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The Reason Behind...

From: "Ratan Manjhi" To: Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 22:12:30 -0500 Subject: The Reason Behind... Baba "Andh tamasa' sariya' giya'che, Arun' prabha't, ha'se... " (PS# 2340) Purport: The crimson dawn is smiling. The cimmerian darkness has vanished. Human society is getting awakened. Everyone's heart is getting exalted. His eternal love is spreading in each and everyone's mind. By His grace I feel in my heart that everyone is mine-- no one is alien. All are close-- all are my own. Indeed this entire expressed and unexpressed universe, mobile and immobile, animals and plants, all living beings, everyone is my own. I feel I have a close, personal relation with everyone. All are my own family members. Within everyone I searched my beloved Baba. He is hiding in all. In the remote corner of my mind, His love is saturating. His attraction is so great that it is not possible for me to keep myself separate from Him. I have only one desire: To merge into Him. The crimson dawn has reached. The staticity of darkness is evaporating away by His grace...
Namaskar As oil prices skyrocket, as home foreclosures abound, as the price of food soars, as people can no longer afford their daily needs, and as CEO's take in tens of millions, the entire economy is in extreme crisis-- and mounting. Some intellectuals are blaming the political leaders for our present economic crisis around the globe. In this way, it seems they are going off the track so it is very important to put forth Baba's teaching. Otherwise some may be getting confused because of their wrong conclusion. No doubt the Bushes & Cheneys and the rest are not innocent, but neither are they the direct cause either. Let's explain further by some analogy. You might have seen the puppet dance. Well by seeing that, simple persons believe that 'oh these wooden toys are dancing independently'. But those who have some idea, they understand that 'No, some thread is behind and one person is holding them'. So puppets are just puppets. Whether they dance or not, everything depends on the puppeteer. Similar is the case in political sphere also. These political leaders of the capitalistic era are just puppets or tools in the hands of those capitalists who are sitting behind the scene and controlling everything. And with the virtue or strength of money those capitalists have purchased the brain of the vipras and the valor of the ks'attriyas. And they made them as their puppets-- where they like, they use. So the current political leaders are all puppets; they are slaves in hands of those vaeshyas. They can't move without the order of vaeshayas. Each and every aspect of their activities is well monitored. In this case how we can sat that these political leaders are the cause. Because the main culprit is sitting behind the curtain & they are vaeshyas. And there here are two reasons or proofs of this: One thing, any intelligent person in their day to day life has experienced this catastrophe that is going on-- i.e. how vaeshyas are sitting behind and sucking the blood of everyone. They have purchased the brain of the vipras and the physical might of the ksattriyas and deployed them in their exploitative machinery. And the second reason is that these following Baba's teachings are enough evidence which lead to that very conclusion that blood sucking vaeshyas are responsible for the fallen misery. In the Human Society book-- Baba says, "The vaeshyas' financial power carries more weight than the power of speech and intellectual power of the vipras, not to mention the physical power of the ks'attriyas; therefore the vaeshyas have no trouble buying the vipras' brains and the ks'attriyas' brawn with their money. Among those who possess knowledge, intellect, great courage or physical strength, there is hardly anyone who has the courage, or sometimes even the intelligence, needed to take the financial risks necessary to earn money. The vaeshyas understand this weakness of the vipras and the ks'attriyas. They lull their discrimination to sleep by praising the ks'attriyas' valour and the vipras' intellect. Then afterwards they can easily buy them off. In a vaeshya state, poets, scientists, litterateurs and great heroes are awarded prizes, medals and titles for this very reason. By participating in all this, the vipras and the ks'attriyas surrender all their endowments at the feet of the vaeshyas for a little money or some name and fame; and at the same time feel they are fortunate. They fail to realize that they are digging their own graves." (HS) When political leaders are not obeying the command of the blood sucking vaeshyas then those vaeshyas play their own nasty trick of 'divide and rule' and they push away those rebellious politicians to the dust. And the vaeshyas create their own new round of political leaders-- people that they create. So the political leaders are just puppets of those ruling vaeshyas. Baba says, "After the popular acceptance of the vaeshya-evolved social order, it is noticed that whenever the vipras tried to shake off the Vaeshyan domination and exploitation, the Vaeshyas forthwith brought popular support on the strength of their money. They replaced the rebel Vipras, after having reduced to dust all their intelligence and intellectuality, by another group of boot-licking Vipras." (HS) These political leaders are just busy executing the task which are given by their Master-- those blood-sucking vaeshyas. Baba says, "The learned vipras are nothing but the planners of projects and intellectual servants appointed for giving practical shape to those plans and projects." (HS) By all this it is quite clear that the present hypocritical political leaders are only somewhat responsible for public misery because the bigger reality is that they are primarily tools of those blood sucking vaeshyas. But capitalism will not last long-- the world is changing quickly and top of all Baba's grace is infinite. Baba says, "The spirit to fight to against all odds-- that alone can solve the problems confronting human beings. March ahead and wage a war against all difficulties, every impediment. Victory is sure to embrace you." (PNS-7, p.6) Namaskar, Ratan
************************************************* One Should Know Who Is Responsible
Baba says, "In the Mahabharata period, it was the rule that the country head was held responsible if a person died of starvation. Not merely this, if there was an early death, if a child of five or so died, people regarded it as a flaw in the ruling structure. Today you have to create Mahavishva-- The Great Universe." (G.D. Ranchi, 03 Dec 1967, Hindi) Note: In the above quote Baba is revealing the fact that leaders are directly responsible all the existing problems in society. And nowadays our AMPS is riddled with all sorts of problems. On the one side margii rights have been curtailed or wiped out entirely and the Bhukti Pradhan system has been dismantled. And on the other side groupism is rampant amongst our WTs. So negativity is there all around. And the chief responsible party is B group boss Sarvatmanandaji because he incited and introduced all these horrific problems and secondly fault lies also with Rudranandaji because nowadays he is running the show but he is failing to correct any of these on-going issues. Just he is keeping mum. So in that way these two power-hungry leaders are at fault. Thus we cannot say that all WT's are to blame. That is not the thing. Rather the responsibility lies with those at the helm-- those groupist leaders like Sarvatmanandaji. And not only that but one other unique point is also there. Namely that, not only are such misguided leaders responsible for their own misdeeds like derailing margii rights etc, but in the above quote Baba is revealing the fact that degraded leaders are also the direct cause of various types of natural calamities like tornadoes and earthquakes etc. Due to the sins committed by these exploitative leaders, that is the reason why all kinds of terrible disasters happen-- thereby causing untold harm and misery to the innocent masses. Thus there is no escape-- those at the helm are to blame for all the problems and tragedies. And each and every member of society must fully understand that nasty, groupist leaders are directly responsible for the hell created in our organisation and in the society.


