programs in that area were disrupted and disturbed, then local margiis would ask their SS Dada, "Why is Baba doing like this?"

Some Wts had no clue how to respond. So they came up with the bogus answer that Baba is like the Tibetan Guru Marpa and we should think of ourselves as Milarepa. This especially happened in NY sector when in one era all were moving with the Milarepa story in one hand. But that was an outrageous response and it was a terrible blunder to talk like this. See note 1.

The proper answer would have been, "I don't know." That would have been better; but, unfortunately, that was not done. In turn, margiis got more confused. And sadly still that confusion remains in many cases.


Actually, it would have been impractical to keep one committed Dada assigned to a single school for years and years. Baba was putting forth His new and newer plan for the humanity and training wts.

Plus when workers were transferred to new posts and jobs, they developed greater experience and learned new languages, psychologies, and problem solving skills etc. All along Baba was creating new and newer programs in further succession. If those Dadas had been kept in those old programs then who would have been available to learn the new programs.

In Him,



They were telling that Baba is like the Tibetan Buddhist guru Marpa who was giving the order to his disciple(s) to make and break buildings - make and break, and make and break.

In legend, it is well-documented that Marpa was a Buddhist guru in Tibet and before giving any spiritual training to his perspective disciples he would allot difficult tasks. They were forced to meaninglessly and uselessly construct buildings through years and years of bone breaking labor. These buildings were made by individual muscle power alone. And as soon as they were constructed then Marpa would order his followers to dismantle it stone by stone. This was not some social service project for the welfare of humanity. This was just the order of one lunatic.

So it is unfortunate that some confused Wts propagated and equated Baba in this way. It is so disgraceful. First thing is that in Ananda Marga, initiation is accessible to all - bar none. There are no stipulations. Those interested will get diiksa. In stark contrast, the pseudo-guru Marpa harassed his new recruits like Milarepa for decades and decades and never gave them any true training or guidance. How can one sane person link such dealings with Baba. It is unfortunate that sill some are believing this myth. The only redeeming aspect is that such misunderstanding is primarily contained to NY sector.


Here below Baba reveals His strategy to start primary schools throughout the world.

(Note: Baba is adamantly against the build-up of any high school until we have our Ananda Marga primary schools in each and every village of this earth. On this very point, Baba has given the logic and reasoning. By Ananda Marga primary schools, Ananda Marga bhagavad dharma will established little by little. I don't know anyone who does not understand this point - i.e. all understand.)

“We must start primary schools throughout the entire world to create a spiritual urge amongst the little pupils. I am not in favour of starting colleges; I am in favour of starting primary schools. In the entire world we have got one degree college at Ananda Nagar and thousands of kindergarten schools. That is why it is desirable in the first phase to start many primary schools instead of colleges. Merely opening high schools and colleges without a proper system of education will not serve the purpose. Rather, thousands of kindergarten and primary schools must be started with this new system of education, to create a spiritual urge amongst children throughout the entire world.” (Discourses on Neohumanist Education: Prama-4)

From: Kevalam235@quantum....
Date: Sat 05 Apr 2014 13:08:49 -0000
Subject: Baba's Working Style: Some Still Confused #2




This is the second part of the ongoing series about Baba's working style. The first letter examined how Sadguru Baba introduced His various plans and program in a phase-wise approach. By this method, He practically demonstrated the wide array of projects that must be properly implemented. Thus, He posted and reposted Wts to best teach them about the various types of works that needed to be done. More about this is discussed below as well as how Baba mapped out an entire blueprint for serving humanity.

"when workers were transferred to new posts and jobs, they developed greater experience and learned new languages, psychologies, and problem solving skills etc. All along Baba was creating new and newer programs in further succession. If those Dadas had been kept in those old programs then who would have been available to learn the new programs."


Baba's phase-wise working style aimed to achieve two distinct goals. First, the already existing programs which He gave to serve society for thousands of years should continue running operated by Lfts and margiis. Second, those new programs, which were also for the humanity, had to be started by Wts.


