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Their Manipulative Appeal

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 01:02:42 -0000 To: From: Subject: Their Manipulative Appeal Baba "Kare ja'tra' halo shuru, bhule gechi se katha'..." (699) Baba, when exactly my journey started I do not know; it is not in my mind. I have completely forgotten the day when my journey towards You started. Since many lives, by Your grace You have been attracting me-- step by step. By Your causeless compassion I am moving in that divine liila-- reducing the radius gradually and coming closer & closer to You. How much I suffered on the way and, how many thorns pierced my feet and hindered my forward movement on the path-- that I do not remember. Those memories are not in my mind. On the journey towards You by Your grace I crossed the torturous fiery blaze of the burning desert. And other times I got totally drenched from the pouring rains of the thunderstorms. But, no matter what the obstacle, by Your grace You always gave me the strength and perseverance to move on. Baba, by Your grace You are always bringing me close to You. So many spring seasons and their beauty have come and I got intoxicated by that attraction. And in Your longing, in Your divine attraction, You filled my heart with devotion. And by Your grace I sang Prabhat Samgiita songs and kiirtan with heartfelt yearning and longing. In this way my life has passed-- sometimes in dark moments and sometimes in effulgent ones. But through it is, by Your grace gradually I have reached close to You, under Your shelter. Baba You are so gracious. Baba, You are my everything...
Namaskar, As we know silent action is one very special and deeply meaningful teaching which Baba has given. And it works in its own particular and special way. And we also that our organisation is riddles with problems-- a mess that has originated in the upper echelons of AMPS. And it is those same persons, and their lackeys, that try to smother or subdue margiis attempts of protest and resurgence by manipulating Baba's special tool of silent action.
Just as various asanas work to cure particular diseases and just like how in 'A Few Problems Solved' Baba has given specific solutions to solve certain designated cases. Likewise silent action has its unique way of functioning for opposing injustices and bringing people onto the proper path. Means it works within its own specific sphere of influence or jurisdiction -- and not beyond that.
Unfortunately, some are trying to capitalise on the situation by telling that 'silent is the only way to approach or protest'. And in this way silent action has become a tool in certain peoples' hand. The general sense is that in this material world, crude and cunning people are always searching for ways to cheat and befool the common people. For example when one crafty intellectual read the Bhagavad Giita then he found the point that everyone has to face their own samskara, reactive momenta. The basic theory being that people have to undergo the reactions from their past life. But this point he manipulated in his own direction. Because just see, then this negative intellectual created the theory that you laborers must not unnecessarily make a hue and cry about increasing the wages; your wretched condition is the result of your acquired sin which you did in your previous life. In this life you should be "dharmic"-- do hard work with full patience and follow the commands of those rich mill owners. Do not go on strike and do not make any demand about raising the wages. Otherwise you will incur more sin and your future life will be dark'. Then those opportunist intellectuals give the negative justification that, 'your pitiful condition is your own self-creation and that is what Lord Krsna says in the Giita'. So see the hypocrisy of that jinani. He twisted Lord Krsna's theory about rebirth and facing the samskara. Means exploiters manipulate good teachings in their own way for their selfish reasons. And in His discourse Baba clearly explains this very cunning tactic. And a similar thing has happened in the case of silent action.
Certain crude, opportunist cheaters are cheating margiis and misguiding everyone about this entire silent action theory. They tell alright, 'If Sarvatmanandaji or Rudranandaji is doing something wrong and they are fighting for their group cause and doing all sorts of injustices like curtailing margii rights. Then if you are unhappy with them then just do silent action'. Yet all the while they are fully aware that the margii whom they are speaking with lives in a remote village 1500 km away from Tiljala or Ananda Nagar and that he has no opportunity to see Sarvatmanandaji or Rudranandaji. Even then to befool that very simple margii, they tell him that 'follow silent action against them'. But in such a situation silent action will never work. For instance, you can imagine what will happen if simple village folk of Iraq take silent action against US President Bush. Such an attempt will be complete foolishness. Because silent action has its limitation. Its hinterland is very limited. The person who is not living around you, who is not in your unit, or not in your village, or not in your family, and not living close by, and who is not in your direct line of communication, etc-- in all these situations silent action will not work. Means silent action's arena of use is limited to the reach of one's pathway of direct communication. If one has regular communication with that particular person then silent action will achieve the desired effect. But if one does not have any communication with that person against whom You are doing silent action, then that will be foolish.