Date: 28 June 2008 23:27:17 -0000 From: "K Lingappa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Cream Baba PS Intro #4786: In this song, the bhakta has deep love for Parama Purusa and has a strong yearning to get Him, but for such a long time Parama Purusa has not come. So the sadhaka has been crying out of melancholic longing for Parama Purusa-- and accusing Him of not coming. In the worldly sphere, it is similar to one baby accusing its mother of being late or missing their time together entirely. In that case, the baby will bitterly, yet lovingly, accuse the mother of not caring about them. And the same thing-- or to an even greater degree-- occurs in devotional life, because in this song the relation between the bhakta and Parama Purusa is that of madhura bhava (lover relation). When a sadhaka feels extremely linked with Parama Purusa, then he has a deep yearning to be with Him always. And if Parama Purusa does not come very close in that most intimate way, then the bhakta will lovingly accuse Parama Purusa and shed many a tear. Wherever there is strong bond of love then this feeling is quite natural. Many sadhakas-- though not all-- have felt this in their sadhana at one time or another. So this song carries that feeling of extreme love between the devotee and the Lord. Hence those who do not have such a feeling may not understand the depth of this song. In this scene, the bhakta is crying out of a melancholic longing to embrace Baba tightly. Parama Purusa did not come for what seemed like ages and now that He has arrived, still the bhakta is not satisfied because Baba is not coming as close and as intimately as he would like. For this reason the bhakta is very upset and crying. As the song begins, Parama Purusa has just come and is standing before the bhakta and asking the devotee why he is crying. And the following purport is how the loving communication between the bhakta and Parama Purusa progresses in this song. Note: Another unique facet of this composition is that usually Prabhat Samgiita is sung for Parama Purusa, but in this song Baba is addressing the devotee. So it is a bit of an unusual song. Some people wrongly conclude that it is a third person who is talking to the bhakta-- as some Hindu bhajans accept such interpretations. But in the devotional world of Prabhat Samgiita, each and every exchange is between Baba and the devotee-- and no other person is involved. "Ka'jal meghe ka'jal cokhe, jala jhare keno balo na'..." (PS 4786) Purport: O' my close one, what is the matter, what is troubling you? What has happened? Who has turned their back on you? Who has caused you so much pain and sorrow-- in your mind and heart, which you could not tolerate? Please tell me why you are crying and shedding so many tears. Your collyrium filled eyes, which are like black rain clouds, are profusely raining down tears. What is the matter, please tell me, please tell me. Who are you crying for in this untimely way. After all, the One for whom you are crying has come, so what is the use of all these tears. [1] Now it is pre-winter season, the rainy season has ended long ago. The time of melancholic pain is over. I have now come so it is a different season. This is no longer the time to cry; this is the moment for us to renew our loving communication and closeness. Always remember that a friend is one who keeps his promises. If one breaks their promise then you cannot consider them as your friend. Likewise do not accept anyone as your friend who causes you pain and then fails to apologise. Also do not accept someone as your friend if they do not laugh by seeing your joy or if they do not weep by seeing your sorrow. I am your true Bandhu, because by seeing your pain and sorrow, I could not keep myself away from you. I have come. That is the true mark of our loving relationship-- I have come. O my close one, please tell me why are you crying... NOTE FOR PRABHAT SAMGIITA #4786 [1] This line-- 'I have come so what is the use of crying'-- is spoken indirectly by Parama Purusa. This is part of His mental communication with the devotee. The song does not literally state-- 'I have come...'-- but that is the insinuation. When one is involved in a relationship based on deep love, then things are told indirectly. To others, it may not be apparent what is going on. But, between the bhakta and his Lord, the meaning is quite clear and well understood.
Namaskar, The entire aim of this letter is to elaborate on the highly unique and rare nature of the above Prabhat Samgiita, #4786. Such a devotional expression is only prevalent in Ananda Marga, the path of bliss.
In human life, people have all kinds of options and desires, and most resort to animalistic tendencies in their pursuit of materialism and sensuality. As Ananda Margiis, we are embarking on the path of true spirituality; we are divine travelers. Our goal is to reach and attain Parama Purusa. So we are to know how this is done.
While there are many accepted bha'vas in AM sadhana-- Father-son relation, Friend relation etc-- only madhura bha'va can bring the devotee to that pinnacled state of closeness with Parama Purusa. And that is the type of bha'va expressed in the above Prabhat Samgiita. Baba says, "Madhura bha'va is a very exalted bha'va, for this bha'va fills the mind with sweetness and bliss and leads the aspirant to the closest proximity of the Lord." (NKS, Disc: 27) This is not to say that the other bhavas have no place in the life of the sadhaka. All the bha'vas are meaningful. And in dhya'na we should always follow the one which feels most natural to us at that time. Forcing or pretending to follow a particular bha'va is meaningless. Ours is the path of naturalness. At the same time, we should always have the theoretical understanding in mind that only madhura bhava can bring us to the zenith point of divine realisation. All the other bhavas, at one point or another, must get converted into madhura bhava. This is the rule. So we should be aware about this and try it sometimes in our dhyana.
The inherent beauty of madhura bha'va is wonderful expressed in the above Prabhat Samgiita. In that song, the devotee does not want anything from Parama Purusa except He Himself. The bhakta does not want gold, or a job, or a girlfriend, or prestige, or any type of mundane desire. And not only that, the sadhaka is not satisfied with the mere presence of Parama Purusa, or any lower type of relation. The sadhaka only wants the extreme, intimate relation with Baba. So it is purely a personal relation. And the closer the devotee gets to Parama Purusa the more proximity he wants with Baba. That is the way madhura bhava works: There is no satiation point until one finally merges in Him. In those higher stages of madhura bha'va, the bhakta is yearning and crying to have Him still more close. That is how one ultimately reaches the goal of finally becoming one with Parama Purusa. So we should all have at least this theoretical understanding. In dhyana, we may like the Father-son relation, or we may like the Friend relation, yet we should have awareness that beyond that there is the madhura bhava. And it is that bhava which is highlighted in the above PS #4786, not any other relation.
This type of love relation with Parama Purusa is totally unique to AM. None of the Semitic religions-- i.e. Christianity, Judaism, & Islam-- have this type of close link with Parama Purusa. Rather they think of God being far away in the distant sky, or they think of God as being one critical judge that can put someone into hell. They have no conceptual idea of any close, personal relationship with Parama Purusa. In Buddhism also, the idea of having a loving romance with God is not at all present. They ask their Buddha for grace etc, but there is no close, intimate relationship. It does not exist. Likewise in the Hindu religion, that type of close relationship is also mostly absent. Of all their numerous gods and goddesses, there is none where there is a close, intimate link. Even those Hindus who worship Lord Shiva do not have such a connection-- because Lord Shiva did not preach or teach that idea. Only those Hindus or followers of Lord Krsna may have such a concept of love, and even then it is very rare. Only a few follow the Radha-Krsna relation. Thus it is only a couple of unusual devotees of Lord Krsna who feel are involved in a madhura bhava relation with their Lord. Even then, in their songs, they often accept a 3rd party. That means if there is a conversation going on in one of their bhajans, it is often thought of as a dialogue between two devotees who are talking about Lord Krsna, as opposed to between only Lord Krsna and the devotee. So the path of AM is totally unique. Only in AM do we openly acknowledge the practice of madhura bhava in a more common manner and only in Prabhat Samgiita are the songs exclusively between the bhakta and Parama Purusa. There never is a third person or a third entity in any song. Just it is the intimate and close communication between the bhakta and His Lord. And within that genre, a few songs like #4786, focus exclusively on the madhura bhava relation where the bhakta is crying to get Parama Purusa closer and still more close. The devotee only wants that most loving link with Baba, not any lesser relation, and certainly not any mundane gift or boon. And Baba has written Prabhat Samgiita for all Ananda Margiis. Hence, these songs of the highest devotion are for each and every Ananda Margii to explore. And by His grace and through the regular practice of kiirtan and sadhana and singing Prabhat Samgiita, we are sure to reach that stance of madhura bhava in our devotional life. This is a vast and layered topic and there is much more to be said. So others should also write in with their thoughts and experiences.
By Baba's grace, we Ananda Margiis have the opportunity to get Him in a close and intimate way. That is the speciality of our path. There is nothing in between the aspirant and Parama Purusa. And as the love relation develops we are sure to attain Him, by His grace. Baba says, "Many people come to me and say, “Ba'ba', we are sinful persons, what will befall us?” Frankly speaking, I don’t feel happy at all when I hear these words. Parama Purus'a loves saints and sinners alike. He attracts all through madhura bha'va [sweetness], not kat'hor bha'va [harshness] – that is, through all kinds of inferential vibrations. So, why should anyone worry about his future? This has no proper justification. Parama Purus'a takes care of all such worries. He is always lovingly calling people very, very close to Himself. " (NKS, Disc: 27) Namaskar, Karun

How to Best...

From: "Girish Chandra Mitra" To: Subject: How to Best... Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 23:31:48 +0530 Baba "Ka'nt'a'y ya'r'a' bhariyechilo, ka'nt'a'r gha'ye ta'ra'i gelo. Naetikata' ha'riye phele jar'er pu'ja karechilo..." (PS 4756) Purport: Those immoralists who were worshippers of crude materialism, in their wicked way, such anti-social elements have spread thorns all around to harm & destroy others. They intentionally wanted to hurt innocent people. But these same anti-social elements have gotten wounded and annihilated by their very own thorns*. Such sinners were only infatuated with dogma; they did not have love and affection for anyone. They wanted to establish crude materialism at the cost of millions of lives-- but everything went into vain. Their hellish plan totally crumbled. The natural tendency of the human mind is to oppose sin; and the innate feeling of the human mind is to be free. In their attempt to pulverise these two unique human qualities, the sinful demons used a steamroller to try and crush the human spirit. But ultimately those immoralist themselves got destroyed by those very blows. And the victory of humanity and dharma got established, by the grace of Parama Purusa. The golden dawn arrived by Baba's grace... Note: In this first line of the above Prabhat Samgiita, "Ka'nt'a'y ya'r'a' bhariyechilo ka'nt'a'r gha'ye ta'ra'i gelo", Baba Himself shows how the immoralists have destroyed themselves-- by their own very blows. One boomerang effect happened. Likewise in His below discourse, Baba is directly referring to the downfall of communism & stating how the communist leaders will meet this same dark fate. In 1982 Baba delivered this following passage and within a decade all the main communist leaders were wiped away from the face of the earth. Baba says, "The wickedness, the deceit, that pollutes human society first moves along a crooked path like its masters, and finally ends up by annihilating its masters themselves. The wicked persons at the helm of affairs, who are now out to liquidate others, will one day themselves be liquidated and erased from history by their own followers. Sinful persons, by following the crooked path, contaminate the atmosphere of the universe, but ultimately that sinful conduct, in a similar crooked way, will recoil like a boomerang on the sinners themselves." (NSS, Shivokti 10) Note 2: In the above song, Baba employs two English words: dogma and steamroller. Thus even though the entire song is in Bangla, the above two words are used in the lyrics and printed using Bengali script. After being transliterated into Roman Sanskrit, the words are written as: d'agama' & s't'iimarola'r.
Namaskar, Baba has clearly stated in various discourses that in general people want to do something to help and improve the society. They have a genuine desire to do something good. But the main hurdle in this process is that they do not know how to proceed; they do not know what to do. Because bringing about real social welfare and the upliftment of humanity is not an easy job. Therefore, in their confusion, people often end up doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, or they do something which produces an undesirable result etc. So in order to best serve the society and ensure that really we are bringing welfare to the humanity, we should pay heed to Baba's below directives. Because only His crystal clear tenants stand as the guiding light for bringing positive changes and prosperity to the world.
One of the most common things people think to do in their attempt to improve society is to immediately engage in some constructive work. They mistakenly think by this way they can bring about a good result. But as Baba warns us this does not always work. Baba says, "It may not be possible to bring about social welfare through constructive programmes." (NKS, '97, p.233) For example, nowadays in our Marga, people have gotten frustrated by the way the organisation is running so in their naive way of thinking they decide that by hook or by crook they should engage in some 'constructive work'. Because in their limited view they think this is the only way to serve the society. Following this pathway, they may go off on their own and start their own Master Unit, or they may form their own service project, or even they may even start their own social service organisation etc. Or they may resort to other ways in order to do something concrete for the world. But Baba warns us that such faulty approaches will not work. Because ultimately we have to form one unified human society. And by dividing the organisation or breaking away on one's own just because it seems easier to do some 'constructive programme' that way, this will not bring about a beneficial result. Initially from a narrow-minded perspective it may look like the project is really great; and by this way people may get ego-satisfaction. But ultimately such efforts will go in vain. Because where is the guarantee that their project will not undergo some difficulty. In that case what will they do? Run away and start yet another new programme or organisation etc. So those who blindly think that doing constructive work is the first and foremost means to serve the world cannot bring true welfare to society. Rather, they end up creating more divisions and factionalism or some other wayward result. This we have seen in the past and this we will see in the future also. That is why Baba has issued His strict warning against this way of doing. Baba says, "It may not be possible to bring about social welfare through constructive programmes." (NKS, '97, p.233)
Secondly, people often think that at any at all cost they must wage a war against injustice. They think that by this way the world will become better. But here again Baba directly warns us that this approach also will not work. Baba says, "It may not be possible to bring about social welfare through...the struggle against injustice alone." (NKS, '97, p.233) For example, in the hoary past, when slavery was at its peak either in the US, Egypt, or wherever, then merely waging a war against those slave-owners did not work. Because those slaves were being fed and housed by those slave-owners and many of the slaves were thinking that everything was alright. They were not thinking that anything was wrong and they did not want to see anyone opposing those slave owners. In that case fighting against those injustices will not be fruitful. Similarly today, if with the full banner of struggle one attempts to stand up against the ruling vaeshyas, then many people amongst the common mass will not support that fight. Because those people think that they get their bread and butter from those capitalist business leaders. And if those capitalists are torn down then the people think they will be without food and water. Or they simply feel obliged and indebted to those ruling capitalists. Whatever the case may be, in both the above circumstances, with regards to those ruthless slave owners and the blood-sucking capitalists, even though there is the presence of massive exploitation, fighting outrightly against that injustice will not bring about true social change because the people are not ready to support that stand. About this Baba has given His clear-cut guideline. Baba says, "Revolution may not take place unless the exploited masses are psychologically prepared for revolution. If the people do not support revolution, the clarion call for revolution will not be heeded." (PNS-21) For this reason Baba warns us that merely fighting against injustice cannot bring welfare to the world. Baba says, "It may not be possible to bring about social welfare through...the struggle against injustice alone." (NKS, '97, p.233)
So in order to bring about real positive changes to the world, another key ingredient is needed. Something more is needed. And that special requirements is social consciousness. This is Baba's expressed teaching. Baba says, "Without arousing social consciousness, it is next to impossible to bring about social welfare." (PNS-21, p.63) Thus to really uplift the humanity there must be wide-spread education amongst the common people until their eyes are open and their mind is awake. So arousing social consciousness is the first and most important step towards bringing lasting positive changes to the world. Here again in His below teaching Baba furthermore emphasizes the need to arouse social consciousness amongst the people. Baba says, "In order to save humanity from economic exploitation (whether politico-economic or psycho-economic), you must raise the people's consciousness, otherwise they will never be able to successfully resist psycho-economic or politico-economic exploitation." (NH-LOI, 'Exploitation & Pseudo-Culture') Thus whether in our Marga or in the general society, one key point for doing real service and creating that wave of positive change is heightened awareness about the conditions of the day. Once the people are awakened to the fact that something needs to be done and that there is exploitation rampant in every corner, then in a united away they will rise up and support the call for progressive social change.
By Baba's grace He has blessed us with His Proutistic vision for bringing about social change-- where the minds of the people get awakened and aroused and people develop a heightened social consciousness. By this way truly positive changes are made and society can advance. Baba says, "The old era is replaced by a new era-- one collective psychology is replaced by another. This type of revolution results in all-round development and social progress." (PNS-21, p.60) Namaskar, Girish
In our own AMPS it was just a few short years ago that some margiis were not commonly aware that groupism was rampant in Centre. In that case people were not ready to hear or listen to any plans or ideas about fixing the problems. But now that social consciousness is gradually spreading amongst each and every margii. All are becoming aware about the lustful ways of the various groupist leaders and that there is a distinct need for everyone including those at the helm to follow Baba's teachings. On this foundation of understanding, step by step we are getting in prime position to bring about all the changes needed to create that seamless AMPS organisation that is firmly rooted in Baba's ideological teachings. Ours will soon be that AMPS which will lead the whole humanity from darkness into light.
******************************************** Most Precious Jewel
Baba says, "When one suddenly finds any jewel-- any rare and costly jewel-- then immediately they pick it up and keep it close to their breast-- leaving everything else behind, forgetting all other things, not even caring about their prestige. As far as possible one then keeps it hidden from others. Among all the jewels, the most precious is Parama Purusa." (SC-10)