Imagine if Baba did not give new programs. Then Ananda Marga would not have been complete, and after '90, margiis would never have thought that such programs should be done. For example, in various religions, social service programs are not as vast and comprehensive as those in Ananda Marga. Our programs serve each and every arena of individual and collective life of the entire society.

For instance, the Hindu religion does not have any social service programs (see note 1). And Christianity does not have a logical spiritual philosophy let alone a socio-economic plan. And Buddhists do not have any real approach for social service programs (see note 2. But Ananda Marga has all that and so much more.

Furthermore, if Baba kept one Wt as a teacher for decades and decades at one school then who would have learned the new programs He was putting forth. If the school could not be maintained by margiis and Lfts, then Baba would lovingly scold everyone for the closure o)f the school - but He would not stop His divine plan of presenting dynamic new programs. His aim was to give a blueprint for what to do and how to proceed.

When Baba got a report that a school did close, then He lovingly scolded everyone from top to bottom. He told Wts that it is the duty of Lfts to run the school and that Wts should ensure that the school was operating well. Whole-timers were to oversee those Lfts and get needed work done by margiis. That was the system. This was all part of Baba's blueprint for serving humanity.


One thing to understand is that those days Wts were getting transferred frequently because the number of Wts was not very high. We did not have a lot of workers and Baba wanted to unveils an increasing number of programs to wts and margiis. So when margiis and wts had learned that primary schools are an important service project, then Baba added that a school must have a children's home also. And if some unit had many children in their home then Baba might post a Wt for the home as well. That was the home superintendent post. And when the home started running properly and was respected, after some time the Wt got transferred and it was the duty of the Lfts and margiis to run that home. But when this did not happen, that children's home would also collapse. This happened year after year. Schools and childrens' homes closed and opened while new programs were always getting introduced. And certainly some of those schools and projects of old are still running to this very day. But the main thing is that Baba was presenting us with His blueprint for serving humanity.

Plus, more areas had to be covered around the globe and Wts were needed to go to other districts, regions and countries where pracara was newly started. And Baba also created so many new organisations - such as Prout, PBI (Proutist Block of India), VSS, SDM, and countless more - and He needed workers to staff those organisations.

By this way, people knew that Baba made all those organisations, whereas if He had not posted workers to those organisations, we would not know that such organisations existed or were needed. We would not know that we were to manage those organisations in the due course. So Baba did all this to make a crystal-clear blueprint for serving humanity.


So Baba was creating a blueprint of future organisational activities. It is just like if you want to build a big mansion, then you may or may not have money, but you must have building plans and / or a blueprint.

All along it was quite obvious that margiis and lfts were needed to help with all new programs. So they were assigned to many projects but it was not always possible for them to properly attend to them all.

On the top, Baba wanted to have personal communication with each and every margii and wt that is why He would call them in reporting sessions and give His divine blessing. By having His darshan everyone become stronger devotionally. So each month, time passed in this way, by His grace.

In other words, Baba had so many different programs to show us. That is why, ultimately in a short span, Baba would add a new project. Baba never stopped any project but told that it was the duty of Wts, Lfts and margiis to manage old as well new works. It was His grace - His liila.



Think of it this way. Just as a technical institute has a workshop so their students learn can and practice what to do by making and breaking various projects, a similar method was going on in Ananda Marga before 1990.

In the case of trainees in the technical college, they are under the tutelage of their teachers. By making and breaking, they gain the requisite skills and understanding for how to work on their own. And finally when their training is complete and they have earned their degree, they are ready to work professionally in a factory etc. Before that, they were just trainees - just making and breaking for learning purposes. So there is a distinct difference between their training time in the workshop and the professional work that occurs in the factory.

Before 1990 in Ananda Marga, the situation was akin to a workshop where huge training was going on. People were making and breaking schools and various other works. This was the time of their apprenticeship. By this way, they were being taught so they could carry out Guru's plans and programs in the future. The main thing was that Baba was giving a blueprint and creating a workshop environment to prepare everyone for their future works and assignments.

