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Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2010 12:52:45 -0000 To: Subject: Lowly From: Jeremy Gorman Baba "Eso ka'jal ra'ter a'ndha're hiya' a'lokit kare..." (PS 1926) Purport: Baba, please come in my heart which is as dark as the black night and make it effulgent. Please light my lamp and arouse my devotion with Your divine love. Please awaken the humanity which is in deep slumber. Baba, please grace one and all. Baba, except You, no one can wipe away this cimmerian darkness. Without You, humanity will not awaken. For the welfare and enlightenment of the entire universe, please come in everyone's dhya'na. Baba, please come in the crudest sphere of everyone's mind and make it divinely effulgent. Baba, I long for You in my mind which is as dark and dreary as a dungeon. Baba, I have been desperately and ceaselessly searching You since the dawn of my life. Your charming & loving smile is like an ocean of nectar from the divine world. This divine smile will wipe away all the staticity. Baba, please shower Your causeless grace and remove the cimmerian darkness and fill it with Your divine effulgence...
== LOWLY ==
Namaskar, As you may have heard, a new book about Baba during the Jamalpur days has recently been published. I am very happy about the release of this book. Immediately I went to, and saw this following review by one of our avadhutas. I share it with you so that we may all be aware about what is going on.
One of our esteemed and senior avadhutas publicly wrote these following words on in his review of the recently published book: "...As the story progressed I found myself wondering how it could get more incredible, and then it did. I lost sleep and cut my meditation short to find the hours to continue..." So those are the words of one of our revered Dadas. As soon as I read this I became somewhat concerned - because as we all know sadhana is the most important endeavor in human life. That is Baba's teaching. Yet, Dadaji is telling how he purposely curtailed his sadhana in order to read the book. Our avadhutas should not be stating such things in the public forum as it will discourage others from doing meditation and set a bad example. No doubt Dadaji is trying to show his exuberance to boost the sales of the book, but to that end, he contravenes Baba's teaching and undermines the great emphasis Baba places on sadhana. Certainly there are better ways to express support of this book. To openly proclaim he curtailed his sadhana in order to read the book is not the way of our Marga. An avadhuta of Baba should not be saying this.
As Ananda Margiis, we know well that Baba places huge emphasis on sadhana. Indeed Baba guides us that this is our main reasons for being born: To do sadhana. Baba says, "The main purpose of human beings coming here to this earth is to do spiritual is to do anything and everything just to encourage and accelerate the process of sa'dhana'. Sa'dhana' is the main theme of life. Whatever you do in the world, you should do it with a view to promote your sa'dhana' and help the sa'dhana' of others. Human beings come to earth to practise sa'dhana', to move closer to Iishvara, the Supreme Goal – to come closer to Parama Purus'a... Whatever human beings will do, they will do in such a manner that the progress in their sa'dhana' will go on accelerating." (YP) Thus sadhana is the top-most endeavour in human life. Nothing takes precedence over sadhana. That is Baba's dharmic mandate. Strictness in sadhana is a must. Thus, when Dada says that he would stop his sadhana in order to read, as if this book is more important, he is going against Baba and putting forth a very negative and harmful message. After all, Dada is an avadhuta and people will look to him for guidance, but in this case his ways are contrary to Baba and dharma.
In our Marga, there is no shortage of examples that show that everyone must do sadhana properly - no one is exempt from this. One might skip their food or sleep, but not sadhana. Even all central workers were always required to do sadhana - no matter how closely they worked with Baba. If they did not do sadhana, then Baba would expose and punish them in front of all. Everyone knows about this. Baba always gives the highest priority to doing sadhana. Those who have seen Baba physically and witnessed reporting, they know that again and again Baba would emphasize the importance of spiritual practice and inquire if all did sadhana or not. If sadhana was curtailed or skipped, then He would loving give a strong scolding. And never in those sessions did Baba ask if anyone read a Baba story or not. Baba emphasized doing sadhana, not reading stories about Him. Thus to quit sadhana in order to read a storybook is not our way. Dadaji should not encourage this faulty manner. Baba wants that everyone should be fully engaged in sadhana. That is why on the first page of every Ananda Marga book, Baba has printed the Supreme Command which, as we know, requires sadhana twice daily. Plus sadhana is one of the main elements of Sixteen Points, but Baba does not mention reading a storybook in 16 Pts.
The main idea here is that one must not highlight their own wrongdoing or encourage others to fall in those faulty ways. Baba says, "There are also teachers who, after discussing the abuses and evils of intoxicants in the classroom, immediately go outside and start smoking. This sets an extremely bad example. If the teachers would just use intoxicants, without saying anything about them, it might not be so bad. But this approach naturally encourages the students to be undisciplined." (HS-1, 'Education') Here Baba's points is that a respected teacher should not publicize their own defects - like curtailing or skipping sadhana - as it will only give others the wrong idea to do the same. Under no circumstance then should any senior margii or wt express their mental weakness of skimping on sadhana etc. This will only discourage new people and struggling sadhakas from practicing meditation - imposing the idea that sadhana is impossible or useless. If people hear senior avadhutas openly telling about curtailing sadhana, new people will think that sadhana is impractical. This will retard their own spiritual progress and invite their journey towards negative pratisaincara. If Dada cannot manage his meditation properly that is unfortunate but by writing publicly about this he is encouraging others to skip sadhana and instead read this book. Baba critically warns that such acaryas must never do like this. Baba says, "Bear in mind that people may be harmed or misled by even a small weakness or defect in the conduct of an a'ca'rya. Just as it is the duty of a father to educate his children properly by his good conduct, an a'ca'rya should always instruct by his exemplary actions and words." (AV-31) Thus when Dada publicly writes that he cut his sadhana short or skipped it entirely, then he is going against the code of being an acarya.