An Important Part of our History

Date: 26 Jun 2008 22:47:33 -0000 From: "Chandramohan Jha" To: Subject: An Important Part of our History Baba "Tumi ye path dhariya' esechile ta'ha'r surabhi a'jao a'che..." (PS 756) Purport: Baba, the path on which You came still carries Your sweet fragrance even today. The divine love which You showered upon me with Your sweet and charming smile, its vibration is still dancing to this day. And it is blissfully charging my whole existence. Baba You came with the aroma of sweet songs; You came with the melody and tune. And You graced me and became my nearest and dearest-- You became one with my heart. It is Your grace. Baba, at that time why did You look towards me in such a sweet, attractive way and take my heart away. That very loving gaze is still fresh in my mind. Just one single glance of Yours changed my whole existence. Baba You showered me with Your loving grace. Baba, You thought about me and that is the greatest achievement of my life. What more do I need. The force of that Divine gift is not exhausted even today; it always gives me strength and inspiration to go on loving You. Even today, I am surviving on the hope that I will again get You as my intimate, as my close, as my own. Baba, Your sweet smile is still fresh in my mind and fills my heart with Your divine love...
Namaskar, Here is an important history of our Ananda Marga and is critically related with the situation in which we now find ourselves.
Here is one old mythological story which provides one glimpse as to how the face of our AM changed since 1990. Please read the following. Long ago in one kingdom there was one King who was extremely unhappy with his eldest daughter. She did not obey him plus she was constantly arguing and creating problems in general. Hence the King was furious with her. So to teach her a lesson the King came up with one plan. He decided that as he himself was responsible for arranging his daughter's marriage, then he would select the most foolish person in the kingdom to be her husband. By this way she might realise her past mistakes and arrogant ways. With this in mind, the King promptly sent out all sorts of volunteers, horsemen, & scouts to search out the most foolish person in the land. Quickly then reports were coming in from all the ten directions. And every day the King was hearing the news from his ministers about who could be the "perfect match" for his daughter-- i.e. who was that most foolish person. But thus far no one could satisfy the King's demand. So the King called for the search to go on until the proper candidate was found. In that setting, in depths of one forgotten jungle, 2 expert scouts from the King's army came across one remarkable scene; indeed they were shocked to see what was going on. There they found that one very simple, illiterate villager was high up in a tree, standing on a branch that was around 40 feet above the ground. And this fellow had one big saw in his hand and step by step he was vigorously cutting the branch. But that was not all because as this fellow engaged in his cutting, he had placed himself on the wrong side of the limb-- the part that was to be cut from the tree. That's why the scouts were watching this scene with great interest. Because by now the branch was more than 50% cut and still the foolish fellow was standing on the wrong side. Means this simple villager had foolishly perched himself on the side of the branch that, with just a few more strokes of the saw, would come violently crashing down to the ground. Without wasting any more time, the two scouts gave a quick look of confirmation to one another and then the senior scout immediately called out to the tribesman high up on the branch. And the scout gestured for him to stop his work and come down from the tree. Then the scout told him that, 'Congratulations, you are a prime candidate for becoming a royal relation'. And feeling quite satisfied that indeed they had found the most foolish person in the kingdom, the scouts quickly embarked on the long journey to bring their chosen person back to the King's palace by horseback.
Up to that point the King had already been presented with the tales of many a foolish person, but he had rejected all. None were foolish enough. So when the King heard that his two expert scouts had returned from the depths of the jungle with one very qualified candidate, then he was very anxious to hear the story that what this person was doing. So he told his ministers to have the scouts come immediately to his court. Then in slow, deliberate language the senior scout recounted the entire scene to King. How the unsuspecting villager was very high up in the tree-- and cutting the branch with a big saw-- and 40 forty feet off the ground-- and completely oblivious that he was on the wrong side-- and the branch was bending-- and still the foolish fellow was fully involved in cutting-- and the branch going to fall-- and cutting was going on more and more-- and still he was completely unaware of what was going to happen-- and forty feet above the ground-- the branch was making creaking noises-- and he was standing on the side that about to fall-- and... The king listened in amazement & near disbelief that how foolish this person was. And even before the scout had finished the story, with tears of joy and laughter in his eyes the king exuberantly cried out, 'Yes, indeed this is our man; he is the most foolish person in the kingdom. He will serve my purpose. He will be the one to marry my daughter'.
So this is one mythological story yet it is quite applicable to one certain event in our Marga. Because in similar fashion, those days in 1990 Sarvatmanandji wanted to give some very significant post to a similarly simple person whom he could easily control, and thereby exercise the authority of that post. By this way Sarvatmanandaji thought that 'I, Sarvatmananda, will be able to execute full authority. So it needs that I should find some extremely simple person who will abide by my every order-- regardless of what I want to do'.
So in this lustful mood Sarvatmanandji began his grand search to find that most simple person. To that end he was gossiping all around to find the proper person. Checking behind every corner and underneath each rock to find the right candidate. Then some workers came to Sarvatmanandji and suggested him that this was a very easy request to manage. Because "right here in our compound there is such a very simple person whom you are searching". Of course Sarvatmanandji requested that on what grounds they were making this claim. And those workers replied that, 'Since long one very simple Dada has been explaining the purport of one old, commonly known Prabhat Samgiita-- but he is doing so in completely opposite fashion to the real meaning. So the whole situation is so peculiar. Since indeed this song is commonly known to so many Ananda Margiis, let alone senior workers living in Tiljala itself. Because those days, when Prabhat Samgiita was first given, then everyone was singing this song. It became part of everyone's heart and the meaning got imprinted in everyone's mind. Not only that but Baba Himself already has explained the meaning of all those early songs. Plus this very simple Dada was there sitting in the front row listening to those explanations. So this particular Dada is surely the most simple person. Because Prabhat Samgiita is just the natural expression of devotion. It is not something tricky or complex. Yet even then, despite all these golden opportunities, this Dada has his own way of explaining the Prabhat Samgiita song in completely flip-flopped manner-- i.e. 180 degrees opposite, wrong understanding. In his sheer simplicity this Dada really does not understand anything. So he will surely be the best person to suit your needs'. Like this they made the case to Sarvatmanandji. Immediately Sarvatmanandaji agreed realising that only such a very simple type of person could misunderstand Prabhat Samgiita in such a fundamentally wrong manner. And Sarvatmanandji further calculated that by keeping this simple-minded Dada at the helm, then surely he will be able to take the reins in his own hands, directly or indirectly. So without wasting anytime Sarvatmanandaji then settled the matter and put steps in motion for getting this very simple Dada inserted into the highest of posts.
Here following then is the Prabhat Samgiita song by which the very simple Dada Shraddhanandji proved himself as the most simple and suitable candidate & whereby he ultimately got selected to take hold of the highest organisational seat of Purodha Pramukha. Please read the following song and purport thereafter.
Prabhat Samgiita No. 4 "Sakal maner viina' ek sure ba'je a'j... Eso tumi a'ro ka'che, A'ro kache, a'ro kache Niye ja'o ja'ha' kichu sab"
Here then is the commonly understood meaning of Prabhat Samgiita No. 4, "Sakal maner viina'...": In this song the devotee is addressing Baba, and requesting Him to please come close, more close and take my mind. 'I am offering my mind to You, so please grace me and accept it'. Or in other words, it can be said that we know that mind is the cause of bondage and liberation. So if mind is colored with mundane world, then that is bondage. And when it is colored with Parama Purusa, then it is liberated. That's why we are doing dhyana. And in the last stage of dhyana, the devotee is offering their mind with deep love at the feet of Baba. So devotee is requesting that "Oh Baba, please come and take my mind". So the entire meaning of this song is that the devotee is offering everything to Parama Purusa, to Baba. That is why this song has been named as "Song of Sweetness". Because, without deep love towards Baba, full surrender does not come. And the stage of deep love is full of sweetness. In that way this song has its own title -- "Song of Sweetness". Because in this song the devotee is yearning for Parama Purusa that He must come and take everything from him (devotee) and make him His own. That means that devotee must reach his desired goal, by the grace of Parama Purusa. So the whole spirit of this Prabhat Samgiita is how the devotee is offering their everything at Baba's lotus feet... But due to his sheer simplicity, PP Dada Shraddhanandji took this song in a completely different manner.
PP Dada actually invented his own flip-flop purport for the song, "Sakal maner viina'..." In his misguided way he mistakenly tells that this is the song where Baba is expressing His desire to give everything to the devotee. As if in the song Baba is telling the devotee to come more close and more close and take everything that He (Baba). Like this PP Dada is explaining the song. Whereas Baba Himself has explained that He wrote this song for devotees, so that they could express their own heart-felt feeling of love and surrender to Parama Purusa. So in PP Dada's sheer simplicity he completely missed the point and took the whole thing in the wrong way. And indeed he got so convinced that he justified his whole misinterpretation in his own book. And there one can see on page 16 of his autobiography how in dramatic fashion PP Dada reveals his own simplicity and unfortunately took the song in his own opposite fashion.
So it was in this way that Dada Shraddhanandji became the first Purodha Pramukha of AMPS of the post 1990 period. And it was in this way that he thereby became one grand tool of the then GS-- Sarvatmanandaji. This history cannot be denied.
Immediately upon inserting Dada Shraddhanandji as the Purodha Pramukha in 1990, then Sarvatmanandji used him for his own purpose. In no time at all the crafty Sarvatmanandji turned PP Dada into one rubber stamp whereby Sarvatmanandji could set in motion his own negative plannings and dealings. Thus from the expulsion of margiis and innocent WTs to the demolishment of BP rights, Sarvatmanandji infused his groupist agenda and selfish polices onto all aspects of AM life. All so that he himself could reap the benefits and soak up the power. So all in all those days what Sarvatmanandji liked, that thing got passed blindly by PP Dada. So in that phase Sarvatmanandji thought that this PP is working fine. Initially Sarvatmanandaji was thinking that indeed this PP Dada is the best tool. By this way 'I [Sarvatmananda] can do whatever I like-- & with the approval of the highest chair of Purodha Pramukha'. So to protect his misguided strategy Sarvatmanandaji infused dogma after dogma about the greatness of PP. Whereby he turned PP Dada into one demi-god. And he placed PP Dada on the same platform as Baba. In that way Sarvatmanandji created the negative rules that PP need not do kiirtan, not sing PS, not attend paincajanya, not go to dharmacakra, and the list goes on and on. Plus at DMS Sarvatmanandji was also manipulating the scene by saying & announcing things like-- "PP Dada is not happy with the works of certain margiis so he will not be coming out for general darshan". So like that Sarvatmanandji painted PP as being one god and then he promptly placed that thing in his right hand pocket.
Over time though the situation got completely changed. Still Shraddhanandji and Sarvatmanandji are there, but all the politics and dealings have switched hands. Call it ill-luck or what you will. But since long everybody in the Marg is aware about the two main groups and which one is on top etc. So the sense here is that for Sarvatmananda, his dreamland got scenario got completely washed away. Just like how someone dropped their sweet-cake down into the dirty drain.
Now is the time we should learn from the past and strictly pay heed to Baba's following directives. Baba says, "Incompetent people are not expected to carry the legacy of anything. If I teach something to an incompetent or undesirable person it bears no fruit, it gets wasted. A heron will never learn to speak like a mynah bird even if it is trained a thousand times to do so. The incompetent person is just like the heron." (AV-7) Baba says, "Those who are selected for discharging social responsibilities do not possess the above qualities [morality]. They have occupied the posts either for money or for recommendation, but no social good has been accomplished...If power is given to an incompetent person, it is the equivalent to leading society astray in cold blood." (PNS 7- p. 61)
These following words of Baba inspire us to step into the future singing the song of neo-humanism. Baba says, "Humanity is now at the threshold of a new era. Ours is the age of Neo-Humanism- humanity supplying the elixir of life to one and all. We are for all, and with everything in existence we have to build a human society, a Neo-Humanist society. So we must not waste our time - there must be maximum utilization of all human potentialities...we must not waste a single moment of our valuable existence." (PNS-9, p. 35) Namaskar, Chandramohan
*************************************************** Food Resources-- Ocean Bed
Baba says. "Through oceanographic research humanity has discovered a vast treasure of food resources within the ocean and on the sea bed. With the application of science and technology, we can explore these resources to
meet the challenge of the food problem." (PNS-13, p.47)