The phase before 1990 phase was for learning - i.e. making and breaking - and it was not meant to go on forever. But unfortunately many could not understand. Now, this is becoming more clear to everyone.

In Him,


Everyone knows that in Shrii Shankaracarya's non-dualistic philosophy there is only Brahma - nothing else. There is no importance of the external world; world is seen as an illusion. So there is no need of social service when the world itself is an illusion. That was his teaching. But nowadays, the Hindus are copying Christianity and they have begun doing some social service. But that social service was not born out of any Hindu doctrine.


Lord Buddha did not give any social scripture - rather, his nihilism philosophy neglected the world. Thus Buddhism is devoid of any social code. So those disciples of Buddhism just continued those same social trends that they were doing earlier in their Hindu heritage.

Ananda Marga Functions & Pseudo-Culture Expose

Date: 29 Sep 2010 22:58:06 -0000 From: "Manoj" To: Subject: Ananda Marga Functions & Pseudo-Culture Expose Baba "Sandhya' bela'y ba'luka' bela'y bose bose bha'vi tava katha'..." (PS 2671) Purport: O' my dearmost Baba, You Yourself are that infinite, Supreme One. By Your grace, in the evening time on the sandy shore, I was sitting contemplating Your grandeur and glory. O' my Lord, what an amazing image You have made by manifesting this panoramic universe. By Your grace all this was coming in my mind during my sadhana. Baba, by Your grace, everything is residing within Your mind; You are the Creator of everything. In this vast universe, You have manifested so many shooting stars that are racing across the sky, as well as so many mountains that are crumbling to the ground. Every single expression is part and parcel of Your grand creation. Baba, by Your grace there are innumerable galaxies that are floating in space all by themselves-- singing the tales of Your glory. Baba, You are the Supreme Progenitor. Everything is happening within Your mental plate-- within Your Cosmic Citta. Baba, whatever happens in this material world is Your thought projection. What You imagine is reality for us. O' Baba, You are the Creator as well as that Witnessing Entity. Everything is residing within Your vast mind. Baba, by Your grace You think about one and all. You care for and nurture each and every entity of this infinite universe. No matter how big or small, large or tiny, You look upon all with equal love and affection. Everyone and everything is significant for You. You think about those huge, tremendous elephants which demonstrate their power by forcefully stomping through the wild jungles. Plus You listen to the little stories of the those tiny honey bees which gently hover and buzz around the delicate flowers. Baba, by Your grace, You look after each and everything being. For You, all have equal importance and equal significance. Baba, by Your causeless compassion You look after one and all. You are that Benevolent Witnessing Entity and everything is happening within Your mind. Baba, by Your grace, in my dhya'na when I see You then I feel so close and loving. And sometimes I go on thinking about Your magnanimity and vastness, as Controller of this entire vast universe... Note 1: Entire Universe is His Thought-Projection Baba says, "We may say that universe is the manifestation of the Cosmic Citta, born out of psychic vibrations. All the tanma'tras of sound, touch, form, taste and smell that are composed of different kinds of vibrational currents resulting from the gradually crudifying expressions of the Cosmic Consciousness under the influence of the static principle of Prakrti. They are the analytic expressions of those universal rhythms or vibrations. Thus the visible world is created through the gradual crudifications of His thought-projection. The thought-waves, metamorphosing from subtle to the crude manifestations and then, on their way back to their nuclear origin from the crude to the subtle, assuming the mentally developed human form, are indeed guiding the thought-wave cycles towards their ultimate fulfillment. Since the world is His thought-projection, it may be said that this visible world is only His act of thinking and abides only in His imagination. Due to the vibration of Cosmic Citta these variegated forms have blossomed forth through newer and newer thoughts, forms and waves, following one another in succession." (SS-3, p.40)
Note 2: Supreme Witnessing Entity
Baba says, "He is witnessing everyone and everything. Whatever is being created is a different stage of creation. He is the subject and all other entities are His objects. He is the Witnessing Entity because He is the Supreme controller." (AMIWL-10)
Note 3: Equal Love and Affection for All
Sama plus'in'a' sa'ma mashakena Sama na'gena sama ebhistribhih lakaeh.
