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DMS News: Crowd - 1

To: From: Gaurishankar Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 15:01:38 Subject: DMS News: Crowd - 1 Baba
== DMS NEWS: CROWD - 1 ==
Namaskar, Here is the first in a series of eyewitness reports about the upcoming New Year's DMS (Dec 30 - Jan 1, 2010) in Ananda Nagar. Please watch for ensuing reports.
At this point the various group camps are getting situated in Ananda Nagar. Here is the outline of where everybody is: (A) Leaders like Dada Parameshvarananda, Dada Arthapremananda, & Didi Ananda Giita and their supporters already arrived in Ananda Nagar. (B) The Ranchi group Didis are staying in Berlin house which is near the river. (C) Kolkata Didis are statying in the chief hostel in front of the Berlin house. (D) WWD Didis are staying in Ands light office where Pareshtanandji used to stay; it is near by the pandal. (E) Ranchi junior dada's are staying in the jagrti which is in front of the pandal. (F) Ranchi Central workers stay in the central office in front of the R.M office. (G) 3rd front Dadas are staying in the Children home's. (H) Kolkata Dadas are staying in the High school. (I) Tomorrow all the remaining group leaders will arrive in Ananda Nagar.
By reading the above news, one might say that "quite the crowd" has arrived for DMS. And it is true: It is a crowd. Why? Because each of these groups / supporters have not come for unity but for their own agenda. They want to siphon more into their group camp and gobble up any and all resources available, especially money from margiis etc. That is why we call this a crowd, rather than a dharmic assembly. Because all the camps have their own target strategy - there is no unified purpose. They have not come to spread ideology and wipe out dogma. Rather they have come for their own groupist affairs. Rather than being called a meeting of the minds for ideological unity, the scene at Ananda Nagar is one like the crowd at the Howrah Railway station, where there are hundreds or thousands of people, but they have nothing in common per se. There is no unity of purpose. Each and every visitor to Howrah Railway station has come for their own individual tour program - they have no unified purpose. That is why it is called a crowd. Same then is the case at DMS - all the group sponsors and their "yes men" have come for their narrow interests not some great common goal. So this is just one crowd at Ananda Nagar - nothing more. Of course the vast majority of margiis and field workers want unity, but the group camps have their own factional reasons for attending.
At the khumba mela - which regularly attracts millions of worshipers - all kinds of monks come for all kinds of reasons. Some come to beg, some smoke ganja (marijuana), some do idol worship, some are naked, some have ashes spread all over them - so many different types come. By the variation, it just become one crowd. And the attendees get attracted by seeing this grand show. The divergent agendas of the various WT groups, DMS has neatly imbued the khumba mela crowd scene. All the camps are putting on one show - hoping to outshine one another and get more followers. Such is the case at various holy lands as well. No unity of purpose - just masses of people with their own individual agenda and opportunists trying to capitalise.
To generate unity in our Marga, we must follow Baba's path - His ideological teachings. By wiping out dogmas like Mahaprayan, scriptural distortion, fake Ananda Vaniis, expulsion, Fake BP Manual etc, and implementing Baba's divine mandates, then we can most certainly create unity in AM. Till that time, the scene at DMS will just be like one crowd - nothing more. Because when all the groups arrive for their own factional pursuits, then there is no ideology or unity. It is just one crowd.
By Baba's grace soon things will change in AM as many are looking toward His divine ideal and working to put forth His dharmic teachings - not some groupist agenda. So what is going on now at Ananda Nagar will not last much longer. The clouds of dogma will go and the rays of dharma will shine, by His grace. Namaskar, Gaurishankar

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