Misuse & Abuse of Manan

To: AM-GLOBAL From: Foster Davis Subject: Misuse & Abuse of Manan Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 23:38:18 -0400 Baba "Tumi ye path dhariya' esechile ta'ha'r surabhi a'jao a'che..." (PS 756) Purport: Baba, the path on which You came still carries Your sweet fragrance even today. The divine love which You showered upon me with Your sweet and charming smile, its vibration is still dancing to this day. And it is blissfully charging my whole existence. Baba You came with the aroma of sweet songs; You came with the melody and tune. And You graced me and became my nearest and dearest-- You became one with my heart. It is Your grace. Baba, at that time why did You look towards me in such a sweet, attractive way and take my heart away. That very loving gaze is still fresh in my mind. Just one single glance of Yours changed my whole existence. Baba You showered me with Your loving grace. Baba, You thought about me and that is the greatest achievement of my life. What more do I need. The force of that Divine gift is not exhausted even today; it always gives me strength and inspiration to go on loving You. Even today, I am surviving on the hope that I will again get You as my intimate, as my close, as my own. Baba, Your sweet smile is still fresh in my mind and fills my heart with Your divine love...
Namaskar, In this present era, while living in this mostly capitalist dominated world, it is necessary for one to be careful lest they fall in the capitalists' degrading trap. Because with their crooked ways, the capitalists infuse certain negative thought patterns to suit their greedy ends. As we know the Sanskrit term 'manan', i.e. thinking, can be spiritually elevating or totally degenerating. In the case of the latter, those crude thoughts have a terrible effect on the human psyche-- on one's mental structure, causing depression & utltimately degradation. Baba says, "Regarding this faculty of thinking, if it is done in a methodical way, the result is certainly positive...But if it is not done in a methodical way, the general result is negative." (YP, 'Mind Grows in Magnitude') So all should be aware about the sneaky ploy executed by today's capitalist exploiters. Because their goal is to make people misuse and abuse their power of manan, just so that they (the capitalists) can make huge money.
Of course, for ages & ages yogis have held a deep belief in the dominance of mind; and yogis have long cultivated the habit of positive & systematic thinking in order to build a healthy mental arena. For that reason yogis pointedly spend their days practicing the pure approaches to manan, shravan, niddhidhyasana. That is thinking godly thoughts (manan), listening devotional ideas (shravan), and ideating on Parama Purusa (niddhidhyasana). Because yogis understand well the theory, 'As you think so you become'. By this way there is a distinctly positive momentum in the mind and it advances inwards towards the cosmic nucleus. That is, the mind gets transformed and restructured by the continued practice of mantra japa and dhyana. By thinking in that uniquely spiritual way the mind becomes more subtle and sublime and moves towards that spiritual Goal. This is the cherished way of the yogi.
Capitalists-- on the other hand-- are matter-centered and in their crude theory they do not (openly) recognise the concept of mind. Rather capitalists believe that matter is everything. That is their expressed philosophy. Yet, they have one trick up their sleeve as well. Because, in their devilish dealing, the capitalists employ mental tricks in order to control the public. That is they infuse their own ideas into the public mindset in order to get the public to think about their products. This is how the capitalists abuse the practice of manan-- mental thinking. So on the one side in theory such capitalists proclaim that this universe is matter centered and one can just ignore the mind. That is their stated agenda. But their practice is something quite different. They understand that the best way to control a person is through the mind and not through matter. And that is how they sell their products, by staining people's minds. They infuse within people the mental desire to look or be a certain way by buying certain products. That is the sales-pitch of capitalists.
That is why we see that through their endless advertising campaigns and media onslaught the capitalists' chief plan is to colour the public mind-set with propaganda about their products. Through radio, tv, films, internet, newspapers, magazines and so many other avenues, the capitalists spread their crude messages to the consumers-- in an attempt to get their slogans deeply embedded within the public psyche. This is their dastardly method. Thus in their hypocrisy those capitalist agencies know that if they can capture the public mind then they make millions and billions of dollars. That is why in their commercials they invent catchy songs and attractive slogans which they hope the public will recite and remember. Such as 'Have it your way at Burger King', or 'Ooh-la-la Sasson' for Sasson jeans', or thousands and thousands of other slogans and advertising messages that get repeated millions of times during the day. Even if one walks into any elementary or primary school, then it is evident that the tender minds of our children are already littered with the ideas of big-business. Because the children walk around singing the songs of those capitalist commercials etc. And that type of abuse of manan-- that type of negative thinking-- adversely affects their development of mind. But for the capitalists it means profit, profit, profit. So this is the heinous trick going o these days. Indeed this is exactly what happens: Those phrases get infused into the public psyche and the peoples' mind becomes saturated with that capitalistic propaganda. In which case their whole mental arena becomes distorted and full of that capitalist junk. Baba says, "Now, everywhere, in cent-per-cent of the cases, there is wastage of human psychic potentiality. The psychic potentialities of human beings are immense, but people do not utilise them because most of their valuable time is wasted in undesirable thoughts, in psychic extravaganza." (YP, p.134)
So the whole sequence of events is quite nasty and sublime. Because the capitalists invent invasive approaches to enter into the public mind set, in turn the public psyche gets distorted and coloured by crude messages, and in that subliminal tactic that public does not even realise that they are getting affected by those crude propaganda campaigns. Rather when Tom, Dick, or Harry walks into a store and they see an item that they want to buy-- such as cologne or an automobile or a toaster etc-- then they really think that it is their inner heart's desire to purchase that thing. They do not realise that this is a capitalistic schema imposed upon their psyche. Rather that brainwashed consumer takes total ownership of that desire and they are convinced that the purchase of that item will satisfy their inner longing. And this happens to all members of the general public: men, women, children. All start thinking that they must look a certain way, act a particular way, and possess certain items. And they think that this is their true internal longing-- that this will bring them happiness and success. But little do they realise that they are getting cheated to the bone by feisty capitalists. Hence by the abuse of manan-- by infusing negative ways of thinking on the minds of the common people-- those capitalists achieve their crooked ends of selling their products. That is all they care about. And in their duplicity they know that the best and only way to achieve this is to recognise the dominance of mind and distort the public way of thinking. And tragically this is exactly what they have achieved in this negative era of capitalism. And in result the common people suffern in innumerable ways such as depression, anxiety, until ultimately they fall into crude samadhi etc.
As Ananda Margiis, we must never fall prey to the sinister traps set by those hoarding capitalists. We must keep the mind clean and pure and be vigilant not to become painted in the colour of consumerism. This is Baba's strict warning. Baba says, "From the psychic sphere also, unnecessary waves are to be removed. This will remove many burdens from the mind. 'I must not bother about petty things, because that will waste my time' -- people should remember this. This removal or rather withdrawal of unnecessary and undesirable thoughts emanated from the mind, will help you in rationalising the major portion of your mental faculty, and so this must also be practised." (YP) Thus Baba's above guideline is to keep the mind free and clear of negative ways of thinking-- our mental arena must not get polluted by crude thoughts or capitalistic advertising slogans. By ridding the mind of such things, then our human mind can be properly utilised. Ultimately Baba guides us that we should direct all our thoughts towards that Supreme One. Baba says, "Withdraw the mind from physical objects and goad it unto Parama Purus'a". (AV-14) Baba's teaching then is not to let the mind get overwrought with the crude effects of capitalism; rather one is to push the mind in a distinctly spiritual way of thinking. That is the real manan-- otherwise degradation will occur. So we should chant our kiirtan and repeat our ista mantra all day long and not for one second think about the propaganda of those cheating capitalists. We should not allow their tactics to invade our mental arena. This must never be allowed to happen. If it does one will become a slave of capitalism. That is why Baba's mandate is to infuse the mind with sentient thoughts and sweet ideations. Here again is Baba's divine guideline. Baba says, "You must have a spiritual goal. You must know what to do, what not to do, how to do, why to do. And for this purpose, the movement is to make the mind pinnacled, apexed, and bring all the propensities to that point, and goad it towards your spiritual goal." ('Subjective Approach Objective Adjustment')
By Baba's grace each and every margii will grow in a clean way through proper manan-- through proper thinking. This is Baba's blessing. Baba says, "You will have to ultimately reach Parama Purus'a. This is the pinnacled point, the supreme point of human glory. You should always remember this, during your lifetime and even after your death." - Baba Namaskar, Purusottama
Through pracar, education, and constant effort we must awaken the common public to the capitalists' negative and abusive strategy of manan. All must be alerted about these tricky maneuvers lest the common become more and more degraded.
Here below Baba outlines the highest and most pure way to do manan. Baba says, "Manana, that is, thinking only about Parama Purus´a and about no one else. If any other person or thing comes in the mind, ascribe Brahma-hood to that person or thing. This process is manana." (AMIWL-11, 'Mantra Caetanya')
*************************************** Futility of Materialism
Baba says, "Materialism is the sign of shallow knowledge. Due to lack of proper understanding and ignorance people become materialists. Human beings should study more and acquire sufficient knowledge. Then they will understand that in materialism there is nothing." (DMC 84 Delhi, SS-16 (H))

Seeing the Bright Side