Baba says, "He looks upon a tiny white ant with as much love and affection as on a mosquito. Nor does He think of a large mammoth more than other entities, for a mammoth has a mind just as an ant has. So He thinks equally of all: He thinks of a white ant or a mosquito with the same seriousness as of a mammoth or an elephant, and He attaches same importance to each individual creature as to all the three worlds." (SS-18, p.22)
Namaskar, As Ananda Margiis, we are aware that during some grand function like VSS camp, ETC camp, DMS, retreats and other big occasions, cultural programs are always held. Of late, these presentations have been called cultural programs but we have to examine if really they are cultural programs or something else.
On this point - before calculating things with our own brain - let's see what our Guru says. "RAWA by its sentient vibration will create a taste for spirituality in the society. RAWA persons can function in their units." Baba's guideline is that when dance or music goads the mind to a devotional outlook and the mind starts thinking about Parama Purusa, His divine love, and parabhakti, then that type of dance and song is called a cultural program. If any dance, music or song does not goad the mind toward divinity and instead goads the mind towards the lower cakras, i.e. carnal and worldly attractions or animal propensities, then that is not at all a cultural program. We must always keep this standard in mind.
In various occasions, we Ananda Margiis must arrange proper cultural programs. So we must think critically whether such dance and music programs are up to the mark. Or are we merely befooling ourselves - just as idol worshipers befool themselves and degenerate, ultimately turning to stone. They think they are worshiping God but because they are concentrating on a piece of stone their mind gets degenerated. In their heart of hearts no idol worshiper wants to become stone, but ultimately it happens. Similarly no Ananda Margii wants to degenerate themselves by participating in some "cultural program". But something like that is happening. How? Please keep reading and you will know what I mean.
In many parts of the world, devotees sacrifice animals in front of their chosen idol / deity and think that Parama Purusa is pleased by their action. But the opposite is true; Parama Purusa is not pleased by such heinous acts. Similarly, we must evaluate how far today's "cultural programs" are pleasing to Baba. In Baba's time cultural programs were going on but that does not mean that we should therefore continue them irregardless of their quality. It is not the case that automatically He will be pleased by presenting any type of degrading display as a cultural program. That type of simplistic is outlook is not enough. We have to critically evaluate whether our cultural programs are according to His strict standard. We must recall that in Baba's time the girls dancing in cultural programs were below puberty. That was one very dramatic point to keep in mind. There was not the slightest bit of provocative display. Plus the style of music was always sentient. That is why those days the mind was not directed towards the lower cakras. So today, certain organisers of cultural programs,who are giving the logic that the programs these days are in accordance with the standard in Baba's time, are not being truthful with themselves. Because it is quite apparent what is going on these days. Top of all, a cultural program means goading mind towards divinity otherwise it is nothing but an expose of pseudo culture.
Think about a recent cultural program in AM. Undoubtedly you have seen or heard about a program at DMS wherein 14 - 25 year old girls and boys dance together. Then honestly ask yourself if seeing that dance - you can ask yourself, no need to tell anybody - goaded your mind towards Parama Purusa or somewhere else. If it was going somewhere else, then do not attend or support such programs. Otherwise you are merely befooling yourself. Not only that, even if your mind was ensconced in Parama Purusa by His grace, then even then you should come forward and join those who oppose such so-called cultural programs. Because right now many are complaining about thses so-called cultural programs and how they do not goad the mind towards divinity but rather push the mind in the other direction. Many people are not elevated like you, so you should be sympathetic and support their cause. In Baba's presence cultural programs were done regularly. But then the girls were below 8 years of age and all aspects of the program were very sentient. So the programs achieved the goal: The mind was led in proper direction, not a negative one. So we should be honest with ourselves. We go to DMS not for carnal satiation or to satisfy our lower propensities, nor for all kinds of TV channel delights or Holly / Bollywood movie scenes. Going to a dharmic ceremony should entail strict adherence to a code of discipline and not any negative encouragement of the mind.