So nowadays crazy people use this trick of silent action to befool and misguide others. They tell 'take silent action against the certain group leaders because they curtailed BP rights etc. You need not to do anything. Do not propagate your ideas or problems in any other way-- just take silent action against them because he distorted Baba's discourse AM revolution which grants margiis rights etc. So take silent action. But you should not write any letter or protest in any other way. Baba has given silent action just you follow.' Like this they talk and manipulate some simple margiis. Now the question arises that why do these intellectual satans create this logic and give this type of suggestion. The reason is that they know full well in advance that according to those adverse circumstances, silent action will not have any effect. Just time will pass by without any result. And the era of exploitation will go on and on. Many times I have seen that negative high officials pay agents to misguide others in the name of this silent action theory. They move around in all the programs and spray water on the fuel of revolution. Whenever they see that innocent persons are feeling completely suffocated and want to do something, then those agents misguide those disgruntled margiis that, 'do not do anything except take silent action. Means you have the right to do silent action but not anything else'. So in this situation every sincere margii should know that cunning people always misguide about the practicality and use of silent action. And that by this way they continue their exploitation in unhindered way.
For this reason it is essential that each and every Ananda Margii be acutely aware of how silent action really works. Here below Baba guides us: Baba says, "Silent action will force strict adherence to our principles, and it will put those against whom it is directed to shame." (AV-23, p. 151) So the striking point is that the practice of silent action forces the person into feeling ashamed for their misdeeds. Through circumstantial pressure silent action achieves that result. And for that, direct contact is needed. Because if someone is sitting quietly in one part of the globe taking silent action and the exploiting party is somewhere else far away, then they will not feel any shame as they are completely unaware that anyone is even taking silent action against them. So they will thus continue on and on with their exploitation--Hence in such a circumstance silent action will not work. So in such a scenario we should consider the best way to proceed. Everyone should write in with their suggestions. Kindly also see notes 1-4 below. Namaskar, Mahesh Note 1: Here Baba reveals how misguided intellectuals take advantage of the innocent masses. Baba says, "The boot-licking vipras of the capitalists trick the hungry shudras into believing that poverty is a result of their previous misdeeds, and they will have to be prepared to wait until their next life before receiving the inexorable decree of fate. This makes a group of people passive fatalists and paves the way for the ruthless exploitation of the capitalists." Note 2: Everyone knows that silent action is a cardinal human right given by Baba. Baba says, "Silent action is a question of human rights." (AV-23, p. 150) Note 3: In those situations that fall outside the purview or jurisdiction of silent action we have to think and evaluate what our other options are and how to move ahead. Note 4: We should always remember this following Baba's blessing: Baba says, "He is always with you-- Only move forward fearlessly with unfaltering steps towards your Goal. May you all be blessed." (SS pt 12, p.53)
*************************************** There should not be any confusion
Baba says, "Now why does He come in contact with the quinquelemental factors? Why does He come within the jurisdictions of the temporal-spatial-personal factors, these three fundamentally-related factors? What's the cause? There are two reasons. One thing is, the human intellect may get satisfaction after coming in psychic contact with the Impersonal Entity, but the human heart is not satisfied with that Impersonal Entity. The human heart wants something closer, something more sentimental, something more pleasing. And that's why just to satisfy, just to give pleasure to, His progeny, He comes within the scope of these relative factors. Parama Purus'a becomes Ta'raka Brahma. And the second reason is that in this created world, in this universe, each and every progress is a progress through clashes and cohesion. And human beings must have sufficient intellectual stamina to move forward, fighting against all those pebbles of obstacles. When the human intellect fails to do something new in helping society to move forward, Parama Purus'a finds no alternative but to bring Himself within the scope of the temporal-spatial-personal factors just to guide the depraved and degenerate human society." (AV-12, p.43-44) Note: So Parama Purusa must follow His vow. That is He comes for establishing dharma. Everyone knows that dharma is getting established by His invisible grace. When Parama Purusa remains as an impersonal Entity then the heart of the devotee does not get satisfied. And when He comes in human form and teaches and guides the way to reach to Him, then He provides a ladder also. And with that help, devotees reach Him. We know that ladder is the process of dhyana-- which can link from form to formlessness. That is why the culmination of dhyana is the merging into formlessness-- dissolving the mind. Devotees always feels that Baba is residing there-- in their heart. We see in the history of devotion, that that each and every devotee in the world felt that the Lord is with them. Indeed the entire composition of Surdas and Mirabai is proof of that. No doubt, jinanis and karmiis may be thinking in their own way, but devotees feel that Baba is living in their heart.

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