From: "Satiish K Bhatia" To: Subject: Seeing the Bright Side Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 22:02:28 Baba "Toma'r a'sa'-ja'oya' hoy na' kabhu, prabhu ekatha' jeneo na' ja'ni..." - P.S. 274 Purport: Baba, You always remain with me & with everyone eternally; that is why it is said that Your arrival and departure never happens. I am aware about this eternal truth, but even then I do not know and I remain forgetful. I know this very thing but also I do not know. Your welcoming and Your farewell are not possible because You are eternally present. This is such a mysterious thing that I know and even then I do not know. I do not like to believe. Sometimes I think You are near and sometimes I think You are far. That is my misunderstanding. Baba, You have created this world in such a way that when anything is flourishing or blooming that very time the seed of destruction is hidden within. In due course it perishes. This type of divine play is going on in this cosmic cycle, eternally. On the one side with Your two eyes You saturate everyone with Your love, and on the other side from Your third eye the flame of fire is coming which burns everything. In this creation of Yours the sweetness of effulgence is always accompanied by the black shadow of death which falls gradually. But in this entire divine play You are the black shadow and You are also the effulgence; You are everything. Baba Your welcoming and farewell never happens because You are omnipresent...
Namaskar, Every Ananda Margii is aware that Baba guides us to "see the bright side of everything" (See Note 1). And while the phrase seems to be quite simple, still there remains some basic misunderstanding about this by a few persons. Let me explain further. In dharmic fashion Baba sets the tone that in our AM we are to see the bright side of everything and side by side oppose all sorts of dogmas, exploitation and wrongdoings in order to guide the society on the proper path. However a few people in their confused & superficial way cannot grasp how this is all working together. So instead they foolishly reason that seeing the bright side means not pointing out the negativity in society, or not fighting against injustice. But this is just their daydream.
For greater clarity then we should see Baba's practical working style and other related examples to best understand the inner sense of "see the bright side". In one regard it is just like how parents view their children. Proper parents always see the bright side with regards to their children's growth and development. With love and affection they see everything; they never overlook the lesser qualities. And by this way they are seeing the bright side and watching out for their child's welfare. For example a mother may think, 'Okay my child has 80% very good things but to help them improve and make them more bright certain aspects of their life need correction.' So the mother lovingly tells her child, "Don't be lazy. Study more. Go and prepare your lessons." All those things she tells. By this way she identifies and addresses the defective behaviours of the child. All done with the benevolent motive to correct those wrong habits and thus increase the brightness of her child. Means this is seeing the bright side. Whereas 'seeing the negative side' means if anybody does not want to make someone else better, then they will only abuse others with the intention to put them down. Many persons do like that. But this is very bad and this is not at all working hand in hand with seeing the bright side. (See Note 2) That's why Baba guides us that we should have a sympathetic opinion regarding the person to whom we are dealing. And then find out their mistake, and remove that.
The whole spirit then behind "seeing the bright side" is to rectify the defects in order to build up a seamless and vibrant society. And who is not aware that the present humanity is suffering from many ailments. So in dharmic fashion Baba exposes all the various problems and ailments that are present in the society. Such as dogma, negativity, exploitation by capitalism, crudity of communism, and many more things. Baba is highlighting the fact in bold letters that now society has very little on the good side. To rectify the situation, Baba guides us to think in a pointed way and remove the disparities and exploitation. Then society's brightness will come and shine more and more. Hence by seeing the bright side the main intention is to fix the problem. To make others aware about the defect and address and repair it. And make the situation better and better. So in AM our aim is to fix society's various problems. And toward that end Baba has also graciously given the solution to each and every problem as well. So ours is the practical approach. In contrast, those who just criticize and abuse others without ever offering any solution-- that approach is negative (See Note 3). And no well-intentioned person will do like this. For example, a mother doesn't only criticize her child. Rather the mother instructs, "Don't be lethargic and negligent about your health & hygiene. Go and take bath." So here the mother's basic point is: 'don't be lazy on the point of cleanliness'. So this is not mere criticism. Because immediately following comes the direction to go and take a bath. And by that way the child will be clean. So the intention of the mother is to improve the child's condition. This is seeing the bright side. Similarly if someone says that "My neighbor often gets himself drunk and may one day hurt himself. We should help him." Out of a feeling of concern if someone talks this way about their neighbor, then that is not a negative action. Rather, it is positive. Because the person wants to make their neighbor better-- he wants to see his brightness more shining. And in that way a solution has been given to help him. Likewise people wash their clothes with the same positive motive-- to remove the stain and make their clothes more fresh. So finding out the stain does not mean one is seeing the negative side or indulging in anything detrimental. Rather by taking the time to remove the dirt one is making everything brighter and more clean. And of course the top example of all is Baba's role during Dharma Samiiksa. There, in historic fashion, Baba goaded so many sadhakas unto the path of supreme beatitude by lovingly pointing out their defects and mistakes. And in this way those devotees moved ahead with increasing speed toward their cherished Goal.
So in this process of "Seeing the bright side", the benevolent motive is the main factor. Whereas those seeing the dark side criticize without the intent to help. That is where their approach is wrong and completely poisonous. For example, take the case of the communist's approach (See Note 3). Communists always try to blacken the name of the capitalists by telling about their negative qualities like greed etc. But the communists' approach is completely wrong. These communists are a prime example of those who see only the dark side. They see the negativity, abuse the capitalists, but they don't have any solution. They don't have any solution or positive way to fix the problem and elevate the standard of society. Just out of their self-interest they are tall talking about other's black spots. By this way those who do not understand get befooled by those communists. Whereas our approach in AM is not like that and the directive 'See the bright side' works in a completely different way. Regarding the defects of capitalism Baba outrightly exposes the short-sighted, materialistic, and selfish nature of capitalism. And side by side He provides the Prout-- which is the perfect solution. Because by implementing Prout everybody will become healthy, and everybody's face will be shining with joy. Because step by step the physical problems will vanish, the psychic ailments will be identified and solved, and by this will people will be able to advance in the field of spirituality. And thus build up a strong and healthy God-centered society. So all around, Ananda Marga's teaching is ensconced in the motive of welfare: By pointing out the injustices and negativity, fixing the problem, and leading the whole society along the path together to the final desideratum.
Hence the supreme spirit of "See the Bright Side" is imbibed in each and every moment of Baba's working style and is embedded within the entire AM ideology. Thus as Ananda Margiis we are living in the world, and our duty is that we should help clean the society and make it better. Likewise we are living in this organization (AMPS) so our duty is to not overlook the wrongdoings. Rather, we should find out the problems and fix them. If something is not going according to Baba's teaching then we should rectify that. By this way our organization will be better and better. By properly following the inner spirit of Baba's divine guideline of "See the bright side" that is the only way to move ahead and build up a healthy and vibrant society free from exploitation. Namaskar, Satiish NOTE 1: During countless DMC gatherings and on other auspicious occasions Baba graciously recites the following Sanskrit shloka in giving His blessing-- the central idea being: "See the bright side of everything".
"Sarve'tra sukhinah bhavantu sarve santu nira'maya'h; Sarve bhadra'n'i pashyantu na kashcid duhkhama'pnuya't. Onm' sha'ntih onm' sha'ntih onm' shantih."
NOTE 2: Here below Baba points out that if someone only indulges in pointing out the negativity in others without any benevolent intention to build up their character then that is very harmful and wrong. That is 100% against the spirit of seeing the bright side. Please read the below examples. Baba says, "In many cases the behaviour of teachers is far more despicable. Even after studying volumes of books on psychology teachers deliberately hurt the sentiments of their students with offensive remarks. Instead of trying to reform the bad habits of their students, they assail their minds with caustic language." (HS-1, p.8) Baba says, "There are many teachers who wound the sentiments of a student by ridiculing either his caste or his father's profession saying, "The plough suits you better than the pen, my boy," or "You had better join your father at the potters wheel." Even today such utterances come out of the mouths of many teachers." (HS-1, p.8) Baba says, "If a student is ugly there are teachers who will grimace and say, "Your intelligence is like your appearance." In addition to all these offensive remarks, many teachers adopt other methods of torture and intimidation while presenting their lessons." (HS-1, p.8) So in these above examples those misguided teachers are not acting according to the spirit of welfare. Hence their ways have nothing to do with seeing the bright side. NOTE 3 : We have seen how communists only indulge criticism after criticism without any practical intention to remedy the situation. Baba says, "Those who are leftists in the world are even more dangerous...they are deliberately seeking out the dark and dirty aspects of life and, like flies, growing fat on the secretions of society's festering sores. It must be remembered that flies do not heal sores-- rather they exacerbate them, because the very puss of these sores provides them with their vital juice. So the filthy aspects of society are the only wealth on which these [leftists] subsist." (PNS-10, p. 24)
*************************************** Uniqueness of Ta'raka Brahma
Baba says, "A Maha'kaola is one who makes others kaola by his infallible spiritual guidance. But Ta'raka Brahma is a different Entity, a unique Entity for He is the spiritual preceptor, social preceptor, Kaola, and Maha'kaola, all in one. He is also something more: He acts as a compass in every stratum of society." (NKS, '97 Edn, p.50)