In total, there are a few faulty tactics in Dadaji's approach. 1. In order to advocate the book he came up with an appalling statement - about stopping sadhana - to boost sales. 2. If Dadaji really can't manage in sadhana and sadhana holds no charm for him because his mind is fickle due to a lack of effort and indiscipline etc, then as an avadhuta and meditation teacher, that is disgraceful. Dadaji should mend his ways. 3. If point #2 is true, even then Dadaji should not publicly state that one should curtail their sadhana as this gives the wrong message to society. For instance, if due to his own mental weakness one avadhuta is skipping sadhana because he is watching a football match or crude movie, then the best thing is they should keep mum. It may be true that they are skipping their sadhana, but they must never openly propagate such things; that is disservice to humanity. And best will be if they themselves get help so they can again come onto the path of dharma sadhana.
Here is another very relevant point. Every Ananda Margii knows that true love means having extreme closeness with Parama Purusa. And that closeness comes in sadhana. So if one really loves Parama Purusa then they will prefer to go close in sadhana than read His tales. It is just like if Mr A has fallen in love with the opposite sex and he has the opportunity to meet Ms L, then he will certainly go and visit her, not read about her on the internet etc. Strong love means coming in close proximity - otherwise there is no such love. Thus if anyone gives up the opportunity of going close to Baba and instead favors reading a book, we can understand how much love they have. We have to remember that Parama Purusa is the Goal and sadhana is the means to attaining that Goal, so one cannot avoid sadhana, otherwise they cannot reach the goal. Sadhana is the aim of life and mandatory for all.
Here are some more points of consideration. There are thousands of ways to boost book sales, so it is highly unfortunate that Dadaji chose this approach. It seems he cannot manage sadhana and has no clue about AM ideology. He does not know what to preach and what not to preach. Otherwise what can be the explanation for his confounding behaviour which is not befitting a senior avadhuta. It looks like Dadaji did this just for petty gain of a few dollars. For that reason he compromised and transgressed his entire ideal and told the things which should not be told. Dadaji might claim that he was "just joking" but who is going to believe him. Not long ago a US senator was guilty of making homosexual advances on someone in the bathroom, and when he was confronted by the senate panel for his miseeds, he said it was just "a joke". No one believed him.
In one discourse, Baba says that Freud's claim that humans are only motivated by sexual desire exposes Freud's own degraded state. Baba says, "Some psychologists have maintained that the sexual urge, a particular expression of ka'ma is the root cause of all types of mundane attractions and activities. This statement is wrong, for attraction is the characteristic of all unit entities and such attraction will certainly not always be sexual. Those psychologists that give undue importance to sexual lust, betray their own vulgar and licentious mentality. As I have already said, not each and every attachment or attraction is born of sexual desire." (SS-3) Just as Freud exposed his own degraded frame of mind by his public statements, some say that Dadaji has done a similar thing and revealed his own lowly mentality. Otherwise what could account for why he proudly states that he curtailed his sadhana. Without meaning to, Dadaji revealed much about himself. That is what those reading the review on are concluding.
Dadaji wanted to express his enthusiasm for the book - that is fine. In that case he he could have written that he felt tired or hungry but kept on reading anyway because he was so immersed in the book. That would have been one viable approach - or many other things he could have said. But telling that he quit his meditation prematurely in order to read the book is not good. That gives the wrong teaching to others. Baba says, 'If one is not able to give the people proper guidance, then at least one should not misguide them." (NSS, Disc: 14) So it is most unfortunate that he told that he quit his sadhana early. This is not acceptable. He should go back and edit his review or delete it entirely and rewrite it.
By Baba's grace, we all have the opportunity to reach unto Him by doing sadhana. We should utilise this opportunity to the fullest - lest we degrade. Under no circumstance should we curtail our sadhana. No one should become lowly in this way. Baba says, "Human beings should develop themselves as individuals by expanding their dormant cognitive faculties through intuitional practice...[those who] have failed to practise sa'dhana' in their personal lives, generally degenerate later." Namaskar, Jitendra
The avadhuta who wrote that comment on about curtailing his sadhana is Dada Nabhaniilananda. Dadaji unfortunately wrote: "I... cut my meditation short." His aim seems to have been to promote that book, but in true sense he misguided others by stating that skipping or shortening sadhana is ok. Plus, intentionally or not, he gave us a glimpse of his own way of living, i.e. what he does in his personal life. Best will be if Dadaji goes back and updates his review; such a negative message by one of our acaryas should not be on a public forum. Finally, if Dadaji again starts engaging in longer sadhana, that will be really great. That will be the best outcome of all of this. Let us all support Dadaji in this endeavour.
*************************************** We Should Know & Correct
Baba says, "In algebra the formula (a+b) squared= a2 + b2 + 2ab. This is a well known formula and originally it was invented by Mahars'i Kapil." (SC-8, disc 1, 5 oct 86 kolkata) Note: It is well known that Mahars'i Kapil was born in India several thousand years ago. People commonly think the above formula was first propounded by a western mathematician, but in the above teaching Baba reveals the real fact. This gives the idea those mathematics was highly evolved in that early history of India. Here below Baba tells another important fact regarding Kapil: Baba says, "The first philosopher was Mahars'i Kapil, who will be remembered and respected for all time." (AFPS-9, 'Geology & Human Civilisation')

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