Girls below puberty should dance for a co-ed audience whereas those girls above puberty can dance to an all female audience. When any drama or dance occurs that requires boys and girls to dance together, then similar aged girls should play the role of boys. And they too should be below puberty. Even then small girls should not wear revealing or Hollywood type of dress. And the music must be sentient. The music itself also carries a vibration, positive or negative microvita. Baba says, "If someone makes a sound like 'ra, ra, ra -- cha, cha, cha' or if someone sings, 'Follow my song! Let us sing and dance our way to hell', these are sound inferences, but they carry a very crude idea." (MVNS, p. 94) We should not let such scenes unfold in our own Ananda Marga cultural programs.
One thing we should never forget is that the purpose of such cultural programs is to elevate the mind of the entire audience toward the thought of the Supreme and drench the mind in devotion. If any such program fails to do so it is not worth being called a cultural program; rather it should be called a pseudo-culture expose. We should be honest with ourselves. Baba is our greatest Self. He is our greater "I". We should not try and hide behind any hypocrisy. We should goad the mind toward our inner "I". And He knows if that is happening or not. He knows the truth. If you watch something that is degrading to the mind - and you know it is wrong - but you have a stake or personal interest in the program and you do not want to admit it is wrong, then you should be honest and not lie to yourself. Otherwise Baba will know as He is your Inner true self.
By Baba's grace we are to ensure that all our cultural programs are done with the right idea in mind and goad the mind unto His Divine stance. Baba says, "One must not forget this fact – that the Supreme Entity is with you, and loves you like anything. And the only goal of one’s propensities must be Him. That is, all the propensities of the human mind should be goaded unto the Supreme Existence." (AV-12) Namaskar, Manoj
This letter is not based on a single ETC or DMS or ERAWS or other such cultural programs. This is a general trend and this comment is related with all recent cultural programs. It is wide-spread issue related with all cultural programs. I have personally talked with so many margiis and wts and I am writing with their voice in mind. Because they are not in direct control of the program so they do not have a voice per se. So this is their voice - I am speaking on their behalf. That is why when such programs being held many sadhakas of the Marga do not like to participate. They wish to keep their mind pure.
RAWA programs and cultural programs can be held for all kinds of venues not just huge occasions. They are also appropriate for any local or unit gatherings, functions or festivals etc.
**************************************** Revolutionary Angle of Vision
Baba says, "The people who have committed some misdeeds driven by want (be that want of food or clothes or of physical or mental gratification) make society responsible for it. They want to convey to us that their want was created due to flaws in the social system, which is, however, substantially true." (HS-1, '87, p.77) Note: Here following are some observations about Baba's above teaching. 1. This tragic scene which Baba is describing is happening throughout the globe. In "third-world" countries and in so-called advanced nations, often the common mass is denied getting their basic necessities-- in which case, with no other option, they are pressured into committing crimes. 2. And then, in turn, the "powers-that-be" wrongly blame that individual as label them as a thief or criminal. 3. However, in His dharmic & revolutionary approach, Baba views the situation completely differently. He holds that the society is at fault for putting its own citizens in such a dire position wherein they cannot even get their minimum requirements. 4. We should pay heed to Baba's guideline and also make it known that the real culprits are those who are hoarding all the material wealth and not allowing general society members to get their basic needs met. 5. Parama Purusa has given an enormous amount of wealth for maintaining the human society, but due terribly improper distribution drastic inequalities have emerged and so many problems have erupted around the globe. 6. Everyone should remember Prout's unique approach that 100% of the wealth belongs to Parama Purusa. He is the owner. All can and have the right to utilise this wealth in a rational way, but He is the Creator and the Owner.

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