China Earthquake: Prout's View

Date: Sun 22 Jun 2008 23:54:29 -0000 (GMT) From: Pradiip Bauer Subject: China Earthquake: Prout's View To: Baba "Purn'ima rate niirave nibhrte mor phulavane esechile..." (P.S. 471) Purport: Baba, You came in my flower garden very secretly on that full moon night. You came in my flower garden. It was so divinely intoxicating to have You. All my thirst was quenched by Your presence; the whole universe became beautified and filled with the flowers and fruits. With Your divine touch You brought life to the lifeless. All those flower buds which never blossom, You made them bloom and You filled their heart with nectar. You vibrated the whole environment with Your divine music, with Your octave. You vibrated everything with Your divine songs of Prabhat Samgiita. You vibrated the 'madhu malainca' by Your sweet smile. Baba, You came in my heart on that full moon night. It is Your grace...
Namaskar, The whole world is aware about the tragic earthquake that struck Sichuan Province, China last month (May '08). What many may not be aware of, however, is the potential cause. China has been growing at alarming rates and, unfortunately, much of their growth has been based upon Mao Zedong's premise, 'Man must conquer nature'. This has been a major tenet of communism. In so doing, so much environmental damage has occurred, including the onset of supposed natural calamities like earthquakes. Because, in truth, man's hand is often behind such tragedies. That is why Prout's stand is totally different. Prout advocates a much more sensitive and harmonious approach towards the use of natural resources. Prout's socio-economic planning takes into consideration the environmental balance of the earth and warns of the dangers of such practices like mining, wells, and large dams etc. In contrast, today's countries-- whether it be China, the US, Indonesia, or South Africa-- have largely ignored environmental cries and often pillaged the earth for more and more resources, setting off large-scale "natural disasters". And, unfortunately, that is what seems to have occurred in China.
In His various Proutistic treatises, Baba advises us about the proper utilisation of the earth's natural resources and issues strong warnings against wanton environmental destruction through faulty practices like mining & damming, lest we invite natural disasters like earthquakes. Baba says, "Calamities are also caused by the destruction of the environment and the indiscriminate exploitation of subterranean resources such as coal, oil and water...Deep cavities have been formed in the earth after extracting subterranean resources...If these cavities are left unfilled [with solid ground], the surrounding regions are more likely to experience earthquakes than other areas. Moreover, the unfilled cavities can severely weaken the surface structure of the earth, causing whole regions to collapse." (PE) So Baba warns about ruining the integrity of the earth through large-scale digging projects like mining and damming, as they will upset the balance of the earth. Specifically, in the case of large-scale damming, unearthing the earth's surface and collecting huge amounts of water in one place puts tremendous pressure on the tectonic plates-- and can cause the plates to shift, creating an earthquake. Because often times, the base of those dams is a relatively soft basin that cannot withstand the enormous weight of so much water. And that downward pressure can cause the earth's plates to move, shift, & bulge. And indeed, China is a land of many dams, more than any other country-- containing half of the world's total. Some of these dams are 1,000ft high (304.8 meters). And the city of Chengdu, where the earthquake occurred, is surrounded by dams as it is situated in between the tributaries of the Minjaing river-- near the home of the great Guanxian dam. Thus when a major earthquake struck Chengdu, who is to say that it was not precipitated by the large-scale dams that abound in that area. Rather, it is highly likely that such dams were the cause, or at least contributed in some way.
Prout does not propose that there should be a halt to human development on this earth, rather it must be done, but done in a thoughtful manner, using our vivek. For instance, Baba advocates the building of dams and reservoirs; such practices are instrumental for holding and storing rainwater, which should be the base of our water supply, not underground water. Thus dams and reservoirs are essential. But the theory-- bigger is better-- is not our way. We have not come to intrude upon the earth and show off man's muscles, but rather to develop congenial methods of development, like small-scale dams. Baba says, "In a system of small-scale ponds and dams, any surplus water in the canals leading to the fields can be rechannelled back to a main water source to avoid wastage. Water will only be carried a little distance in a small-scale canal system, so most of the time the surrounding fields will be properly irrigated. Sometimes however, as in the rainy season, surplus water will be created which should be rechannelled back to the water source or used further downstream. Such a system will also help check flooding in the rainy season and avoid damage to the small-scale dams constructed along the rivers." (PNS-17) So in Prout, the use of small-scale dams is essential to human progress. Each and every locale can and should use water collection methods like small-scale ponds and dams. That will help provide clean water to one and all, and ease the burden on the earth's water table. So ponds and dams are needed. But to build dams of such grandiose proportions is not good-- rather it is quite dangerous and will make that area earthquake-prone. Yet that is what the Army Corps of Engineers has done in the US, and that is what the Communist Government has done in China-- thereby threatening the stability of the earth. In result, we see "natural calamities" strike like the recent earthquake in China, wherein scores and scores of people were killed, including many small schoolchildren.
Here below Baba warns us how we must reassess our relationship with this earth and the natural world. Baba says, "Human beings have not taken proper care of the inanimate world. For example, human beings have damaged and destroyed many hills and mountains. You should not destroy the mountains and hills, otherwise the rainfall will be affected. You should not use subterranean water or encourage the use of deep or shallow tube wells...To protect the inanimate world you should conserve and properly utilize all natural resources." (PNS-17) Unfortunately, so far human civilisation has tested the earth's balance and pushed the limits by constructing huge dams that contain millions of pounds of concrete and hold millions of gallons of water, putting terrible stress on the earth and its tectonic plates. Plus innumerable other types of exploitative and greedy methods have been in vogue-- from clear-cutting and deforestation to mono-cropping and chemical fertilisation. In result, we have experienced and will continue to witness tragic natural calamities on this earth-- many of which are precipitated by precarious human actions.
By adopting Baba's Proutistic principles in all facets of life, we will be able to build a healthy human society, and avert all kinds of human-triggered natural calamities ,like the recent earthquake in China. Baba says, "I have formulated PROUT to resolve the defects and discrepancies which exist in the mundane world...To prevent the possibility of future problems and inconsistencies arising I have formulated PROUT." (AV-6) Namaskar, Pradiip
This following example of Baba gives this direction: That we should give first priority to honoring those whom nobody gives honor. Baba says, "To those who think for all... Who offer others seats of honour and respect... Who venerate others, instead of waiting to be venerated-- To them I dedicate this book with humble esteem, and deepest salutations."
(NHLOI, Dedication) ****************************************

I Should Remind Myself

Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 2:47:11 -0000 Subject: I Should Remind Myself To: From: Satiish K Bhatia" Baba "Jeo na' ogo prabhu, anek katha' a'che ba'kii..." -P.S. #683 Purport: Baba, oh Prabhu please do not go away. Please remain with me-- I have many a tale to tell You. Please come to my home. Please understand this unique opportunity: I am all alone in the house. Nobody is here, so please come. Baba, in pleasure and pain, during both negative and positive situations, all the time I am calling You. And always I am remembering Your name. During all the 24 hours, whatever I do, my hands are always busy in work but my mind is at Your lotus feet. I remember You; it is Your grace. Even if I risk losing everything I want You to my heart's content. Baba, You understand my entire situation but You never console me. I am surrounded by the darkness these days. I do not have any happiness. Baba I do not want anything from You, only this much I want: That You please come close and sit beside me. The doors & windows of my mind are always open in longing for You, waiting for Your arrival. Baba my Lord, please do not go away leaving me deserted. Always remain in my heart...
Namaskar, Spirituality is the most important thing in human life. Baba speaks to this ideal again and again. And here below, in excerpts from His discourse, 'Matter and Spirit', Baba emphasizes that the path and practice of sadhana is the main endeavour for any sadhaka. Here then is our own personal reminder-- for each and every one of us-- for how we are to move in this human life.
Firstly, Baba tells us that we must goad the mind inwards and not fall prey to materialistic tendencies. Baba says, "Those who are incapable of stopping the extroversive tendency of their organs are dull-witted, being constantly preoccupied with external activities. As their objective is physical, their whole mind cannot absorb itself in the supreme bliss of consciousness (Caetanya Sama'dhi). As a result they constantly bemoan the threefold causes of pleasure and pain, material, psychic and spiritual. So wise people must direct their minds towards the Cosmic Entity. They must withdraw their minds from objects that ensconce themselves in their own characteristic self after introverting all their vrttis or desires. To be ensconced in one’s characteristic self is the supreme attainment of a unit being." Baba says, "Those good and honest people who wish to realize the A'tman, who wish to ensconce themselves in deathlessness, have to introvert their organs and merge them in the subtler entity. Instead of allowing the organs to be extroversive they have to be made introversive."
Although easy to do, here Baba reveals how leading an extroverted life is not our natural way. With a little bit of effort, we can easily reverse this tendency towards a more subtle inner flow. Baba says, "An object in the air comes hurtling down to earth and people think that this is its natural movement. But is this true? Actually, it is because of the earth’s gravitational pull that its movement is earthward. If it goes beyond the earth’s gravitational pull, then falling to the earth will not be its natural movement. Similarly, an organ’s movement towards an external object may be natural to some, for there exists in them both the psychic inspiration for enjoyment as well as the attraction of the object. But if the psychic inspiration does not indulge in yearning for the object, or if it views it with detachment, then the motion will be reversed, in spite of the object’s attraction. Of course in the initial efforts people have to struggle a little against the crude attraction of objects, at least until they are transformed by the force of their ideal. But eventually this reversal of movement becomes natural."
By concentrating the mind in sadhana, we can refine our being & overcome the crude desire for material satisfaction and sensual desires. Baba says, "Crude sensuous desires cannot identify themselves with internal subtlety as easily and quickly as they can with crude external objects; then too, the sams'ka'ras also to some extent stand in the way. Nevertheless, in spite of all these impediments, sa'dhana', one’s concentrated effort, finally wins the day, for practice and perseverance conquer all obstacles." Baba says, "For example, a man with a strong addiction to wine must first force his mind against it in order to leave the habit. That is to say, he has to propel his psychic urge in a different direction, and free his sensuous desires from the attraction of his mental wine. But if, in spite of his strenuous efforts, he comes in contact with the real wine, then in most cases the attraction of the wine will overcome him, due to the importance of his internal inspiration. That is why in the initial state forceful efforts have to be made to change the previous outlook towards external objects; but thereafter things gradually become natural and normal. Those who steal can also say that stealing is their natural occupation. Their minds are naturally attracted towards theft and that is why they steal. The statement of the materialists that the movement of the organs is always towards external objects is the same type."
We are mind oriented brings and that mind can only be satisfied if we channelise towards divinity. Following the all-too-familiar path of animality will not bring mental contentment. Baba says, "Humans are mind-predominant beings; this is their greatest characteristic that distinguishes them from other mammals. If they are allowed to read, sleep and eat around the clock, or given the opportunity to read books, deliver speeches and indulge in song, dance and frolics according to their whims, they feel physically satiated but mentally unsatisfied. Their minds will wither prematurely like a worm-eaten bud." Baba says, "Those who believe that merely by appeasing their physical hunger and providing the necessities for the preservation of their existence, that they have acquired all that belongs to the human mind, are very much mistaken." Baba says, "Human beings have no experience of divinity, as in the past they were under the spell of animality. And so their sense propensities are from the very outset inclined towards familiar and well-known animality, and they run after external objects. But having realized the futility of animality through sa'dhana', the mind gradually moves towards Consciousness. When the consciousness of their animal identity leaves the mind, by the grace of Brahma, they then realize in the core of their hearts the futility of the goal of their past lives and become eager to reveal this to others." Baba says, "The success of the sa'dhana' of human beings, who are a blending of animality and divinity, lies in the reduction of their animality and the unfolding of their divinity."
Here Baba issues a warning about what will happen to those who run & chase after materialistic desires. Baba says, "Those who do the sa'dhana' of desire, who knowingly direct their propensities (vrttis) towards external objects become crude. Because they fail to utilize the rein of their mind to keep the organs under control, their minds gradually become crudified. Their condition is then degraded to the level not merely of animals, but of matter – of wood, stone, etc. Then with the last remnant of their subtle human mind gradually becoming crude, they can no longer claim to be the glorious humans. Thus the rs'i (sage) said that such people are truly torpid." Baba says, "Actually, such snobbish, pedantic, materialist sa'dhakas are far inferior to animals like asses, etc. They repeatedly face rebirth and continually bind themselves to the chain of slavery; they can never attain the ultimate liberation. As a result of their crude thoughts, they take the form of animals or straw, trees, etc. Through the centripetal action of introversive prakrti, they regain human bodies, but they again become involved in crude activities and attain sub-human bodies. Thus they fall repeatedly into the eddies of life and death; repeatedly they are caught in the dreadful pit of death. They remain only half-alive, fearing death every moment of their existence. This becomes their destiny. Truly speaking, such beasts in human form are lower than animals." Baba says, "Those beasts in human form neglect their inherent higher endowments and are thus lower than beasts, for those who abuse what they possess are even lower than those who do not even possess it."
Our only way then is that of sadhana-- to move towards that subtle realm of life. Baba says, "Therefore human beings must clearly understand their true responsibilities and act accordingly. They must proceed towards perfection by making proper use of their mental endowments and resources." Baba says, "In order to convey the call of the Great to one’s heart, one’s every physical and mental expression has to be directed slowly and gradually with all one’s sweetness and devotion, to one’s inner being." Baba says, "Prior to your birth your affectionate mother belonged to an unseen world as far as you were concerned. Today you have come in contact with her, you have known her as your mother. What a sweet and affectionate relationship of reverence and devotion has developed between you two. Then again some day you may be deprived of this opportunity of moving together – either you will die or she will. In that event one will become a being of the unseen world." Baba says, "Now, during this short period, will it be wise to regard anything as mine or to regard myself as belonging to something else? The unstable (adhruva) world is only meant for observing and for understanding, not for lasting enjoyment. That is why wise people do not waste their time on unstable things; they worship only the eternal – the dhruva." Baba says, "Of course, the body does undergo some change due to the crudity or subtlety of mind. For example, the nerves of a person with a criminal bent of mind become strong and his or her hair becomes thick and stiff. As a result, neither the body nor the mind is greatly affected by the shocks and blows, the criminal will surely endure. The person inclined towards consciousness, however, becomes physically and mentally soft. As such a person’s skin and body are relatively thin and soft, the receptivity of the body and mind increases and the comprehension and sensitivity of the mind are considerably enhanced. These phenomena fall within the scope of physiology and psychology."
Baba says, "The Yama said, “Nacike'a', you are that Iisha'na.” But merely saying that you are Iisha'na is of no avail. If anyone calls you a millionaire, merely hearing this does not actually make you the owner of a million rupees. So simply uttering the word “millionaire” is not enough. You must be in a position to receive recognition as a millionaire. Merely boasting with an inflated chest that “I am Iisha'na'” or “I am Brahma” does not mean that one has attained the state of Brahma. You must have heard the story of the Vedantist jackal. Listening to the discourses of the panditas (erudite scholars), the jackal too started preaching in his own society that he was not a jackal but the living Brahma, to be adored and revered by all. The state of those who having read a few pages of a book, dream of salvation without doing any sa'dhana', is similar to that of the Vedantist jackal. Actually mere talk is of no avail; establishing oneself in consciousness is what is important. To think oneself an MA is useless. Only after striving hard and passing the MA exam does the sense of being an MA become established in the mind, and will the talk of being an MA be justified."
By Baba's grace He is always with us-- calling us. We must then make that great effort and respond to His call and not waste our life in material pursuits. Baba says, "He certainly abides in you, watching your every act. He is very near you. Just as the shadow remains attached to the sun’s ray, similarly He keeps Himself in closest contact with your entity. “Cha'yata pao brahmavido vadanti”, i.e., the knowers of Brahma say that He remains with the unit entities, just as the shadow remains with the sun’s ray. One who is carefully introspective by dint of sa'dhana' (intuitional practice) certainly attains Him, and attaining that eternal sea of bliss, enjoys everlasting happiness. Eating a rossogolla, a delicious sweet, you become happy; but no matter how great a stock of rossogollas you have, some day it will be exhausted, won’t it? To attain lasting happiness from rossogollas, you need an unlimited number of them, but this is not possible, for nothing in this evolved world is limitless. Only He is unlimited, so it is only by attaining Him that unlimited happiness can be attained. No matter how much you enjoy Him, He can never be exhausted. Those who crave for unit objects to attain happiness, can never attain unlimited happiness – never." Baba says, "Shunning all inferiority complexes, move on the path of sa'dhana'. The only purpose of your being a human being is to do sa'dhana'. The life of one who does not do it passes in vain like a tree struck by lightning."
Krs'n'a bhajiba'r tare sam'sa're a'inu. Miche ma'ya'-baddha haye vrks'a-sama haenu. [To worship Krs'n'a to earth had I come Overcome by Ma'ya', like a tree I become.]
Baba says, "That is why I say, Do not waste your time. Make proper use of your energy while there is still time. Know and understand your characteristic self, lest you should bewail" Brtha' janma gouna'yalun hena Prabhu na' bhajalun' khoya'lun soha gun'anidhi;
Hama'r karama manda na' milala eka bunda premasindhu rasak avadhi.
"Let not your life go in vain. Make proper use of your intelligence and intellect. Transform yourself from human to divine, and offer that sa'dhana'-earned divinity as an oblation to the eternal bearing of the Supreme Purus'a." Namaskar, Satiish

Nature of the Post

Date: 20 Jun 2008 23:38:12 -0000 From: "Surya Rao" To: Subject: Nature of the Post Baba "Bha'lo besechile keno bolo..." (PS 2014) Purport: Baba, You have graced me and brought me in Your close proximity and showered me in Your divine love. So it is Your liila that now I have deep longing for You yet You are not coming close. Baba, please tell me why You loved me. What was the use if today You do not allow me to hold You. Baba, internally You are not moved or touched by my tears. You remain impassioned and distant. Baba, I have decorated my humble abode exclusively for You. Baba, by Your grace I am trying to follow 16 Points and Your many do's and don'ts to prepare my mind for Your divine arrival. Baba, I have forgotten who is close and who is distant; in my heart there is no differentiation from one human being to another. Everyone is mine. Baba, after crying profusely for You I became miserable, and in this way my whole night passed in Your longing. Because You did not come. Baba, in the end the flowers dried up and withered away. And all my tears just dried up in the air. The pain and suffering of my longing floated away in the sky and ultimately got lost in the oblivion. Baba, I am crying in Your longing but You are not coming. Then why are You attracting me and why have You bound me in Your divine love. Baba, my heart and mind have become so restless-- yet You are not coming close. Why are You doing like this. Baba, please grace me and come close... Note: It is only with the deep feeling of longing that the mind rushes towards Parama Purusa. Without that sense of 'longing' in the heart then one cannot get Parama Purusa. So in order to move ahead on the spiritual path, one must long to attain Him. Indeed this yearning to have Him is one essential factor in getting His closeness. So in this song, by Baba's grace, the devotee has a deep sense of longing in his heart. And by that way the sadhaka becomes more and more close until finally merging in Him. Altogether, it is similar to how one baby starts crying and wants to be held by the mother, and then that mother comes rushing to get her baby. Likewise, the feeling of longing is absolutely necessary in devotional life, because in that way one reaches the Goal.
Namaskar, We all know that this universe is always in motion and that things are always changing. In that light, any time our current PP Dada can go far away from us. This can happen at any moment, without any notice or forewarning. In that case the search will begin for a new PP.
Of course many are thinking that already certain leaders have selected the new PP and just they are waiting until the appropriate moment to place him in the post. Whatever the case-- whether he has already been hand-picked or not-- one thing is certain. Namely that the main criteria for becoming the next PP is that he must be a totally brainless person. This is the mandatory feature. So if anyone wants to compete and try to get that Purodha Pramukha post -- then they must possess that singular quality of brainlessness. It is a pre-requisite. Otherwise one cannot become PP. And not just with the post of PP, in fact this quality of brainlessness is the requiste factor for getting any of the top organisational posts these days. If one has that characteristic then they may get one of those positions. But if one does not have that necessary characteristic they certainly will never get such a post. But surely in the case of the PP-- sheer brainlessness is the special requirement.
In our Caryacarya, Baba has given various provisions about the social post of Purodha Pramukha. By the following guidelines it is quite clear that the post of PP is just one of the many social posts in the organization. For example, here are some of the worldly affairs which PP is supposed to deal with. (A) All the organizational executive decisions must reach to Purodha Pramukha for his discretionary and final judgment. (B) PP's post is for whole life long. (C) In the Purodha Board, PP's single vote has decisive meaning. (D) Each of the judiciary decisions also must reach to Purodha Pramukha for his final approval. (E) Purodha Pramukha is Chief of the Purodhas. (F) So many more social duties and responsibilities he has. By all this it is quite clear that the post of Purodha Pramukha is a social post in our Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha. Nowadays, however, when just a brainless person is occupying the chair of PP, then all these social duties get done by others who are controlling from behind the scenes. Or they do not get done at all. That is a colourful twist of the present era. And that is exactly what we have seen all these years since 1990. It is not just since 2000, but-- and please excuse me-- right from the get-go this PP had the grand qualification of brainlessness. Sarvatmananda controlled him from day 1. Plus further proof of his brainlessness are PP Dada's Shraddha Shuman songs, wherein he describes silly things like tennis matches and the quality of roads. He has no idea that the songs were supposed to be in devotional in nature. All this goes to show his true quality-- from day #1. In any event, the basic idea then is that the post of PP is only social in nature. Means it is limited up to the social realm-- that's all.
In our Tantric system of Ananda Marga, Baba being the Tarak Brahma and Sadguru is the spiritual guide for one and all. He is the spiritual head of Ananda Marga. In other dogmatic organisations the guruship gets handed down from one person to the next. In that way different people take on the role of guru such that their so-called spiritual leader changes from generation to generation. But our AM is not like that. In Tantra only Taraka Brahma is the Guru. Even then a few people get confused and casually refer to PP as the spiritual head of AM. But this is totally wrong. And sincerely speaking I think every Ananda Margii feels in their heart that only Baba is the Guru-- that He is the Supreme spiritual Guide. But just in their silly way a couple people might refer to PP in that faulty way.
If you look at the present day dogmatic religious scene or political field then you may see that stupid people are always getting the power. Just some dummy type of persons get the leadership roles. To qualify oneself only one attribution is needed: Just be a dummy in the hand of some tricky exploiters. Then one will get all kinds of praise and post. In contrast if one has their own independent way of thinking then they will not get any place. Rather they will be cast aside. Unfortunately, as stated above, our AMPS has fallen into this same negative track. Because nowadays in our organisation the main quality or trait needed for getting Vishesh yoga, Purodhaship, Central Committee or Purodha Board membership, or any other type of high post-- then only this single quality is needed: lack of brains. About this topic certainly more can be said so others should also write their feeling and experiences about this.
Even though in the relative sphere our Marga is struggling some, surely the day is not far when all will rally around His divine message in one voice and declare: "All human beings belong to one race...'The exploitation of human beings cannot be allowed!' and, 'Religious hypocrisy cannot be tolerated!' Giving a clarion call to the fragmented human society from beneath the saffron flag, the symbol of service and sacrifice, they will proclaim at the top of their voices, 'Human beings of the world, unite!'" (POD) Namaskar, Surya Note: When Purodha Pramukha is the chief of the Purodhas then he has the same dharmic duties as they do. So when various xyz purodhas are trying to follow 16 points in what little or big way they can, then at least our current PP should also try. Unfortunately since long he has refrained from doing so. From this one can only assume that maybe from bi-pied (two-legged) he became angelic and he got two wings so that he need not do. Is that why the present PP Dada has long given-up following his dharmic duties by not singing kiirtan, not attending DC, not doing Guru Puja, not singing Prabhat Samgiita, etc.
*********************************************** A MOST IMPORTANT POINT THAT IS LEAST UNDERSTOOD IN THE HEART "Harareme pita' gaorii ma'ta' Svadesha bhuvanatreyan"
"Parama Purusa is my Father, Parama Prakrti is my Mother, and the universe is my homeland. We are all citizens of this universe...And this universe is the thought projection of Brahma, so the ownership of the universe lies with the Supreme Entity." "None of the moveable or immoveable property of this universe belongs to any particular individual; everything is the common patrimony of all, and the Father of all is Brahma. All living beings can enjoy their rightful share of this property." (POD, p. 1-2) Note: Some so-called proutists can deliver long lectures & fancy talks about this above notion. But mostly their knowledge is only theoretical or superficial. They lack the necessary inner heart-felt connection & understanding that: The entire property of this universe belongs to Parama Purusa; and that all are His progeny; and, that therefore the entire property belongs to one and all. This feeling is lacking in their heart. In the absence of this, when some so-called Proutists see any greedy capitalist, then they salute him and covet the idea to become like him. Some other so-called proutists think: 'What is in my pocket is mine and that wherever Prout gets established then everyone else's pocket will also become mine'. They never think that, 'What is in my pocket belongs to everyone else'. Not surprisingly then we also see in our organisation that moneyed-persons ($$) get a lot of respect by virtue of their wallet. So in our AMPS nowadays that there are two types of behavior or dealing: One special style of treatment for the wealthy and another less careful type of behaviour towards the poorer margiis. This is quite evident at retreats, dharmacakra, seminars etc. All told then in our day-to-day, practical life many people forget and overlook this very point of Cosmic patrimony. This idea is not saturated in their heart. Hence special care should be taken-- we should be vigilant not to forget this above said guideline of Baba.

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